Terrorism Update
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Text of the Cabinet Resolution adopted following the Terrorist Attack on Parliament

At an emergency meeting today, held under the Chairmanship of the Prime Minister, the Cabinet reviewed this morning's events in Parliament.

The Cabinet strongly condemned this dastardly assault. It has been an attack not just on a building but on what is the very heart of our system of governance, on what is the symbol and the keystone of the largest democracy in the world.

By the attack, the terrorists have yet again flung a challenge at the country.

The nation accepts the challenge. We will liquidate the terrorists and their sponsors wherever they are, whoever they are - as our valiant security forces have done in this particular instance. We join the country in paying our homage to the seven personnel who have laid down their lives so that the country prevails. The first requisite for the battle is that each of us be vigilant, and that all of us remain united. The assault is yet another reminder that each of us must measure the issue we take up against the challenge that confronts the country.

December 13, 2001






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