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Select Committee's Report on Constitutional Reforms

Presented to Parliament on 24.10.1997



Chapter I - The State, Sovereignty and the People

Chapter II - Buddhism

Chapter III - Fundamental Rights and Freedoms

Chapter IV - Language

Chapter V - Citizenship

Chapter VI - Principles of State Policy and Fundamental Duties

Chapter VII - The Central Executive The President of the Republic

Chapter VIII - The Central Executive The President and the Cabinet of Ministers

Chapter - IX - The Central Legislature Parliament

Chapter X - The Central Legislature Parliament - Procedure and Powers

Chapter XI - The Central Legislature Amendment of the Constitution

Chapter XII - The Referendum

Chapter XIII - Franchise and the Elections

Chapter XIV - The Constitutional Council

Chapter XV - Devolution of Power to Regions

Chapter XVI - State Land, Waters and Minerals

Chapter XVII - The Judiciary

Institutions for the Administration of Justice

The Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal and the Regional High Courts

Chapter XVIII - The Judiciary

The Independence of the Judiciary

Chapter XIX - The Judiciary

The Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and the Regional High Courts

Chapter XX - The Public Service

Chapter XXI - Finance

Chapter XXII - Defence, National Security and Law and Order

Chapter XXIII - Public Security

Chapter XXIV - The Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration

Chapter XXV - General

Chapter XXVI - Transitional Provisions

Chapter XXVII - Interpretation

Chapter XXVIII - Promulgation and Repeal

Schedule 1 Regions

Schedule 2 Lists

Schedule 3 National Flag

Schedule 4 National Anthem

Schedule 5 Oaths/Affirmation

Schedule 6 Scheduled Public Officers and Scheduled Regional Public Officers


Whereas the People of Sri Lanka have endured, for many years, the ravages of hostilities and armed conflict resulting in extensive loss of life, destruction and loss of property, and

Whereas this had engendered distrust and disharmony among the people and has impeded the Nation's progress, and

Whereas it is essential -

to heal the divisions of the past and improve the quality of life of the people, and

to establish a stable legal order based on a Supreme Law in the form of a Constitution guaranteeing a social framework which enshrines democratic values, social justice and fundamental human rights and promotes good governance, peace and ethnic harmony.

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