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Deccan Mujahideenís claim of responsibility for the Mumbai terrorist attacks

A group calling itself the Deccan Mujahideen claimed responsibility for the multiple terrorist attacks in Mumbai on November 26, 2008. Presented below is the translated text of the e-mail:

We want to tell the Indian government with a warning that it should stop the series of atrocities on Muslims. It should return all states snatched from them. The government must pay back with interest for the litany of woes heaped upon Muslims. We know that Hindus are a breed of Baniyas who only know how to profit but not pay. Let it be known to the Hindu Baniyas that we are a people who donít forget their history and keep repeating their history. Fresh examples of which are Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Somalia and Kashmir.

Whatever you had to do so far, you have done, and, whatever we had to bear, we have borne. And that too because of our good-for-nothing (nakarte) political leaders and diplomatic (maslihatkush) clerics. But it is our turn now and we will not let go off this chance. We will make use of this occasion in a manner that has been taught to us by Allah.

We know that the Indian government will not take this warning seriously. That is why we have decided that a warning will not just be a warning but when acted upon will also turn out to be true. What you are seeing in Mumbai is a living example of this.

Hindus should not think that the ATS and the army are either endowed with advanced arms or are brave. How brave they are can be seen in the Naxal-infested regions of the country.

This attack this a reaction for all the actions that Hindus have been taking since 1947. Now there will be no more actions, only reactions. And this will happen repeatedly till we avenge each and every injustice meted out to us. This will happen till Muslims get their independent Islamic homeland where they can live according to the Quran-Hadith. This will happen till we free all our occupied states. This will happen till we retaliate for every drop of blood shed. This will happen till we get even for the insult we have faced. This will happen till our fellow Muslim youth have are tortured in jails in the name of terror. The day is not far when we will show the Hindus their rightful place.

Hindus should stop thinking that our willpower will be damaged by destroying mosques, by fomenting riots, by weakening the financial status of Muslims or by sending educated youth to jails. No. Never. We have in us the character of Abu Bakr Siddiqui (the first Caliph). We have a temper (jalal) like Umar Farooq Razi (second caliph known for his fiery temper), the generosity (sakhawat) of Usman Razi, the bravery of Ali Razi, the valour (shuja at) of Khalid bin Walid Razi. More than anything that we have Mohammedís (PBUH) knowledge that has been imparted to us by Allah.

Hyderabad Deccan Mujahideen

Source: Outlook





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