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FATA Timeline - 2015

January 3

The polio worker's house was set ablaze by militants in Khattakmela area of Kurram Agency. Official sources said that unidentified militants burned down the house of polio worker Muhammad Wazir, who performs duties as a polio worker.

January 4

At least 31 militants have been killed and scores of others injured as jet fighters targeted militants hideouts in Koki Khel area of Tirah Valley in Khyber Agency of FATA. According to an ISPR statement, "Four terrorist hideouts and a suicide bomber training centre were destroyed. 31 terrorists including some suicide bombers were killed".

A US drone strike at Wacha Basti village near Alwara Mandi in Dattakhel of NWA killed eight militants and injured two others. Sources said that the drone targeted a compound belonging to an Uzbek 'commander' of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan's Hafiz Gul Bahadur group.

A bomb targeting Shias at a volleyball match killed at least four persons and injured eight at the Hussaini ground in the Kalaya area of Orakzai Agency. The Hussaini ground is owned by the local Shia community.

January 5

A polio worker, identified as Sanab Gul, was injured in a remote-controlled IED blast in Chamarkand area of Safi tehsil in Mohmand Agency of FATA.

A BDS was injured while defusing a bomb in Soran area of Bezai tehsil in Mohmand Agency.

SFs launched a search operation in Shah Kas area of Khyber Agency after receiving reports regarding the presence of elements involved in terror activities. Local administration and SFs cordoned off the area and imposed a curfew during the operation.

January 6

Three bullet riddled bodies were found at a graveyard in Qandhari area of Safi tehsil in Mohmand Agency of FATA. The political administration shifted the bodies, which were yet to be identified, to Ghalanai Headquarters.

Two TI members were killed during a clash between LI and TI in Tirah valley area of Khyber Agency.

SFs razed the houses of suspected militants and their supporters in Damadaola area of Bajaur Agency. Sources say that during the pre-dawn operation was initiated by SFs after imposing a limited curfew in Damadola area. The sources further said that the miscreants who once had sheltered or been supporting local and al Qaeda-led militants are being targeted and added that the search operation was still underway.

January 7

Twelve militants were killed in shelling by gunship helicopters of the Army while four terrorist hideouts were also destroyed in Mama Ziarat and Khadarkhel areas of Datta Khel tehsil in NWA in FATA. Seven vehicles of militants were also destroyed in the action.

January 8

Four SF personnel were killed and two others injured in an IED explosion apparently targeting the vehicle of SFs in Lower Kurram Agency of FATA. According to security officials, three FC personnel and one Levies Force personal lost their lives in the blast. The vehicle of the SFs struck the IED planted alongside a road in Shabak area of Lower Kurram Agency.

January 9

At least seven LI militants were killed and several others injured in explosions at a terrorist centre in the Sipah area of Khyber Agency in FATA. According to sources, a landmine detonated inside the militant camp in Sipah area, killing four suspected terrorists. As the insurgents were trying to move the bodies, security forces fired mortar shells at the building, killing another three militants.

Six militants were killed in an exchange of fire with SFs in Dattakhel tehsil of NWA. Official sources said that the clash took place in Dattakhel where militants offered resistance during operation of the security forces. In cross-firing, which continued for more than an hour, six extremists were killed while others fled away.

Four soldiers were killed and two others sustained injuries in a roadside blast when the soldiers were on a routine patrol in the Bashak area Orakzai Agency.

One soldier was killed and five others injured in a rocket attack on a mosque of military centre in Kalaya area of Orakzai Agency. The militants fired two rockets at mosque in the Military Headquarters when Friday prayer was underway. Rockets were fired from mountains of Akkakhel side. The slain Orakzai Scouts soldier was identified as Munawar Shah and those injured as Naib Subedars Mehmood Khan, Azizur Rehman, Hawaldar Zawan Shah, sepoys Kashif Ahmed and Farmanullah sustained wounds.

January 13

Two security personnel were killed and three others injured when the SFs vehicle hit a roadside land mine near the Nawab Shaheed check-post in Kurram Agency of FATA.

January 15

At least seven militants were killed while four others were injured in a US drone strike near the Pak-Afghan border in Wacha Dara area of Ladha tehsil in South Waziristan Agency of FATA. Two of the dead militants are reported to be of Uzbek origin. Intelligence sources say that the US drone fired two missiles on a compound in Wacha Dara area located near the Pak-Afghan border between Makeen and Shawal.

January 16

DG ISPR Major General Asim Saleem Bajwa while addressing a think-tank of the Royal United Services Institute (USI) in UK said that Security Forces have killed 2,000 militants in North Waziristan Agency of FATA in the ongoing Operation Zarb-e-Azb. He also said that 200 soldiers had been killed during the operation, and 800 others had sustained injuries. He reiterated the army's resolve to ensure writ of the state in Bajaur and North Waziristan Agencies at all costs by wiping out militants. The DG ISPR said that effective military operations are under way to purge the areas of terrorists.

January 19

At least seven militants and three soldiers were killed during a clash in Banda area of Salarzai town in Bajaur Agency of FATA. Security sources said heavy exchange of fire took place during an operation to clear suspected militants from the mountainous Banda area along the Afghan border.

The TTP 'spokesperson' Muhammad Khorasani claimed responsibility for attack. Khorasani said the TTP fighters "killed six soldiers including a captain," adding, "We lost only one fighter." "The fighting continued since morning until afternoon." he added.

At least five militants were killed when a US drone fired two missiles at a compound in Shahi Khel neighbourhood of Shawal in North Waziristan Agency.

January 21

Unidentified militants shot dead an official of the Levies Force, Khaliq Jan, in Mamond tehsil of Bajaur Agency in FATA. Sources said that Khaliq Jan was on his way home in Sarki Joharh when unidentified militants opened fire on him, leaving him dead on the spot. The assailants managed to escape from the scene.

Operation Commander Hangu and Orakzai Agency Brigadier Muhammad Jilani said that the SFs had cleared 50 percent area of Orakzai Agency from militants. Brigadier Muhammad Jilani said the return process of the IDPs to their native areas would be started once the area was cleared of militants.

The Minister for State and Frontier Regions Lieutenant General (retired) Abdul Qadir Baloch said a strategy was being formulated by the Government to create job opportunities for IDPs in North and South Waziristan agencies because until a few years ago most people there knew only about weapons' manufacturing and related business activities.

The JI Amir Sirajul Haq has demanded of the Government to declare the FATA as a separate province so that its people could get their due rights. The JI chief said that nearly 10 million tribal Pakhtuns had still been living without basic facilities. He demanded of the Government to declare FATA as a separate province and Peshawar as a brave city, and elevate the status of Army Public School, Peshawar, to the university level.

January 23

Kidnappers freed four people in Zarmilan area of South Waziristan Agency in FATA who were abducted along with 10 others from Killa Saifullah District of Balochistan on January 4. The captors had killed an official of the Pakistan Air Force who was among the kidnapped and had freed two hostages. Three people were still in the kidnappers' custody.

January 25

At least 35 suspected militants, an unspecified number of foreigners among them, were killed when military planes shelled their hideouts in North Waziristan Agency. According to the ISPR, the air strikes were conducted in Dattakhel tehsil. Officials said that over 1,200 suspected militants had been killed since the Army launched Operation Zarb-i-Azb in North Waziristan in June 2014. The administration had lifted curfew from the area after 20 days on January 23.

January 26

Eight suspected militants, including key commanders of various outfits, were killed and several others sustained injuries when jet fighters of PAF blitzed their positions in various areas including Speen Drand, Tor Darra, Tarkhu Kas in Kukikhel, Nakai and other areas in Tirah Valley of Khyber Agency in FATA. Several hideouts of militants were also destroyed in the operation.

January 27

At least 53 militants, including 12 foreigners, were killed when jet fighters of PAF conducted aerial strike on militants' hideout in Kharh Tangi area of Dattakhel tehsil in North Waziristan Agency of FATA. Six hideouts, an ammunition dump and seven explosives-laden vehicles were destroyed," said an ISPR statement. Most of the foreigners killed were Uzbeks, military sources said.

In another strike in the same area later, 23 militants were killed, the ISPR claimed. Since the area is off-limits to journalists, it is difficult to independently verify the number and identity of the dead. The jets continued shelling for about one hour, inflicting heavy losses on the militants, sources said.

16 militants were killed and 12 others injured when PAF planes pounded their hideouts in Therkho Kas, Wacha Wana, Sra Vella and Nakai areas of Tirah valley in Khyber Agency. The officials claimed that those killed belonged to the outlawed TTP and LI. Six militant hideouts were destroyed in the strikes.

KP Governor Sardar Mahtab Ahmad Khan said the repatriation of the people displaced from Bara of Khyber Agency would begin after February 15 as most parts of the tehsil had been cleared from militants. He also said PKR 850 million had been released for the restoration of electric supply and rehabilitation of schools, health units, roads and streets in Shalobar area ahead of the return of local displaced tribesmen.

Earlier, the IDPs of Khyber Agency on January 26 staged a sit-in outside the Governor's House on Sher Shah Soori Road in Peshawar to demand end to military operation in their area, a comprehensive financial package, early repatriation, and the opening of Bara Bazaar. They warned they won't return to their homes until security was provided to them, their destroyed houses were rebuilt, and local schools, hospitals, Government offices and Bara Bazaar were reopened.

January 28

At least seven militants were killed and one other was injured in a US drone strike in the Shawal area of North Waziristan Agency in FATA. Intelligence sources said the US drone fired two missiles on a compound and a vehicle on the border of North and South Waziristan Agency in Shawal valley. The identity of the militants is yet to be ascertained.

February 2 At least three peace volunteers were killed while two others were injured in a bomb blast in Nari Baba area of Tirah Valley in Khyber Agency of FATA. Official sources say that the blast occurred in one of the pickets of the Tauheedul Islam Peace Committee members. The sources say that the casualties occurred in what is believed to have been a remote-controlled blast.
February 3

At least four soldiers were killed in an explosion targeting a convoy of Security Forces in Warmagai area of Kurram Agency in FATA. Following the blast, SF and militants also clashed in Warmagai area, killing two TTP militants, including one key 'commander', Gul, and his accomplice.

Five TI activists were killed in an IED in Naray Baba area of Tirah Valley in Khyber Agency. LI claimed responsibility for the attack.

February 4 At least 25 militants were killed in air strikes in the Sanzila area of South Waziristan Agency in FATA as part of a major offensive against the TTP and other insurgents. "In precise aerial strikes, 25 terrorists were killed and seven hideouts were destroyed", the ISPR said in a statement.
February 7

At least seven militants were killed in a clash with SFs in Mohmand Agency in the FATA. According to a statement by the ISPR, seven militants were killed by SFs in a clash that erupted after the militants were intercepted by the forces. The bodies were handed over to the administration for further investigation.

Six unidentified bodies were recovered from Yaka Ghund area in Mohmand Agency. According to tribal sources, the bodies were found in the Umar Banda area. Officials believe that the bodies might be of militants killed in clashes with SFs.

February 8

Three members of the pro-government peace committee, TI, were killed and five others sustained injuries in an explosion in Nari Baba area of Tirah Valley in Khyber Agency of FATA. The LI militants had planted an explosive device in one of the abandoned houses and the explosion occurred in one of the rooms. The LI claimed responsibility for the blast.

Unidentified militants blew up Government Girls Middle School in Bezot area of Orakzai Agency. "Two rooms and verandah of the school were destroyed and the boundary wall was damaged in the explosion which took place at 6am," an official of the political administration said. Agency Education Officer Habibullah confirmed that the primary section of the school was destroyed by two remote-controlled blasts. Habibullah added that 141 schools had been destroyed in Orakzai Agency out of which 38 schools had been reconstructed while 106 needed reconstruction on emergency basis.

February 9

At least 13 suspected militants were killed and their seven hideouts destroyed when the PAF fighter jets pounded Tor Darra, Sur Kas, Wachy Wanay, Dua Toey, Sra Khawra and Sra Wela areas of Tirah Valley in Khyber Agency of FATA.

Four peace body members sustained injuries in a roadside blast in Shandara area of Baizai subdivision in Mohmand Agency. The sources said that militants had planted an IED at a roadside in Shandara area and triggered the explosion when the pro-government peace committee members were patrolling the area. "The militant triggered the explosion when a local peace body head Malik Sanobar Essakhel along with his brother and two volunteers were patrolling the area," official sources said.

February 10

A government-run community health centre was blown up in the Shal Kor area of Yakaghund tehsil in Mohmand Agency of FATA. Agency Surgeon Dr Niaz Afridi confirmed the incident and said that total 17 health centres had been blown up by militants in Mohmand tribal region.

February 11

The Government extended the purview of the recently amended Pakistan Army Act to the FATA for the setting up of military courts there. President Mamnoon Hussain approved a summary permitting the Government to establish military courts in FATA. An official statement issued by the Presidency said: "On a summary initiated by States and Frontier Regions Division, the president has approved the prime minister's advice for extension of Pakistan Army (Amendment) Act, 2015 (Act No-II of 2015) to FATA in terms of Article 247 of the Constitution of Pakistan."

February 12

Seven suspected militants were killed and 15 others were injured in PAF air strikes on militant hideouts in Dwa Thoe, Sarrai, Sheikh Kot, Tor Darra, Nangrosa and Speen Drand areas of Tirah valley in Khyber Agency of FATA.

February 14

15 militants were killed and a soldier sustained injuries in a clash near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border in the Kurram Agency of FATA. Afghan militants equipped with heavy weapons intruded into Pakistani territory close to the Pakistan-Afghanistan border and stormed the security post near the border in Kurram Agency. A soldier, whose identity could not be ascertained, sustained injuries in the attack, while 15 militants were killed in the retaliatory fire.

February 15

A woman was killed and 14 others, including children, were injured in a blast in Gula Jan area of Pir Qayyum village in Kurram Agency of FATA. Official sources said that the blast occurred when a toy-like bomb exploded in the house.

Unidentified militants opened fire at a vehicle carrying a team of polio workers in Lowi Shalman area of Landi Kotal tehsil Khyber Agency, killing the driver and leaving one polio volunteer injured. According to security officials, the polio workers were being driven to a session in the morning when they came under attack. Subsequently, the driver of the vehicle Ziarat Gul was killed and a polio worker was injured.

SFs have started preparations to launch a crackdown against militants in Akakhel and Qalanaga areas of Bara tehsil. The administration has ordered locals to vacate the area by 6 pm today (February 16). Action will be taken against those violating the orders.

The Minister for SAFRON and Frontier Regions Lieutenant-General (retired) Abdul Qadir Baloch said that the Government believes that the operation Zarb-e-Azb operation will be completed by the end of the year and after that a 'mini-Marshall plan' will be launched for socio-economic progress of the people of the FATA. "The era of the Taliban or terrorists will end in Fata and there will be complete peace in the entire tribal areas by the end of this year," Abdul Qadir Baloch said. Baloch said he could say this only about cleansing FATA of terrorists and not about other parts of the country.

February 20

At least five militants and an Army Officer were killed and a soldier was injured when fighting erupted during a cordon-and-search operation in Dattakhel area in North Waziristan Agency of FATA. According to a statement by the ISPR two of the dead militants were foreigners.

Three militants were killed in a clash with Security Forces in Patala area of Kurram Agency.

February 22

Two Khassadar personnel were injured when a bomb went off near a checkpost in the Jamrud tehsil of the Khyber Agency in FATA. Those injured were identified Shoaib and Abrar.

February 23

Federal Defence Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif said that operation Zarb- Azb was launched to flush out terrorists and maintain peace in the country. "Foreign elements are involved in spreading terrorism. Temperature on eastern border and working boundary had been increased with pre-plan mission. "We are raising voice at international forum about incidents of terrorism and involvement of a neighboring country in such activities", Khawaja Muhammad Asif said. Pakistan is fully capable to eliminate the menace of terrorism from this area, he added. "We cannot rule out India's involvement or support to Taliban who are spreading terrorism and disturbing peace of Pakistan", he added further.

February 24

The Commandant of the Khyber Rifles, Colonel Tariq Hafeez, said that Khyber-2 operation against TTP and other terrorist groups hiding in different parts of the Tirah valley of Khyber Agency in FATA would begin next month. Colonel Tariq Hafeez pledged that SFs would now reclaim all areas at present under the control of several outlawed militant groups in Khyber Agency and FATA. "We will not spare anyone and will go after them no matter where they are hiding and will smash their operational structure to reduce their striking capability," he said.

Col Hafeez said that with the arrest of 25 hardcore terrorists, SFs had achieved much of the objectives of the Khyber-1 operation. He said that SFs were now determined to annihilate all anti-state elements operating on Pakistan's soil. Referring to escape of some leaders of Bara-based outlawed groups to Afghanistan, he said that those who were not sincere to their own motherland could not be sincere to anyone.

February 26

A jirga of Sipah tribe of Bara tehsil in Khyber Agency of FATA handed over 15 wanted tribesmen to political administration under the policy of the Government to clear the area of militants and restore lasting peace there. A similar number of wanted men out of the total 102 had surrendered to the administration few days ago. So far, 30 wanted men have surrendered to the administration. The Khasadar Force took the surrendered men into their custody and shifted them to an unspecified location for interrogation. The jirga was held at Khyber House.

Some participants of the jirga said that almost all the 15 persons, who offered voluntary arrest, were innocent and had no association with either LI or any other militant group. They said that the administration assured them of 'fair treatment' of the arrested suspects during the interrogation and said that they would be set free if charges against them were not proved.

March 2

The FATA FDMA decided to tentatively send back families of the IDPs from 29 villages of NWA and Bara tehsil of Khyber Agency by the end of this month. However, officials associated with the repatriation program are still skeptical about the dates announced. Moreover, the UN, one of the main stakeholders, has not yet been given permission by the UN Department of Safety and Security and has sought more time to seek a NoC from its headquarters in New York, as North Waziristan remains a "no-go area" for its staff.

The FDMA DG briefed officials about the situation in North Waziristan and March 31, 2015, was decided as a tentative date to send back people from 29 villages of Mir Ali subdivision of the Agency. Around 12,000 to 13,000 registered families from these villages will be sent back in Phase 1 of the repatriation process from an embarkation point set up at Mirzail check post in FR Bannu.

An unnamed senior official said, "The task seems to be a tough one, based mostly on wishes and prayers," said the official, adding there will be difficulties during the process, mostly security-related. "There is a plan, but the situation is not entirely feasible for its implementation." According to the official, the FDMA will provide transport grants of PKR 10,000 to each family through mobile SIMs as well as repatriation cash grant of PKR 25,000 through ATM cards. Moreover, UNICEF will hand out hygiene kits among the returning families and the World Food Program will provide six months of ration. However, what remains a major concern for the returning families is the destroyed infrastructure.

March 3

Pakistan's military leadership reviewed prevalent internal and external security situation of the country including progress of ongoing operation Zarb-e-Azb at the 180th Corps Commanders' Conference, held at General Headquarters in Rawalpindi and chaired by CoAS General Raheel Sharif. The meeting dwelt at length on various professional matters. The participants also under took a comprehensive review of operational preparedness besides prevalent internal and external security situation of the country including progress of ongoing operation Zarb-e- Azb.

March 8

The FDMA began registering about 3,000 displaced families to be sent back to parts of South Waziristan Agency. The authority's coordinator, Omar Mehsud, said the return journeys of the families would begin on March 16 after completion of the registration process. A facilitation desk has been set up in the office of the political agent in Tank where those wishing to return are being registered. He said the registration process would continue for three days and families hailing from Sarwakai and Sararogha tehsils, adjacent to Frontier Region Tank, would be sent back to their homes.

The authority in collaboration with political administration has identified six villages in Sarwakai and 10 villages in Sararogha where these 3,000 families of Mehsud tribe would be rehabilitated. Around 70,000 families of Mehsud tribe were forced to leave their homes when Security Forces launched Operation Rah-e-Nijat against the TTP in June, 2009. However, a large part of the region dominated by the Mehsud tribe is still considered as a conflict zone, which is delaying the return of IDPs to those areas. Displaced families have been residing in Dera Ismail Khan and Tank Districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but a large number of them have also moved to Karachi and Hyderabad.

March 12

The COAS, General Raheel Sharif, said fleeing terrorists will be chased and eliminated as there was no place for them to hide now. The Army Chief reaffirmed the commitment to eliminate all terrorists and rid Pakistan of all types of terrorism. The COAS, who along with Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt, visited the North Waziristan Agency in FATA and said that the ongoing Operation Zarb-e-Azb would not stop till the job was finished.

They reviewed the progress of the Operation Zarb-e-Azb and future operational plans besides meeting troops, Director General ISPR Major General Asim Saleem Bajwa tweeted on the social media. During the briefing, they were informed that a new level of unity had been achieved during the Operation Zarb-e-Azb while efficacy of air power with ground operations was appreciated. Terrorists are being chased and hit and there was no place for them to hide, they were told. The COAS directed all the commanders and civil agencies to prepare a plan for dignified return of IDPs. The return will commence on March 17 from the SWA and on March 31 from the NWA.

The LI led by Mangal Bagh has merged itself into the TTP under a reorganization planned by militants. According to a statement issued by JuA 'spokesman' Ehsanullah Ehsan, the reorganized TTP would consist of members of his group, LI and the remaining of the TTP. The head of the new set-up was yet to be named, he added. The TTP disintegrated last year after a group led by Omar Khalid Khurasani based in Mohmand Agency revolted against Mullah Fazlullah and formed his own faction with the name of JuA.

Ehsanullah Ehsan congratulated what he called "Mujahideen of Pakistan" on the unification of militant groups. He said the decision was taken at a meeting attended by Mullah Fazlullah, Omar Khalid Khurasani and Mangal Bagh. Ehsan said an organising committee had been formed to constitute a central supreme Shura and an organising body. Militants announced the unification at a time when SFs are making significant gains against them in military operations in North Waziristan and Khyber Agency which were once considered their strong bastions.

March 13

At least 48 TTP and LI militants were killed and several others sustained injuries when PAF fighter aircraft targeted their hideouts in Kukikhel area of Tirah Valley in Khyber Agency of FATA. The sources said that Khajuri, Akakhel, Shalobar, Malikdinkhel, Kamarkhel, Qambarkhel and Sepah areas in Bara tehsil of Khyber Agency had been cleared of militants.

March 14

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Abbasi unveiled a programme for the return of IDPs of three tribal agencies. The programme will be implemented from March 16. Governor Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Abbasi said in the first phase 40,500 families would go back to SWA, Khyber Agency and NWA. The Government would pay Rs 25,000 in cash and Rs 10,000 as transportation cost to each household. He said payment of cash grant to over 300,000 displaced families and compensation for damaged houses required PKR 80 billion, adding that some foreign donors had shown willingness to contribute in this regard.

Sardar Mehtab termed the dislocation of a large number of people from FATA "a great human tragedy." According to the breakdown, 2,500 families will return to Sarwakai and Sararogha tehsils of SWA, 20,000 to Bara tehsil of Khyber Agency and 18,000 to Mir Ali tehsil of NWA. Repatriation to SWA will start on March 16, to Khyber on March 20 and to NWA on March 31. Villages and tehsils, where displaced families would return, have been identified. The Governor said 29 such villages in Mir Ali and Akakhel tribe- dominated area in Bara tehsil had been identified for the return process.

The NADRA has verified 310,729 IDP families from FATA. After the launch of the Operation Zarb-e-Azb, 101,788 families had left NWA and 86,107 had shifted from Khyber Agency in 2014. As many as 66,978 families had moved from SWA in 2009 and since then they are waiting for return to their homes. In reply to a question, the Governor said around 125,000 people of NWA had taken refuge in Afghanistan but most of them had returned to Pakistan via Kurram Agency. The authorities are facilitating tribal people coming back from Afghanistan.

March 15

Thirteen dead bodies of tribesmen were found in the deserted mountains of the Shaktai area of South Waziristan Agency in FATA. Sources said that the bodies were found by local people in the past couple of days. Malak Saeed Anwar Mahsud told Dawn by phone from Shaktai that the deceased hailed from Mandaw village and belonged to Abdalai and Jalalkhel clans of the Mahsud tribe. 17 tribesmen of Mandaw village had been missing after a search operation conducted by SFs from February 12-15 in the Shaktai area. Four of them were still missing.

March 16

The Pakistan Army said that the writ of the Government has been established in Bara area of Khyber Agency in FATA and announced a successful conclusion of the Operation Khyber-I. Brigadier Zahid Khan, in-charge of the military operation in Bara, in a media briefing at the Bara Training Centre announced a successful end of the operation. He said that during the third phase of Operation Khyber-I, areas of Akakhel Jhansi, Dojangi and Gandawa have been cleared of militants. He said that over 100 militants were killed during the operation, while around 450 terrorists have been arrested for their involvement in anti-state activities.

The process of return of the IDPs of SWA started with giving a send-off to 200 families on the first day at Kor Qilla area of Tank District in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The political administration and Army had made foolproof security arrangements on the occasion where media was briefed with regard to issues pertaining repatriation and rehabilitation of the displaced populace of SWA. Besides the Army, the political administration in collaboration with the FDMA is facilitating the TDPs on their return.

March 18

At least 44 militants were killed and several others sustained injuries when PAF fighter aircraft pounded their hideouts in Kukikhel, Kamarkhel and Sepah areas of Tirah Valley in Khyber Agency of FATA.  Official sources said that fighter aircraft targeted the hideouts of TTP and LI militants.

A spokesman for the LI, Salahuddin Ayubi, admitted that there was a heavy bombardment by the air force in Tirah Valley. However, he maintained that the LI had taken protective measures and none of its fighters was harmed in the air strikes. He also claimed that the LI and its new allies from the TTP and Jamaatul Ahrar had sent their men to Peshawar, Lahore, Karachi and other cities to carry out suicide bombings and other attacks to avenge the ongoing military operations in Khyber Agency and North Waziristan Agency.

An anti-polio worker was killed and another sustained injuries when gunmen opened fire on them in Kamangara area of Nawagai tehsil in Bajaur Agency. The source said that a worker identified as Roohullah was killed while Arifullah sustained injuries. The TTP claimed responsibility for the attack.

March 19

Twenty militants were killed and five others sustained injuries when the Army helicopters targeted their hideouts in Sandapal, Takhtakai and Nari Baba areas of Tirah Valley in Khyber Agency of FATA. The sources said gunship helicopters targeted the hideouts of the TTP and LI. The sources said SFs continued advancement to the Upper Tirah Valley and occupied the main Markaz of the militants in Shalobar and Zakhakhel areas. The sources added that SFs had also taken the control of Kamarkhel and Kukikhel areas.

March 20

Four militants were killed while several others were injured in aerial operation by SFs in Singar post near Tirah valley area of Khyber Agency in FATA.

An official of the paramilitary forces was killed and 10 others sustained injuries in a remote controlled bomb blast in the Mangrosa area of Tirah Valley in Khyber Agency. The sources said that the incident took place after suspected militants opened fire n a convoy of SFs heading towards the mountainous sanctuaries of militants. The SFs entered a house after firing wherein the already planted explosives went off.  

The SFs and political administration demolished eight houses of militants and tribes people in Nawagai tehsil of Bajaur Agency. The sources said the action was taken under collective responsibility section of the FCR.

The repatriation of TDPs from Bara tehsil has started on March 20 as 56 families returned to their homes in the Akkakhel area of Khyber Agency. The decision of returning of Bara’s displaced population has been taken after better law and order situation in the area in the wake of ongoing military operation Khyber-I in the Agency, said Khyber Agency Political Agent Shahab Ali Shah. Shah said that about 86,000 affected families will be repatriated to their native lands after Khyber-I military operation in Khyber Agency.

March 21

As many as 80 militants have been killed and 100 others injured in on-going Khyber Operation, said DG, ISPR, Major General Asim Bajwa. He said terrorists are being rooted out as the army continues its campaign “Operation Khyber-2” in Khyber Agency in FATA. ISPR DG Bajwa said seven security officials also lost their lives during the operation in which the forces are marching towards the areas located near Afghan border. The Major General expressed the army’s resolve to continue the operation until the terrorism is wiped out.

March 22

Twenty-four militants were killed and five others sustained injuries when Pakistan Air Force fighter aircraft pounded the TTP and LI hideouts in Dars Jumaat, Sandana, Takhtakai and Khyber Sangar in Tirah Valley area of Khyber Agency in FATA. The sources said that five hideouts of the militants were destroyed in the bombardment.

Three persons of a family, including a minor, were killed when a mortar shell fell on a house in Malikdinkhel area of Tirah valley in Khyber Agency. Sources said that the SFs and militants were exchanging heavy fire in Tirah valley when a mortar shell fell on the house of Inzar Gul in Malikdinkhel area. Three persons, including Inzar Gul’s father, mother and his daughter, were killed on the spot.

The COAS, General Raheel Sharif, reiterated that military operations would continue at all costs to clear all the urban centres and rural areas of terrorists so as to ensure peace and prosperity in the country. The Army chief expressed this resolve during his visit to the corps headquarters where he was briefed on security in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa/FATA, Operation Zarb-e-Azb and the ongoing military operation in the Khyber Agency, which is making a steady progress, said Director General ISPR Major General Asim Saleem Bajwa in his tweet. General Raheel said the ongoing military operations will continue to their logical conclusion and the terrorists squeezed in isolated pockets would be targeted with precision. 

March 23

Eleven militants were killed as SFs claimed more gains in Tirah Valley areas of Khyber Agency in FATA. Officials claimed that SFs took complete control of the Mazatal area and advanced into Toor Dara, Sandana and Khyber Sungar as fighting between militants and SFs continued. Sources said that military planes and helicopter gunships pounded suspected positions in the areas.

The Army took control of the Mastol Pass that links the Khyber Agency to Afghanistan and has been used by terrorists for movement to Afghanistan. The Director General ISPR, Major General Asim Saleem Bajwa, said that the Mastol Pass had been seized by the Pakistani forces and now our forces were tightening the noose against the terrorists. He said that significant effects were achieved by the air strikes on Sunday night targeting the terrorists in an area close to the Afghan border.

March 24

At least 15 militants were killed and several others sustained injuries when PAF fighter aircraft bombed the sanctuaries of the TTP and LI militants in Wacha Wona, Surkas, Seekhkot and other areas in Tirah Valley of Khyber Agency in FATA. Sources said that five foreigners, including Uzbeks and Tajiks, were among the 15 militants who were killed in the air strikes. The sources claimed several militants were injured and five of their hideouts were destroyed in the attacks.

The FATA Secretariat began providing compensation to the people whose houses have been in use by the SFs for last several years. About 88 people of Khar tehsil in Bajaur Agency, whose houses have been occupied by SFs since 2010, received cheques of over PKR 6.3 million. Bajaur Assistant Political Agent Sohil Ahmed Khan distributed cheques among the house owners. Speaking on the occasion, he said that the administration was aware about the problems of the militancy affected people and was committed to providing financial support to them.

Some 203 IDPs returned in a convoy to their homes in Lower Madijan and Shin Warsak areas of South Waziristan Agency. According to the political administration, at least 1,300 families have so far resettled into their homes in Sarakai tehsil since a new phase of repatriation began on March 16, 2015.

A Division Bench of the Peshawar High Court, comprising Chief Justice Mazhar Alam Miankhel and Justice Abdul Latif Khan, disposed of cases of the eight missing persons, who were shifted to various internment centres located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA, as they were declared to be hardcore militants. The decision was taken after receiving the reports about their alleged involvement in terror activities. During hearing of 13 missing person's cases, Additional Advocate General Waqar Ahmad Khan submitted the oversight board's reports about the eight missing persons. The law officer informed the bench that as per the reports, eight internees had been declared black or hardcore militants as they were found involved in the terrorist activities.

March 25

At least 30 militants were killed and several others sustained injuries when PAF fighter aircraft and helicopters pounded the bunkers of the TTP and LI militants in Kukikhel, Sepah, Kamarkhel and Shalobar areas in Tirah Valley of Khyber Agency in FATA. "Many hideouts of the militants and two arms depots also came under bombardment," said the ISPR. According to some reports, the LI 'spokesman', Salahuddin Ayubi, was also killed in the air strikes.

16 militants were killed in military action after a soldier was killed in a roadside blast in the Shabak area of Kurram Agency. The sources said that the soldier, identified as Bilal Mohmand, was killed when a vehicle of SFs was targeted with an IED in Shabak area. SFs cordoned off the area after the incident and launched a massive search operation along the border with Afghanistan. 16 militants were killed in the artillery shelling on the hideouts of militants in the area.

March 27

A jirga of tribal elders expressed reservations over the draft of an agreement provided to them by the political administration in NWA of FATA, proposing several restrictions as well as responsibilities for them for maintaining peace in the once militants-dominated tribal Agency. The administration is seeking an undertaking from local tribes to ensure peace in the area. Sources said that the elders were told in categorical terms that return to their respective areas was condition to signing of the deal and furnishing the undertakings by them. The eight-page draft agreement handed over to all the tribes in NWA describes the roles of the Government and the people to put brake on resurgent of militancy in the region.

March 28

At least fifteen suspected militants were killed and four soldiers injured in a clash in Tirah Valley area in Khyber Agency of the FATA. According to the ISPR, approximately 30-35 militants attacked a SFs check post in Mastak area, but attack was foiled through "effective retaliation". Troops deployed at the post surrounded the attackers, in an intense gun battle, 15 terrorists were killed and the attack was repulsed, the ISPR said. It said the attackers left the bodies of 10 of their companions which the army took into its custody, along with their weapons.

March 31

In the opening day of the repatriation process, some 219 IDPs, banded together in 62 families, returned to their homes in NWA from various parts of Bannu. Carrying ATM cards entitling them to PKR 10,000 for transportation and PKR 25,000 for repatriation costs, the families boarded 40 buses and trucks along with their belongings. All the IDPs belonged to the Shameeri area of NWA. Brisk arrangements on the part of civil and military administration were made for ensuring safe repatriation. A medical camp was established with Dr Hamidur Rahman as its chief whereas children below five years were given polio drops and some tribesmen were provided other medicines.

The 12th phase of repatriation of IDPs to SWA was completed. At least 630 families were sent back home in the final leg. Between March 16 and March 31, a total of 4,800 families were repatriated. The families have returned to 14 villages of Sarwakai and Sararogha tehsil of SWA. Kur Qila, the SFs check post where IDPs return from, was under strict monitoring by the law enforcement agencies. Political and military officials were also present on the occasion.

April 1

At least two SFs personnel were killed when an IED went off in Narai Baba area of Tirah Valley in Khyber Agency of FATA.

April 4

The Helicopter gunships conducted several air sorties, as part of the ongoing Khyber-II operation, killing at least five suspected LeI militants and destroying hideouts in Nangrosa, Spin Drand and Thor Khel areas of Sipah of Tirah valley in Khyber Agency in FATA in the morning. The aerial attacks were aimed at flushing out militants from the valley.

At least two Pakistani soldiers were killed when an IED went off near a military vehicle in Nanno area of South Waziristan. A local 'spokesman' for the banned TTP, Azam Tariq Mahsud, claimed responsibility for the attack.

April 5

At least 16 people including 12 militants and four soldiers were killed during fierce fighting in Utmela area of the Orakzai Agency in FATA. Four SFs personnel also sustained injuries in the fight. According to details, a convoy of SFs was patrolling in Utmela area when clash erupted.

10 militants were killed and several others injured when fighter jets bombed their hideouts in Dwa Toi and Takhtakai areas of Kukikhel in Khyber Agency.

April 6

Two TTP militants, including commander Mullakhel, were killed in an inter-group clash with unidentified militants in Tor Thoot area of Kurram Agency in FATA. The attackers fled after killing the militants.

A Levies Official, identified as Sultan Bakht, was killed in a targeted IED blast while he was on his way to Government High School in Badan area of Mamond in Bajaur Agency. Later, the political administration searched the area and arrested nine suspects under the Frontier Crimes Regulation. TTP claimed responsibility for the attack, revealing that it had appointed a new head and 'deputy' head for its Bajaur Chapter.

Authorities in Pakistan launched on the FATA Sustainable Return and Rehabilitation Strategy amid pledges of financial support. It was jointly launched by the Federal Ministry for States and Frontier Regions (SAFRON) and FATA development authority in Islamabad. The strategy that the Government was launching refers to the PKR 75.4 billion that are to be spent on helping people affected by the Government's war against the Taliban and other militants to return to their homes in the tribal areas.

The participants insisted that the government had developed a strategy that involved political, constitutional and administrative reforms in FATA to help ensure that the hard-fought peace is sustainable. However, they failed to present any actual strategy that involved such measures. "The state has to figure out a multi-pronged strategy for a sustainable development in the tribal areas," said Governor Abbasi.

April 8

A TTP militant was killed in an exchange of fire with Security Forces in Faridi area of FR Peshawar in FATA.

In a series of tweets posted on his official Twitter account, Director General of ISPR Major General Asim Bajwa outlined Pakistan Army's successes in Operation Zarb-i-Azb, revealing that 263 terrorists have been killed so far in Tirah Valley of Khyber Agency. The ISPR spokesman tweeted that the information was given in a briefing to Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif during his visit to frontline troops amidst the ongoing operation in Khyber Agency. He reviewed phenomenal progress so far made in eliminating terrorists. Bajwa said terrorist strongholds in the region have been reduced and no escapes have been allowed in this operation. The Army Chief was also informed that the area is infested with IEDs which are mostly foreign made. He was also told that 392 IEDs have been neutralised by special engineers, whereas 35 soldiers have embraced martyrdom since the start of Operation Khyber-2.

April 9

At least 16 suspected militants were killed and at least 10 others were injured when helicopter gunships pounded militant hideouts in Kandaw and Kandu Ghaibi areas of Kukikhel in Tirah Valley of Khyber Agency in FATA.

Seven TTP militants were killed and two others were injured in other air strikes in Mehraban Kalley, Thor Darra and Wochay Wany areas of Tirah Valley in Khyber Agency. The air strikes destroyed four sanctuaries of TTP militants, officials said.

April 11

At least 20 JuA militants were killed as SFs foiled their move to enter Pakistan from Afghanistan side in the Shunkrai area of Mohmand Agency in FATA in the night. According to sources, a group of terrorists tried to sneak into the Pakistani territory at about 01:30am. The Pakistani troops spotted the move and surrounded them. An intense exchange of fire took place for about an hour during which 20 terrorists were killed. The bodies of the killed terrorists are in the custody of SFs. Meanwhile, Ehsanullah Ehsan, the 'spokesman' for the militant group JuA, denied that any clash had taken place at the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. "There was no such clash. We believe our colleagues in the custody of the Government were brought there and shot dead. It has happened in the past also but we would avenge the killings," he stressed.

April 12

A US drone strike killed at least four TTP militants in Shawal valley of North Waziristan Agency in FATA.

April 13

At least 10 militants were killed when military planes pounded their hideouts in Chappar Mushti, Toorsimth, Daran Shiekhan, Ovt Mela and Zaffar Ghari of Orakzai Agency in FATA. Five militant hideouts were destroyed.

Two soldiers lost their lives in a roadside blast in Spinwam area of NWA. The sources said that a convoy of soldiers was going from Spinwam to Mir Ali when an IED went off near one of the vehicles. Two soldiers received severe injuries and died on the spot.

A timely action by the political administration foiled a terrorism attempt in Mandori area of Kurram Agency. Sources said that two IEDs had been planted by unidentified people to blow up a suspension bridge in the area. After receiving information about the IEDs, officials of the political administration called the personnel of bomb disposal unit who defused the devices. According to the bomb disposal personnel, the IEDs carried 10kg of explosives.

April 14

Five militants were killed when gunship helicopters pounded their hideouts in Kasha, Shakar Tangi, Safial Darra and other areas of Orakzai Agency in FATA on the second consecutive day. "Five militants were killed and two of their hideouts destroyed on the second day of the offensive," an official source said.

In what is seen as an effort to re-establish its writ, the Government is calling an end to peace militias along the Pak-Afghan border area of Mohmand Agency. Instead in a first, it will be deploying at least 200 levies and khasadar officers in Baizai subdivision, an important border area. A Grand Jirga of Khawazai and Baizai tribes was held on April 14 at the newly-established Baizai sub-divisional headquarters. Political Agent Waqar Ali Khan addressed the Jirga, which was also attended by high-ranking military officials stationed in the area as well as senior administration officials.

April 16

At least 10 terrorists were killed and another six were arrested in a pre-dawn crackdown in Sheikhan area of Orakzai Agency in Federally Administered Tribal Areas. At least 12 hideouts of the militants were destroyed and a huge quantity of weapons and ammunition was seized.

Islamic State (IS, also known as Islamic State in Iraq and Syria / ISIS) ''commander-designate'' for Pakistan, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, was killed with two others in a bomb explosion in the Toor Dara area of Tirah Valley in Khyber Agency. Khyber Agency officials said the militants were planting or manufacturing an IED when it exploded, killing the all three of them on the spot. According to details, Saeed hailed from the Orakzai Agency and was among five leading TTP 'commanders' who announced their disassociation from the outfit in October 2014. Later, they swore allegiance to IS under the leadership of Shahidullah Shahid. The IS high-command through a message circulated by Shahid had declared Saeed as the IS 'chief' for Pakistan. However, Shahid is believed to be the real chief with Saeed serving as his dummy.

A key leader of Haqqani Network, identified as Farooq, was killed and nine militants were arrested during a clash with SFs in Sra Kanda area of Birmal tehsil near Wana in NWA. However, one suspect managed to escape. According to Intelligence sources, 11 Haqqani Network militants were going to Wana via Shawal in a pick-up. When the militants reached near a security check-post in Sra Kanda, an exchange of fire took place between them and security personnel, killing Farooq, a key figure of the Haqqani Network and brother of senior militant leaders Sangeen and Bilal Zadran. The arrested militants were identified as Israr Ahmed, Rahim Gul, Abid, Mohsin, Gul Mohammad, Amirullah, Azbullah and Khan Zali Khan. The sources said that a huge cache of arms was recovered from their possession and their pick-up was impounded.

SFs successfully repulsed a militant attack on Ghakhi, a Pakistani border post, in Bajaur Agency. An insider confirmed the attack, claiming that militants from the Kunar Province Afghanistan attacked with heavy weapons. The soldiers responded to the gunfire forcing the militants to flee.

April 17

Eight militants were killed when gunship helicopters shelled their hideouts in Kasha, Babo Tang Killay, Drand Sheikhan and Ahat Mela area of Orakzai Agency in FATA. "The gunship helicopters targeted three militant hideouts in the central parts of the Orakzai Agency. Eight militants were killed in the shelling," an official source said. Security Forces claimed that two commanders were among the dead. However, they didn't disclose the identities of the slain commanders.

April 19

One of the top commanders of the Haqqani Network was among six militants killed during clashes with the SFs in the Beermal area of South Waziristan Agency in FATA. The law enforcement personnel also arrested nine militants while one managed to escape in the hills. The commander of the Haqqani Network was identified as Farooq Zadran who was killed in Beermal, the border area between North and South Waziristan Agency.

At least five militants have been killed and three security personnel injured during clashes between SFs and militants in the area of Nangrosa Sipah of Tirah Valley in Khyber Agency.

April 21

A soldier sustained injuries in a roadside blast in the Ghongat Jowar area of Safi tehsil in Mohmand Agency of FATA. Sources said that militants had planted an IED on a roadside in the Ghongat Jowar area. The militants triggered the explosion when a patrolling vehicle of SFs was passing through the area. A soldier Izharullah sustained injuries in the blast.

A Khassadar Force official sustained injuries in a roadside blast in Mandato Koty area of Jamrud tehsil in Khyber Agency. Sources said that unidentified persons had planted a bomb in Mandato Koty, which went off when the Khassadar official, identified as Shakeel Khan, was on his way to Sakhipul checkpost for duty.

SFs repulsed an attack on the Nawa Pass security checkpost in Chamarkand tehsil of Bajaur Agency. Sources said the militants based in Kunar province of Afghanistan attacked the Nawa Pass security checkpost early in the day. They said that the personnel of the SFs returned the fire and forced the militants to escape. However, there were no reports about any casualty in the attack.

April 22

Twenty-seven militants were killed in air strikes and a search operation in North and South Waziristan Agencies of FATA. The ISPR said 22 militants were killed and their sanctuaries destroyed when fighter aircraft pounded their positions in Khar Tangi and Lowra Mandi areas of Dattakhel area in NWA. In a cordon and search operation, five terrorists were killed by SFs in the Shakto area of SWA.

The border authorities recovered a huge cache of explosive material from a truck at Torkham border in Khyber Agency. An official said that a trailer truck (12481-KBL) was on the way to Afghanistan from Pakistan carrying cement bags. He said the Khasadars during routine checking recovered 720 pieces of detonators, 110 kilograms potassium and hundreds of metres of wire from the truck.

April 23

Twenty terrorists, including three suicide bombers, were killed when PAF fighter aircrafts targeted their hideouts in Kukikhel, Sepah and Kamarkhel areas of Tirah Valley in Khyber Agency of FATA. The ISPR through a statement said that several hideouts, ammunition and ration depots were also destroyed in the aerial blitz.

April 25

Nine suspected militants were killed in air strikes in Tirah Valley of Khyber Agency in FATA. An ISPR statement said jets bombed hideouts of the TTP, and LI in Kanu Gharaibi, Pathai, Baagh, Rajgal, Jhrandy and Nakai areas of Kukikhel and Malakdin Khel. The ISPR claimed that nine militants affiliated with the TTP and LI were killed in the air strikes and five of their hideouts destroyed. However, LI spokesman Salahuddin Ayubi in a telephonic conversation with journalists rejected the ISPR's claim.

SFs arrested 12 suspects during a house-to-house search in Ghundi area of Jamrud tehsil of Khyber Agency in FATA. Officials said the detainees were suspected of having links with some banned organisations.

April 28

The COAS, General Raheel Sharif while addressing a gathering of army officers in the Bahawalpur Cantonment said that stability was returning to the country due to the ongoing military operation Zarb-e-Azb in North Waziristan Agency and surrounding areas of FATA. “A peaceful environment in and around Pakistan is our top priority,” Director General ISPR quoted the army chief as saying on social networking site Twitter. The Army Chief said the enemy forces could not take Pakistan army’s focus away from targeting terrorism in the FATA, adding that Security Forces were breaking linkage of terrorists in the rest of the country. “No challenge is insurmountable. Let’s take Pakistan forward. Our greatest asset, the youth, must be encouraged and honed," he said.

Security Forces took control of the entire Sipah and Akkakhel areas in Tirah Valley of Khyber Agency in FATA after flushing out LI from these areas. Official sources said that the control of Sipah and Akkakhel was so far the biggest achievement of SFs during the ongoing Khyber II military operation against joint forces of LI, TTP and JuA.

The forces also pressed their ground advance towards the TTP-controlled Kukikhel areas in the valley with fierce ground battles in Dwa Thoe and Zarmanza areas of Kukikhel, Garhai of Kamar Khel, Jabbar Mela of Qambar Khel and Nakai area of Malakdin Khel. “The fall of Kukikhel is a matter of time now because the area has been encircled from almost all sides and militants were seen fleeing the area,” security officials said.

LI 'spokesman' Salahuddin Ayoubi said over phone from an undisclosed location that the loss of Akkakhel and Sipah was a ‘tactical retreat’ and they would soon retake the area with support of TTP and JuA militants. He said the Lashkar had killed nine soldiers and injured 11 during ground battle in the Dwa Thoe area, but the claim could not be independently verified.

April 30

Five soldiers, a captain among them, and 27 militants were killed in clashes in Tirah valley of Khyber Agency in FATA. According to security sources, soldiers were entering militants’ strongholds when an intense ground battle took place. The officer who had lost his life in the line of duty was identified as captain Ajmal. With ground offensives continuing in parts of Tirah valley for the fourth consecutive day, SFs entered Garhi Kamar Khel, Nakai Malikdin Khel, Zarmanza in Sikandar Khel and Dwa Thoe, Tangu, Mehraban Kalay, Khaeyst, Tharkho Kas, Mailu, Thor Darra and Malakabad localities in Kukikhel area. All these areas had been under the control of Tariq Afridi group of the banned TTP since 2010.

May 1

Five militants were killed and several others injured in clashes in Tor Darra area of Jamrud tehsil in Tirah Valley of Khyber Agency in FATA. Official sources said the militants attacked a convoy of SFs when they were advancing in Tor Darra. The SFs retaliated, killing five militants and injuring several others.

A peace committee member was killed in an IED blast in Nawagai tehsil of Bajaur Agency. Khalid Khan, son of Nawagai Aman Committee Amir Guldad Khan, was hit by the IED planted on the roadside around 20 metres from his residence. The JuA a faction of the TTP claimed responsibility for the killing.

May 2

Military aircraft bombed militant hideouts in North Waziristan and Khyber agencies of FATA, killing 44 suspected militants, among them many foreigners. In a statement, the ISPR said that precision strikes were carried out in the Dattakhel area of North Waziristan and Tirah valley of the Khyber Agency. Sixteen militants were killed in strikes on hideouts in the Dattakhel area, it said. Many foreigners were among the dead. In air strikes carried out in Tirah valley by fighter jets and helicopter gunships, 28 suspected militants were killed and many others injured, the ISPR said. A number of militant sanctuaries in Rajgul and Kando Gharebi areas of Kukikhel territory, under the control of Taliban since 2009, were destroyed in the strikes.

May 3

A security force official was killed and four others were injured when unidentified militants opened fire on the Sra Rogha check post in South Waziristan Agency of FATA.

At least four security force personnel were injured when a security vehicle hit a landmine in Spinwam area of North Waziristan Agency. The injured were identified as Shahzad, Naek Babar, Saifullah and Jamal Din.

A security official was injured when a rocket fired from an undisclosed location hit a check post in Khamrang area of Wana in South Waziristan Agency. SFs started a search operation in the area.

A security assessment report by the PICSS claims that SFs have been proactive during the January-March 2015 quarter, mounting 312 actions against insurgents, while the latter carried out 232 militant activities. Altogether 944 people were killed and another 619 wounded in the violent incidents. SFs arrested 1,646 suspected militants in the operations, while the militants kidnapped 49 people during the quarter.

Although officials claim that most areas of North Waziristan Agency have been cleared of the militants, yet return process of the IDPs to the conflict stricken tribal area is going at a snail’s pace. Officials said that only 230 displaced families had returned to their native area in some pockets of North Waziristan since the repatriation program was launched on March 31, 2015. An official dealing with the return process of IDPs in FATA said that the unregistered families had also gone back to their homes. He admitted that the return of IDPs to North Waziristan was going very slow as compared to that of Khyber Agency.

May 6

One person lost his life while three others sustained injuries in a terrorist attack at a school ground when a football match was going on in Alizai area of Kurram Agency in FATA. Security Forces sprung to action and killed one suicide bomber while another bomber blew himself up. Where the incident happened is a Shia-dominated area. Two Police official were also among the injured. 

A grand jirga of the Bar Qambarkhel tribe in Bara tehsil in Khyber Agency formed a 50-member peace body called Amn Sharishta. MNA Nasir Khan Afridi presided over the jirga. A large number of tribal elders attended the event at Khyber House in Peshawar. Speaking on the occasion, the MNA said the peace body would strive to bring peace and cooperate with political administration and security forces in the restoration of peace in the area. “We want to curb militancy and rid the tribesmen of this menace,” the MNA added.

May 7

A peace committee member, Zawar Hussain, was killed as an improvised explosive device went off in Alingar area under Safi tehsil of Mohmand Agency in FATA.

May 10

An unnamed senior Army Officer said that the military has destroyed all the command and control centres of TTP in Darra Adamkhel in Kohat District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and adjoining Orakzai Agency of Federally Administered Tribal Areas. He said that the law and order situation had gradually improved during the last few years and it was much better these days. He said that there was negligible threat to the public and military now.

May 11

Six people, including a pro-government tribal elder, identified as Malak Muhammad Jan, was killed in a remote-controlled IED blast in Bar Kamar area of Mamond tehsil in Bajaur Agency of FATA. Muhammad Jan was on his way to the Har area when the IED exploded.

May 13

Three security personnel were killed when TTP militants attacked a security check post in Mashpangai area of Shakai tehsil in South Waziristan Agency of FATA. Five militants were also killed in retaliatory firing. However, TTP-Mehsud faction 'spokesman' Azam Tariq claimed that the bodies of the three security personnel killed in the clash were in their custody. Denying the SF claims, he said that only one Talib, identified as Abid, had been injured in the attack.

Four people, including three children and wife of Gul Toor Saidgai, were killed when a stray shell hit his house in Dabbar area of North Waziristan Agency.

At least 29 surrendered militants were set free after completing vocational training at Navi Saha, an internment centre, in Bajaur Agency. Commandant Bajaur Scouts Colonel Amir Ali said different vocational skills were imparted to the former militants during the 10-week-long training. He said peace and Government writ were fully restored across the Agency as the force had eliminated militants in the region.

May 15

Air Force aerial strikes killed at least 17 militants in the areas bordering Afghanistan in the Wareka Mandi area of Shawal tehsil in North Waziristan Agency of FATA. “The air force jets pounded the areas close to the Afghan border in thick forests and killed at least 17 militants. Three compounds and five vehicles were also destroyed in the action,” an unnamed security official said. The official said that the killed militants included Uzbek and Afghan nationals and cadres of the TTP.

TTP militants attacked a group of youths celebrating their victory in a cricket match in Karikote village near Wana town of South Waziristan Agency, killing one of them and injuring five. Witnesses said by phone that some of the youths were beating drums after winning a cricket match in Karikote when followers of TTP leader Ainullah arrived there and ordered them to stop their celebration. When the boys refused to obey them, a scuffle ensued, during which the militants opened fire at spectators. Marka (16) was killed and five other people were severely injured.

Two rooms of Ghazi Baba shrine in Arang in Uthmankhel tehsil of Bajaur Agency were destroyed when an explosive planted by unidentified militants went off in the morning. However, no casualties have been reported.

May 16

A US drone strike killed six suspected militants and injured another two in Shawal Valley of North Waziristan Agency in FATA. Sources said that the drone fired two missiles into a compound in the valley close to the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, killing six militants, most of them were foreigners. The number of casualties was set to rise, sources added.

Source:Compiled from news reports and are provisional.





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