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Address of The Russian President to The Indian Parliament, October 4, 2000

(Excerpts from the english translation)

During his visit to India, the Russian President, H. E. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin identified a commonality in terrorist movements being perpetrated in Kashmir, Russia's Northern Caucus and other regions of the world. We reproduce below relevant excerpts of his address to the joint session of India's Parliament on October 4, 2000 The full text is available with the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India

Your Excellency Mr. Vice-President, Your Excellency Mr. Prime Minister, Your Excellency Mr. Speaker, Ladies and Gentlemen:

We know at present what is going on in Kashmir. We share your concern about outbreaks of violence there. The fact that the Kashmir issue has not been settled, has been making the relations between India and Pakistan tense, worst over the last three decades. This issue can be resolved on a bilateral basis, on the basis of a compromise and on an unconditional respect for the Line of Control. Any foreign interference should be stopped.

We highly respect the consistent position of India on the action Russian authorities have taken in the Northern Caucasus. The concept of forming a collective front to fight terrorism with the participation of all interested States is warmly welcome.

I would like to share with you-deviating from the text of my presentation-the information that we have which is absolutely true and verified, according to which, the same individuals, the same terrorist organisations, extremist organisations are organising and, very often, the same individuals participate in organising, in conducting and igniting terrorist acts from the Philippines to Kosovo including Kashmir, Afghanistan and Russia's Northern Caucasus. The so-called international terrorists have succeeded. So, we fully support the initiative of the Indian leadership on the collective front to fight terrorism. The commonality of the key interests of Russia and India allows to agree on nuclear issues which is quite complex. Our countries are capable of working out positions that would not contradict the interests of regional and international security. We assume that India, taking into account its own interest, will continue to move towards a non-proliferation regimes.

I thank you very much for your intentions and support.





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