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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Pakistan      Five persons including a Shia killed in separate incidents of violence in Karachi
Pakistan      Two constables killed in firing incident in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
India      Two GNLA militants killed in Meghalaya
Pakistan      Teenage boy killed in a targeted attack on Police check post in Balochistan
India      One GNLA cadre killed in encounter in Assam
India      IED attack by PLA reported in Manipur
India      10-kilogram tiffin bomb recovered in Chhattisgarh
India      Explosives recovered in Manipur
India      Customs officials seize heroin and cartridges from goods train arriving from Pakistan in Punjab
India      Maoists disrupt Palli Sabha meet in Odisha
India      NSCN-IM's 'Crime Suppression Department (CSD)' 'apprehended' seven persons including a woman for drug peddling in Nagaland
India      Naxal leader arrested in Jharkhand
India      Two persons charged in Lieutenant General (retired) Kuldeep Singh Brar case in UK
India      26/11 handler Abu Jundal sent to NIA custody till October 20, 2012
India      IM India 'chief' Yasin Bhatkal planted bomb at Dadar station, confesses 13/7 key accused Nadeem Sheikh
India      Defence Minister A.K. Antony stresses on timely completion of coastal security apparatus
Pakistan      Capital Police collecting information about employees in Government Sector after TTP's terror threat
India      Central and Assam Government sign peace pact with Dima Halam Daogah factions
India      2,305 persons have been declared "missing" in the State, says J&K Chief Minister Omar Abdullah
India      Northeast insurgents mined Arunachal Pradesh coal to buy arms, says report
India      No talks with India, says CorCom
India      Pakistan and China working to cause trouble in Northeast, says RAW note
Pakistan      Provincial Government will support PTI Chairman if he holds peace talks with banned militant outfits, says Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Ameer Haider Khan Hoti
Pakistan      Government should take the Balochistan issue seriously and come up with workable solution, says Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry
Pakistan      Fair Trial and Accountability Bills introduced in National Assembly
India      India and Bangladesh to tighten security ties during the Home secretary-level talks in Dhaka
Nepal      Prachanda proposes CA revival to Nepali Congress
India      Roll revision in Bru refugee camps in Tripura

The SOUTH ASIA TERRORISM PORTAL is a project rooted in a deep conviction that the rising scourge of terrorism is a threat not only to this region, but to all humanity. Terrorism is a method that recognises no limits of law and knows no constraints of morality, of honour, of human compassion, or even of the minimal rules of warfare. Crucially, it transcends all international boundaries, and returns to consume the very systems and societies that create, support and sponsor it, even as it destroys those who tolerate or succumb to it.

For some years now, a part of the political and intellectual world has been seduced by the improbable idea of a clash of civilisations, of a final determination of the superiority of one culture, ideology or Faith over all others. And terrorist violence is sometimes seen as a legitimate instrument in this final, millennial, struggle by those who are absolutely convinced that their vision of the world is the only one possible. But no nation, culture or civilisation can conceivably benefit from terrorism. This is the pitiless enemy of every nation state in the world, of all cultures and of civilisation itself.

Terrorism, moreover, is not the problem of its victim societies alone. Its impact reverberates across the globe. A victory for terrorism anywhere in the world is a victory for terrorism everywhere.

This is why this evil must be fought collectively, by all nations, all cultures and all civilisations. When we speak of defeating terrorism, we do not speak of the right or wrong of a specific ideology or Faith, or of any nation's claims in a particular dispute. We speak only of the rejection of an extraordinarily inhuman and barbaric method of warfare as an instrument of resolution.

The global community must now come together to arm and defend itself against the random and indiscriminate violence of the rising tide of terror. But this, alone, will not suffice. Arms and force are necessary, if we are not to succumb. But the eventual victory against terrorism will be secured in the minds of men.

Therein lies the significance of the Internet. Like terrorism, it transcends international borders; unlike terrorism, however, it creates and communicates the possibilities of a greater understanding of the diversity of mankind, of the resolution of disputes and differences without violence, of the hopes and dreams of all of humanity living in peace.

It has often been said that, if you wish to change the world, you must first accept and understand it as it is. The SOUTH ASIA TERRORISM PORTAL is an endeavour to achieve such an understanding of the world of terror.

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