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Solemn Declaration of the Existence of the
National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN)

The Naga National Council has failed to carry through its solemn national trust ad finem. It did not condemn the acts of treason of the downright traitors, nay, it has deliberately worked in collaboration with them and treacherously reacted to the genuine stand taken by the competent people and patriots in the front. Nagaland is left skating on thin ice. Truly, the sovereign existence of Nagaland is more at peril than ever before. Where is the organisation that will safeguard the freedom of Nagaland from the failure of the NNC? Where is the way to save Nagaland from the treacherous impasse the Naga National Council had led the people into? We are revolutionary patriots; we shall never relinquish our country to any force. To us, our faith in God, the freedom of Nagaland and Salvation of the people in Socialism, are external and unquestionable; we have chosen them and can never part with these realities. It is because life has meaning and that is in freedom alone. Indeed, our Nagaland will forever refuse sit perish together with any leadership or organisation that has failed and betrayed her cause, that has no promise of future for her people. We, therefore, make this solemn declaration of the existence of the National Socialist Council of Nagaland with its manifesto in gist.

National Existence

We stand for the unquestionable sovereign right of the Naga people over every inch of Naga territory wherever it may be and admit of no other existence whatever.

Political Institution

We stand for the principle of people's supremacy, that is, the dictatorship of the people through the National Socialist Council and the practice of Democracy within the organisation.

Economic System

We stand for Socialism. Because it is the only social and economic system that does away with exploitation and ensures fair equality to all the people.


We stand for the faith in God and the salvation of mankind in Jesus, the Christ, alone that is… "Nagaland for Christ." However, the individual freedom of religion shall be safeguarded and the imposition of the faith on the others is strictly forbidden.


We rule out the illusion of saying Nagaland through peaceful means. It is arms and arms again that save our nation and ensure freedom to the people.


Dated Oking, January 31, 1980
Sd/- Isak Chishi Swu
Executive Chairman

Sd/- T.H. Muivah
Executive General Secretary

Sd/- S.S. Khaplang
Executive Vice-President





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