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Arunachal Pradesh Timeline - 2011

Date Incident

January 17

In view of latest developments in the ongoing battle for ‘territorial control’ between NSCN-IM faction and the combined force of ANLF and NSCN-K faction at Khonsa in Tirap District, the Army moved in and conducted the flag-march.

January 19

The special crime branch (Kolkata) of CBI arrested an NSCN-IM cadre, identified as ‘lance corporal’ Kaping Luikham, for his alleged involvement in the murder of former Lok Sabha (lower house of parliament) member from Arunachal Pradesh Wangcha Rajkumar, from Imphal, the capital of Manipur.

February 24-25

Over 35 cadres of the Isack-Muivah and the Khaplang factions of the NSCN were killed on the night of February 24-25 on the Tirap-Myanmar border cadres in the fierce fighting when a 100-strong armed group, trying to enter Tirap from Myanmar's Sagiang division, were ambushed by the rival Khaplang faction, intelligence reports reaching New Delhi said.

This was the largest clash in an ongoing conflict between the two groups since December 2010. Both factions are currently in talks with the Centre and have been observing a ceasefire with government forces. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), alarmed at the escalating conflict, wanted the Assam Rifles and the Army to launch an operation to disarm the NSCN cadres of both the factions but so far the Army has resisted the pressure, arguing that these are not banned groups and the clashes should be treated more as a law and order issue than pure insurgency.

March 16

The Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) gave the green signal to the Army to flush out armed cadres of the NSCN-IM and NSCN-K from Tirap-Changlang sector in Arunachal Pradesh. The report said Army will launch a major offensive to flush the NSCN-IM and NSCN-K from the eastern sector of Arunachal where their cadres have been involved in major extortion and arms procurement activities.

April 22

Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh Governments sought extension of the ban on ULFA, citing unabated terror activities of the group in their territories and links with small groups operating in the neighbouring states. Deposing before Unlawful Activities Prevention Tribunal headed by Delhi High Court Judge Mukta Gupta said the ban will help the security agencies in taking "effective action" against the terror activities, official sources told.

June 19

The cadres of ANLF led by "commander-in-chief" Hanglon Nocte and 'general secretary' Sepkam Lungphi, reportedly merged with NSCN-K. In a statement 'ministry of information and publicity secretary' of NSCN-K said ANLF members also deposited "huge cache of arms and ammunition" in one of its mobile camp under Changlang District, Arunchal Pradesh. According to the 'secretary', the joined members vowed to "stand uprightly after chairman S.S. Khaplang in all situations". ANLF "commander-in-chief", in his short speech, said no force on earth could divide Naga family, the 'secretary' added.

June 26

The Union Home Secretary GK Pillai said that there was marked improvement of the overall situation in the North East region and there was greater desire for peace not only among the common people but also among different militant groups of the region. He expressed the view that the Government would have to take advantage of the situation and efforts have already been launched in this direction. Pillai pointed out that the level of violence in the region has come down considerably, which is a positive sign. But at the same time, he admitted that extortions by militant groups remain a cause of concern.

July 7

Though Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram announced in 2010 that full scale operations against militants would be launched in Tirap and Changlang Districts of Arunachal Pradesh, that has not yet been done as yet and the militants are still using the area to visit their camps in Myanmar. Significantly, the security agencies recently came across information that the militant groups, having bases in Myanmar, are toying with the idea of coming under one umbrella at least for launching operations. Official sources said that militant groups, including NSCN-K, ULFA, NDFB-ATF and some outfits of Manipur, have their strong bases in Myanmar and the possibility of them joining hands, at least to help each other in launching offensives in India, cannot be ruled out.

July 13

Fierce shoot out is being reported NSCN-IM and NSCN-K factions at Kothin, 35 kilometres off Khonsa, the District headquarters of Tirap District. Police sources confirmed that heavy encounter between the two factions have been going on for the last two to three days, however, there is no report of any casualties. SFs could not recover any dead body apart from discovering splatter of blood everywhere.

July 28

One ULFA-ATF 'sergeant major' Junmoni Gogoi (26), a close associate of ULFA-ATF leader Jibon Moran surrendered before the Security Forces at Jairampur base camp in Arunachal Pradesh. He deposited one AK-47 and 16 rounds of live bullets.

July 29

Arunachal Pradesh Home Minister Takar Marde said his Ministry was aware of the problems faced by the insurgency-hit Districts of Tirap and Changlang and has also adequate steps had been initiated by the state government to address the problems. He further revealed that INR 800 million has already been sanctioned for opening up new police stations and upgrading the existing ones in the two Districts.

August 4

Three militants of NSCN-K surrendered along with arms before SFs in a simple ceremony at the headquarters of 19 Assam Riffles at Khonsa in Tirap District.

August 11

Ahead of Independence Day celebrations, SFs arrested three NSCN-K militants from Tirap in Arunachal Pradesh. SFs arrested NSCN-K cadre identified as 'corporal', Tedam Ngowa at Deomali, Tirap in Arunachal Pradesh. A .22 mm pistol with magazine, five .22 mm lrounds, cash amounting to INR 2,500 and Kyat 20 (Myanmar currency) were seized from him.

August 12

SFs arrested two NSCN-K militants from Longkhao village under Longding sub-division in Arunachal Pradesh. They were identified as a 'sergeant major' Abo Wangpan and 'second lieutenant' Botai Wangsu. Both are senior cadres of the outfit and were camping at the village for carrying out extortion activities.

August 17

A joint Police team from Arunachal Pradesh and Assam, including personnel of 26 Maratha Light Infantry regiment of the Army, arrested four cadres of the CPI-Maoist from Mahadevpur area under Namsai circle of Lohit District during an operation.

August 23

The Centre may have opened dialogue with some militant outfits, but according to an estimate of the Union Home Ministry, there are 79 militant groups including splinter factions, which are active across six North Eastern States.

A detailed list of the militant outfits furnished by Minister of State for Home Affairs M Ramachandran in the Lok Sabha (lower house of Parliament) reveals that Manipur has the dubious distinction of having the highest number of 50 active militant outfits in the region including 22 valley-based and 27 hill-based outfits. One militant outfit, KCP has 12 factions, while KNF has four factions.

While Assam has five active militant outfits including ULFA, NDFB, BW, UPDS and KLO, neighbouring Meghalaya has overtaken the State and now boasts of nine militant outfits. In neighbouring Arunachal Pradesh, apart from the two factions of NSCN, NSCN-Isak-Muivah and NSCN-Khaplang, another militant outfit, National Liberation Front of Arunachal has reared its head in the State.

Another interesting revelation is that barring Sikkim, rest of all the North Eastern States are now affected by militancy. Mizoram, which was given a peace bonus by the Planning Commission last year, now has three militant groups including HPC D, HNLF and KLO. Nagaland and Tripura have six and three militant outfits respectively.

Meanwhile, the Minister said that there have been inputs suggesting liaison of top leaders of some of the militant groups in the North-east with the neighbouring countries like China and Myanmar.

August 26

DGAR Lieutenant General Rameswar Roy said that insurgency in North-Eastern India is on decline due to domination of SFs, split amongst militant groups, disenchantment of the people and growing economic activities but extortion remains a point of concern. He also said that the NSCN factions have not been adhering to the ceasefire agreement. He said compared to the killing of 69 undergrounds in 2010, this year just five have been killed by the Assam Rifles. "Apprehensions have gone down from 1,132 to 610, while the surrenders have come down from 270 to 155." On the issue of AFSPA and demand for its repeal from Manipur, Lieutenant General Roy said, "Of the total 56 cases of human rights violation by the Assam Rifles men since 2002, just one case has been proved."

August 29

Former Union Home Secretary G.K. Pillai said that the insurgent groups in the Northeast are without any ideology and can be described as a cottage industry run by criminal gangs solely involved in extortion racket and kidnapping of people.

August 31

SFs arrested one NSCN-IM militant identified as 'Collector' Teliam Panka (39) from Deomali in Tirap District of Arunachal Pradesh. One .22 mm country-made pistol, four live rounds and a forged driving license were recovered from him.

September 15

Director of IB, Nehchal Sandhu formally mentioned China's involvement in the affairs of the Northeast of India.

Union Home Minister P Chidambaram pushed for continued deployment of SFs to tackle threat of violence and extortions in the Northeastern region of India.

September 25

ULFA and Maoists may try to disturb the public hearing of 3000 MW Dibang Multi Purpose Project scheduled to be held on October 24.

September 26

Security measures have been stepped up in Lower Dibang Valley District of Arunachal Pradesh following intelligence reports of infiltration by some militants and Maoist groups from neighbouring Assam.

September 27

Frequent use of illegally procured satellite phones in the North East region, calls of which can be traced by China, posed a grave threat to the National Security.

October 2

With Tirap and Changlang Districts of Arunachal Pradesh becoming a hotbed of militant activities, the Government has decided to launch a full scale operation in the area.

Sources revealed that, both NSCN-IM and NSCN-K have strong bases in Tirap and Changlang and the militants belonging to the outfits are engaged in extortion and other illegal activities.

October 3

Illegal firearms being channeled into the North East are going to emerge as a major concern in maintaining law and order in a region already infested by dozens of insurgents and subversive groups. Apart from pistols and revolvers, semi-automatic weapons with considerable fire power are being brought into the region. At times American and European weapons have also been recovered from insurgents, which reveal the demand for high-quality firearms.

October 10

Surrendered militants of different outfits has threatened to go for a 72-hour hunger strike from October 17 in Agartala Government Quarter Complex demanding CBI enquiry into alleged misappropriation of fund allotted for them.

Earlier, another group of returnees had staged a hunger strike in front of the Civil Secretariat on a two-point demand including clearance of one time financial aid to returnees under BPS and the vocational training.

October 13

Under pressure of the North-Eastern States, the Government of India is likely to renew its plea to Myanmar to bust the camps operated by militants of the region.

India is preparing to host the biggest-ever official delegation of Myanmar led by President U Thein Sein.

Sources said India is, however, likely to press for sustained operations against the militant outfits operating out of the border areas of the country.

The Myanmar Army had recently mounted an operation against the militant outfits and destroyed some camps belonging to NSCN-K, where ULFA had stationed their cadres.

October 16

Taking a step towards closer security cooperation, Yangon, the capital of Myanmar has told New Delhi to provide satellite imagery of North East militant camps based across the border in Myanmar, so that a military operation can be launched.

Highly placed sources in the MHA said that the Police and Security Forces in the NE should always remain alert as the Maoists always try to capitalize on mass movements to establish their roots and the entire region, of late, is facing public upsurge on different issues.

October 17

A former top brass of the IB, who did not wish to be named has accused the CIA and Pakistan's ISI of fomenting trouble in the northeast through insurgency. He said, "The ISI-CIA combination, active in the region, is fomenting insurgency to destabilize the region". He added that the ISI was helping northeast militants to create trouble and the CIA is providing support. Both CIA and ISI are working to create terrorist groups in the world." Stating that the CIA-ISI combine was providing "logistics" to the ultras of the region, he said, "We can stop this if we go for overall development of the northeast." He said "some neighboring countries" were harboring NE militants by providing them a safe haven for setting up of training camps.

October 24

A top NSCN-K cadre, identified as Laitwang Wotey (35), was arrested by SFs in Bank Colony at Khonsa in Tirap District. Two Chinese grenades and an extortion note and recruitment letters of the organization were recovered from him.

November 1

ULFA-ATF is imparting arms training to CPI-Maoists cadres in jungles of Arunachal Pradesh.

November 2

Two persons were abducted by NSCN-IM militants from Noksam colony at Deomali in Tirap District.

November 6

Two persons who were abducted by NSCN-IM militants on November 2 were rescued from Bogapani Reserve forest in Tirap District. The rescue team recovered an extortion note signed by 'Colonel' Hormi Tangkhul.

November 17

SFs busted a hideout and killed three militants of the ULFA in the Namsai Reserve Forest area in Lohit District. Two of the three militants were identified as Kapil Bora and Ramen Gogoi while the third remains unidentified. SFs recovered one AK 47 rifle and grenades during the operation.

November 18

Governments of Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh have urged New Delhi to clarify plans to offer a 'supra-state body' to the NSCN-IM to enable Nagas outside Nagaland to preserve their identity.

SFs intensified combing operation in the area under Piyong Circle of Lohit District following the killing of ULFA militants by SFs on November 17 in the District. Meanwhile, Arunachal Police have identified certain locations at Piyong Circle - Nangchow,Wingko, Bamchuk and Janglai villages along Assam-Arunachal border as vulnerable.

November 19

The Centre informed Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh that there was no move to grant a 'supra state body' status to Nagas settled across the North-East and the negotiators, who have been talking to the NSCN-IM, had never promised the outfit any such arrangement that may have severe inter-state ramifications.

December 2

During an interview to the state-run Doordarshan television, Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram said that India needed to be vigilant about militants in Arunachal Pradesh and those that had sanctuary in China. "We know there is an arms bazaar on the border of Myanmar and China and Chinese weapons are smuggled through Myanmar into India," he said.

December 7

Insurgent groups in the Northeast are procuring arms in China and some other South East Asian countries before smuggling them into India through Myanmar and Bangladesh, Government said.

The Minister said India has raised its concern with China, Myanmar and Bangladesh from time to time through diplomatic channels on the issue of reported smuggling of arms through their territories. To check smuggling across the Indo-Myanmar border, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between India and Myanmar in January 1994 for maintenance of peace and tranquillity in border areas.

December 13

Jitendra Singh said that the ongoing anti-dam stir in Assam has caught the attention of the Centre, as the suspected CPI-Maoist cadres have been mobilised for extensive propaganda. The Minister said, "The cadres have been utilised in extensive propaganda against mega dams in Assam".

December 18

SFs destroyed a training camp of the NSCN-IM located deep in the forest near Longbu of Tirap District.

December 24

SFs destroyed a major training camp belonging to NSCN-K and ULFA in Namchik Reserve Forest near Panchum under Kharsang circle of Changlang District.

A new militant group UPDF led by 'Commander-in-Chief' Sumona Munglang has emerged in the State. The objective of the outfit is to fight for creating an ADC out of nine Circles in Lohit and Changlang District.

December 29

Hinting at links of KMSS with the CPI-Maoists, Arunachal (West) MP Takam Sanjay urged the Central Government to ban KMSS in the interest of national security. KMSS is spearheading the agitation against the 2000 MW Lower Subansiri Hydro Electric Project in Arunachal Pradesh.





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