Nagaland Timeline 2018



January 1

AR arrested an NNC-NA militant identified as sergeant major' Wongtong from Tuesang District. One .303 rifle, 24 live rounds were recovered from him.

An arms dealer was arrested from rom Indrapuri village in Tuensang District. The arms dealer has been identified as K Haothiu Khiamniungan. One .22 pistol, and a magazine with nine rounds of ammunition were recovered from him.

Nagaland has been declared "disturbed area" for six more months, till June-end under AFSPA. UMHA notified that it is of the opinion that the area comprising the whole of Nagaland is in such a "disturbed and dangerous condition" that use of Armed Forces in aid of the civil power is necessary. GoI declared that whole of the said state to be a ''disturbed area'' for a period of six months with effect from December 30, 2017.

January 2

An indefinite shutdown began in Tseminyu area in Kohima District press the demand for up gradation of Tseminyu sub-divisional headquarter into a full-fledged District headquarters. The strike has been called by the Rengma Naga frontal organizations in Kohima District.

January 3

Rh Raising, 'convenor' of the Steering Committee of NSCN-IM said that in order to arrive at an amicable solution for both the Nagas and GoI as agreed that GoI and Nagas will co-exist as two entities and share sovereign power between the two entities. Rh Raising stated that 'the historic Framework Agreement is the first Indo-Naga political agreement that opens up an era of a new relationship between the two' and added that the agreement is the legacy of both NSCN-IM and GoI.

January 4

Two NNC-NA militant identified as 'private' Joel Zeliang and Ghoikhu Swu were arrested in Dimapur for extortion.

An NSCN-R militant identified as Angukavi Yepthomi was arrested for extorting money from new Market area in Dimapur.

January 5

Six militants including two NSCN-K and four NSCN-KN militants were arrested at Meluri town in Phek District. SFs also recovered one carbine machine gun (CMG), two pistols, ammunition of various calibers and one hand grenade along with various incriminating documents. According to authorities, the arrested militants were involved in extortion and threatening local population.

January 8

Nagaland CM appealed to NSCN-K to restart the peace process with GoI. He stated that had dispatched a letter to the Myanmar-based NSCN-K leadership appealing to them to re-consider their stand, revisit the ceasefire agreement with GoI. NSCN-K had abrogated the cease fire agreement in March 2015.

January 12

AR arrested an arms dealer from Burma camp in Dimapur and recovered a .22 pistol. The dealer was identified as Neiwelhi Rume.

AR arrested NSCN-K militant Mhonthung Tungie in Wokha town in Wokha District.

January 13

AR arrested two individuals in Tethizu Hanging Bridge in Kiphire District. One .22 Rifle, one magazine and live rounds were recovered from the arrested individuals.

Two suspected arms dealers were arrested a joint operation in Blue Hill Station, Dimapur. One .22 mm Pistol, one magazine, live ammunition, one detonator, two Gelatin sticks and one Safety fuse were recovered.

EC has asked AR to increase its presence in the 1643-km-long Indo-Myanmar border to prevent Indian militants based in Myanmar from sneaking across the border and creating disturbance in poll-bound Nagaland. Nagaland CEO also stated that the inter-state and inter-District borders have been tightened to ensure a peaceful election which is due next month. The CEO added that GoI is sending 276 companies of additional CPMF for poll duty of which about 40 to 50 companies are scheduled to arrive in about three to four weeks.

January 13

The Union Government has asked the four states that share unfenced border with Myanmar to distribute "border pass" to all the residents living within 16 km from the boundary line. It has also asked the governments of Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur and Mizoram to enroll the border residents under Aadhaar (unique identity card) on war footing.

January 16

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh reviewed security situation in the North-eastern States. According to official data, the security situation in the region has improved and insurgency-related incidents have gone down by 85 per cent in 2017 as compared to 2000. According to the data, there were 308 insurgency-related incidents in 2017, the lowest since 1997.

In 2000, 1,963 insurgency-related incidents had taken place in the Northeast. Also, the death toll of security personnel and civilians was lowest last year when 12 security forces personnel and 37 civilians were killed. The number of cases of kidnapping or abduction also went down by 40 per cent as 168 incidents were reported in 2016, which came down to 102 in 2017.

January 18

Dimapur Police arrested a suspected extortionist identified as Atovi Aye for allegedly extorting from truck drivers from Khushabill village in Dimapur.

January 19

Two NSCN-IM militants were arrested near Aoyimiti village junction Dimapur for abducting a trader. The arrested militants have been identified as Toki Achumi and Khetoho Jakhalu. The militant abducted the trader identified as Subash Kumar Jain from MP road in Dimapur and he was later released on the same day at Purana Bazar in Dimapur.

UMHA is considering creating a 29-battalion India-Myanmar Border Force from AR and ITBP to curtail smuggling, gun running and insurgent activities. The new force will patrol right up to the border. Currently, the 46-battalion strong AR guards the border but patrols up to 500 meters from the so-called zero line, which leaves the border partly porous. AR will be paired with 4 battalions from ITBP to form the new force, with ITBP in charge. This will result in ITBP not only patroling the 3,488-km LAC with China but also the border with Myanmar.

January 22

UNLFW an umbrella group of rebel groups on January 22 called for a total boycott of Republic Day celebrations. Khango Konyak, the newly appointed 'chairman' of UNLFW, in a statement said '(We want) a 24-hour total shutdown on January 26 and to engage concerted refusal by not attending or gathering at any governmental offices or public places within 24 hours of that day, except some emergency services.

January 23

NSCN-IM opposed the Assembly elections in Nagaland slated for February 27, saying it will be a serious obstacle towards finding an early political solution to the Naga problem. NSCN-IM in a statement said that they are committed to an early negotiated political settlement, but the election is "bound to undermine" the progress of the ongoing talks between them and the Centre. They also said that 'the decision taken by GoI Election Commission to hold election is bound to undermine the progress of the ongoing talks and become a serious obstacle towards finding an early political solution'. On January 18, the Election Commission announced that elections to the 60-member Assembly would be conducted on February 27.

NMA a civil society group urged political parties not to contest the February 27 Nagaland Assembly polls and demanded a solution to the insurgency problem first.

January 23

AR and NIA in a joint operation arrested three militants of NSCN-KN from Zubsa in Kohima District. The arrested militants were identified as 'brigadier' Aheto H Chophy, Witti Marak and Mughahoto Sumi.Aheto H Chophy was wanted in a case for clandestinely acquiring weapons and ammunition belonging to Nagaland Police and for insurgent violence.

Between 2000 and 2012 as 'brigadier' Aheto H Chophy had bought 75 weapons of various types, 62 magazines and 26,098 assorted ammunitions along with three bayonets from a Police official. Type-56 rifle, 2 pistols, 176 rounds of ammunition and INR 1,32,320 were recovered from the arrested militants.

January 28

NSCN-IM issued a declaration demanding solution to the insurgency issue before the Assembly elections. Currently GoI and NSCN-IM are conducting talks. The rebel group had said earlier that the elections will create serious obstacles for the peace process.

January 29

All political parties in Nagaland signed a joint declaration, refusing to issue tickets or file nominations for the Assembly elections scheduled for February 27. . The declaration came following a crucial meeting in state capital Kohima, between the Naga tribal civil society groups, who have been pressing upon the Centre to find a solution to the vexed peace process before the elections.

NSCN-IM convener' of 'steering committee' Rh Raising reaffirmed to cling to the 'Framework Agreement' and stand by it in 'all weathers'. . He also added that 'Framework Agreement was officially signed between and NSCN-IM as two entities on August 3, 2015, which recognizes the sovereign right, the unique history and identity of the Nagas and the land of the Nagas'. He also added that India and the Nagas will coexist as two entities and share sovereign power.

CCNTHCO stated that 'We on behalf of all the political parties and the intending candidates have, in compliance with the wishes of the people, decided not to go ahead with the issuance of party tickets or filing of nominations'.

January 30

NSCN-K militant identified as A. Konyak from Kohima. He was a 'kilonser' (minister) of the militant group. The arrested militant was reportedly involved in extortion activities.

CCNTHCO a joint front of tribal and civil organisations in the state has called for called for a State-wide general strike. CCNTHCO has been demanding the postponement of State Assembly elections until finding peaceful solution to the ongoing talks between GoI and NSCN-IM.

A civilian was abducted by NSCN-R militants from unspecified location.

January 31

A civilian abducted on January 30 was rescued and five militants of NSCN-R were arrested from Ayomiti village area in Dimapur District. The militants have been identified as 'lieutenant colonel' Khoto, 'major' Rikhum, 'major' Athsong Chang', 'captain' John Pomei and 'corporal' Shitmong. Two pistols, two magazines and five rounds of ammunition were recovered from the arrested militants.

AR arrested a NNC-NA militant in Chumukedima in Dimapur. he arrested militant was identified as Meyitipa Yaden Ao. The arrested militant was involved in extortion.

NNC militants were arrested at DC chowk area in Dimapur District. The arrested militants were identified as Mar Longkumar and Moatumsu Jamir.

February 2

NSCN-IM 'CAO' shot dead by unidentified assailants at Jalukie town in Peren District. He was the 'CAO' of NSCN-IM's 'Zeliangrong' region.

SFs recovered a pistol, a magazine and three rounds of ammunition from the house of a militant of FGN-NA in Mon District.

February 4

NSCN-IM asserted that it fully supported the decision of the Core Committee of CCNTHCO churches, tribal bodies on deciding for solution to the Naga issue and hence not to go for election. NSCN-IM also warned that any 'national worker' found defying the decision of the Naga people will face serious consequences. The statement also said 'We reiterate our stand that imposed election is not acceptable to the Naga people'.

Major political parties the BJP, Congress, NPF, NDPP, have made it clear that they would take part in the ensuing Nagaland assembly elections.

Suspected NSCN-K identified as 'captain' Phuto Konyak was arrested from Aboi town in Mon District.

February 6

Police arrested an extortionist identified as Lalan Sharma from Kohima. Documents of FGN, NSCN-IM, NSCN-K were recovered from him.

February 7

One individual was arrested with arms from Tenning in Peren District. One pistol and eight live rounds were recovered from the arrested individual, identified as Gaubeu Zeliang.

February 8

NSCN-IM has clarified that they will not use 'force or coercion' to make people boycott the upcoming election. NSCN-IM was first to announce its call for 'solution before election', which was later picked up by the larger Naga civil society.

February 7

AR arrested three extortionists from GS Road and Kalibari in Dimapur. The arrested individuals have been identified as Rajendra Prasad Yadav, Suraj Jain and Paras Jain. Incriminating documents including extortion notes and INR 553,710 were recovered from the arrestees.

February 9

SFs arrested an NSCN-KN militant identified as Neingumelie from Themazie Colony in Kohima District.

GoI is learnt to have assured Naga groups, political parties and armed organisations that all options are open, including re-elections in Nagaland, whenever an accord is finalized with NSCN-IM and other naga groups. Elections are expected to be held on February 27 in the state and results will be declared on March 3.

GoI has also reportedly assured that militant cadres may be absorbed after arriving at a solution. According to an official, 'There are a few options that we are looking at and we have sought an opinion from the rebel groups. One of them is to raise an All Naga IrBN. at the disposal of the state but the Centre can help fund and train them.

February 10

MoS for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju stated that GoI has revised stipend amount and fixed deposit for the surrendered militants in Northeast. The new surrender scheme will come into effect from April 2018. The monthly allowance would be increased from INR 3,000 to INR 6,000. Moreover, the militants will be given a relief amount of INR 400,000 which was earlier INR 1, 50,000.

Unidentified militant of unspecified affiliation arrested from Khipre District. A pistol and ammunition was recovered from the arrested militant

February 11

MoS for Home Affairs, Kiren Rijiju stated that Nagaland recorded 19 insurgency related incidents in 2017 in which three civilians were killed.

According to UMHA insurgency incidents in north-east declined by 63 per cent as compared to 2014 in and 36 per cent compared to 2016 as the year 2017 witnessed the lowest number of insurgency related incidents since 1997. There were 824 insurgency related incidents in 2014, 574 incidents in 2015, 484 in 2016, 308 in 2017. Civilian casualties has also recorded a decrease by 83 percent, from 212 in 2014 to 37 in 2017 while casualty rate of SFs declined by 40 percent, from 20 in 2014 to 12 in 2017.

February 12

NSCN-R militant identified as Isaka Awomi was arrested from Naharbari in Dimapur District. An AK-56 rifle, rifle with magazines, two .22 mm pistol with magazines and 50 and four live rounds of AK-56 and .22 pistol were recovered from him.

February 13

NIA summoned OSD to CM and two of his office staff for questioning in connection with a case of alleged terror funding. The case pertains to extortion attempts by NSCN-K, NSCN-IM and NNC from 14 different government departments. Earlier on January 18, 2017, the NIA conducted searches in various government departments in Nagaland and seized receipts that showed payments.

NIA stated that these seizures prima facie indicate the connivance of these government organisations in funding various underground organisations operating in Nagaland.' The departments include Directorate of Information Technology, Directorate of Soil and Water Conservation, Directorate of Irrigation, Directorate of Rural Development, Directorate of Urban Development, PWD, Roads and Buildings, and Directorate of Information and Public Relations. In November, massive protests rocked Kohima after seven government officials were reportedly arrested for funding underground groups, called Naga National Political Groups, through taxation.

Spokesperson of MEA stated that it will continue to support the peace process and that national reconciliation in Myanmar will also benefit the north-eastern states. The spokesperson stated that comprehensive peace and national reconciliation in Myanmar will also be conducive for peace and prosperity in India's north-eastern region. The statement came after two militant groups in Myanmar MNSP and LDU signed the NCA and joined the peace process.

February 16

NPP candidate T Chalukumba, who is contesting the February 27 assembly elections, escaped an attempt on his life in Mokokchung District.

Source:Compiled from news reports and are provisional.