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The seven-point agreement between the UCPN (Maoist) and UML

The Communist Party of Nepal-Unified Marxist Leninist (CPN-UML) on February 3, 2011 signed an agreement with the Unified Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist (UCPN-M) to get its support in the prime ministerial election and to end the seven month-old deadlock. Presented below is the full text of the seven-point agreement:

1. By protecting national independence, integrity and sovereignty, we agree to move forward by ending all forms of feudalism, build an independent economy through socio-economic transformation, strengthen inclusive democracy and develop a pro-people political order. On this basis, we have agreed to go forward along with all the leftist, patriotic and democratic forces.

2. Both the parties agree on drafting the new constitution that ensures national independence, ending all forms of feudalism and strengthening people's inclusive democracy besides institutionalising a republican set-up and turning Nepal into a federal system by restructuring the state.

3. To take the peace process to its logical conclusion, voluntary retirement, rehabilitation and integration will be implemented. On integrating Maoist combatants into security forces, we have agreed to form either a separate force of Maoist combatants or a combined force of Maoist combatants and other security forces, giving continuity to the ongoing work on the peace process.

4. Both the parties agree to form a joint government. A high-level mechanism will be created to help in the functioning of the government. It will be led by the chairman/president of the party on a rotational basis. In this context, a new government will be formed by as many parties as possible. The sharing of important ministries, including home and defence, will be done in an appropriate and respectable manner. The top leaders of the two parties will take responsibility for the mechanism.

5. The Minimum Common Program of the new government will be implemented by creating a code of conduct.

6. By leading future governments on a rotational basis based on mutual agreement, the long-term partnership and journey between the two parties will be carried forward.

7. It has been agreed that the UCPN (Maoist) will support the UML candidate in the prime ministerial election.


Chairman, UCPN (Maoist)

Jhala Nath Khanal

Chairman, CPN (UML)

Source: Nepal News





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