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Pakistan      15 Taliban militants and two soldiers killed in Bajaur Agency
Pakistan      11 Taliban militants killed in Dir Upper District
Pakistan      Eight Taliban militants killed in Swat and Buner
Pakistan      Six militants killed in aerial attacks on Baitullah Mehsud’s hideouts in South Waziristan
India      Maoists kill two Policemen and a civilian in separate incidents in Chhattisgarh
Pakistan      Judge and aide shot dead in Quetta
India      Two persons killed in bomb blasts in Jammu and Kashmir
India      Two ULFA militants shot dead in Assam
India      Suspected militant shot dead in Manipur
India      Maoists trigger twin landmine explosions in West Bengal
India      Huge amount of explosives and detonators recovered in Bihar
Sri Lanka      Arms and ammunition recovered in North
Sri Lanka      Troops recover arms and ammunitions in East
Sri Lanka      Three suspected LTTE militants arrested for plot to assassinate President
Sri Lanka      Logistics supplier to LTTE jailed in United Kingdom
Bhutan      Foreign Minister denies ULFA’s presence
India      Arrested Lashkar-e-Toiba militant Madni reveals link with Maoists

11 Taliban militants killed in Dir Upper District

11 Taliban militants were killed in the Doog Darra area of Dir Upper District by armed villagers and artillery shelling by the Security Forces (SFs) as the militants started fleeing the area after giving up resistance, The News reported. Further, the Chitral Police arrested 10 fleeing militants, including an Afghan national, who was in an injured condition, when they sneaked into the District to escape the operations.  

The armed villagers have reportedly ringed the Taliban militants, led by Afghan commander Amir Khitab, since June 6 in the mountains of Doog Darra. They were heavily targeting the positions of the Taliban militants and killed a number of them. Helping the Lashkar (militia), SFs deployed artillery guns in Panakot area near the Dir town and Beranjo in Doog Darra. The locals said firing with heavy weapons by the Lashkar and artillery shelling panicked the holed-up militants. Sources in Lashkar and locals said the militants were attempting to escape the intensified action. Mutabar Khan, the Lashkar chief, said they believe 80-100 militants had been left in the area, adding that they were just 400 meters away from them. The Lashkar has so far reportedly killed at least 36 militants.






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