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Pakistan      15 Taliban militants and two soldiers killed in Bajaur Agency
Pakistan      11 Taliban militants killed in Dir Upper District
Pakistan      Eight Taliban militants killed in Swat and Buner
Pakistan      Six militants killed in aerial attacks on Baitullah Mehsud’s hideouts in South Waziristan
India      Maoists kill two Policemen and a civilian in separate incidents in Chhattisgarh
Pakistan      Judge and aide shot dead in Quetta
India      Two persons killed in bomb blasts in Jammu and Kashmir
India      Two ULFA militants shot dead in Assam
India      Suspected militant shot dead in Manipur
India      Maoists trigger twin landmine explosions in West Bengal
India      Huge amount of explosives and detonators recovered in Bihar
Sri Lanka      Arms and ammunition recovered in North
Sri Lanka      Troops recover arms and ammunitions in East
Sri Lanka      Three suspected LTTE militants arrested for plot to assassinate President
Sri Lanka      Logistics supplier to LTTE jailed in United Kingdom
Bhutan      Foreign Minister denies ULFA’s presence
India      Arrested Lashkar-e-Toiba militant Madni reveals link with Maoists

Sri Lanka
Arms and ammunition recovered in North

Troops recovered 10 T-56 weapons, three T-81 weapons, one Light Machine Gun (LMG), two 0.22 weapons, 51 hand grenades, 18 Arul bombs, 13 60-mm mortars, 23 Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG), 752 rounds of T-56 ammunition, 66 81-mm mortar bombs, four Multi Purpose Machine Gun (MPMG) links, three 152 mm artillery shells, 1050 MPMG ammunition, one magnetic claymore mine, 62  claymore mines, 112 claymores, designed to fix in vehicles, six anti personnel mines, one suicide bomb that can be fixed to a motor cycle,  one 120-mm mortar bomb, five pressure mines, 12 Bangalore torpedoes, two Recoiling (RCL) bombs, 178 kilograms of C-4 explosives, 44 suicide jackets, two suicide braziers, 11 suicide kit plates, 20 explosives chargers, two booby traps, three boxes of .22 ammunition, 76 rounds of 23-mm ammunition, 1686 detonators, 860 60-mm mortar cartridges, three T-56 magazines, five LMG drums, 10 boxes of T-56 ammunition, 16 boxes of 12.7-mm ammunition, three boxes of MPMG ammunition, 10m long detonator code, one aiming picket, 11 remote controllers, two shotguns, two firing devices, one switch, eight booby traps, fixed to claymore mines, six hundred booby traps, fixed to 122 mm artillery shells, 20 rounds of 122-mm artillery shells and 22 cartridges of 122-mm artillery during search and clear operations in Visuamadu, Ampakamam,  Puthukkudiyiruppu and Malthottam areas on June 18, according to Sri Lanka Army report.






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