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India      Maoists kill one civilian in Jharkhand
India      Bullet-riddled body of man found in Jammu and Kashmir
India      ULFA-I militant killed in Assam
India      15 persons injured in clashes in Jammu and Kashmir
India      Maoists set ablaze construction vehicles in Chhattisgarh
India      Grenade exploded in Manipur
India      Maoists' try to extort INR 0.2 million from BJP leader in Telangana
Bangladesh      ICT issues arrest warrant against former BNP lawmaker Abdul Momin Talukder for crimes against humanity during Liberation War
India      Sedition case against three suspected IS supporters by Hyderabad Police
India      Maoist gets 10-yearr jail-term in Odisha
India      India and Sweden talk on cooperation in counter-terrorism
India      'Be ready India, we are coming', warns Indian IS leader
India      Naga Hoho appeals GoI to view Naga issue from social, economic perspective in Nagaland
India      Chakma and Hajong refugees set to get citizenship in Arunachal Pradesh
Nepal      Cabinet meeting decides to accept Tharuhat Tarai-Madhes movement as political one
India      No dialogue with separatists in Kashmir, says Defence Minister Arun Jaitley
Pakistan      Army will fight terrorists, society should fight extremism, says COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa
Sri Lanka      Sri Lanka's Counter Terrorism Bill falls far short of Government's pledges to UNHRC to end abusive detention without charge, says HRW

'Be ready India, we are coming', warns Indian IS leader

Abdul Rashid, a fugitive Islamic State (IS) preacher from Kerala, has sent out a warning to India, claiming the Islamic Caliphate will expand and reach India in the near future, reports on May 18. A native of Trikaripur in Kasaragod District of Kerala, Rashid was part of a 21-member group, including women and children, that went missing from Kerala last year and later joined the IS in Afghanistan. He is currently functioning as the leader of the terror outfit's Kerala members in the Nangarhar Province, and is sought by the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

"We have lots of people in India, and we tell them: wait, we are coming. The Islamic State is growing far faster than you can imagine. The aim is for the whole world to be ruled by the law of Allah, so he alone is worshipped, not false gods,” the Indian Express quoted Rashid as saying. However, the youth admitted that it is impossible to wage ‘offensive jihad’ in India at the moment. He has called jihadists in the country to travel to Afghanistan and help the terror outfit consolidate the Caliphate, instead of plotting attacks inside India.

“Today, it is impossible to wage offensive jihad in India. Perhaps we can carry out one or two lone wolf attacks, or a strike here or there, but not true offensive jihad. First, we have to consolidate the Caliphate, and then expand its frontiers,” the fugitive pointed out. “Islam spread by the sword, not by peace. The Prophet Muhammad, the Caliph Abu Bakr Siddiq, and those that followed them, conquered the world by the sword, not by doing dawah. Hypocritical scholars misguide the people. Muslim leaders in India claim that it is possible for Muslims to practise their faith 100% in India: we can pray, fast, go for hajj, and so on. But the hypocrites stay silent on the Quranic commandment for Muslims to engage in offensive jihad," he added.






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