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Code of Conduct

Minister and Government chief negotiator Narayan Singh Pun and the Maoist insurgents parallel government head Baburam Bhattarai signed a 22—point code of conduct on March 12, 2003. The code came into force immediately and will govern the conduct of the proposed peace talks. Already the two sides have announced a cease-fire on January 29. Pun later said the code would be fully implemented within three weeks. 3. Both parties have agreed to stop hostilities and to release all prisoners in its respective custody. Also, a monitoring committee would be formed to oversee the implementation of the code.

Presented below is the unofficial English text of the code of conduct.

Code of Conduct Approved and to be implemented by both sides during the Cease-fire.

While recognizing the need for the creation of an atmosphere for talks for a peaceful resolution of the conflict and committed to the announced cease-fire, the State (His Majesty’s Government) and Rebel (Nepal Communist Party, Maoist) have agreed to the following points during the cease-fire:

1. Both parties should be committed and effortful to find a peaceful solution through dialogue.

2. Both sides are committed and effortful to find mutual agreement on matters of national importance.

3. Both parties will stop violent activities and will not deploy security forces that could ignite fear amongst general public.

4. Both parties will refrain from aggressive activities around high security areas.

5. Both sides will gradually release prisoners.

6. Both sides will work for the interest of the general public peacefully and without hindrance.

7. Ideas of both sides to get fair and impartial treatment in the state media.

8. Both sides to refrain from publishing comments that could mar the talks and peace process. Both sides to be civil while making comments.

9. Both sides to refrain from forcibly taking money or goods as donations.

10. Both sides to organize peaceful meetings to protests; there will be no strikes, bandhs or transport strikes during the cease-fire.

11. Both sides to refrain from searches, arrests and kidnappings.

12. Both sides to help each other in maintaining peace during the cease-fire.

13. No obstacles to be created in the transportation of food, medicine and essential goods.

14. Both sides will not obstruct the free movement of people.

15. No obstructions to be placed by both sides while exercising fundamental [rights].

16. Both sides to allow movement of negotiators without impediment.

17. Both sides will help in the return home of displaced persons and their assimilation.

18. A monitoring team will be formed with an understanding of both.

19. Changes to the code of conduct can be made with mutual understanding.

20. Both sides will amicably settle differences in the interpretation of the code.

21. The code of conduct can be terminated through mutual understanding.

22. This code of conduct will come into effect immediately and should be fully implemented within 3 weeks from the date of signature.


Date: 29 Falgun 2059


Dr. Baburam Bhattarai
Convener, Negotiating Team
Rebel (Nepal Communist Party, Maoist)

Col. Narayan Singh Pun
Convener, Negotiating Team
State (His Majesty’s Government)

Source: br/dr/km/rk





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