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Incidents and Statements involving LAEF: 2015



Nature of incident



Four LAEF militants arrested in an unspecified location along NH-2 in Manipur. SFs arrested the militants while were on their way to Myanmar. However, Meghalaya Police believe that there is no camp of LAEF in Myanmar

February 13 NS

Police stated that LAEF is a militant outfit which originated from Dimapur and Peter Marak who hailed from Dimapur had floated the outfit and he was killed in an encounter in 2007. Most of the LAEF cadres, who hail from Dimapur, are active in Garo Hills.

August 19

North Garo Hills

Two LAEF militants surrendered before the Meghalaya Police in North Garo Hills. The militants have been identified as 'corporal' Sodum T Sangma and Saintchecker. One AK-47 rifle with two magazines and 31 rounds of live ammunition, one 9mm pistol, with one magazine and 6 rounds of live ammunition was deposited by them.

November 15


Use of illegal SIMs has been the common feature in all the 87 cases of abductions reported in Garo Hills in Meghalaya this year. Police sources from Garo Hills informed that during the recent visit of DGP Rajiv Mehta to Garo Hills, all the District Police chiefs were asked to study the 87 abduction cases reported in Garo Hills in 2015 and find the crucial factors that helped militants and other armed criminal gangs in commuting these crimes. Police sources also revealed that out of the 87 cases reported, 62 abductions were committed by armed criminal gangs and seven by GNLA while the rest of the abductions were carried out by other armed groups such as ASAK, AMEF and LAEF. According to Police, pre-activated SIMs originating from Nagaland, Manipur, Tripura and Assam have become the main source of communication for militants and criminals alike.

December 7 Bajengdoba / North Garo Hills District

One LAEF militant, identified as Waljit M Sangma (24) of Medu Apal under Bajengdoba Police Station in North Garo Hills surrendered before SP, Ramesh Singh. According to IGP, GHP Raju, Waljit joined the outfit in 2014 and was trained in Myanmar. He however did not deposit any arms.

December 9 Kharkutta / North Garo Hills District

One LAEF cadre identified as Barnabas G. Momin (23) of Kharamajipara village who is nephew of Mathieu G Momin, 'C-in-C' of the outfit surrendered before the OIC of Kharkutta Police Station, North Garo Hills District. Barnabas was imparted training in the jungles of Shallang Rimding under West Khasi Hills in the year 2014 from January to March.

December 9 Shillong

In the last 11 months, 39 Garo Hills based militants have been killed and 218 others were arrested and 54 others surrendered in the militancy affected Districts of the State, as per Police records. Eleven each of the GNLA and the AMEF along with three ASAK cadres were killed in encounters while the number of arrest and the surrender indicating the type of mounting operations carried out by the State Police on the rebels who have been virtually holding the five strife torn Districts of Garo Hills into ransom. There were 93 incidents involving the GNLA and 37 with the AMEF, 8 with the LAEF and a couple of others with the ULFA and the NDFB. While 62 GNLA were arrested in the past one year, there were 36 AMEF and 18 ASAK cadres who were arrested this year alone. The others belong to lesser known groups like the UALA, ANCA, ANUF, GNAF, UANF, ANLA-all of which have been attributed as armed groups involved in kidnapping for ransom and extortion in the guise of fighting for a separate Garoland.

December 9 Shillong

In an indication that Garo Hills has become a war zone area, more than 18 civilians have been killed in Garo Hills this year by militants while 108 were abducted. Police statistics revealed that from January 1 to December 8, 2015, 18 civilians were killed by militants while 19 others were also injured. Statistics showed that GNLA killed 2 civilians and injured 11 others while 6 civilians were abducted including 1 Police personnel, adding GNLA also killed 6 Police and injured 10 others of them. Similar is the case with LAEF which injured 1 Police and abducted 1 civilian. ASAK and AMEF also killed two civilians each while AMEF abducted 13 civilians. ASAK also killed one Police this year. The militants who were relegated from the militant groups killed 12 civilians and injured 6. They were also involved in abduction of 81 civilians.







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