Mizoram Timeline 2018



January 3

Union Cabinet approved an agreement between India and Myanmar on land border crossing which the government said would enhance economic interaction between people of the two countries There are already free movement rights for people ordinarily residing in the border areas of both countries.

The agreement will also facilitate movement of people on the basis of valid passports and visas which will enhance economic and social interaction between the two countries, a statement said. It is expected to provide connectivity and enhance interaction of the people from north-eastern states of India with those of Myanmar. The agreement will safeguard the traditional rights of the largely tribal communities residing along the border which are accustomed to free movement across the land border, the statement read.

January 13

The Union Government has asked the four states that share unfenced border with Myanmar to distribute "border pass" to all the residents living within 16 km from the boundary line. It has also asked the governments of Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur and Mizoram to enroll the border residents under Aadhaar (unique identity card) on war footing

January 15

An Individual identified as Jitua Tongchongya was seriously injured in a landmine blast near Mizoram-Myanmar border pillar number two.

An unidentified man was wounded in an IED explosion in an unspecified location in south Mizoram along the Indo-Myanmar border.

January 18

UMHA is considering creating a 29-battalion India-Myanmar Border Force from AR and ITBP to curtail smuggling, gun running and insurgent activities. The new force will patrol right up to the border. Currently, the 46-battalion strong AR guards the border but patrols up to 500 meters from the so-called zero line, which leaves the border partly porous. AR will be paired with 4 battalions from ITBP to form the new force, with ITBP in charge. This will result in ITBP not only patroling the 3,488-km LAC with China but also the border with Myanmar.

January 19

An Indian national Jitua Tongchongya who was severely injured by a landmine along Indo-Myanmar border on January 18 died

January 22

SP of Police Lawngtlai stated that over 1,400 Myanmarese nationals who took refuge in Mizoram's Lawngtlai district following clash between Arakan militants and the Army in November 2017 have refused to return to Myanmar.

The refugees were mainly from the border villages of Varang, Paletwa, Pakangwa and Mulaw in Myanmar's Chin state. On December 2017, authorities had stated that registration of 1,600 Myanmarese nationals have been undertaken to ascertain the number of refugees in Lawngtlai.

January 25

AR BDS team has been deployed along Myanmar border after two landmine fatalities along the border area in January.

January 29

Mizoram Government has started to repatriate over 32,000 Bru people from six relief camps in neighboring Tripura from the first week of March 2018. GoI has released INR 79 million as the first installment for the repatriation expenditure; while the State Government estimated that over INR 123 million would be required for the purpose. An inspection team of officials of UMHA and State officials would visit the relief camps in February to identify the Brus, who are willing to return to Mizoram, and those who are not. Brus of Mizoram fled to North Tripura due of communal tension triggered by the murder of a forest official by Bru militants on October 21, 1997.

February 4

Peace talks between the Mizoram government and H. Zosangbera faction of HPC-D is likely to be resumed this month. Mizoram Home Minister R. Lalzirliana said officials of the Home department and other concerned departments including ministers will meet on February 5 over the ongoing peace parleys to decide and fix the date for next round of talks. The next round of peace talks would be a political level talk, he stated

February 5

Mizoram Home minister R. Lalzirliana said that State Government would hold peace talks stated with H. Zosangbera led HPC-D on March 5. However the minister cautioned that 'The next round of peace talks will be on a political level but we are not sure whether we will be able to settle all issues within March [2018]. But we are desirous of solving the Hmar problems and sign an agreement as soon as possible.'

February 6

MBDPF the apex body of Bru refugees lodged in six relief camps in Tripura has recently submitted a memorandum to Indian Prime Minister and Union Minister for Home Affairs. The memorandum stated that refugees had not received cash assistance from the Government since July 2017. The MBDPF also made several demands including allotment of minimum five acres to each family after repatriation to Mizoram and enhancement of rehabilitation and resettlement package.

February 7

Mizo Zirlai Pawl lodged a complaint with Kawnpui Police against six Chakma families allegedly residing illegally in an area under Hortoki village council in Kolasib District. The students union claimed that the six Chakma families who came from neighbouring Assam were illegally residing in makeshift huts at Hrangakai Suar and Rawthla Li Zawn in Hortoki in Kolasib District.

February 9

State Home Minister R. Lalzirliana said that first political level talks between HPC-D Mizoram Government is optimistic about the outcome of the ongoing peace talks between Government and Hmar militants as it is nearing the final stage with good prospects" said State Home Minister R. Lalzirliana.

February 10

HPC-D expressed optimism that political-level talks with the Mizoram government in March would yield a solution to the Hmar problem. The militant leaders, based in Manipur, said that they were yet to decide on the members of the delegation while confirming that the 'working president' of the insurgent group, Lalthalien Hmar, would be in the delegation and would continue to be the spokesperson. The first round of political level talks is scheduled for March 5 in Aizawl. The talks, initially proposed to be held before Christmas last year, got delayed as Mizoram Chief Minister Lal Thanhawala constituted a three-member committee of legislators to examine the draft legislation on the formation of Sinlung Hills Council. The talks held in August 2016 and September 2017 mainly revolved around giving more autonomy to the existing Sinlung Hills Development Council.

MoS for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju stated that GoI has revised stipend amount and fixed deposit for the surrendered militants in Northeast. The new surrender scheme will come into effect from April 2018. The monthly allowance would be increased from INR 3,000 to INR 6,000. Moreover, the militants will be given a relief amount of INR 400,000 which was earlier INR 1, 50,000.

February 12

Mizoram CM Lal Thanhawla asked GoI to tighten security along the border with Myanmar as the state could face threats from the armed conflict between the Myanmar army and militants in Arakan state. The CM informed the Union Home Minister that Mizoram could face a security threat owing to the entry of refugees from Myanmar. CM also asked the Home Minister to deploy more security personnel along the border with Myanmar to avoid any untoward incident. Mizoram saw an influx of over 1,400 refugees from Chin state in Myanmar, who are taking shelter at Hmawngbuchhuah village in Lawngtlai district.

The displaced people fled their country following a crackdown launched by Myanmar army on Arakan Army militants. Although some families have returned to their villages, over 1,000 people are reluctant to return to Myanmar fearing the armed struggle between the Myanmar army and militants may begin again.

February 13

Spokesperson for MEA stated that it will continue to support the peace process and that national reconciliation in Myanmar will also benefit the north-eastern states. The spokesperson stated that comprehensive peace and national reconciliation in Myanmar will also be conducive for peace and prosperity in India's north-eastern region. The statement came after two militant groups in Myanmar, the MNSP and LDU signed the NCA and joined peace process in Myanmar.

February 16

AR BDS defused a landmine in Lawngtlai District, along the Mizoram-Myanmar border. AR on January 23 had issued an advisory asking the local people not to venture in the border areas as there was strong possibility of the presence of hidden mines. One Indian national has been killed and another wounded in mine explosions in January 2018. According to officials of Assam Rifles (AR) , area between Pillar 1 and Pillar 11 has been sanitized.

February 18

HPC-D leaders have expressed optimism that political level talks with Mizoram Government in March would find a solution to the Hmar problem. Mizoram Home Minister R Lalzirliana had recently announced that the first round of political level talks with HPC (D) was likely to be held on March 5 in Aizawl. Home department officials said that former Labor Minister Lalrinmawia Ralte was likely to head the Government delegation.

February 19

UMHA report has stated that militancy in the Northeast is on the decline, with Tripura and Mizoram emerging as the most peaceful states in the region. According to the report, the seven states in the northeast registered 308 militancy-related cases last year, down from 484 in 2016. The trend has been a downward one. In 2015, there were 574 insurgency-related cases reported while the year before that registered a staggering 824 such incidents.

February 21

State Home Minister R. Lalzirliana stated that first round of political level talks between HPC-D and Mizoram Government has been deferred to March 7. Earlier the scheduled date was March 5. R. Lalzirliana said the proposed peace talks, led by H. Zosangbera, has been deferred to March 7 as some of the HPC-D and Government delegates were not ready for it owing to personal obligations. He said the talks will be held at the state guest house in Aizawl.

Former labour minister Lalrinmawia Ralte, who was recently appointed political adviser to the Chief Minister, along with Mizoram Law Commission chairman and Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) John Siamkunga, will head the state government delegation, while HPC-D delegation would be headed by HPC-D 'working chairman' Lalthanglien.

The talks mainly revolved around strengthening the existing SHDC). The name of the council has been proposed to be rechristened as Sinlung Hills Council (SHC), which will have 14 members, including two nominated members, preferably from minority communities. In the last official-level talks held on September 21 and 22 2017 both the sides had approved in principle the draft of MoS and SHC bill.

The name of the council has been proposed to be rechristened as SHC, which will have 14 members, including two nominated members, preferably from minority communities. In the last official-level talks held on September 21 and 22 2017 both the sides had approved in principle the draft of MoS and SHC bill.

March 2

Mizoram Additional Secretary for Home Lalbiakzama stated that repatriation of over 5,000 Bru families from Tripura is not likely to take off as scheduled from this month as the refugees rejected a central Government proposal for financial assistance.

The official stated that the 5,413 refugee families last month that each family would be provided with a package of INR 1,30,000 besides INR 5,000 per family per month and free ration for two years. The Additional Secretary stated that 'Bru people in the relief camps rejected the proposals of the ministry during a meeting at Naisingpara relief camp on February 23. It is unlikely that the repatriation will begin according to schedule'. The repatriation was scheduled to begin from first week of March.

A memorandum submitted to Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh by the Mizoram Bru Displaced People's Forum in January had demanded a provision of INR 1.5 million to each repatriated Bru family. The forum had also demanded that all repatriated able-bodied youths should be given government jobs.

March 4

Talks between HPC-D and Mizoram state Government will be resumed in Aizawl. Mizoram Home department additional secretary Lalbiakzama said that the commencement of the parleys had been fixed for March 5, but was postponed for the convenience of HPC-D delegation. The current level of talks commenced from August 10, 2016 began official level talks and was elevated to political level talks from this time.

HPC-D leaders on March 3 expressed optimism that political level talks with Mizoram Government would find a solution to the Hmar problem. The militant leaders also added that they were yet to decide on the members of the delegation while confirming that the working president of the group Lalthalien Hmar would be in the delegation and would continue to be the spokesperson.

Myanmar has indefinitely deferred signing an agreement with India to streamline the free movement of people within 16 kilometers of Indo-Myanmar border. Myanmar sighted 'domestic compulsions' for deferring to sign the agreement and asked more time before the agreement is sealed. A senior government official stated that 'Myanmar has been dragging its feet on the agreement. They have asked for more time and are reluctant due to domestic compulsions. They fear that if they sign the pact, the international agreement will have to be adhered to'.

On January 3, the Union Cabinet had approved the agreement between India and Myanmar on land border crossing to enhance economic interaction between people of the two countries. The Government of India (GoI) had asked Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur and Mizoram to distribute "border pass" to all the residents living within 16 km from the border.

March 6

Leaders of HPC-D arrived in Aizawl on March 6 for peace talks with state Government on March 7.

March 7

The first political level talks between Mizoram State Government and HPC-D led by H. Zosangbera began on March 7. The head of the Government delegation stated that 'The peace talks were held in an environment of friendship and mutual trust. There were no new issues for discussion as the important matters, including the draft legislation for the Sinlung Hills Council and memorandum of settlement have been already approved in principle during the official-level talks'. He also added that all issues that require a resolution are expected to be settled by March 8.

HPC-D delegation has tabled four points of ratification in the draft legislation, including change in wording and patent errors, based on the suggestions made at a public consultation in December 2017.

Assam state Government release stated that prohibitory orders were enforced along Assam-Mizoram interstate boundary in certain pockets of Hailakandi District. HT order was issued in apprehension of encroachment attempts from Mizoram. The prohibitory orders were imposed in Kachurthal and other areas under the Ramnathpur police station, bordering Kolasib District of Mizoram.

March 8

Police prevented around 50 members of the Young Mizo Association and Mizo Zirlai Pawl from entering Kachur-thal of Assam's Hailakandi District. In the ensuing clash between Assam Police and Mizo student body atleast three students and three journalists were wounded. Tension had mounted along the border last week after the construction of the shed, allegedly by persons from Mizoram.

March 9

Myanmarese refugees have began returning to their homes two months after they landed in Mizoram following raids in their villages by the Myanmar Army. The first batch of the refugees left the border state on 25 January, and continued subsequently in small groups till the end of February. According to sources, 96 out of the 1,484 refugees who arrived in Mizoram, have already returned, and the rest are expected to leave the Indian state within this month. All the refugees who arrived in Mizoram are Buddhists belonging to the Zhakai tribe from the disturbed Rakhine state in Myanmar.

March 10

GoI has asked for reports from Assam and Mizoram state Governments about the March 8 clash along the interstate boundary between Mizoram and Assam. The UMHA also told the two state governments to enforce prohibitory orders and deploy forces wherever necessary.

All student unions in Mizoram on March 10 extended support to the state's apex student body, MZP to construct a resting shed at Zophai near Bairabi in Kolasib District along the inter-state boundary with Assam. A joint meeting of the MZP, MSU, Aizawl City College Joint Students Union and Hnampual Zirlai Pawl asked all shops run by non-indigenous people in the area to remain shut till "normalcy returns in the area".

In a letter addressed to Assam additional chief secretary Alok Kumar, Mizoram chief secretary Arvind Ray proposed that the two Deputy Commissioners of Kolasib District in Mizoram and Hailakandi district in Assam should hold talks before March 15 to normalise the situation.

March 11

Hailakandi DC stated that District administration will not withdraw security from the Assam-Mizoram border. The DC stated that 'The security forces will remain deployed along the border and will be withdrawn only after getting instructions from the top echelons of the administration'.

March 12

Students of Mizoram, led by the MZP staged statewide protests, demanding resignation of the Congress Government for allegedly failing to protect the state's territory and students. The protests come in the wake of last week's clash at the Mizoram-Assam boundary near Bairabi town in Kolasib District. MZP Vice President president Vanlaltana said the MZP was firm on constructing the shed at Zophai paddy field and would do so again on March 14.

March 14

The tension along Assam-Mizoram border have died down after Mizo Zirlai Pawl, State's apex student body, decided to suspend construction of a rest shed at Zophai near the border town of Bairabi in Kolasib District. The decision was made at the organisation's emergency meeting held in Aizawl.

According to ZP General Secretary, MZP made the decision after fervent appeals from Mizoram Kohhran Hruaitute Committee, a conglomeration of church leaders and Central Young Mizo Association, the largest non-governmental organisation in Mizoram. UMHA has convened a meeting of the Chief Secretaries of Mizoram and Assam next week to resume dialogue on the boundary dispute between the two States in the wake of protests.

March 16

Three-member delegation of the Union Ministry of Home Affairs (UMHA), comprising Special Secretary for Internal Security Rina Mitra, adviser (Northeast) on Bru repatriation Mahesh Kumar Singla and Joint Secretary Satyendra Garg, met the refugee leaders in Agartala. For the last 21 years, over 35,000 Reang refugees have been staying in six camps at Kanchanpur in North Tripura district.

March 17

MBDP apex body of displaced Bru tribals, on March 17 warned of a "democratic movement" against the Centre's "harsh decision" to close down all Reang refugee relief camps and stop ration through PDS.

March 19

Joint Secretary of UMHA Mahesh Kumar Singla stated that rehabilitation of Bru Refugees in Tripura to Mizoram has been halted. When asked about the rehabilitation of the Reang refugees who have came from Mizoram and are living a life of refugees for the past 20 years at Kanchanpur and Panisagar sub-divisions, the Secretary stated that 'The Reang refugees do not wants to go to Mizoram as they don't get land "patta" out there in Mizoram which the indigenous people of Tripura get. Moreover they have demanded 2 acre of land for each family for going 'back to Mizoram which the Mizoram government has clearly rejected'. He also added that 'The Central Government has announced a package of 147 cr. for their rehabilitation program from which the Mizoram Government have already received 7.90 cr. But it won't be wrong to say that the program is on halt and needs to bring on board all the stakeholders and we are working on it.

March 20

Mizoram and HPC-D led by H. Zosangbera, will sign a peace accord in April. Mizoram Home Minister stated that 'The Mizoram government and the HPC (D), which have been holding peace parleys since August 2016 will sign a memorandum of settlement (MoS) by next month'.

According to the draft MoS, the two sides have agreed to accord more autonomy to the SHDC, created after the signing of the peace accord between the state government and the HPC on July 27, 1994. The council will be re-christened SHC, which will be constituted through an act. Sources said the new council will have 14 members, including two nominated members, preferably from minority communities.

Mizoram shares a 722-km-long international border with Myanmar (404km) and Bangladesh (318km) and hundreds of kilometres with neighbouring Assam, Tripura and Manipur. There were reports of hideouts of militants within the state's boundary before 2008. The home minister also informed the House that nearly 435 policemen died during 2015-18 owing to several reasons like poor health, liquor consumption and militant activities. He said over 2,400 posts are lying vacant under his department.

March 21

Union Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju that new rehabilitation policy for surrendered militants in the Northeast with almost doubled stipend will come into force from April. The monthly stipend for a surrendered militant has been revised from INR 3,500 to INR 6,000 and the one-time grant from INR 1,50,000 to INR 4,00,000.

More incentives have been added for the weapons surrendered. A surrender-cum-rehabilitation scheme for the Northeast militants is in force since April 1998. Many, however, said the stipend offered under the scheme needed revision as cadres of many outfits were resorting to crimes like extortion as the amount offered by the government had not been revised for years. An official statement said 'A surrender-cum-rehabilitation scheme for the Northeast militants is in force since April 1998. Many, however, said the stipend offered under the scheme needed revision as cadres of many outfits were resorting to crimes like extortion as the amount offered by the government had not been revised for years'.

The statement also said that Assam has spend about INR 75 million for militant rehabilitation while Manipur spend INR 11.9 million and Tripura 11.8 million Militants who have signed cease fire agreements have demanded that the stipend be increased to cater to rising prices and prevent youths from returning to militancy. Number of surrendered militants in north east has reduced from 1,195 in 2012 to 130 in 2017. The statement said at least 640 militants surrendered in 2013, followed by 965 in 2014, 143 in 2015, 267 in 2016 and three till February 2018.

Mizoram State Home Minister R. Lalzirliana stated that over 400 refugees from neighbouring Myanmar's Arakan (Rakhine) state are in Lawngtlai. Initially, about 1,750 Myanmarese refugees, mostly Buddhists, entered Mizoram by crossing the international border in November last year after fleeing armed clashes between the Myanmar Army and the Arakan Army (AA).

Nearly 488 people are still languishing at Hmawngbuchhua village in Lawngtlai district on the Indo-Myanmar border. Initially, the refugees were lodged in four villages in Lawngtlai district - Hmawngbuchhua, Zochachhua, Laitlang and Dumzautlang. Later, they were shifted to Hmawngbuchhua in Bumthlang sub-division for administrative convenience.The repatriation process, planned in the last week of December last year, had to be stalled after the refugees refused to return to their respective villages fearing persecution. Sources said over 1,200 refugees have already returned to their respective villages on their own while the rest are expected to leave Mizoram within this month.

March 22

Mizoram Governor has imposed "governor's rule" on the Chakma Autonomous District Council in Lawngtlai District for four months. The step was taken after an inquiry report which highlighted serious violations of the council rules 2002. The council was formed under the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution on April 29, 1972 with its headquarters at Chawngte.

MZP the apex student body of the state on March 22 threatened an armed uprising similar to that of 1966 if GoI imposed an inter-state boundary between Assam and Mizoram. Addressing student protesters at a protest in Aizawl MZP president L Ramdinliana Renthlei stated that 'The Mizo people had declared self-determination and independence from the Indian union on March 1, 1966, resulting in many Mizos sacrificing their lives for sovereignty. Mizo youths are ready to repeat the 1966 situation if the border issue between Assam and Mizoram cannot be solved amicably'. He also added that talks between the Chief Secretaries of the neighboring states in New Delhi on March 20 was disappointing and added that the student body is not optimistic about the outcome of the talks and has lost faith in GoI.

The March 20 meeting was attended by Union minister for home Rajnath Singh, and was chaired by the Union home secretary Rajiv Gauba. Tension has been brewing on the Assam-Mizoram border since March 8, after Mizo students clashed with Assam Police While Assam has termed the conflict area Kachurthal under Hailakandi district, Mizos have contended the area is at Zophai in Kolasib District. About 50 students and six journalists were wounded in the March 8 clash.

March 26

To check terror financing in the North-East, GoI has ordered an inquiry by NIA. GoI has also firmed up plans to enhance the operational capability of Border Guarding Force and address the connectivity issues by constructing helipads along Indo-Myanmar border. New Company Operating Bases (COBs) are also being planned to be set up closer to Indo-Myanmar border.

The insurgency related civilian casualties declined in all states except in Assam where it increased from nine in 2015 to 29 in 2016. Additionally, the number of abductions also decreased in the region from 267 in 2015 to 168 in 2016. Counter Insurgency operations led to the killing of 87 militants, arrest of 1202 and recovery of 605 arms in 2016 in the region.

March 27

A three member high level delegation from UMHA visited Assam-Mizoram border to make an on-the-spot assessment. The delegation was led by Joint Secretary, North East, Ministry of Home Affairs, Satyendra Garg. Later during a meeting it was decided that that as the areas along the interstate border fall in inner-line reserved forests, both the sides must first identify all illegal structure after which the process of dismantling will begin within April 30. It was also decided that both states would withdraw security forces from the inter-state boundary. The fact finding team will submit its report to the Union Home Secretary on April 5 after which it will be discussed in a follow up meeting with the Chief Secretaries of Mizoram and Assam.

March 29

Mizoram Home Minister R. Lalzirliana informed the Legislative Assembly that Mizoram was likely to accede to the demands of the displaced Brus. In a written reply, the Minister stated that displaced Brus have raised 13 demands in a writ petition filed in the Supreme Court. These include allocation of five acres of land to each repatriated family, cluster village, increment of compensation from INR 80,000 to I,00,000 inclusion of all repatriated families in the electoral roll and creation of ADC under Sixth Schedule of the Constitution. Lalzirliana said Mizoram has so far prepared four road maps for repatriation of the Brus and received INR 4860 Million from the GoI. Under road map-I, Mizoram received INR 24.38 Million while under road map II they received 24 Million. Under Road Map-III 178 Million was received and under Road Map IV 259 Million was received.

March 30

Mizoram is ready to sign a peace agreement with HPC-D Mizoram Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla informed the Legislative Assembly about the Mizoram's government decision to sign a memorandum with the HPCD at the Mizoram state legislative assembly. According to sources, While majority of the HPCD cadres under the leadership of H Zosangbera have agreed to broker peace with the Mizoram Government, several others have resisted peacemaking and took a hardliner's stand with their leader Lalhmingthanga Sanate, demanding an Autonomous District Council.

April 2

Mizoram Government and Hmar People's Convention (Democratic) on April 2 signed ac peace accord to end the over two- decade-old insurgency and three-decade-old deadlock on the Hmar political imbroglio in Mizoram. The signing of MoS was held at the State Guest House, Chaltlang in Aizawl. The MoS was signed on behalf of the state government by chief secretary Arvind Ray, while the HPC (D) was represented by its president H. Zosangbera.

The Additional Secretary in Home Department Lalbiakzama stated that would lay down 48 sophisticated arms during the homecoming ceremony, tentatively scheduled for April 12 at Central Training Institute, Sesawng. According to the agreement, The existing Sinlung Hills Development Council will be rechristened Sinlung Hills Council and comprise 14 members including two nominated members to be headed by the chief executive member.

April 3

MZP apex students' body submitted a memorandum to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the long-standing border dispute between Assam and Mizoram. MZP reiterated that the boundary line demarcated in 1875 under the Bengal.

MZP reiterated that the boundary line demarcated in 1875 under the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation of 1873 during the British rule is the only boundary between Assam and Mizoram accepted by the Government and the people of Mizoram. MZP stated that the area where it planned to construct a rest shed called Zofate Chawlhbuk, that triggered fresh tensions over the border issue last month, is "well within Mizoram." The memorandum stated that the plot of land belongs the first Chief Minister of Mizoram.

April 4

HPC-D issued a statement that refuted a purported statement of HPC-D on April 3 which reportedly expressed "dissatisfaction" over the memorandum of settlement.

The statement said that The HPC-D is happy with Mizoram Government's initiatives to sign memorandum of settlement (with the HPC-D) leaders to find an amicable solution to the Hmar political imbroglio. The HPC-D is committed to the MoS which has been made on the principles of mutual understanding and brotherhood'.

The statement also added that 'HPCD chapter of Assam has been holding political level talks with Assam Government and Manipur chapter of the organisation, under the banner of UPF have agreed on SoO and talks are on with the State Government'. (GoI has been holding several rounds of talks with Kuki National Organisation (KNO) and UPF of Manipur, both whose demands are Territorial Council for Hill tribes men of south Manipur, to find an amicable solution to their long standing demand of land and political future.

MoS Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju admitted that radicalisation efforts from across the border in Bangladesh are on in the Northeast. The Minister stated that 'Security and intelligence agencies are aware of the threat of radicalisation in the North Eastern states and they are taking necessary steps to thwart these moves. The activities of such radical elements are being monitored closely'.

The Minister also added that GoI has an extensive engagement with the Government of Bangladesh on the issue of illegal migrants under various bilateral mechanisms like the Joint Consultative Commission, Foreign Secretary and Home Secretary-level talks, Joint Working Group on Security and Border Management, Joint Task Forces on Human Trafficking, fake currency notes.

Union Minister for Home Affairs, Rajnath Singh had stated that religious radicalisation as a serious security threat and said if not checked in time, it could lead to terrorism. The Minister who reviewed the security situation in the Northeast with chief secretaries and Director General of Police (DGPs) of the region, also expressed concern over the proliferation of illegal arms and asked the DGPs to launch organised campaigns against arms smugglers. He stated that 'If we talk about the future security threats, radicalisation has come as a huge security challenge. Radicalisation is a trans-national phenomenon. If we can't check it, it will turn into terrorism'

April 6

About 103 HPC-D militants will be brought in Aizawl from the Mizoram-Manipur border town of Zilkhawchhuah by state police on April 7. State Additional Secretary for Home Lalbiakzama stated that HPC-D cadres would lay down their weapons on April 12.

April 7

Mizoram is still housing 419 refugees from Myanmar who were evicted from their homes last year. About 1,600 Myanmar refugees have been rehabilitated in Lawngtlai district, after they crossed the border to Mizoram on November 25. The refugees came to India after crisis erupted at Paletwa where 11 soldiers of the Myanmar Army were reportedly killed on the Kaladan river after being ambushed by the Arakan Army. Further fighting affected several villages and forced inhabitants to flee. The refugees were rehabilitated by the Mizoram Government at Zochachhuah, Laitlang, Dumzautlang and Hmawngbuchhuah at Lawngtlai District.

April 8

HPC-D militants arrived at Sesawng village near Aizawl for the arms laying down ceremony which will be held on April 13. The ceremony will be held at Central Training Institute (CTI), Mizoram Home Guard headquarters at Sesawng village, about 39 km from Aizawl. Earlier, the HPC-D cadres were also given tributes and reception at Sakawrdai village, the proposed headquarters for Sinlung Hills Council (SHC). The SHC shall consist of 14 members including 2 nominated members preferably from minority communities to be headed by Chief Executive Member (CEM). The council will initially function for interim period of 6 months.

April 11

HPC-D 'militant identified as 'sergeant' Lalbieklien, who was the commander of HPC-D militants whose killed three police men on March 28, 2015 was released from prison following peace accord signed with the Mizoram Government. The arrested militant figured in at least two dozen criminal cases, including murder, abduction, extortion and theft of explosives.

According to UMHA report due to cooperation from Bangladesh and Myanmar, activities of IIGs have been contained. The report also stated that. In order to enhance the operational capability of the border guarding force and address connectivity issues, a border infrastructure project involving construction of roads and helipads along the Indo Myanmar border is being planned. New COB are also being planned to be set up closer to the Indo-Myanmar border. Along Indo-Myanmar border, 10 kilometer fencing between Border Post No. 79-81 at Moreh has been approved at INR 359.9 Million. A fencing of approximately four km has been completed and an amount of INR 224.1 Million. Along 1643 Kilometer border with Myanmar, 1,472 km has been demarcated.

.According to the UMHA report, there are only two un-demarcated portions along the Indo-Myanmar border: Lohit sub-sector of Arunachal Pradesh - 136 kilometeres and Kabaw Valley in Manipur - 35 kilometeres, border fencing between boundary pillar No. 79 and No. 81 in Moreh.

SSB According to the UMHA report, there are only two un-demarcated portions along the Indo-Myanmar border: Lohit sub-sector of Arunachal Pradesh - 136 kilometeres and Kabaw Valley in Manipur - 35 kilometeres, border fencing between boundary pillar No. 79 and No. 81 in Moreh. The ITBP has established 173 BOPs along the Indo-China border, said the report.

GoI has approved of construction of 313 km border road at a cost of Rs 1,259 crore in Assam along the Indo-Bhutan border. The construction work has not yet started due to pending land acquisition.

State Nodal Officer that Mizoram has received INR 460 million from UMHA f or border area development during the last fiscal of 2017-18. Of the total amount under Border Area Development Programme (BADP), INR 399.3 Million has been spent during the last fiscal and the rest has been earmarked for the current fiscal of 2018-19. The BADP was implemented in Mizoram in 1993-1994 and it covered four rural development blocks then along the India-Bangladesh border. In 1997-1998, the program was extended on the eastern side of Mizoram, bordering Myanmar.

About 103 militants of HPC-D is slated to surrender with their weapons. A Mizoram Home Department official stated that 'total of 103 HPC-D members would surrender and deposit their 48 sophisticated arms and ammunition.

April 13

102 HPC-D militants and 12 leaders including 'chairman' H. Zosangbera, surrendered in Aizawl. The militants also surrendered 44 weapons, including four sniper rifles, nine AK assault rifles, one M-16 carbine assault rifle 13double-barrel guns and 2,892 rounds of ammunition, grenade, launcher shells and five radio sets. Mizoram Home Minister R. Lalzirliana also handed over INR 34.2 million rehabilitation package to HPC-D 'working chairman' L.T. Hmar. Each militant would be given INR three lakh as rehabilitation package and INR seven lakh for surrender of weapons.

The state Home Minister while appreciating the surrender of HPC-D militants also added the other HPC-D faction, led by ' president 'Lalhmingthang Sanate, that the government would not tolerate any violence in the state. On April 14, the surrendered militants would head for Sakawrda village in Aizawl District, the proposed headquarters of Sinlung Hills Council (SHC) after which they will depart for their respective villages.

April 17

All the surrendered militants of HPC-D have received INR 3,00,000 each as part of the rehabilitation package. The militants numbering 114 had surrendered after signing of MoS.

The militants on April 13, had surrendered with 45 weapons including four sniper rifles, one grenade launcher, nine AK assault rifles, one M-16 carbine assault rifle and 13 double-barrel guns. They had also surrendered 2,892 rounds of ammunition, launcher shells and five radio sets.

April 19

SFs recovered one 9 mm Pistol and 252 rounds of ammunitions and FICN worth INR 600000 in an operation near Zote crossing in Champai.

April 23

GoI has revised the surrender-cum-rehabilitation policy of militants in the northeastern states with effect from April 1. The grant for surrendered militants has been raised to INR 4,00,000 from INR 1,00,000 and the monthly stipend to INR 6,000 from INR 3,500 for three years.

According to UMHA official, revised policy also includes provisions for vocational training, funds for construction of rehabilitation camps and compulsory Aadhaar biometric registration of surrenderees. The surrender-cum-rehabilitation policy in the Northeast has been implemented since 1998. Under the revised SRE in the region, ex gratia for civilians killed has been doubled to INR 1,00,000 and for Police personnel it has been increased to two million from INR 3,00,000. For Police personnel who suffer from permanent disability the ex gratia has been increased from INR 75,000 to INR 3,00,000.

Additionally, the salary for home guards has been increased from INR 4,500 to INR 6,000. Moreover, honorarium for village defence guards doubled to INR 3,000.

April 25

India has identified 120 vulnerable points along its 4,096km Indo-Bangladesh border and deployed additional BSF troopers to detect and push back Rohingya refugees if they try to enter the country. Unnamed Union Home Ministry sources said on April 25 said that the BSF, which has intensified patrol, has been told to only "push" the infiltrators back into Bangladesh and not arrest them so that they don't become a "liability".

May 11

NESCO a students body of seven north-eastern States has demanded provisions of ILP for all the states of the region along with special Constitutional status to protect the land and resources of Northeast. A joint protest demonstration would be staged on May 12 (today) in Dighalipukhuripar in Guwahati followed by similar protest activities in every State capital of the region and district-wise protest demonstrations across the Northeast to oppose the bill. All Assam Students' Union has also announced a series of protest activities against the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016.

May 14

Four persons allegedly belonging to the Arakan Army have been receiving treatment in a private hospital in Aizawl since previous week. The four militants were reportedly part of the group which had ambushed a patrol party of the Myanmar Army near boundary pillar number 10 inside Myanmar on May 9.

According to Police the militants were wounded in a counter attack by Myanmar Army. The Mizoram government has alerted both the Assam Rifles personnel deployed along the Mizoram-Myanmar border areas and the state police in Lawngtlai District to prevent any entry of militants from Myanmar.

May 15

Insurgency-related incidents in the Northeast dropped by 36 per cent in 2017, the lowest in 20 years. The annual report of the home ministry (2017-18) said such incidents decreased to 308 in 2017 compared to 484 in 2016 while Mizoram and Tripura reported no such incident in 2017

May 20

According to sources resumption of armed conflict between the Myanmar army and rebel Arakan Army has made over 300 Myanmar refugees reluctant to return to their villages.

Police said nearly 1,750 Buddhist and Christian refugees from Myanmar's Arakan (Rakhine) state fled their villages, crossed the international border and entered Mizoram's Lawngtlai district in November 2017. Nearly 321 refugees are still in Mizoram and are reluctant to return to their respective villages fearing reprisal as armed conflict between Myanmar Army and the rebels intensified recently. After a short break from February to April, two encounters took place again between the Myanmar Army and Arakan Army on May 9 and 12.

Initially, about 1,750 refugees entered Mizoram and were taking refuge at makeshift camps in four villages - Zochachhuah, Laitlang, Dumzautlang and Hmawngbuchhuah in Lawngtlai District. The refugees who arrived in Mizoram are mostly Buddhists and Christians belonging to the Zhakai tribe. Lawngtlai police also said the refugees were reluctant to return to their villages out of fear of landmines. Assam Rifles personnel had defused 31 landmines in Mizoram since November last year.

Source:Compiled from news reports and are provisional.