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Report of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India

on Situation in the State of Tripura

Report prepared by Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, on ethnic divide, terrorism and violence in Tripura and ways to contain it. Following is the text of the report.

The situation in Tripura has been a cause of concern for some time. Violent activities of tribal militant groups, including the NLFT and ATTF continued unabated. Kidnappings, in the State, had become a cottage industry with the State accounting for almost 70% of kidnapping incidents in the entire North East. The situation had become more dangerous with the emergence of Bengali militant groups like the United Bengali Liberation Front (UBLF) and Amra Bengali leading to situation of ethnic divide between the communities in Tripura.

Central Government has been closely monitoring the situation in the state. As many as 158 coys of Central Para Military Forces were deployed in the State. Besides, liberal assistance has been provided to the State for Modernisation of Police Forces, reimbursement of security related expenditure, sanction of three Indian Reserve Battalions. The major militant groups, namely the NLFT and the ATTF have been declared as 'Unlawful Association's under the provisions of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967.

A series of meeting were held in the Ministry of Home Affairs to review the situation in the State after which a comprehensive Action Plan was worked out to tackle the situation in the State. There were also a series of high level visits to the State. Home Minister himself visited Tripura on 27/28 March, 2000. This was followed by Home Secretary's visit to Tripura on 7/8 June, 2000.

The efforts put in to contain militancy in Tripura have now started yielding results. Security forces in the State have fought back the militants and other criminal elements in a forceful way in the recent past. There have been many encounters leading to killing/arrest of extremist, recovery of large number of weapons, rescue of kidnapped persons, tracking down of many criminals involved in registered cases etc. 15 NLFT militants have been killed since 10th August, 2000 and a large number of weapons including one AK-47 Rifle, one Stengun, many pistols/revolvers and country made guns have been recovered alongwith ammunition and various other articles, Indian and Bangladesh currency, documents, etc. Recently on 4 consecutive days from 16.09.2000 to 19.09.2000, there were successful encounters in different districts of Tripura.

The efforts of security forces have resulted in reduction in the number of incidents by extremists, drastic reduction in kidnapping, controlling of ethnic situation and generally a peaceful atmosphere. A comparison between the situation in May 2000 and September 2000 is shown in the chart below:

S.No. Incidents
May 2000
September 2000
Number of incidents
Militants killed

Since January this year, security forces have recovered 15 service weapons - 9 since August, 2000. 21 kidnapped persons have been recovered and 90 hardcore extremists and 637 overground workers arrested since January this year.

Necessary arrangements have been made to ensure that Puja festival passes off peacefully. Security forces have appealed to all sections of the society to extend a helping hand and have warned the militants and other criminals not to destroy the peaceful atmosphere.

23 policemen, including 6 CRPF personnel, have recently been awarded the DG's Commendation Disc. Some of them will also be recommended for President's Police Medal for Gallantry.





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