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Memorandum of Understanding
with Tripura National Volunteers (TNV), 1988

The following is the text of the "memorandum of settlement" to end insurgency in Tripura:


Government of India have been making efforts to bring about a satisfactory settlement of the problems of tribals in Tripura by restoring peace and harmony in areas where disturbed conditions prevailed.

The Tripura National Volunteers (TNV), through their letter dated 4 May, 1988, addressed to the Governor of Tripura and signed by Shri Bejoy Kumar Hrankhawl, stated that keeping in view the Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi’s policy of solution of problems through negotiations, TNV have decided to abjure violence, give up secessionist demand and to hold negotiations for a peaceful solution of all the problems of Tripura within the Constitution of India. The TNV also furnished its by-laws which conform to the laws in force. On this basis, a series of discussions were held with representatives of TNV.

The following were the outcome of the discussions:

Deposit of Arms and Ammunition and stopping of underground activities by TNV.

The TNV undertakes to take all necessary steps to end underground activities and to bring out all undergrounds of the TNV with their arms, ammunition and equipment within one month of signing of this memorandum. Details for given effect to this part of settlement will be worked out and implemented under the supervision of the Central Government.

The TNV further undertakes to ensure that it does not resort to violence and to help in restoration of amity between different sections of the population.

The TNV undertakes not to extend any support to any other extremist group by way of training, supply of arms or providing protection or in any other manner.

Rehabilitation of undergrounds

Suitable steps will be taken for the resettlement and rehabilitation of TNV undergrounds coming overground in the light of the schemes drawn up for the purpose.

Measures to prevent infiltration

Stringent measures will be taken to prevent infiltration from across the border by strengthening arrangements on the border and construction of roads along vulnerable sections of the Indo-Bangladesh border in Tripura section for better patrolling and vigil. Vigorous action against such infiltrators would also be taken under the law.

Reservation of seats in the

Tripura Legislative Assembly for tribals

With a view to satisfying the aspirations of tribals of Tripura for a greater share in the governance of the State, legislative measures will be taken including those for the enactment of the Bill for the amendment of the Constitution.

The Constitutional amendments shall provide that notwithstanding anything contained in the Constitution, the number of seats in the Legislative Assembly of Tripura reserved for scheduled tribes shall be such number of seats as bears to the total number of seats, a proportion not less than the number, as on the date of coming into force of the constitutional amendment, of members belonging to the scheduled tribes in the existing Assembly bears to the total number of seats in the existing Assembly.

The Representation of the People’s Act, 1950, shall be amended to provide for reservation of 20 seats for the scheduled tribes in the Assembly of Tripura. However, the amendments shall not effect any representation in the existing Assembly of Tripura until its dissolution.

Restoration of alienated lands of tribals

It was agreed that following measures will be taken:

  1. Review of rejected applications for restoration of tribal land under the Tripura Land Revenue and Land Reforms Act, 1960;

  2. Effective implementation of the law for restoration;

  3. Stringent measures to prevent fresh alienation;

  4. Provision of soil conservation measures and irrigation facilities in tribal areas; and

  5. Strengthening of the agricultural credit system so as to provide for an appropriate agency with adequate tribal representation to ensure easy facilities for both consumption and operational credit to tribals.

Redrawing of the boundaries of Autonomous District Council Area

Tribal majority villages which now fall outside the autonomous district council area and are contiguous to such areas will be included in the autonomous district and similarly placed nontribal majority villages presently in the autonomous district and on the periphery may be excluded.

Measures for long-run

Economic development of Tripura

Maximum emphasis will be placed on extensive and intensive skill-formation of the tribal youths of Tripura so as to improve their prospects of employment including self-employment in various trades such as motor workshops, pharmacies, electronic goods, carpentry, tailoring, stationary, weaving, rice and oil mills, general stores, fishery, poultry, piggery, horticulture, handloom and handicrafts.

Special intensive recruitment drives will be organised for police and paramilitary forces in Tripura with a view to enlisting as many tribal youths as possible.

All-India Radio will increase the duration and content of their programmers in tribal languages or dialects of Tripura. Additional transmitting stations will be provided for coverage even of the remote areas of the State.

The demands relating to self-employment of tribals, issue of permits for vehicles to tribals for commercial purposes, visits of tribalmen and women to such places in the country as may be of value for the viewpoint of inspiration, training and experience in relevant fields will be considered sympathetically by the government.

At least 2,500 Jhumia families will be rehabilitated in five centres or more in accordance with model schemes based on agriculture, horticulture including vegetable growing, animal husbandry, fisheries and plantations, with a view to weaning them away from Jhum cultivation. The scheme would also provide for housing assistance.

In the autonomous district council area of Tripura, rice, salt and kerosene oil will be given at subsidised rates during lean months for a period of three years.

Conscious effort will be made for effective implementation of the provisions of the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution in so far as it relates to Tripura.





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