Arunachal Pradesh Timeline 2018



January 2

Intelligence reports also indicate ULFA-I leaders have found a location near the Namdapha national park in Changlang of Arunachal Pradesh for setting up a transit camp. About 70 cadres will be able to live here. A report says that once the camp is ready, parts of Assam close to south-east Arunachal Pradesh will witness a rise in violence.

January 3

Union Cabinet approved an agreement between India and Myanmar on land border crossing which the government said would enhance economic interaction between people of the two countries There are already free movement rights for people ordinarily residing in the border areas of both countries. The agreement will also facilitate movement of people on the basis of valid passports and visas which will enhance economic and social interaction between the two countries, a statement said. It is expected to provide connectivity and enhance interaction of the people from north-eastern states of India with those of Myanmar. The agreement will safeguard the traditional rights of the largely tribal communities residing along the border which are accustomed to free movement across the land border, the statement read.

January 4

Arunachal Pradesh Government has taken all possible measures to prevent likely spill over of illegal migrants into the state from neighbouring Assam, in the aftermath of the NRC publication. An official release said that CM Prema Khandu has sought detailed information from the Director General of Police (DGP) about the status of the border areas in the wake of part draft NRC publication. Assuring that the situation is normal in the state, the DGP apprised the CM that all border district SP's have been alerted and directed to coordinate with their Assam counterparts.

January 5

AAPSU President Hawa Bagang stated that people of Arunachal Pradesh will never accept granting of citizenship to refugees including the Chakmas and Hajongs. He also added that asking for citizenship with unrelenting attitude within Arunachal Pradesh will boomerang and the people of the State will never accept it. The statement was made during a joint high-power committee meeting on the Chakma and Hajong issue which was attended by Arunachal Pradesh Home Secretary GS Meena, along with Chakma and Hajong representatives.

January 8

SFs busted a temporary hideout of ULFA-I near Namdapha Reserve forest in Changlang. According to Army PRO the militants had been using the hideout as place of transit and had been terrorizing and carrying out extortion from villagers of Miao circle. An NSCN-U militant 'private' Khungam Pansa arrested from Longding District

January 12

A militant of NSCN-R was arrested from Khonsa town in Tirap District. The arrested militant was identified as 'sergeant major' Manhua Wangpan. An AK-56 rifle, live ammunition, extortion note, drugs and INR 5,000 were recovered from him. According to the militant he was part of a nine men team operating under 'captain' Eli Ketok and had come to Khonsa for extortion

January 13

The Union Government has asked the four states that share unfenced border with Myanmar to distribute "border pass" to all the residents living within 16 km from the boundary line. It has also asked the governments of Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur and Mizoram to enroll the border residents under Aadhaar (unique identity card) on war footing.

January 16

Suspected militants set fire on nine crude oil tankers, at Namchik checkgate in Changlang. According to authorities, a group of at least 20 heavily armed militants stormed the area and fired at the tankers and set them ablaze. The tankers had been loaded with crude oil at Kharsang oil fields in Changlang and were bound for Digboi oil refinery in Tinsukia district of Assam. Police suspect ULFA-I or NSCN-K to be behind the incident. Mikir community is seeking restoration of the lost APST and PRC status. The community residing at Chessa, Kokila, Hollongi, Balijan and Tarasso in the foothills area of Papum Pare district was enlisted as APST as per the Scheduled Tribe Amendment Act of 1950. Members of the Mikir community were given ST certificates, equal opportunities and benefits by the State government on par with other indigenous communities of the State. But they no longer get it. Papum Pare Deputy Commissioner Tai Kaye stated that 'ST certificate is only permissible for Mikirs enlisted in the Schedule Tribe Amendment Act 1950, but is not permissible for Karbis'. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh reviewed security situation in the North-eastern States. According to official data, the security situation in the region has improved and insurgency-related incidents have gone down by 85 per cent in 2017 as compared to 2000. According to the data, there were 308 insurgency-related incidents in 2017, the lowest since 1997. In 2000, 1,963 insurgency-related incidents had taken place in the Northeast. Also, the death toll of security personnel and civilians was lowest last year when 12 security forces personnel and 37 civilians were killed. The number of cases of kidnapping or abduction also went down by 40 per cent as 168 incidents were reported in 2016, which came down to 102 in 2017.

January 17

An NSCN-IM militant was arrested from Namtok village in Changlang. The militant was identified as 'private' Kejen Ngongpa. A pistol and ammunition were recovered from the militant

January 18

Security sources suspect that extortion demand by militants is suspected to be the main reason for torching of nine tankers carrying crude oil from Kharsang in Changlang District. Militants might have reportedly demanded ransom from transport companies which owned the tankers. Though the identity of the militants involved in the incident is yet to be ascertained, it is suspected that members of NSCN-IM incident as there were reports of movement of the cadres of the outfit in that area.

January 22

UNLFW an umbrella group of rebel groups on January 22 called for a total boycott of Republic Day celebrations. Khango Konyak, the newly appointed 'chairman' of UNLFW, in a statement said '(We want) a 24-hour total shutdown on January 26 and to engage concerted refusal by not attending or gathering at any governmental offices or public places within 24 hours of that day, except some emergency services.

January 24

An Army trooper was killed in a militant ambush on an Army convoy at Nangtaw Khamti area of Namsai. According to Army sources, a militant was also wounded in the incident. CorCom and ULFA-I were involved in the attack. Two Army vehicles were also damaged in the attack.

January 25

SFs arrested an NSCN-IM militant from Longpha village, in Changlang District. A single bore rifle and other incriminating documents were recovered from the arrested militant.

January 31

A militant of NSCN-R identified as 'private' Honglant Pangtha was arrested from Changlang District. A pistol and ammunition was recovered from him.

February 1

Two militants of ULFA-I and PLA killed in encounter at Shankapani in Changlang District. Two pistols. Chinese grenades and ammunition were recovered from the militants identified as Moniram Deori alias Moniram Axom of ULFA-I and Hira Singh of PLA.

February 3

Two NSCN-R militants were arrested from Lingtoi village in Changlang District. The arrested militants have been identified as 'major' Ngijong Mungrey and 'private' Jongsham Chena. Both militants were involved in extortion cases and other criminal activities in the area. Two pistols, seven rounds of ammunition and drugs were recovered from the militants. A militant of NSCN-U identified as Jangnee Lukham was arrested from Longkhao village in Longding District. A pistol, ammunition and extortion notes were recovered from him.

February 6

Two militants of NSCN-R arrested from Songking in Changlang District. A pistol and ammunition were recovered from the militants who were identified as Channong Matcha and Jimreves Kimsing.

February 7

SFs arrested two NSCN-K OGWs from Kherang Bisa village in West Siang District. The arrested militants have been identified as Dumai Singpho and Chojagam Singpho. The OGWs were involved in providing administrative support, covertly carrying out extortion and also peddling drugs for the group.

February 9

A national highway contractor was abducted from Bordumsa in Changlang District. NSCN-IM had reportedly demanded INR 100 million, of which a partial payment was made by the victim.

February 10

MoS for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju stated that GoI has revised stipend amount and fixed deposit for the surrendered militants in Northeast. The new surrender scheme will come into effect from April 2018. The monthly allowance would be increased from INR 3,000 to INR 6,000. Moreover, the militants will be given a relief amount of INR 400,000 which was earlier INR 1, 50,000.

February 11

According to Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju, Arunachal Pradesh recorded 61 insurgency related incidents in 2017. State also recorded three civilian fatalities in 2017. According to UMHA insurgency incidents in north-east declined by 63 per cent as compared to 2014 in and 36 per cent compared to 2016 as the year 2017 witnessed the lowest number of insurgency related incidents since 1997. There were 824 insurgency related incidents in 2014, 574 incidents in 2015, 484 in 2016, 308 in 2017. Civilian casualties has also recorded a decrease by 83 percent, from 212 in 2014 to 37 in 2017 while casualty rate of SFs declined by 40 percent, from 20 in 2014 to 12 in 2017.

February 13

Road contractor who was abducted on February 9 was released by NSCN-IM at Kharsang in Changlang District.

Spokesperson of MEA stated that it will continue to support the peace process and that national reconciliation in Myanmar will also benefit the north-eastern states. The spokesperson stated that comprehensive peace and national reconciliation in Myanmar will also be conducive for peace and prosperity in India's north-eastern region. The statement came after two militant groups in Myanmar MNSP and LDU signed the NCA and joined the peace process.

February 16

Four ULFA-I OGWs arrested in Malugaon village under Changlang District. he arrested OGWs have been identified as Pradeep Barua, Rupam Rajbanshi, Munna Shah and Diganta Gogoi. One pistol was recovered from the arrestees.

February 19

UMHA report also stated that militancy in the Northeast is on the decline. According to the report, the seven states in the northeast registered 308 militancy-related cases last year, down from 484 in 2016. In 2015, there were 574 insurgency-related cases reported while the year before that registered a staggering 824 such incidents. Formation of UNLFW an umbrella body of at least four militant groups had caused an increase in insurgency related incidents in Arunachal Pradesh.

The resurgence of Independent faction ULFA-I and NDFB-S caused more disruptions in Arunachal, which registered the second highest militant activity with 61 incidents. Assam DGP stated that UNLFW an umbrella body of at least four militant groups had caused an increase in insurgency related incidents in Arunachal Pradesh. He added that The formation of UNLFW has aided the revival of ULFA-I, which now receives support from NSCN-K in Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh.

February 26

Assam Irrigation, Handloom and Textile Minister Ranjit Dutta stated that Assam CM is taking an initiative to meet his Arunachal Pradesh CM Pema Khandu to resolve the border issue between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. According to the Minister Chief Minister-level talks on the Assam-Arunachal boundary issue will be held very soon by involving the people from both sides of inter-state boundary, especially those residing in the affected areas.

March 4

An unidentified NSCN-IM was arrested by Army in Longding District.

NSCN-K was arrested from Lazu in Tirap District. The arrested militant was identified as 'private' Wangsam Nyamtey. A pistol, live rounds and extortion notes were recovered from the arrested militant, who was involved in extortion.

Myanmar has indefinitely deferred signing an agreement with India to streamline the free movement of people within 16 kilometres of Indo-Myanmar border. Myanmar sighted 'domestic compulsions' for deferring to sign the agreement and asked more time before the agreement is sealed. A senior government official stated that 'Myanmar has been dragging its feet on the agreement. They have asked for more time and are reluctant due to domestic compulsions. They fear that if they sign the pact, the international agreement will have to be adhered to'.

On January 3, the Union Cabinet had approved the agreement between India and Myanmar on land border crossing to enhance economic interaction between people of the two countries. The GoI had asked Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur and Mizoram to distribute "border pass" to all the residents living within 16 km from the border.

March 12

Two female OGWs of NSCN-K were arrested from Niausa village in Longding District.

Arunachal Pradesh Government has forwarded 1,798 citizenship applications by Chakma and Hajong refugees to the foreigners division of UMHA along with the recommendation that the applicants are not eligible for the grant of citizenship.

Arunachal home Minister Kumar Waii stated that 'The Supreme Court in an order of September 17, 2015, directed the Centre and the state to finalise the conferment of citizenship rights on eligible Chakmas and Hajongs. Accordingly the citizenship applications were processed and the deputy commissioners of the affected districts verified and forwarded reports to the state government stating none of the applicants satisfied the conditions laid down under Section 5(1)(a) of the Citizenship Act of 1955'. Minister further added that Government had already issued directives to all the concerned DCs and action would be initiated after getting the reports from the DC.

A militant of TSSF working with ULFA-I was arrested from Margherita area of Changlang District. The arrested militant was of the rank of 'private'. According to defense sources, the militant also stated that that he has been active part of the outfit since 2014 and has undergone intensive training in Myanmar.

March 19 A NSCN-K militant from Bhumnyu village in Longleng District. The arrested militant was identified as 'lieutenant' Pongnyan Phom.
March 20 A militant and an OGW of NSCN-K arrested by AR from Chop village of Tirap District and Lalpahar area of Changlang District respectively. The arrested individuals were involved in extortion from general public.
March 21

NSCN-R militant identified as 'private' Chajong Mossang was arrested from general area 17 Mile in Changlang District. The arrested militant also reportedly confessed that he joined NSCN-R in 2016 and was involved in a fire fight with Security Forces (SFs ) in August 2017

Union Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju that new rehabilitation policy for surrendered militants in the Northeast with almost doubled stipend will come into force from April. The monthly stipend for a surrendered militant has been revised from INR 3,500 to INR 6,000 and the one-time grant from INR 1,50,000 to INR 4,00,000.

More incentives have been added for the weapons surrendered. A surrender-cum-rehabilitation scheme for the Northeast militants is in force since April 1998. Many, however, said the stipend offered under the scheme needed revision as cadres of many outfits were resorting to crimes like extortion as the amount offered by the government had not been revised for years. An official statement said 'A surrender-cum-rehabilitation scheme for the Northeast militants is in force since April 1998. Many, however, said the stipend offered under the scheme needed revision as cadres of many outfits were resorting to crimes like extortion as the amount offered by the government had not been revised for years'.

The statement also said that Assam has spend about INR 75 million for militant rehabilitation while Manipur spend INR 11.9 million and Tripura 11.8 million Militants who have signed cease fire agreements have demanded that the stipend be increased to cater to rising prices and prevent youths from returning to militancy. Number of surrendered militants in north east has reduced from 1,195 in 2012 to 130 in 2017. The statement said at least 640 militants surrendered in 2013, followed by 965 in 2014, 143 in 2015, 267 in 2016 and three till February 2018.

March 22

UMHA is planning to create a separate Central fund for security related provisions and even for constructing the requisite police infrastructure and to get their forces trained to handle the local crime situation. A source in UMHA added that 'We will also give them training with weapons and intelligence gathering'. He also added that 'Local crime must be handled and citizens must engage with the local police for their grievances. Not only it infuses a sense of normalcy, the local police also get engaged in vital intelligence gathering to aid security forces. It gets further teeth to handle criminals and miscreants to ensure 'business as usual', eventually leading to big infrastructure projects, roads and connectivity networks and crime-free inter region passage to boost tourism'.

According to government sources, 'The MHA feels that the para-military and other special forces deployed in the region can be engaged exclusively in intelligence gathering against terror modules, patrolling the borders and for special operations other than local crime and maintaining law and order in North Eastern States'.

According to sources in government the idea to engage the local police is encouraged by its recent experiences in Manipur and Assam. A source stated that 'In Manipur, the abductions have come down drastically since we started engaging the local police to handle it. In Assam too, the violent incidents have come down and we're now laying our focus on other States like Arunachal, Mizoram and Nagaland to tackle crimes of cross-border infiltration as the para-forces can check on the borders, but those who still sneak in can only be identified and caught with local intelligence gathered by State cops'.

NSCN-IM hideout was destroyed near Sonking village in Changlang District. According to authorities, an NSCN-IM leader Damting Tangkul was attempting to extort in Sonking and Kharsang areas. The camp, which hwas being used as a base for extortion activities had more than 10 temporary huts.

NSCN-IM militant identified as 'corporal' Ngshingbam Nalung was arrested from Sonking village in Changlang District.

March 26

ULFA-I attacked SFs at Dirak check-post in Namsai District. According to local sources, two bike-borne militants coming from Arunachal side near Sitpani Area under Mahadevpur Police station, opened fire on CRPF personnel.

Mugdha Jyoti Mahanta, the SP of Tinsukia, said that the act of attempted sabotage must have been carried out by a team of six members of ULFA-I led by Rupam Axom and Tiger Axom camping along the Assam-Arunachal border areas of Tinsukia-Changlang and Namsai Districts.

According to SP the six militants entered from Myanmar through Arunachal Pradesh. However, a source in the Bordumsa Kathalguri area said that a group of ULFA-I militants had been moving around in the nearby tea garden belts

To check terror financing in the North-East, GoI has ordered an inquiry by NIA. GoI has also firmed up plans to enhance the operational capability of Border Guarding Force and address the connectivity issues by constructing helipads along Indo-Myanmar border. New Company Operating Bases (COBs) are also being planned to be set up closer to Indo-Myanmar border..

The insurgency related civilian casualties declined in all states except in Assam where it increased from nine in 2015 to 29 in 2016. Additionally, the number of abductions also decreased in the region from 267 in 2015 to 168 in 2016. Counter Insurgency operations led to the killing of 87 militants, arrest of 1202 and recovery of 605 arms in 2016 in the region.

April 2

AFSPA was extended in by another six months in Tirap, Longding and Changlang, which border Myanmar and specific areas under eight police stations of seven other districts bordering Assam. The three districts have been under the AFSPA, 1958 since January, 2016.

A UMHA notification stated that 'Now, therefore, Tirap, Changlang and Longding districts in Arunachal Pradesh and the areas falling within the jurisdiction of the following eight police stations in the districts of Arunachal Pradesh, bordering the state of Assam, are declared as disturbed area' under Section 3 of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958 up to September 30, 2018 w.e.f. April 1, 2018, unless withdrawn earlier'.

Meanwhile, AFSPA was partially withdrawn in two police station areas in West Siang and East Siang Districts bordering Assam. The two police station areas from where the Act has been withdrawn are Likabali police station in West Siang district and Ruksin police station in East Siang District.

The eight police stations where the Act will stay are Balemu and Bhalukpong police stations in West Kameng district, Seijosa police station in East Kameng district, Balijan police station in Papumpare district, Namsai and Mahadevpur police stations in Namsai district, Roing police station in Lower Dibang Valley district and Sunpura police station in Lohit district. Apart from Arunachal, the centre has put in force the Act is in whole of Nagaland state, a 10-km strip inside Meghalaya bordering Assam while the state governments of Assam and Manipur now have the powers to keep or revoke the Act.

A mass rally was held in Miao in Changlang District against the reported death threat issued by NSCN-IM militant to an individual identified as Jowkhong Singpho, who has been a been a pro-active Singpho leader heading the Singpho Development Society (SDS), an apex body of the community. Around 2,000 people took part in the demonstration.

April 4

An OGW of NSCN-K identified as Limham Jugli was arrested from Lalpahar village in Changlang. A .22 pistol and live ammunition were recovered from the arrested militant. OGW was involved in extortion and threatening the locals.

MoS Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju admitted that radicalisation efforts from across the border in Bangladesh are on in the Northeast. The Minister stated that 'Security and intelligence agencies are aware of the threat of radicalisation in the North Eastern states and they are taking necessary steps to thwart these moves. The activities of such radical elements are being monitored closely'.

The Minister also added that GoI has an extensive engagement with the Government of Bangladesh on the issue of illegal migrants under various bilateral mechanisms like the Joint Consultative Commission, Foreign Secretary and Home Secretary-level talks, Joint Working Group on Security and Border Management, Joint Task Forces on Human Trafficking, fake currency notes.

Union Minister for Home Affairs, Rajnath Singh had stated that religious radicalisation as a serious security threat and said if not checked in time, it could lead to terrorism. The Minister who reviewed the security situation in the Northeast with chief secretaries and Director General of Police (DGPs) of the region, also expressed concern over the proliferation of illegal arms and asked the DGPs to launch organised campaigns against arms smugglers. He stated that 'If we talk about the future security threats, radicalisation has come as a huge security challenge. Radicalisation is a trans-national phenomenon. If we can't check it, it will turn into terrorism'.

April 9

Two militants of NSCN-R arrested from Ngeichang area of Changlang District. The arrested militants were identified as 'sergeant major' Nongman Jugli and 'lance corporal' Sampan Harap. The cadres were found in possession of weapons, ammunition and other incriminating evidence.

April 11

According to UMHA report due to cooperation from Bangladesh and Myanmar, activities of IIGs have been contained. The report also stated that. In order to enhance the operational capability of the border guarding force and address connectivity issues, a border infrastructure project involving construction of roads and helipads along the Indo Myanmar border is being planned. New COB are also being planned to be set up closer to the Indo-Myanmar border. Along Indo-Myanmar border, 10 kilometer fencing between Border Post No. 79-81 at Moreh has been approved at INR 359.9 Million. A fencing of approximately four km has been completed and an amount of INR 224.1 Million. Along 1643 Kilometer border with Myanmar, 1,472 km has been demarcated.

According to the UMHA report, there are only two un-demarcated portions along the Indo-Myanmar border: Lohit sub-sector of Arunachal Pradesh - 136 kilometeres and Kabaw Valley in Manipur - 35 kilometeres, border fencing between boundary pillar No. 79 and No. 81 in Moreh.

SSB According to the UMHA report, there are only two un-demarcated portions along the Indo-Myanmar border: Lohit sub-sector of Arunachal Pradesh - 136 kilometeres and Kabaw Valley in Manipur - 35 kilometeres, border fencing between boundary pillar No. 79 and No. 81 in Moreh. The ITBP has established 173 BOPs along the Indo-China border, said the report.

GoI has approved of construction of 313 km border road at a cost of Rs 1,259 crore in Assam along the Indo-Bhutan border. The construction work has not yet started due to pending land acquisition.

April 12

Wancho Council, the apex organization of the Wancho community along with WSU and LDSU have opposed the government's alleged move to shift IRBn Longding district to Tezu in Lohit District. Terming the 'move' as against the interest of the indigenous people, the organizations, appealed to reconsider such sudden and shocking order for the immediate shifting of the IRBn.

Wancho Council expressed its sentiments saying that the State government need to rethink it (the decision) with the strategic importance of Longding, which is bordering Myanmar, Assam and Nagaland. Council stated that the District is in need of more security forces for maintaining law and order, and added that Longding have been facing confrontations because of militants and the boundary disputes with Assam.

April 13

SFs arrested an NSCN-IM militant identified as 'second lieutenant' Khampai Wangsu at Laptang area in Tirap District. He arrestee had joined NSCN-IM in 2012 and during interrogation admitted that he was trying to carry out extortion activities in the area

April 17

Four ENGG militants and an OGW were arrested from Miao town in Changlang District. Two of the arrestees were identified as 'major' Thaimong Mossang and Awang Hodung.

April 23

GoI has revised the surrender-cum-rehabilitation policy of militants in the northeastern states with effect from April 1. The grant for surrendered militants has been raised to INR 4,00,000 from INR 1,00,000 and the monthly stipend to INR 6,000 from INR 3,500 for three years.

According to UMHA official, revised policy also includes provisions for vocational training, funds for construction of rehabilitation camps and compulsory Aadhaar biometric registration of surrenderees. The surrender-cum-rehabilitation policy in the Northeast has been implemented since 1998. Under the revised SRE in the region, ex gratia for civilians killed has been doubled to INR 1,00,000 and for Police personnel it has been increased to two million from INR 3,00,000. For Police personnel who suffer from permanent disability the ex gratia has been increased from INR 75,000 to INR 3,00,000.

Additionally, the salary for home guards has been increased from INR 4,500 to INR 6,000. Moreover, honorarium for village defence guards doubled to INR 3,000.

GoI has lifted AFSPA from eight Districts of Arunachal Pradesh following improved security situation in the region. AFSPA has been reduced from 16 police stations in Arunachal Pradesh bordering Assam to eight with effect from March 31. AFSPA is now reduced from 16 police stations bordering Assam to eight police stations, besides Tirap, Changlang and Longding Districts which border Myanmar.

According to UMHA report violence level in Assam has been lowest since 1997 and it decreased by 56 per cent compared to 2016. Nagaland (67 per cent), Manipur (28 per cent) and Meghalaya (59 per cent) also recorded a decrease in violence level. However, there was an increase in violent incidents (by 22 per cent) in Arunachal Pradesh in 2017. The report said though Arunachal Pradesh does not have any active indigenous insurgent group the state is affected by spill over militant activities of National Socialist Council of NSCN-IM, NSCN-KK, NSCN-K in Tirap, Changlang and Longding.

April 24

NSCN-IM militant arrested from Longphong area of Longding District. The arrested militant identified as Wangphiak Lowang. Arms and ammunition were recovered from his possession.

April 25

An NSCN-K militant identified as Wangphiak Lowang was arrested from Muktwa village in Tirap District. A large quantity of explosives and detonators were recovered from the arrested militant.

Assam DGP Mukesh Sahay attributed the pursuance of "well thought out, calibrated" policies of the Centre and the States for militancy going down in the Northeast and the subsequent removal of AFSPA in Meghalaya and parts of Arunachal Pradesh. He stated that The militancy graph is coming down over the years owing to a well thought out calibrated policy consciously pursued by the Centre and State. Now you have the AFSPA removed from Meghalaya and parts of Arunachal Pradesh.

The DGP, however, warned those militants still active in pockets of being dealt with sternly if they continued to wield the gun. "But then again, the fact remains that militancy is down but not out. NSCN and ULFA are still active and may create problems. We are for conflict resolution through negotiation. Those willing to lead a life of acceptability are welcome but we are duty bound to respond to those who still want to wield the gun," DGP Mukesh Sahay added.

April 27

AAPSU opposed granting citizenship rights to the two communities. 'We expressed apprehension regarding enrolment of Chakma and Hajong people in the electoral roll and categorically stated that no fresh enrolment should be done since the two communities are not citizens of the country,"Nepha Wangsa, deputy spokesperson of AAPSU said.The over three-hour long meeting, held in Arunachal Pradesh's capital Itanagar, was attended by representatives of the Centre, Arunachal Government, AAPSU and Chakma and Hajong communities. The Centre was represented by Satyendra Garg, Joint Secretary (Northeast) of Union ministry of home affairs, Anil Malik, Joint Secretary (foreigners) of ministry of home affairs and the state was represented by G.S. Meena, secretary of the Political and Home Department of Arunachal, deputy commissioners of various districts and principal Chief Conservator of Forest.

May 8

Two NSCN-K militants and an OGW were arrested from Mulong village in Changlang. An IED IED Activator with controller and four detonators were recovered from the arrested militants.

NSCN-IM militant was arrested from Longbu village in Tirap District. The arrested militant has been identified as KIjen Thiaktey Wangsu.

May 11

NESCO a students body of seven north-eastern States has demanded provisions of ILP for all the States of the region along with special Constitutional status to protect the land and resources of Northeast. A joint protest demonstration would be staged on May 12 (today) in Dighalipukhuripar in Guwahati followed by similar protest activities in every State capital of the region and district-wise protest demonstrations across the Northeast to oppose the bill. All Assam Students' Union has also announced a series of protest activities against the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016.

May 15

Insurgency-related incidents in the Northeast dropped by 36 per cent in 2017, the lowest in 20 years. The annual report of the home ministry (2017-18) said such incidents decreased to 308 in 2017 compared to 484 in 2016 while Mizoram and Tripura reported no such incident in 2017. Assam, Meghalaya and Nagaland reported over 50 per cent decline in incidents but it increased by 22 per cent in Arunachal Pradesh despite the state having no local insurgent group. Arunachal Pradesh continued to be a worry although it has no insurgent group of its own. "The state is affected by spillover militant activities of NSCN factions, ULFA-I, NDFB-S which use the state as a transit corridor to reach their hideouts in Myanmar. The state witnessed 61 incidents in 2017, in which nine insurgents were killed and 44 other arrested. The state reported 27 extortion and abduction cases.

The death of security forces and civilians owing to militant attacks declined during 2017 while the killing and arrest of militants in counter-insurgency operations also yielded more results compared to 2016. Nagaland saw a 67 per cent decline in insurgency-related incidents - from 58 in 2016 to 19 in 2017. Four militants were killed and 171 arrested while 87 weapons were recovered in the state in 2017.

Assam reported 56 per cent decline in insurgency-related incidents from 75 in 2016 to 33 in 2017. ULFA-I and NDFB-S however remain active in the state.

Manipur accounted for about 54 per cent of total violent incidents in the region with the state reporting 167 of the 308 incidents during 2017. The state, however, witnessed 28 per cent decline in such incidents from 233 in 2016 to 167 in 2017. The number of civilian deaths, on the other hand, went up from 11 to 23.

May 19

SFs arrested an NSCN-IM militant identified as 'private' Tingwang Wangsa in Khonsa town in Tirap District. A pistol along with live ammunition was recovered from the arrested militant.

May 24

An OGW of NSCN-IM was arrested from Sanliam village in Tirap District. Extortion money and notes were recovered from the arrested militant.

An OGW of NSCN-K was arrested on the same day from Pongkong village in Tirap District. Additionally, an Army official stated that security forces has been carrying out aggressive operations in the South Arunachal Pradesh

May 25

An NSCN-IM militant was killed in an encounter near Nignu village in Longding District. The militant has been identified as Pangang Gangsa. A pistol with ammunition, grenades and other incriminating documents were recovered from the militant. The militant was previously a cadre of NSCN-K and was involved in the December 3, 2016 ambush in Tirap District.

May 29 UMHA has formulated has introduced a new surrender policy to lure away militants from joining militancy in North east region. The policy has proposed a fixed deposit of INR 4,00,000 and monthly stipend of INR6,000 to those who surrendered and an extra incentive for those with weapons. Stipend would be paid in the bank account and fixed deposit would be handed over to the surrendered militant only after sighing of the memorandum of settlement (MoS) with respective militant outfits. UMHA also clarified that if surrendered militant is found to have been indulging in any criminal activities before the signing of MoU, the surrendered militant will forfeit his fixed deposit. Earlier surrender militants were given a stipend of INR 3,000 and one time grant of INR 3,00,000. UMHA has also decided to send the militants, seeking to surrender without arms, to the State level screening committee which will take a decision on accepting or rejecting the surrender. Informing that there are nearly 3,500 surrendered militants who will be benefited by new surrender policy in Assam, security sources said that a 12-member group of Kuki militant outfit has also come forward to surrender with six AK series rifles.
May 31 Two militant and a civilian killed in factional clash between NSCN-IM and NSCN-U at Demoli in Tirap District. The two militants killed belong to NSCN-U faction. The civilian has been identified as Ali. The civilian along with his father was abducted by NSCN-IM militants from Deomali area. The father after being assaulted was let off to fetch the ransom amount for release.

Source:Compiled from news reports and are provisional.