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Major incidents of Terrorism-related violence in Pakistan, 1988-2004


December 10: Eleven persons, including two army personnel, are killed and 26 others sustain injuries when a bomb attached to a bicycle exploded at Quetta in the Baluchistan province.

October 26: Seventeen persons belonging to the Mahsud tribe are killed and many injured in a rocket attack near Jandola in South Waziristan.

October 10: Five people are killed and six others sustain injuries as a suicide bomber blows himself up at a Shia mosque in the Mochi Gate area of Lahore.

October 7: At least 40 people are killed and more than 100 injured in twin explosions in the city of Multan, at a large gathering assembled to mark the first anniversary of the killing of Sunni leader and Sipah-e-Sahaba (SSP) chief Maulana Azim Tariq.

October 1: At least 31 people are killed and 75 others sustain injuries in a suspected suicide bombing at a Shia mosque at Sialkot in the Punjab province during the Friday prayers.

September 28: Four soldiers are killed and five others sustain injuries during a remote-controlled landmine explosion in the Shakai area of South Waziristan.

August 31: Four people, including three intelligence officers, are killed and 15 others sustained injuries during a bomb explosion at a sweet shop in Qalat, 140km south of Quetta, capital of Balochistan province.

August 16: Five paramilitary troops are killed and 12 others sustain injuries in two attacks near the Sui gas fields of Balochistan province.

August 8: At least 10 people, including a three-year-old boy, are killed and 50 others sustain injuries in two bomb explosions near the Binoria mosque and seminary in Karachi.

August 2: Baluchistan Chief Minister Jam Muhammad Yousaf escapes unhurt when his cavalcade was attacked by unidentified terrorists near Surab, about 180 kilometers south west of Quetta. A constable and one of the attackers were reportedly killed and three persons sustained injuries during the incident.

August 1: Five soldiers and a civilian are killed when three unidentified terrorists attacked their vehicle at Khuzdar in the Baluchistan province.

July 30: Seven persons, including the attacker, are killed in a suicide bomb attack on the car of Finance Minister and Prime Minister-designate, Shaukat Aziz, at village Jaffar in Fateh Jang.

June 10: At least 11 persons, including seven Army personnel and three police personnel, are killed and 12 others sustain injuries when a group of seven to eight unidentified terrorists ambush the convoy of Corps Commander, Karachi, Lt. Gen. Ahsan Saleem Hyat, near the Clifton Bridge in Karachi.

May 31: At least 24 worshippers are killed and 34 others sustain injuries when a high-intensity bomb explodes during the evening prayers at a Shia mosque situated on the MA Jinnah Road in Karachi.

May 30: The pro-Taliban Sunni cleric and chief of Binoria mosque in Karachi, Mufti Nizamuddin Shamzai, is killed and his son, nephew and driver are wounded, when armed men ambushed their vehicle in front of the mosque.

May 26: Two persons are killed and at least 33 others, mostly police and media personnel, are wounded when two car bombs explode in succession near the Pakistan-American Cultural Centre (PACC) and the residence of the US Consul-General in Karachi.

May 7: At least 15 Shia worshippers and a suspected suicide bomber are killed and over 200 persons sustain injuries when a powerful bomb exploded at Hyderi Mosque, situated within the premises of the seminary Sindh Madrasa-tul-Islam, in the Mithadar area of Karachi.

May 3: Three Chinese engineers working on a sea-port project are killed and eleven persons, including nine Chinese nationals, sustain injuries in a car bomb attack near Gwadar, about 500 kilometers west of Karachi, near the border with Iran.

March 22: At least 13 soldiers are killed and 22 others wounded as terrorists ambush a Pakistan Army convoy near the town of Wana in South Waziristan.

March 2: At least 47 persons are killed and more than 150 wounded when a procession of the Shia sect is attacked by rival Sunni extremists at Liaquat Bazaar in Quetta, capital of Baluchistan.

February 28: A suicide bomber is killed and four worshippers sustain injuries in an attack on a mosque in the Satellite Town area of Rawalpindi.


December 25: At least 18 persons are killed and 40 others are injured during a second assassination attempt in less than two weeks on President Pervez Musharraf in the Jhanda Chichi area of Rawalpindi.

December 14: President Pervez Musharraf escapes an assassination attempt when an explosive device went off at the Chaklala Bridge near Jhanda Chichi in Rawalpindi approximately two minutes after the departure of his convoy. However, no loss of life or injuries was reported.

October 6: Maulana Azam Tariq, leader of the outlawed Sunni group Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) and Member of National Assembly, is assassinated along with four others in Islamabad.

October 3: At least six persons, including four employees of the Space and Upper Atmospheric Research Commission (SUPARCO) and one army personnel, are killed and eight persons injured in an ambush while they were going to a mosque for offering Friday prayers in the Mauripur area of Karachi.

October 2: At least 12 Al Qaeda terrorists are killed and 18 others arrested during an operation launched by the Pakistan Army in the remote South Waziristan Agency (SWA), close to the Afghanistan border. Two Pakistani soldiers were also reportedly killed and two others injured during the encounter.

July 4: At least 53 persons are killed and 57 others injured as three armed terrorists, including a suspected suicide bomber, attack a Shiite mosque in Quetta, capital of the Southwestern Baluchistan province, during the Friday prayers.

June 8: In a sectarian attack, 13 trainee police personnel belonging to the local Hazara community of the Shia sect are killed and eight others injured at Sariab Road in Quetta.

February 28: Two police personnel guarding the United States Consulate in Karachi are killed and five others injured by an unidentified gunman.

February 27: Three persons are killed in suspected sectarian violence in Karachi.

January 31: Unidentified assailants kill a prayer leader and a worshipper and injure two others after opening indiscriminate fire inside a mosque in Faisalabad.

January 15: Two MQM-A activists, including a unit in-charge, are killed and another injured by two unidentified assailants within the precincts of Jauharabad Police Station in Karachi.


December 25: Three women are killed and 15 persons injured in a grenade attack on the United Presbyterian Church near Sialkot, Punjab province.

December 21: Two persons are killed and seven others, including two security force personnel, are injured in a bomb explosion in a bus in Hyderabad, Sindh.

December 7: Four members of a family are killed and seven more injured in a landmine explosion in Shahkas village, 25km west of Peshawar.

December 4: Three persons are killed in a bomb blast at the Macedonian Honorary Consul General’s office in Karachi.

November 15: Two persons are killed and nine more injured in a bomb explosion inside a passenger bus in Hyderabad, Sindh.

November 1: Unidentified terrorists killed two police personnel in Quetta.

A Shia doctor is killed by an unidentified assailant in the Upper Mall locality, Lahore.

October 16: Three-parcel bomb explosions cause injuries to eight police personnel and a civilian in Karachi

September 25: Seven persons are killed and three others injured in a terrorist attack on a Christian welfare organisation's office––the Idara Amn-O-Insaaf (Institute for Peace and Justice) in Karachi.

August 23: MQM-H chairman Afaq Ahmed and secretary general Amir Khan survive an assassination attempt in Karachi.

August 9: Three women and a terrorist are killed and 24 persons are injured as terrorists attack the John C. Heinrich Memorial chapel in the Mission Hospital at Taxila.

August 5: Six persons are killed and four others injured in a terrorist attack at a Christian missionary school in Jhika Gali, Murree.

July 20: Mir Ghulam Qadir Baloch, Baluchistan National Movement (BNM) leader, shot dead in Turbat Bazaar, Quetta.

July 13: 12 persons, including seven Germans, are injured in a terrorist attack at an Archaeological site in Mansehra.

July 3: Four Al Qaeda terrorists and two security force personnel are killed and two police personnel injured in an encounter near Jarma bridge in Kohat.

June 28: A senior official of the proscribed Shia group Tehreek-e-Jaferia Pakistan (TJP) is killed in Multan in a suspected sectarian attack.

June 17: Three Shia worshippers are killed in a sectarian attack outside a mosque in Multan.

June 14: 10 persons, including five women, are killed and 51 others injured in a car-bomb blast outside the US Consulate in Karachi.

June 9: Front-ranking leader of Baluchistan National Party (BNP), Mir Aslam Gichki is assassinated along with an associate in Mashkey, Quetta.

May 24: A Sunni Tehreek (ST) cadre is killed and four others injured as unidentified gunmen attack an ST rally in Majeed Colony, Karachi.

May 8: Nine French nationals and five Pakistanis, including a suspected suicide bomber, are killed and 34 persons injured in a bomb explosion inside a bus opposite Sheraton Hotel, Karachi.

May 7: Noted religious scholar Ghulam Murtaza Malik, his driver and a police personnel are killed at Gulshan-e-Iqbal in Lahore.

May 6: Three persons––principal of a government institute, his driver and assistant, are killed in an ambush in Al-Falah, Karachi.

March 16: Five SSP cadres are killed near Merik Sial in Jhang by a group of 10 unidentified assailants.


December 21: Interior Minister Moinuddin Haider's brother is killed in a suspected terrorist attack in Karachi.

December 13: Nineteen persons are injured in a bomb blast at a residential area in Orangi Town, Karachi.

November 4: Five persons, including a former District Council chairman, are killed and two more injured in firing by unidentified gunmen near Mehargam, Quetta.

October 28: A policeman and 17 Christians, including five children, are killed and nine others injured as six unidentified gunmen open indiscriminate fire inside a church in Model Town, Bahawalpur.

January 28: Masked gunmen ambush a school van, killing five Sunni Muslims and wounding three others.


November 23: Anwar Ali Akhunzada, the central general secretary of TJP in Peshawar, is assassinated by the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ).

September 19: Twelve persons are killed in a bomb explosion in Islamabad

July 17: Ten persons are killed in Hyderabad train blast.

March 28: Seven persons are killed and 16 others injured in a bomb blast at a crowded market in the frontier town of Torkham near Afghanistan.

February 5: Eight persons are killed and 40 others injured in a bomb explosion in a train at Hyderabad.

January 17: Eight persons are killed and 31 others injured in a bomb explosion at a bus stop in Karachi.


May 4: Members of the Baluchistan Students Federation (BSF) hijack a Pakistan International Airlines aircraft and attempt to land in India.


November 12: Two unidentified gunmen kill four U.S. auditors from Union Texas Petroleum Corporation and their Pakistani driver near Sheraton Hotel in Karachi.


November 19: A suicide bomber drives a vehicle into the Egyptian Embassy compound in Islamabad, killing at least 16 and injuring 60 persons.

September 23: Four gunmen open indiscriminate fire at a Fajr congregation at Al Khair mosque in Multan, killing 23 worshippers and wounding 50 others.

January 18: Sipah-e-Sahaba Chief Maulana Ziaur Rehman Farooqi is killed along with 18 other persons in a bomb blast in the Lahore Sessions Court.

March 8: Two unidentified gunmen kill two U.S. diplomats and injured a third in Karachi.


November 5: 15 persons are killed and 17 others injured as Tehreek-e-Nafaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohammadi (TNSM) cadres and security forces clash in the NWFP region.


May 11: MQM chairman Azim Ahmed Tariq is assassinated in Karachi.


December 11: The Iranian Counsel General in Lahore, Sadeq Ganji, is assassinated.

February 23: Maulana Haq Nawaz Jhangvi, one of the founder members of Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) is assassinated by suspected Shia terrorists.


August 6: Allama Husseini, leader of Tehreek-e-Jaferia Pakistan (TJP), is killed in Peshawar.





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