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Incidents and Statements involving Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan: 2013

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January 7

Kot Pindi Das / Sheikhupura / District / Punjab

Two unidentified armed motorcyclists shot dead vice-president of the SSP, Muhammad Shakeel, near Kot Pindi Das area of Sheikhupura town of same District in Punjab. According to Police, the Muhammad Shakeel had been on his way to Lahore when unknown motorcyclists opened fire on him near Kot Pindi Das.

Violent (Killing)
January 18

Lasbela Bridge / Karachi / Sindh

Two brothers, identified as Mohammad Irshad and Mohammad Akhlaq, cadre of ASWJ, were killed on Lasbela Bridge in Karachi of Sindh.

Violent (Killing)
January 23

Talagang / Chakwal District / Punjab

A local leader of ASWJ, Qari Mohammad Saeed, was killed by unidentified assailant in Talagang area of Chakwal District in Punjab. Qari Mohammad Saeed, the prayer leader of a local mosque, was attacked by an unidentified assailant when he came out of Ayesha Siddiqua Masjid on Mianwali road after Maghrib prayers.

Violent (Killing)
January 28 Bilal Colony / Korangi / Karachi / Sindh

35-year-old ASWJ activist Maulana Khalid Saeed was shot dead by unidentified assailants outside his residence near Bilal Colony in the Korangi Industrial Area Police limits. He hailed from Hazara.

Violent (Killing)
February 4 Sector 5 C-4 / North Karachi / Karachi

A cadre of the ASWJ, identified as Umair Yasir (25), was shot dead by unidentified assailants in Sector 5 C-4 of North Karachi.

Violent (Killing)
February 6 Khalid Bin Waled Road / Ferozabad PS / Karachi

A cadre of ASWJ, identified as Ayaz, was killed on Khalid Bin Waled Road within the precincts of Ferozabad Police Station.

Violent (Killing)
February 7 North Nazimabad / Karachi

A cadre of the ASWJ, Dr Abid Baig (56), was killed inside his clinic in North Nazimabad.

Violent (Killing)
February 8 Nagan Chowrangi / New Karachi PS / Karachi

A cadre of ASWJ, identified as Imran Ahmed (37), was killed near Nagan Chowrangi area within the jurisdiction of New Karachi Police Station.

Violent (Killing)
February 11 University of Karachi / Sachal PS / Karachi / Sindh

A cleric of Deoband school of thought, identified as Qari Muhammad Asim (40), was killed near University of Karachi within the precincts of Sachal Police Station. ASWJ spokesman Maulana Saeed Akbar Farooqi said that the deceased was a sympathiser of his organisation.

Violent (Killing)
February 11 Karachi / Sindh

At least 18 senior members of two religious-political groups were arrested up as the Police launched a crackdown to arrest suspects involved in targeted killing incidents. A source said that those arrested included leaders of the ASWJ as well as elders of the Shia community.

Non-violent (arrest)
February 20

Bahawalnagar jail / Bahawalnagar District / Punjab

Maavia Azam, a leader of ASWJ was arrested in Jhang area (Jhang District) under the MPO.

The move came in wake of attacks on Hazara Shia in Balochistan for which the LeJ had claimed responsibility. The Supreme Court also took suo moto notice of the incident and asked the Federal Government to act against those responsible.

Non-violent (Arrest)
February 26

Saddar Parking Plaza / Brigade PS / Karachi / Sindh

A person, identified as Muhammad Imran (32), a cadre of ASWJ, was killed near Shahabuddin Market opposite Saddar Parking Plaza within the precincts of Brigade Police Station of Karachi in Sindh.

Violent (Killing)
February 27

A B Saniya Lines Bazaar / Brigade PS / Karachi / Sindh

A person, identified as Shabbir Ahmed (34), a cadre of ASWJ, was killed at A B Saniya Lines Bazaar within the limits of Brigade Police Station.

Violent (Killing)
May 12

Sakhi Hassan Chowrangi / North Nazimabad / Karachi / Sindh

An ASWJ cadre was shot dead near Sakhi Hassan Chowrangi in North Nazimabad. SSP Central Amir Farooqi said 32-year-old Abdul Wahid, a resident of Sector-11, Orangi Town, was attacked by two men riding a motorcycle in the afternoon. Wahid was shot eight times with 9mm pistols.

May 15

Vita Chowrangi / Korangi Industrial Area Karachi / Sindh

A cadre of the ASWJ and also an activist of the Muttahida Deeni Mahaz (MDM) Election Committee for PS-128 Landhi, Hafiz Mohammad Sajjad, was shot dead by unidentified assailants near the Usman Ghani mosque at Vita Chowrangi in the Korangi Industrial Area of Karachi (Karachi District), the provincial capital of Sindh.

May 23

Lahore / Punjab

SSP leader Malik Ishaq, who was under custody of the law enforcing agencies, was released from Chohang Jail of Lahore.

Non- Violent
May 26

Rimsha Morr / New Karachi / Karachi / Sindh

An activist of the ASWJ, identified as Doctor Hanif (40), was shot dead, while his wife was injured by unidentified assailants near Rimsha Morr in New Karachi area.

August 4

Abul Hasan Isphahani Road / Abbas Town / Gulshan Town / Karachi / Sindh

The Chief of ASWJ, Karachi Chapter, Maulana Aurangzeb Farooqui, survived an assassination attempt when his motorcade was attacked on Abul Hasan Isphahani Road near Abbas Town in the Gulshan Town area of Karachi.

September 2

Khaleel Market / Islam Chowk / Orangi Town / Karachi / Sindh

A supporter of ASWJ, identified as Arman (35), was shot dead near Khaleel Market at Islam Chowk in Orangi Town of Karachi in Sindh.

Violent (Killing)
September 6

Lower Mall / Lahore / Punjab

Anti-Shia and anti-Government rally was held by ASWJ cadres in Lahore District. Thousands of ASWJ cadres joined a procession at the Lower Mall in Lahore District and held a conference on the road after several activists were arrested from Nasser Bagh, the scheduled venue for the conference.

Non-violent (Rally)

September 17

Mauripur Road / Lyari Town / Karachi / Sindh

Two cadres of ASWJ, identified as Zeeshan alias Faizan Chohto and Mustaqeem were killed in an alleged police encounter on Mauripur Road in Lyari Town of Karachi in Sindh.

Violent (killing)
October 15

Gulberg / Karachi / Sindh

A local leader of ASWJ, Abdul Hameed (42), the front organisation of SSP, was shot dead in Gulberg area of Karachi in Sindh.

Violent (killing)
November 5

Akhtar Colony / Mehmoodabad / Karachi / Sindh

Two cadres belonging to ASWJ, identified as Mufti Tariq Shah (30), and Yar Muhammad (34), were shot dead by unidentified assailants in Akhtar Colony of Mehmoodabad.

violent (killing)
November 5

Defence Phase 1 / Gold Mark Mall / Karachi / Sindh

An activist of ASWJ, identified as Muhammad Jan (24), was shot dead in a drive-by shooting in Defence Phase 1 near Gold Mark Mall.

violent (killing)
November 5

Driving License Branch / Korangi Town / Karachi / Sindh

A cadre of the ASWJ, identified as Muhammad Riaz (32), and a party supporter, identified as Muhammad Ramzan, were shot dead near the Driving License Branch Korangi Town.

violent (killing)
November 5

Ali Mosque / Karachi / Sindh

A supporter of ASWJ was shot dead near Ali Mosque.

violent (killing)
November 5

Korangi Town / Karachi / Sindh

A van driver and an ASWJ cadre, identified as Abdur Razzaq, in Korangi Town. A passerby, identified as Noor Hashim, was also injured in the attack.

violent (killing)
November 13 Gujranwala / Punjab

The Gujranwala District coordination officer ordered detention of 14 suspects of militants' outfits SSP, LeJ and JeM. All the suspects were sent to jail for a period of one month.

Non-violent (Arrest)





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