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Statement of the collective leadership

Statement issued by the NSCN-IM leadership on March 7, 2001 threatening a withdrawal from the cease-fire agreement with the Union Government, unless their demand for an extension of the area of cease-fire to the neighbouring states of Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and Assam is met.

Based on the mutual respect and commitment to finding a political solution to the long drawn-out Indo-Naga issue, a cease-fire agreement was reached between the Government of India and the National Socialist Council of Nagaland on August 1, 1997. It was followed by a series of political talks between the two parties basing on the mutually accepted three terms; that is, the talks shall be at the Prime Ministerial level without any condition and in third countries.

It is now going to be four years since the talks began. However, progress could not be made till today purely on account of the insincerity and practice of double standard of the Indian authorities. They have never honored their commitments. Cease-fire agreement has been totally betrayed, Naga army camps are indiscriminately attacked. Cease-fire area coverage has never been implemented. It should be recalled that Mr. Kaushal Swaraj, the former representative of the Prime Minister of India openly and officially declared: "the matter relating to cease-fire has been considered by the Government of India at the highest level. It is not limited to Nagaland State as was earlier interpreted" (cf. North East Sun, 15-31 October 1998, North East Sun, New Delhi: p.6) "The cease-fire area coverage is without any geographical limitation," June 27, 1998, Zurich. But they went back upon it again immediately.

During this cease-fire period about a hundred Naga army personnel are killed deliberately by the Indian armed forces. More than a hundred people have been arbitrarily arrested, tortured and detained in jail under their draconian laws. House raids, ransom, abduction, kidnapping and intimidation are daily occurrence. Unduly presuming upon the NSCN’s sincere commitment, and Indian armed forces have captured more than arms and ammunition from the NSCN cadres during the peace process than the wartime. Indian military operations are conducted without ceasing. Even the designated camps at Jotsoma and Niuland were attacked in complete disregard of the mutually accepted cease-fire ground rules. They have resorted to such unscrupulous process of intimidating the NSCN under cover of peace, cease-fire etc. despite all these provocations we have restrained ourselves not out of fear but for the sake of peace and solution, which is so dear to us. But far be it from the NSCN to cow down. Where is their faith in "peaceful political solution"? The whole process of peace and cease-fire is made a complete mockery.

Yet strangely enough, the Government of India have declared cease-fire with their surrogate Khaplang group, to be more precise the ‘brainchild of India’ as the Intelligent Bureau would call them. It should, however, be recalled that Khaplang and group have been financed and armed by Delhi through the agencies of the Intelligence Bureau and the so-called Nagaland State since 1988, for bloody confrontation with unquestionable National Socialist Council of Nagaland. The declaration of cease-fire between two is, therefore, a marriage of a mother to her daughter. Oh what a ridiculous policy of the "Good Samaritan" of India! Is that the way to peace and solution? Not at all. It is motivated solely to destroy the hard-earned cease-fire and the peace process propping up the collaborators, nay, to pull down the NSCN and its national stand. They are determined to destroy the existence of Naga nation by keeping it divided against the wishes of the Nagas. Now Khaplang goup has accepted in the ground rules with India "to observe the laws of the land." Is that the way towards an honourable solution? It is ridiculous, for "the law of the land" is no other than the shoes of the notorious "Shillong Accord". Therefore, only the traitors, the collaborators, the fools and the hypocrites will rejoice in it. But the way of the Naga people remains clear.

Along with the declaration of cease-fire with Khaplang, most of the Indian press people and the authorities have made endless statements exaltedly claiming that they have stopped killing among the Nagas themselves. But the truth is that Nagas do not fight on any account of themselves. It is Indian Government who have been inciting the traitors to kill the Naga patriots. It is entirely the work of the wicked Indian authorities who are now claiming the status of the Good Samaritan, shedding crocodiles tears in front of the world. What is hypocrisy! The infighting amount the Nagas and the Kuki-Naga killing too are incited by the Indian Government to serve their wicked ends. They can never get away with it, try as they may.

As the Government of India have betrayed their commitments, the National Socialist Council of Nagaland have no moral obligation to respect the Indian commitments anymore. It is pity that they have stooped to such a standard. There is practically no sincerity, no preparedness and no guts to resolve the issue. Sorry, one sees but back-tracking and conspiracies in them. Therefore, we are compelled to tell the Government of India that the cease-fire between the two parties needs to be reviewed in two weeks’ time counting from the date of the issue of this statement. This should be treated most seriously. NSCN have given too long a time for the Indian Govt. to declare the cease-fire area coverage which they (GOI) have deliberately ignored in spite of their repeated positive assurances. We shall accept no pretext nor any excuse and we mean what we say. Government of India will be solely responsible for any failures and consequences that may arise therefrom."

Dated Oking: May 7, 2001






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