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Strengthen the Strategic Offensive of the People's War in Nepal! Uphold the Formation of the Communist Party of India (Maoist)! Turn the Countries of South Asia into a Strong Bastion of World Revolution!

South Asia has entered a momentous period of struggle. Two forces are pitted against each other. On the one hand, the forces fighting for a new world; the revolutionary masses, their heroic struggles, their organisations, with the Maoist parties at the forefront guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. On the other, the forces upholding the old order; reactionary forces; imperialism and its local lackeys, who suck the blood of the masses. Yes, South Asia is a storm centre of the world proletarian revolution.

The People’s War in Nepal led by the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) has advanced to the strategic offensive, striving for the day when the flag of the first victorious revolution of this century will be hoisted. The masses in their millions are being mobilised and led into battle, well backed by the new political power in the revolutionary base areas covering nearly eighty per cent of the country. In India, two major Maoist parties, the MCCI and the CPI (ML) (PW) have merged to form the Communist Party of India (Maoist), thus strengthening the grounds for further advancing the People’s War already spread over a significant part of the country. This is an important event not only for the Maoist revolutionaries and masses in India or of this region but for the entire movement. In Bangladesh, the Maoist parties are extending their People’s Wars to new areas. In various countries of South Asia, the masses are stepping up their struggles against imperialist globalisation, against the hideous misery caused by the inhuman oppression and exploitation of imperialism and the comprador-bureaucratic bourgeois, feudal ruling classes. Oppressed nationalities continue to fight, armed and otherwise, for their right of self-determination.

The imperialists, particularly the US imperialists, have been increasing their stranglehold and military involvement in the countries of the region. Over the past years, military intervention through the sending of officers and arms to Nepal has been stepped up. Imperialism, particularly US imperialism, and their agent Indian expansionism are the common enemies of the peoples of South Asia. Apart form its interference in Nepal, Indian expansionism has pushed its army deep into Bhutan to crush the liberation struggle in Asom, terrorise the Bhutanese masses rising to struggle and encircle the Nepalese revolution. It is now conducting a campaign near and within the Myanmar border to crush the Manipuri liberation struggle. It bullies and threatens neighbouring countries. Now, the Indian government, led by the Congress and propped up by the revisionists, is preparing to wage an undeclared war against the Nepali people, to save the genocidal Gyanendra regime from impending doom. It has started joint operations with the mercenary army of the regime through joint patrolling. The Indian state has already illegally imprisoned or deported top leaders and activists, including comrades Kiran and Gaurav, of the CPN (Maoist) and is increasing repression against revolutionary Nepali mass organisations in India. In India itself, the UPA government has imposed a new black law, more vicious than the repealed POTA. Picking up the counter-revolutionary plans designed by the previous NDA government led by the BJP, it is preparing to unleash terror and genocide to crush the Maoists and the revolutionary masses led by them. In all the countries of South Asia the reactionary governments are savagely attacking struggling forces, not even sparing public rallies or peaceful demonstrations. Brutal torture, ‘disappearing’ and false encounters go on. Revolutionaries in India and Bangladesh have been sentenced to death.

Yes, imperialism, the Indian expansionist state and other reactionary states of this region are desperately trying to stamp out the fires of revolution, rebellion and resistance. They are marshalling all their forces. We too must build stronger bonds of unity and dare to attain greater heights. Resistance and struggle against imperialism is sharpening all over the world. We, in South Asia, can and must give a powerful push and direction to this growing tide of revolt. We must strengthen and spread the People’s Wars and initiate new ones. We must turn the countries of South Asia into a strong bastion of world revolution.

The time is ours! Seize it!

Fight Indian expansionist intervention in the neighbouring countries, particularly Nepal!

Fight for the release of political prisoners!

Fight for the repeal of death sentence against revolutionaries in India and Bangladesh!

Advance People’s War all over South Asia!

Co-Ordination Committee of Maoist Parties and Organisations of South Asia (CCOMPOSA)


PBSP (CC) [Bangladesh] 2) CPEB (ML)Red Flag [Bangladesh] 3) BSD (ML) [Bangladesh] 4) PBSP (MPK) [Bangladesh) 5) CPI (Maoist) [India] 6) CPI-ML(Naxalbari) [India] 7) RCCI (MLM) [India] 8) CPN (Maoist) [Nepal] 9) CCP (Maoist) [Sri Lanka] December 15, 2004






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