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Prime Minister’s Opening Statement during the July 14-16 Summit meeting with Pakistan

Making an opening Statement on July 15, the first day of the Agra summit between India and Pakistan, Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee raised the issue of cross border terrorism referring to terrorist outfits based in Pakistan and operating in Jammu and Kashmir. Following are relevant excerpts from the statement. For the Statement made by the Prime Minister in Parliament on the summit, click here


5. We have already had frank discussions on important matters. We look forward to a further detailed exchange of views on all issues including that of Jammu and Kashmir. You are fully aware of our views on the subject and we have heard yours. We cannot deny that there are vast differences between us on this. We are willing to address these differences and to move forward. But for this, it is important to create a conducive atmosphere. The terrorism and violence being promoted in the state from across its borders do not help to create such an atmosphere. We will counter them resolutely. Let no one think that India does not have the resolve, strength or stamina to continue resisting terrorism and violence. But they do not promote meaningful dialogue.

6. We firmly believe that a framework to address differences between us on Jammu and Kashmir would have to include the issue of cross-border terrorism in its ambit. We can also look at the other confidence building measures to further encourage this process.

7. The objects which we have identified for the composite dialogue between our two countries cover a wide range. Progress on them can meaningfully contribute to the welfare and security of our peoples. We believe that the time has come to resume our engagement on the entire range of these issues.

8. I wish to refer to certain additional specific measures:

* We know that some terrorists and criminals, guilty of crimes like the bomb blasts in Mumbai in 1993 and the hijacking of the Indian Airlines flight, are living in Pakistan. We have requested Pakistan that they should be arrested and handed over to us. They have to be brought to justice.

* Pilgrims to religious shrines in both countries have to be facilitated and their sentiments respected. The presence of known terrorists who have been allowed to stay in Sikh Gurudwaras in Pakistan is a matter of grave concern to our Sikhs. We have formally requested your authorities that these terrorists be handed over to us to face due process of law in connection with crimes for which they are wanted in India. I wish to specifically reiterate this request to you.







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