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Statement of Co-chairs of the Sri Lanka Peace Process

The following statement was issued on behalf of the Sri Lanka Peace Process Co-Chairs on July 19, 2005, by the United States Embassy in Colombo

Colombo, July 19, 2005: The Co-chairs of the Sri Lanka peace process, the European Union, United States, Japan and Norway, are alarmed by the deteriorating security situation in Sri Lanka.

Since February 2005 there has been an escalation of violence resulting in the killing and injuring of persons associated with the Government of Sri Lanka, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and other political groups. Unless security is guaranteed, a central pillar of the Ceasefire Agreement will be undermined. If the Ceasefire Agreement ceases to function, the wider peace process would be gravely jeopardized and international support for that process would be deeply eroded.

The Co-chairs call on the Government of Sri Lanka and the LTTE each to take immediate action to prevent killings. The LTTE must stop all killings by their forces. The Sri Lankan government, in accordance with the Ceasefire Agreement, must ensure that all paramilitary groups are disarmed and prevented from any activity that might lead to acts of violence. The government must also guarantee the security of unarmed LTTE cadres in government-controlled areas.

Maintenance of the Ceasefire Agreement is the responsibility of the two parties alone. In this effort, they have had the excellent assistance of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission and the full support of the international community. The Co-chairs believe that it is time the parties demonstrate the seriousness of their commitment to the Ceasefire Agreement by coming together to resolve outstanding issues and renew their cooperation. The SLMM can only fulfill its functions under the Ceasefire Agreement if the parties actively demonstrate the will to uphold the agreement.

Source: Website of the Embassy of the United States of America, Sri Lanka







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