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Incidents and Statements involving TTP: 2013

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January 2 Jand / Punjab

The TTP militants abducted seven soldiers from a bus from Jand area of Punjab. The soldiers were travelling between Army headquarters in Rawalpindi and their stations in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa when they were taken off their bus in Jand The militants took the seven soldiers and let go a sweeper on the bus with them, one military official said. The gunmen were wearing military uniforms. TTP ‘commander’ Tariq Afridi, who has forces in the area, was not available for comment and no TTP ‘spokesman’ returned calls seeking comment.

Violent (Abduction)
January 2 Islamabad

Although the Army Generals will discuss the TTP’s ‘peace offers’ at a corps commanders’ meeting to be in Islamabad, they want the political leadership to formulate a response to the militants’ suggestion for a ceasefire. “It is for the government to decide whether or not to hold dialogue with the militants. We are continuing with our operations geared towards eliminating terrorism,” a senior military officer said. He said that although the offer was yet to be fully dissected it could be a tactical move by the militant outfit given its timing and the conditions that had been set.

January 2 Afghanistan

Afghan warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar in an interview published has denied having any links with the TTP, condemning the TTP’s strategy of blowing up schools and blocking girls’ education. Hekmatyar, a former Prime Minister who leads Afghanistan’s second largest militant group Hizb-i-Islami, told Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper that he was against the blowing up of schools and educational institutions “not only in Afghanistan and Pakistan but elsewhere in the world.” “I don’t think that a devoted Mujahid could be involved in such things,” said Hekmatyar, accusing ‘foreign intelligence agencies’ of being involved in such attacks.

January 3 Sarkundi / Birmal SWA / FATA

Taliban leader Maulvi Nazir was among 10 Taliban militants killed in a US-operated drone strike in the South Waziristan Agency of FATA. The drone targeted the Taliban leader’s moving convoy. “Maulvi Nazir was on his way to Wana from Birmal when the convoy was hit in Sarkundi area (in Birmal tehsil), killing him and nine others,” officials sources said.Maulvi Nazir is the second top Taliban leader to be killed in a drone strike after Baitullah Mehsud, who was chief of the TTP when he was killed in 2009.

Violent (Killing)
January 3 Mir Ali / NWA / FATA

In NWA, six militants, a close associate of the TTP’s chief Hakimullah Mehsud among them, were killed in a drone attack in Mir Ali tehsil. According to sources, unmanned aircraft fired two missiles at about 9am on a car carrying Shah Faisal and other militants in Mubarak Shahi, some 20 kilometers east of Miranshah. Two others killed in the attack were identified as Israr and Lateef.Local authorities said that a second drone strike targeted other militants, including TTP ‘commander’ Faisal Khan and two Uzbek militants in Mir Ali region of NWA on January 2.

Violent (Killing)
January 4 Kukikhel / Tirah Valley / Khyber Agency / FATA

Twenty militants were killed and 12 others sustained injuries in air strikes carried out by Army warplanes in the Kukikhel area of Tirah Valley in Khyber Agency of FATA. The official sources said that ‘commander’ Abdul Wali alias Umar Khalid, designated head of TTP for Tirah valley, was also present in Dwatoy at the time of the attack. Some reports suggested that he was among the dead. However, it couldn’t be verified from independent sources or the TTP due to lack of communication facilities in the Tirah Valley. 

Violent (Killing)
January 4

A senior militant ‘commander’ Salahuddin Ayubi’ has been appointed to succeed Mullah Nazir group, who was killed in a drone attack on January 3. Two of his deputies were killed with him, but a close associate and militant ‘commander’ who goes by the name Salahuddin Ayubi has been anointed his successor, Pakistani intelligence officials said.

January 8 Islamabad

The Federal Interior Ministry says it has intercepted a TTP phone call in which the terrorists are planning an attack on Dr Tahirul Qadri’s long march to be held in Islamabad on January 14. The ministry said in a press release that the caller used Miranshah (headquarter of the North Waziristan Agency in FATA)-based PTCL landline. The threat alert was received from a credible intelligence source, the press release said. The release further said the TTP’s statement is an effort to mislead Tahirul Qadri in particular and public in general. “The government does not believe in the fake representative of the TTP and will continue to take protective measures for the long march.” TTP ‘spokesman’ Ehsanullah Ehsan had denied that the group had threatened to attack the protest. “This is not true. We have not issued any threat to attack the long march. We have no comments for the long march,” he had said. Federal Minister of Interior Rehman Malik had said, “TTP has threatened to attack the long march. But we will not stop the long march and (we will) provide them full security.” Qadri leads the Tehreek-e-Minhajul Quran, which has a network of religious and educational institutions.

January 9 Ittehad Town / Karachi

CID Police arrested five suspected TTP militants from a slum area in Ittehad Town of Karachi. Sheikh informed media that the arrested TTP militants were involved in various cases of terrorism and crimes in the metropolis.

Non-violent (arrest)
January 9 NS

The high-ranking TTP leader Wali Ur Rehman has made a rare video appearance pledging to send fighters to Kashmir and wage a struggle for the implementation of Sharia rule in India. "The practical struggle for a Sharia system that we are carrying out in Pakistan, the same way we will continue it in Kashmir, and the same way we will implement the Sharia system in India too. And this is the only solution for people's problems," Rehman reportedly said. The translation was provided by the MEMRI, a Washington-based think tank. Rehman, against whom the US has announced a USD five million (PKR 27 crore) reward over his involvement in the murder of seven CIA officials in Afghanistan in December 2009, is believed to have appeared on video along with TTP ‘chief’ Hakimullah Mehsud. The two militant leaders have spoken for the first time about their ambitions transcending beyond the Af-Pak border to Kashmir and the US as well.

January 12 NS

The TTP said that they would cease their occasional attacks on the Army in their stronghold of FATA and concentrate attacks on NATO forces in Afghanistan instead – an announcement possibly designed to head off divisions in the insurgency. The ceasefire does not apply to the rest of the country, where there are often fierce clashes between the TTP and security agencies. Thousands of soldiers are stationed in North Waziristan. There have been occasional clashes there between the soldiers and TTP, but a leaflet issued by TTP ‘Chief’ Hakimullah Mehsud ordered those to stop. A senior commander confirmed the pamphlet’s veracity. “O Mujahideen brothers! As you know, the Pakistani and Afghan Taliban under the leadership of Mullah Muhammad Omar Mujahid are engaged in jihad against the crusaders and infidels, and are supporters of each others in the ongoing holy war,” the pamphlet said.

January 17

Orangi Town / Karachi / Sindh

The MQM MPA, Syed Manzar Imam, was killed along with three of his guards by six unidentified assailants in Orangi Town. The TTP 'spokesman' Ehsanullah Ehsan, in a statement from an undisclosed place, claimed the responsibility for the attack on the MPA. The group also claimed responsibility for attack on MQM's rally in Karachi on January 1, 2013, which killed four persons and injured 50 others.

Violent (Killing)
January 23 NS

The TTP said the United Nation bodies and the United States should stop the "BJP-sponsored state terrorism in Kashmir," otherwise the TTP has the ability to strike inside Indian-administered Kashmir. Speaking to Dawn, the TTP 'spokesman' Ehsanullah Ehsan said that the Indian Home Minister's statement regarding BJP-backed terrors camps is an open confession that Hindu extremists are being patronized under the State's authority for killing innocent Kashmiri Muslims.

January 26 Tirah Valley / Khyber Agency / FATA

At least 31 persons were killed when Tariq Afridi faction of TTP militants attacked AI, a pro-Government militants group, in Tirah Valley of Khyber Agency in FATA. About 300 Tariq Afridi faction of TTP militants, armed with mortars and RPGs, launched the overnight assault in the Maiden area of Tirah Valley, a maze of valleys on a route from Afghanistan to Peshawar. The AI cadres retaliated, killing 15 TTP militants and capturing eight others, while three villagers, including an elderly woman, were killed in crossfire. TTP militants also killed 13 AI cadres.

Violent (Killing)
January 28 Tirah Valley / Khyber Agency / FATA

With 10 more deaths, the death toll in the fighting between Tariq Afridi faction of the TTP and pro-Government militant group AI in Tirah valley of Khyber Agency in FATA climbed to 81. As reported earlier, 71 persons had died till January 27 in the clashes that erupted on January 25. Due to the volatile situation, thousands of families have been displaced. `

Violent (Killing)
January 28 Arghanjoo and Mir Qalamkhel / Mamozai / Orakzai Agency / FATA

13 suspected militants were killed and 16 others were injured when Army warplanes targeted TTP hideouts in Arghanjoo and Mir Qalamkhel area in Mamozai tehsil of Orakzai Agency. Six militant camps and an explosive-laden vehicle were reportedly destroyed in the bombardment. The military offensive during the past few months has cleared Orakzai Agency of up to 90% of its militant presence, security officials said.

Violent (Killing)
January 29 Tirah Valley / Khyber Agency / FATA

At least 24 militants were killed when Army warplanes bombed militant positions in Tirah valley of Khyber Agency in FATA. Officials said the planes attacked targets in Dwa Thoe, Bara Gatt, Wocha Wona and Nakai areas where TTP and LI have their bases or hideouts. Sources said that stores of food and arms were destroyed. A statement issued by Security Forces said militant hideouts were busted during the 24-hour target operation and 24 terrorists, some of them belonging to the TTP and LI, were killed.

Violent (Killing)
February 1 Zeba Ghar / Angoor Adda / SWA / FATA

Six militants were killed when a mortar shell fired by NATO and Afghan troops from across the border hit a bunker in Zeba Ghar area near Angoor Adda, some 60km from Wana, in South Waziristan Agency. Sources said 30 shells had been fired from Macha Dad camp across the border in Afghanistan. One shell hit the bunker, killing six militants and injuring three others. They belonged to Maulvi Nazir fraction of TTP.

Violent (Killing)
February 2 Sarai Naurang / Lakki Marwat / KP

Thirty six persons were killed when TTP suicide bombers attacked an Army camp in Sarai Naurang area of Lakki Marwat District in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 13 soldiers and 12 militants were killed.

Violent (Killing)
February 3 NS

The TTP expressed its willingness to hold talks with the Government, but on two conditions - release of its seven leaders and guarantees by leaders of PML-N, JUI-F and JI to make the exercise fruitful. "The release of Muslim Khan, Maulvi Omar and five other TTP leaders is a prerequisite for talks, while former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Maulana Fazlur Rehman and Syed Munawar Hasan should be the guarantors," TTP 'spokesman' Ehsanullah Ehsan said in a video message released in Peshawar.

February 5 Karachi / Sindh

Sindh Government created a list of more than 100 most-wanted militants accused of terrorising the city, and ordered their arrest. The list identifies TTP militants and members of ethnic groups and political parties involved in the on-going killings, extortions and abducting for ransom in Karachi, says Waqar Mehdi, spokesman for Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah.

February 6 Mamozai / Orakzai Agency / FATA

At least 10 militants were killed and several others were injured when jet fighters pounded their hideouts in the TTP stronghold of Mamozai town in Orakzai Agency of FATA.

Violent (Killing)
February 6 NS

The TTP and the IMU joined hands to form a special unit of deadly fidayeen attackers called "Ansar- Al- Aseer" (supporters of prisoners) whose prime mission would be to secure freedom for the imprisoned militants by carrying out jail break fidayeen operations all over Pakistan.

February 7 NS

Advising the Government to take the TTP peace-talks offer seriously, PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif said that they should immediately start the process. The TTP expressed its willingness to enter peace negotiations on February 4 with the Government if three senior politicians - Nawaz, the JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman and Jamaat-e-Islami amir Syed Munawar Hasan - would act as guarantors. Federal Minister of Interior Rehman Malik claimed Nawaz had refused to be an insurer. Criticising the Government for being unreliable, Nawaz said hardly anyone would agree to act as a guarantor for the process. Calling for result-oriented negotiations, the PML-N chief said the country is in need of peace.

February 10 NS

KP's new Governor, Engineer Shaukatullah, said that talks with TTP would start in coming months and days and he would make them a success. These assuring words followed the oath-taking ceremony to install the new Governor from Bajaur Agency, replacing Barrister Masood Kausar.

February 10 NS

The TTP is neither serious nor sincere about peace talks with the Government, Federal Minister of Interior Rehman Malik said. The Minister's remarks came after TTP spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan offered "conditional" talks and called for the release of two former spokesmen' Maulvi Said Umer and Muslim Khan. The Ehsanullah Ehsan said the two will lead the TTP negotiation team.

February 14 Miryan / Bannu / KP

Police and Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) repulsed a terrorist attack on Miryan Police Station of Bannu District, killing five suicide bombers while another blew himself up.

Attack on Police Station
February 15 NS

The TTP rejected an offer of peace talks coming out of an APC called by the. The contents of the APC declaration are 'old wine in a new bottle', said TTP spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan.

February 17 NS

A recent video released by the TTP, eulogizing two 'martyred' white Jihadis (holy warriors) from the US and UK, confirms that despite the ruthless US drone campaign, Waziristan areas continues to be a major destination for the white Jihadis from western nations who are being recruited and trained in terrorism by al Qaeda-linked TTP who want to effectively strike in the heart of the west.

February 17 Mamozai tehsil / Orakzai Agency / FATA

At least 10 militants were killed when the jetfighters pounded their hideouts in Jandary Killay, Mir Qalamkhel and others adjoining localities in the TTP-controlled Mamozai tehsil (revenue unit) area in Orakzai Agency of FATA.

February 19

Nangrahar / Afghanistan

A senior 'commander' of TTP, Maulvi Faqir Mohammad, was arrested by Afghan intelligence personnel from an unspecified area along Af-Pak border when he was trying to cross into Pakistan border from Nangrahar province of Afghanistan. Reports from Afghanistan said Afghan intelligence agencies had captured Maulvi Faqir, who was deputy to TTP 'chief' Hakimullah Mehsud until 2011, and his four aides.

Non-violent (Arrest)
February 21

Orangi town / Karachi / Sindh

Police arrested three suspected members of the TTP in the Orangi town area of Karachi (Karachi District), the provincial capital of Sindh. They also recovered drugs and arms during the raid.

Non-violent (Arrest)
February 21


Islamabad demanded Kabul to hand over all TTP terrorists including Maulvi Faqir Muhammad who have been engaged in anti-state activities in Pakistan.

Non-violent (Statement)
February 24

Kukikhel / Tirah Valley / Khyber Agency / FATA

The jet fighters bombarded the positions of TTP in Sorkas, Sra Vella and Dwatoy in Kukikhel area in Tirah Valley in Khyber Agency of FATA. At least, 10 militants were killed and eight injured in the air strikes.

violent (Killing)
February 25

Kukikhel / Tirah Valley / Bara / Khyber Agency / FATA

At least seven TTP terrorists were killed when SFs pounded Kukikhel area of Tirah Valley in Bara tehsil of Khyber Agency in FATA. Security sources said that the aircraft targeted Kukikhel area and destroyed TTP hideouts.

Violent (killing)
February 26

Malir town / Karachi / Sindh

The CID of Police arrested a TTP militant, identified as Behrooz Khan Mehmand, in a targeted raid in Malir town of Karachi in Sindh.

Non-violent (Arrest)
February 26

Karachi / Sindh

The TTP and foreign elements are involved in subversive activities in Karachi, Federal State Minister for Interior Imtiaz Safdar Warraich told the National Assembly.

Non-violent (Statement)
March 6

Bhakar Goth / Abbas town / Karachi / Sindh

Pakistan Rangers conducted a targeted operation at Bhakar Goth situated behind Abbas town and claimed to have arrested at least eight suspected militants, including four TTP men and recovered huge cache of weapons from their possession.

March 8

Khwajalee Tambu / Tirah valley/ Khyber Agency / FATA

Five militants of TTP and three from AI were killed in clashes in Khwajalee Tambu area of Tirah valley.

March 11 Pakistan

The 'chief' operational commander of the al Qaeda linked Punjabi TTP; Asmatullah Muawiya has warned that India is set to become a major target of terrorist attacks once again, especially after the Allied Forces withdraw from Afghanistan.

The TTP warned the Government of a severe backlash if it continues making claims of having broken the back of the militants in operations in different parts of the countries northwest. A statement issued by the TTP made a veiled reference to Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik's remarks that the Government had the militants in a corner thanks to its counter-terrorism strategy and rejected demands for a ceasefire ahead of any peace talks. Malik also said that the people should unite to root out terrorism as Pakistan was moving towards "durable peace".

March 12 Karachi / Sindh

At least 31 suspects, including alleged members of a banned outfit involved in Landhi bomb blast (March 11), have been arrested during separate targeted operations and raids carried out by LEA in different areas of the Karachi. Rangers' sources said that TTP militants were also included among those arrested.

March 13 Maidan area / Tirah valley / Khyber Agency / FATA

16 militants were killed and 12 others were injured in fresh clashes between TTP and AI in Maidan area of Tirah valley in Khyber Agency of FATA, tribal sources said.

March 13 Karachi / Sindh

Three TTP Hakimullah Mehsud group militants were arrested along with a huge cache of weapons, said the CID. The militants worked in Karachi under Shehzad Rehman Mehsud's command. The accused were involved in extortion, kidnappings for ransom and target killings, and were assigned targets by Shehzad Mehsud. The extortion and ransom money was sent to their 'commander' Jiyaad Yaar in Waziristan (FATA). The accused admitted that they were going to carry out a suicide attack in Karachi, for which they were awaiting Jiyaad Yaar to specify a target.

March 14 Karachi / Sindh

Police arrested another six TTP militants from Karachi and seized heavy explosives and weapons. "Those arrested included Bashir Ullah, who was a mastermind of the deadly bombing in Abbas Town neighbourhood," senior Police official Shahid Hayat said.

March 14 Karachi / Sindh

Pakistan Rangers Sindh claimed to have arrested 27 suspects, including members of banned outfits, and recovered weapons form their possession from Mehran town, Korangi, Gulshan-e-Iqbal and Jamshed Quarter areas. According to Rangers sources, three alleged cadres of the LeJ and TTP were among the detainees.

March 15 Karachi / Sindh

Pakistan Rangers claimed to have arrested about three dozen suspects including cadres of TTP and alleged target killer in separate raids in the Karachi. They also claimed to have recovered a torture cell from Yousuf Goth, an area of Baldia town.

March 18 Manghopir area / Karachi / Sindh

A suspected cadre of the TTP was killed and other was arrested in "a Police encounter" in the Manghopir area.

March 18 Judicial complex Peshawar / KP

A Policeman and three civilians were killed and 49 persons, including a woman additional district and session's judge, were injured in a suicide attack in a judicial complex in Peshawar, the provincial capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Two suicide bombers entered the complex and one of them blew himself up in the courtroom of Additional District and Sessions Judge Kalsoom Zaman while the second was gunned down by police. TTP 'spokesman' Ehsanullah Ehsan said it was in revenge "for the failure of the country's judiciary to defend jailed Pakistani scientist Dr Aafia Siddiqui" in the US.

March 19 Bagh area / Tirah Valley / Khyber Agency / FATA

Forty six militants, including an Uzbek 'commander', were killed in twin suicide attacks on the TTP in the headquarters of the AI in Bagh area of Tirah Valley in Khyber Agency of FATA.

March 21 Manghopir / Karachi / Sindh

Police arrested three alleged terrorists of TTP and LeJ after a brief shootout at Manghopir Road in Karachi.

March 23 Karachi / Sindh

The TTP has set up a special death squad to target former President General (retd) Pervez Musharraf upon his arrival, who is expected to land in Karachi on March 24, says a militant video released on March 23. The TTP has also called upon the Baloch insurgents to join hands with the militant outfit to wage a joint-war for implementing Shariah laws in the country.

March 24 Banaras / Karachi / Sindh

Personnel of the Sindh Police Department raided the Banaras area and arrested two cadres of TTP.

March 29

Abdul Majeed Marwat / Peshawar / Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

12 persons, including four security personnel, were killed and 35 others were injured in a suicide bomber attacked on the vehicle of Commandant of Frontier Constabulary in the province Abdul Majeed Marwat in the high-security cantonment area of Peshawar (Peshawar District), the provincial capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.TTP spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan made phone calls to media offices in Peshawar to accept responsibility for the attack. "We targeted the FC (commandant) for operations against the Taliban and tribal people."

March 31

Janikhel / Bannu / Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Two persons killed and seven others were injured, among them an election candidate, in a bomb attack on a motorcade in the Janikhel area of Bannu District. The TTP claimed responsibility for the attack. Calling from an undisclosed location, TTP spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan told journalists that Mr Wazir was attacked because he was part of the ANP Government for five years. The TTP threatened more attacks against the ANP. "We are against ANP. We have directed our associates in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to target ANP election rallies and all its leaders," Ehsan said.

April 1

Hijrat / Karachi / Sindh

The Anti Extremism Cell of CID Police arrested four militants of a TTP and recovered a huge cache of ammunition and a list of political leaders, who were their potential targets in Hijrat Colony area of Karachi (Karachi District), the provincial capital of Sindh.

April 3

paramilitary complex / Korangi / Karachi / Sindh

Four paramilitary soldiers were killed and three others were injured in a bomb blast near paramilitary complex of Korangi area. The banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has claimed responsibility for the attack.

April 4

Tirah valley / Khyber Agency / FATA

Three militants were killed and some of their hideouts destroyed when fighter jets bombed their positions in Tirah valley of Khyber Agency. Sources said air sorties were conducted at the Ghaibi Neeka area of Sipah and the Nakai area of Malikdinkhel which targeted hideouts of the TTP and LI. Two LI cadres and one TTP cadre were killed in the bombing.


April 8

Tirah Valley / Khyber Agency /  FATA

Thirteen soldiers and an unspecified number of militants were killed during heavy fighting between troops and militants at a flashpoint near the Afghan border in Tirah Valley of Khyber Agency in FATA. The clashes signalled a fresh military push in the Tirah valley, where the military has been targeting TTP and LI. 



April 9

Khyber Agency / FATA

Mangal Bagh, the ‘chief’ of LI has become supreme leader of both the LI and TTP for the Khyber Agency. “The decision to elevate Mangal Bagh to the status of supreme commander for Khyber Agency was taken at a joint Shura (council) of TTP and LI ‘commanders’,” highly placed Government officials said.



April 11

Hyderabad / Sindh

Two unidentified assailants shot dead Fakhrul Islam (46), an MQM candidate for NA-221 and PS-47 in Hyderabad city (Hyderabad District). The TTP claimed responsibility for Fakhrul Islam’s murder.



April 12

Kati Pahari / Sultanabad / Karachi / Sindh

Master mind of March 3, 2013, Abbas Town blast was among the four alleged militants of TTP arrested by CID during targeted raids at Kati Pahari and Sultanabad area.



April 12


The TTP announced supporting the anti-polio drives on a condition that such campaigns were not used by the United States as a cover for espionage. The TTP militants also placed the condition that their apprehensions about the vaccination campaigns being ‘un-Islamic’ be removed. “If they can convince us that these polio drops are Islamic and the spy agencies are not using it to kill our fighters, we would have no objection to any vaccination drive which is in the public interest,” TTP ‘spokesman’, Ehsanullah Ehsan said while talking to private news channel via telephone from an undisclosed location.



April 14

Manglawar / Swat / Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

A village defence committee member and local Awami National Party leader, Mukarram Shah, was killed in a remote-controlled roadside blast in the Manglawar area of Swat District in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. TTP claimed the responsibility for the attack. In telephone calls to media offices, TTP ‘spokesman’ Ehsanullah Ehsan said his men had carried out the attack. He gave no reason for this killing.


April 16

Mundabheri / Peshawar / KP

16 persons, including SHO, were killed and more than 35 were injured when a suicide bomber targeted the senior ANP leader Ghulam Ahmad Bilour and his nephew Haroon Bilour in Mundabheri area of Yakatut in Peshawar, the provincial capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The TTP claimed responsibility for the attack.

April 17

Bobar Samal / South Waziristan Agency / FATA.

Nine militants of TTP, including five foreigners, were killed in a US drone attack in Bobar Samal area of South Waziristan Agency of FATA.

April 19

Wana town / South Waziristan Agency / FATA

Four persons were killed and eight others injured in a rocket attack on an election rally in Wana town of South Waziristan Agency. Unidentified militants fired four rockets at a rally for independent National Assembly (NA) candidate Malik Naseerullah Khan, who is running to represent NA-41, South Waziristan. Naseerullah narrowly escaped without any injury. The TTP threatened anybody who holds or attends election rallies in and around Wana Bazaar, and two days ago the militants "fined" Naseerullah for defying them.

April 20

Khar / Bajaur / FATA

A female suicide bomber blew herself up outside a hospital in a lawless tribal area of northwest Pakistan and killed at least four people and wounded four others, officials said. The attack took place in Khar, the main town of Bajaur in FATA bordering Afghanistan.TTP take the responsibility of the attack.

April 22 Rustam Bazaar / Wana / SWA / FATA

The TTP execute an Afghan in the Kari Kot village, about 10 kilometers south west of Rustam Bazaar, in Wana town of South Waziristan Agency in FATA.

April 25 Nusrat Bhutto Colony / North Nazimabad / Karachi / Sindh

At least six persons were killed while around thirteen persons were injured when a high intensity bomb shattered the election office of MQM located in Nusrat Bhutto Colony of North Nazimabad area of Karachi (Karachi District), the provincial capital of Sindh. TTP 'spokesman' Ehsanullah Ehsan has reportedly claimed the responsibility for the blast.

April 25 Ghani Chowrangi / SITE-A / Karachi

The AEC of CID arrested eight suspected terrorists, including four of TTP near Ghani Chowrangi in SITE-A Police Limits of Karachi.

April 25 Peshawar and Karachi

The banned TTP has distributed pamphlets in several Pakistani cities, including Peshawar (Peshawar District), the provincial capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Karachi (Karachi District), the provincial capital of Sindh warning people not to participate in next month's landmark general election.

April 26 Islamabad

The intelligence agencies have warned that the TTP have made plans to abduct former President General Pervez Musharraf, who is currently being held at his private residence here after being arrested in several criminal cases. The intelligence agencies have issued an advisory that the TTP might attempt to abduct Musharraf while he is being taken from his farmhouse to court.

April 27 Logar / Afghanistan

As the Afghan Taliban announced the launching of annual spring offensive against the US-led Allied Forces in Afghanistan, this year the TTP has also joined them. The TTP has released a significant video which shows the TTP fighters belonging to the "Saad bin Abi Waqas Front" [which is named after a TTP commander] already carrying out military and suicide operations against the ISAF Forces in Logar province of Afghanistan.

On the other hand, however, the TTP 'chief' Hakimullah Mehsud has released a 67-minute Pashto-language videocassette titled, "The Caravan of Truth" which has been posted on Jamia Hafsa Urdu Forum. The footage shows undated ambushes, mortar strikes and raids being carried out by the TTP fighters against the ISAF forces.

April 28 Sariab Road / Quetta / Balochistan

A boy was killed and five others were injured in a blast on Sariab Road of Quetta (Quetta District), the provincial capital of Balochistan. The TTP claimed responsibility for blast.

April 29 Maripur / Karachi / Sindh

Nine alleged TTP militants were arrested in separate rages in Karachi. According to reports, Rangers claimed to have arrested eight militants of the TTP during a raid in the Maripur area.

April 29 Multan Press Club / Multan / Punjab

A TTP cadre was arrested while pasting the group's pamphlets in the Multan Press Club of Multan city of same District. According to media reports, two members of the TTP were busy pasting pamphlets in the press club, carrying directives for the people to stay away from the upcoming election.

April 30 Nine-Zero / Azizabad / Federal B / Karachi / Sindh

Former Federal Minister of Interior Rehman Malik said a conspiracy is afoot to break the country by bringing in a pro-TTP PM. Speaking at a joint press conference with MQM's Farooq Sattar and ANP's Shahi Syed at MQM headquarters Nine-Zero in Azizabad, a sub-division of Federal B. Area, of Karachi, he, while referring to the PML-N and PTI, said "The public wants to know your agreement with the Taliban." "I had been told that the upcoming elections would be against terrorists. The election is in fact against the anti-Taliban parties," Malik added.

The PPP alleged the both PML-N and PTI had assured the TTP that if voted to power they would support the militants. PPP Lahore chapter (women wing) President Faiza Malik said efforts were being made to push the party to wall while the PML-N and PTI were campaigning openly as they were the supporters of the Taliban.

Against the backdrop of a spate of attacks on election meetings and campaign offices ahead of the May 11 polls, TTP chief Hakimullah Mehsud said that his group is focussed on ending the country's democratic system. The TTP aim is to "end the democratic system", Mehsud said in a letter to the media. As part of this campaign, the group will hinder elections in the country, he said.

May 1 Pakistan

The PTI Chairman Imran Khan said in an interview with British daily Telegraph, that former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was not assassinated by the TTP.

May 2 Pakistan

Pakistan Ulema Council Chairman Maulana Tahir Ashrafi, taking a taut position again on the 'Fatwa on sanctity of vote as Islamic duty of every Muslim male and female' has challenged the TTP, who are declaring the practice of democratic right of vote in Pakistan as a sin and holding terror attacks in response, for an open debate. Addressing a huge press conference at the Lahore Press Club, the PUC chairman called the TTP for holding a debate with him anywhere and anytime, and to give him a chance to explain the real teaching of Sharia about the sanctity of vote with references from the Holy Quran and Sunnah.

May 3 Bilal Colony / Korangi / Karachi / Sindh

An ANP candidate, Sadiq Zaman Khattak, was shot dead along with his four-year-old son by TTP militants in Bilal Colony of Korangi area. The 'spokesperson' of the TTP Ehsanullah Ehsan claimed the responsibility of killing the ANP candidate.

May 3 Kati Pahari / Karachi / Sindh

The AEC of the CID arrested at least five alleged TTP cadres in Kati Pahari area.

May 4 MQM head office / Nine Zero / Karachi / Sindh

At least three persons were killed and 35 others, including Rangers personnel and children, were injured when two consecutive blasts jolted a MQM office near the MQM head office Nine Zero in Karachi (Karachi District), the provincial capital of Sindh, in the evening. TTP 'spokesman' Ehsanullah Ehsan has reportedly claimed responsibility for the blasts.

May 6 Sewak / Kurram Agency / FATA

Twenty-three persons were killed and more than 70 others injured in a blast at the election rally of JUI-F candidates at a Madrassa in Sewak village in Kurram Agency of FATA. TTP claimed responsibility for the attack on the JUI-F rally and said Munir Orakzai was the target.

May 6 Dara Adam Khel / Kohat / KP

Dara Adam Khel chapter of TTP warned the teachers to boycott the polling process “in order to avoid punishment”. The warning has been issued through pamphlets distributed in various schools, residences of teachers in different areas of Peshawar, like Sarband, Salman Khel, Masho Khel and some areas located in Badbher.

May 7 Korangi Industrial Area / Korangi / Karachi / Sindh

Police arrested a suspected TTP militant involved in a number of bank robberies and extortion cases. CID, Operations Wing SSP Mohammed Fayyaz Khan said following a tip-off, his team raided a hideout in the Korangi Industrial Area and after a shoot-out arrested Imran alias Kami. During interrogation, Imran revealed that he was a member of the TTP.

May 8 Mianwali Colony / Karachi / Sindh

Two cadres of the banned TTP were shot dead by their colleagues in Mianwali Colony of Karachi.

May 8 Zeal Pak Colony / Hyderabad / Sindh

Police arrested three TTP targeted killers and recovered suicide jackets and explosives from Zeal Pak Colony of Hyderabad city of same District. Militants confessed to killing of MQM candidate Fakhr-ul-Islam on April 11, 2013, in Hyderabad.

May 9 Manghopir Road / Peerabad PS / KP

The AEC of the CID arrested five suspected TTP militants, for their alleged involvement in extortion, near the Manghopir Road situated in the Peerabad Police precincts. CID officials said they recovered two Kalashnikovs, five hand grenades and three TT pistols from their possession.  

May 10 Pakistan

In their bid to sabotage the May 11 polls, the TTP and other militant outfits are likely to target the leaders of political parties, foreign election observers, polling staff and journalists. The militant groups are carrying out their plans with the backing of foreign countries. Caretaker Prime Minister Mir Hazar Khan Khoso and the Federal Cabinet have been informed of these threats by intelligence agencies.

May 10 Pakistan

TTP and HT, in their persistent campaign of violence and extremism against Pakistan's May 11 general election, are following an un-Islamic path of sin, according to religious leaders of Pakistan Ulema Council. In an effort to persuade people not to give in to terrorist threats, the PUC's recent fatwa declared voting a religious obligation.

May 10 Pakistan

TTP Shura has allowed women voters from South Waziristan Agency area dominated by Ahmedzai Wazirs to exercise their franchise provided that proper purdah arrangements are made at polling stations. The 120-member peace committee comprising TTP commanders, and ulema and elders of Ahmedzai Wazir tribe announced a code of conduct for elections in Wana, South Waziristan Agency’s administrative headquarters, before Friday prayer. Commander Salahuddin Ayubi, successor of Maulvi Mohammad Nazir, heads the committee.

May 14

Kemari / Karachi / Sindh

CID arrested the chief of TTP Karachi chapter, Ameer Sahab, during targeted operation in Kemari area of Karachi and also recovered weapons including four hand grenades, 30-bore pistol, two repeaters and mixed ammunitions from his custody.

May 14

Bahadur Banda / Hangu / KP

Police arrested alleged TTP 'commander' and target killer Abid aka Charger and two other militants during a raid on a house in the Bahadur Banda area of Hangu District in KP. Hand grenades and other weapons were recovered from the possession of the arrested militants, District Police Officer Hangu Sajjad Khan said.

May 15


The TTP said that they do not rule out a 'ceasefire' if the new Government 'shows seriousness' to their dialogue offer. TTP 'spokesman' Ehsanullah Ehsan says if the incoming Government takes their talks offer seriously, his group will also come up with a positive response. "If they [the new government] takes our dialogue offer seriously and makes some progress, then we could also stop attacks," Ehsan told The Express Tribune by the phone from undisclosed location. "We have seen Nawaz Sharif's reported remarks and respect his statement about our dialogue offer," Ehsan said. "I would reiterate that we are serious in our dialogue offer but the outgoing rulers had adopted a non-serious approach," he added. "The TTP does not declare a ceasefire now and any such decision would depend on the new government's approach." The TTP spokesman further said, "I cannot say now that we are stopping attacks but there could be a possibility of stopping attacks as a goodwill gesture once the new government takes some serious steps."

May 17

KP / Pakistan

The TTP is luring more women to become suicide bombers. The number of incidents involving female suicide bombers is rising, officials say. "Terrorists are exploiting psychologically fragile women, motivating them to execute attacks in the name of religion," said Muhammad Ali Babakhel, a Deputy Inspector General of the KP Police.

May 19

Ganna Mandi / Sohrab Goth / Karachi / Sindh

Police arrested four alleged members of TTP during a targeted raid in Ganna Mandi area of Sohrab Goth. The suspects have been identified as Anar Khan, Ameer Khan, Sal Mohammad and Naimatullah.

May 22 Sultanabad / Manghopir / Karachi / Sindh

West Zone Police arrested a militant, identified as Qari Muhammad Ali, from Sultanabad area of Manghopir, after heavy exchange of fire and recovered a suicide vest, a pressure-cooker bomb, an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) and a 9mm pistol from his possession. Police claimed that the arrested terrorist was affiliated with the TTP.

Non- violent
May 22 KP

MNA-elect from NA-47, Darra Adamkhel, Qaiser Jamal Afridi has said that PTI will approach the TTP and Security Forces to reopen and rebuild educational institutions in tribal areas and KP.

May 22 Punjab

A businessman, Hanif, who is also father-in-law of a PTI leader, Sadaqat Abbasi, has been receiving threats from suspected TTP militants, who have been demanding PKR 100 million to help them in their ‘noble cause of Jihad’.

May 22 KP

PML-N chief and prime minister-designate Nawaz Sharif’s talks offer to the TTP was challenged in the Peshawar High Court. A freelance journalist Shahid Orakzai filed a writ petition in which he called the Prime Minister-designate’s talk’s offer before taking oath of his office an unlawful and unconstitutional.

May 22 Pakistan

US ambassador to Pakistan, Richard Olson, said holding dialogue with TTP is prerogative of Pakistani Government. Terming recent general elections as big success of Pakistani nation in which democratic forces emerged as victorious he said a historic turnout was witnessed in the elections, which reflects that the people have confidence in democracy.

May 23 Qasba Colony / Karachi / Sindh

A TTP cadre was shot dead while another injured when unidentified assailants sprayed bullets at a tea stall in Qasba Colony.

May 23 Darra Adamkhel / Kohat District / Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Three militants belonging to the Tariq Afridi faction of TTP was killed when military planes pounded their hideouts in Khwangi area of Darra Adamkhel in Kohat District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

May 23 KP

ATC awarded life imprisonment to a doctor of the Peshawar Central Prison and head constable of regular Police on charges of helping two under-trial TTP ‘commanders’ escape from the Police custody and killing of three Policemen in a militant attack.

Non- violent
May 23 Darra Adamkhel / Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Two TTP ‘commanders’ from Darra Adamkhel, Nadeem Abbas and Zakeem Shah, fled after a group of militants shot dead three Policemen, identified Muhammad Tariq, Jafar and Raees, who had taken them to a local hospital for treatment..

May 23 Pakistan

TTP welcomed Prime Minister-designate Nawaz Sharif’s call for peace talks made to it on May 19, saying the offer would be discussed among the top leadership and a proper reply would be given in due course of time. The TTP ‘spokesperson’, Ehsanullah Ehsan, said that the offer for the peace talks made by Sharif was a positive sign and that the militant organisation was devising a strategy for the course of action to be taken in response to the peace talk offers.

May 24 Pakhtunabad / Karachi / Sindh

Two suspected militants were killed in a Police encounter in Pakhtunabad area as they were escaping after shooting a man dead. Police suspect the slain militants, identified as Toor Khan and Khan Muhammad Mehsud, could be linked with TTP or its associated militant groups.

May 26 Pakistan

The TTP issued a fresh threat to assassinate former President General (retired) Pervez Musharraf, currently detained in his palatial farmhouse in Islamabad, over a string of high-profile cases.

May 28 Pakistan

The Supreme Court was petitioned for issuance of a declaration that no person, civil or military, can engage in any contact or negotiation with any TTP, an act that is forbidden by Article 256. Freelance journalist Shahid Orakzai filed the petition under Article 184(3) of the constitution, nominating as respondents the JCSS through its chairman and DG of ISI. He requested the court to instruct the DG, ISI to identify the persons who are in contact with the TTP and their mode of communication.

May 28 Karachi / Sindh

An American think tank warned the Pakistani authorities that if they fail to confront the growing influence of TTP in Karachi (Karachi District), the provincial capital of Sindh, the militant network will weaken the city's overall security and stability.

May 29 Miranshah / North Waziristan agency /FATA

A US drone strike killed the deputy 'chief' of the TTP Waliur Rehman, the number two in the TTP, along with at least five other militants in Chashma village near Miranshah town of North Waziristan agency.

May 30 Karachi / Sindh

At least two TTP militants were killed by Rangers during an encounter in Kunwari Colony of Pirabad area, of Karachi (provincial capital of Sindh). The officials recovered hand grenades, pistols and a motorcycle from their possession and claimed that the suspects belonged to the Zawail group of TTP, who were also involved in killing of Policemen.

May 30 Pakistan

TTP confirmed that their second-in-command Wali-ur-Rehman was killed in a US drone strike. TTP 'spokesman' Ehsanullah Ehsan also announced that the offer to hold talks with the incoming Pakistani Government was also being withdrawn.

June 16 Karachi / Sindh

A local 'commander' of the TTP was shot dead by unidentified assailants in Peerabad. Sher Alam Mehsud (40), the TTP deputy commander of Kunwari Colony, was sitting outside his house when two assailants on a motorcycle came across and fired a volley of bullets at him. The victim was shot five times in the head and chest and died on the spot.

June 16 Karachi / Sindh

An alleged Police informant, identified as Sher Alam aka Shera (48), was killed by the TTP in Manghopir area.

June 16


The TTP said they will not change their decision of withdrawing an offer of peace talks to the Government because they are still mourning the killing of their Deputy 'chief', Waliur Rehman, in a US drone strike.

June 18

Bosti Khel / Darra Adam Khel / Khyber Agency / FATA

Seven militants were killed and several others were injured in a clash between two militant groups in Bosti Khel area Darra Adam Khel town of Kohat District. The Bosti Khel area of Darra Adam Khel is considered to be a stronghold of TTP, and Arif Afridi, a cousin of Tariq Afridi, the Taliban leader in Khyber Agency (FATA) and Darra Adamkhel, controls it.

June 21

North Nazimabad / Karachi / Sindh

A MQM legislator, identified as Sajid Qureshi (50) and his son, identified as Ovais (26), were shot dead by unidentified assailants outside a mosque in North Nazimabad locality. TTP claimed responsibility for the attack.

June 23

Nanga Parbat mountain / Bonar / Diamer / Gilgit Baltistan / PoK

10 foreign tourists-cum-mountaineer were among 11 persons killed, when militants wearing paramilitary uniforms attacked a base camp of Nanga Parbat mountain range in Bonar area of Diamer District in Gilgit Baltistan region of PoK. One Pakistani woman guide was also killed in the incident. TTP 'spokesperson' Ehsanullah Ehsan while claiming the responsibility said that killing was revenge against the US drone attacks and killing of TTP 'deputy chief' Waliur Rehman Mehsud.

June 25 Islamabad

The Islamabad Police arrested two TTP militants involved in the killing of newly-elected Member of the Provincial Assembly [MPA, KP], Farid Khan of the PTI, who was shot dead in Hangu (Hangu District) with his driver on June 3, 2013.

June 25 Pakistan

The TTP claimed that the Government of Pakistan does not have the authority to hold talks. TTP 'spokesman' Ehsanullah Ehsan has said that if the group sees that the elected Government is able to take a stand against the country's intelligence agencies, only then will the option of talks be considered.

He also said that the TTP supports peace negotiations between the US and the Afghan Taliban, a week after the Afghan insurgent leaders opened a political office in Qatar. Ehsanullah Ehsan said that the organisation had vowed allegiance to Mullah Omar and that any decision taken by the Afghan Taliban chief would be accepted.

He also said that the TTP leadership considers Afghan Taliban chief Mullah Muhammad Omar as their supreme commander and has taken an oath of jihad on his hand. "TTP fighters are always ready to obey Omar's commands," he said.

June 26 Burns Road / Karachi / Sindh

A bomb attack targeting a Sindh High Court judge killed at least 10 persons, including two Rangers personnel, six Policemen and the driver of the judge's car, and injured 15 others, including the judge, near Burns Road in Karachi (Karachi District), the provincial capital of Sindh.

TTP 'spokesman' Ehsanullah Ehsan claimed the responsibility of the attack, saying they detonated the bomb remotely. "We attacked the judge in Karachi as he was taking decisions against Shariah and he was harmful for Mujahideen,'' he said.

June 27 Afghanistan

Clashes between the TTP and other militant groups erupted in the Pakistan-Afghanistan border region as hundreds of fighters attacked TTP bases situated in Kunar and Nangarhar province of Afghanistan. TTP sources said hundreds of militants comprising LeT, AI, 'Mohmand force' and other local militias were part of a joint attack on Pakistani Taliban positions in Afghanistan.

June 30 Peerabad / Karachi / Sindh

Police arrested five cadre of the TTP in a search operation in Peerabad area. Police said the arrested suspects belong to TTP's Bhalu group and they were identified as Ismail, Meraj, Ali Bahudar, Shahid and Samiullah.

126 July 3


Following the July 3, 2012, drone strike in NWA of FATA targeting the Haqqani Network, the TTP reiterated its earlier stance that civilian Government had little or no reply to the American drone strikes and therefore there is no use of talking with it. TTP spokesperson Ehsanullah Ehsan announced that the TTP would take revenge, blaming Pakistani authorities for sharing information with the American CIA on presence of militant leaders.

127 July 4

Sheikh Nala / Matani PS / Peshawar / KP

Two TTP militants were killed in an encounter with the SFs in Sheikh Nala area of the Matani Police Station in Peshawar (Peshawar District), the provincial capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

128 July 7

Waziristan / FATA

An offshoot group associated with TTP has come to the fore to avenge the killings in Waziristan by drone attacks. Hitherto known as "Ansarul Mujahideen", the group has claimed responsibility for attack on Bovia Check post and vowed to make life difficult for the United States and its friends in return for drone attacks. In a statement issued to media from an undisclosed location, group 'spokesman' Abu Baseer said some 'so called' English speaking journalists were putting their lives at risk by supporting drone attacks.

129 July 9

North Waziristan Agency / FATA

The TTP sacked their 'spokesman' Ehsanullah Ehsan for making remarks that angered their Afghan allies. The TTP announced the dismissal of Ehsanullah Ehsan - an outspoken and prominent figure close to TTP's top brass - in a pamphlet distributed by militants in North Waziristan Agency on the Afghan border.

130 July 11

North Waziristan Agency / FATA

A 'court' stayed the removal of Ehsanullah Ehsan as 'central spokesman' of TTP for another 45 days, says a signed order by the 'court' in the FATA bordering Afghanistan. The Dar-ul Qaza court of the TTP has issued a 'stay order' against the decision until members of the 'central council' appear for a hearing, says the leaflet, a copy of which is available with Dawn.

131 July 12 Gulshan-e-Sikandarabad / Keamari Town / Karachi / Sindh The CID of Police claimed to have arrested a TTP militant, identified as Kochi Khan, allegedly involved in the assassination of ANP's candidate Sadiq Zaman for the May 2013 National Assembly Elections and a few Policemen, from Gulshan-e-Sikandarabad area of Keamari Town. CID SSP Raja Umar Khattab said that the suspect, originally hailing from Mohmand Agency of FATA, belonged to TTP. Arrest
132 July 12


A BBC report said that TTP have set up a base in Syria to assess "the needs of the jihad". Citing a Taliban operative, the BBC reported that the base was set up with the assistance of ex-Afghan fighters of Middle Eastern origin who have moved to Syria in recent years. At least 12 experts in warfare and information technology had gone to Syria in the last two months, the Taliban operative told BBC. The Pakistani Government has not yet commented on the issue.

133 July 14

South Waziristan Agency / FATA

Mullah Nazir faction of TTP banned the use of "tight or thin" clothes both for men and women in the holy month of Ramzan and warned of one month imprisonment for not fasting in SWA.

134 July 14

Westridge-1 / Rawalpindi / Punajb

Haji Gulzar Awan, a resident of Westridge-1 in Rawalpindi District, who had contested 2013 election from NA-57 on PPP ticket, has been receiving extortion threats allegedly from the TTP who are demanding PKR 50 million from him.

135 July 14


Bans by TTP leaders and a lack of access to certain areas have made it near impossible to make the country polio-free. Information shared with The Express Tribune reflects 17 of 20 or 85% of polio cases reported across the country were due to the above-mentioned reasons, especially in KP and the FATA.

July 16 Pakistan

The TTP rejected the report that they were sending cadres to Syria, saying some have gone there independently but the movement's focus remained in Pakistan. TTP sources said some militants, mainly Arabs and Central Asians, had gone to fight the forces of President Bashar al Assad, but a senior leader dismissed reports of them setting up camps in Syria.

July 17 Pakistan

In an open letter released the senior 'commander' of TTP, Adnan Rasheed, wrote to Malala Yusufzai, accusing her of "smearing" them and urging her to return home and join a madrassa. Adnan Rasheed, who is a former air force member turned TTP cadre, said he personally wished the attack had not happened, but accused her of running a "smearing campaign" against the militants.

July 19

Wana / SWA / FATA

A pamphlet highlighting punishments and orders for the month of Ramazan was issued by the TTP in Wana area of South Waziristan Agency. The pamphlet states the orders and punishments were unanimously decided upon in a Shura meeting of the Mullah Nazir faction of TTP.

July 25

ISI office / Sukkur Barrage Colony / Sukkur town / Sukkur / Sindh

Suicide bombers and armed militants mounted an attack on the local office of ISI in high security zone of Sukkur Barrage Colony in Sukkur town of Sukkur District, sparking a shootout that killed eight persons, including four terrorists, three ISI officials and a civilian, and injured 50 others. A TTP 'commander' claimed responsibility for the attack. The 'commander', on the condition of anonymity, said that the TTP faction based in the Mohmand Agency of FATA and the Taliban Chapter of Punjab (Punjabi Taliban) had launched the combined attack on the ISI.

Disputing the claim, the Jundallah faction of the TTP claimed responsibility for the same attack. Ahmed Marwat the 'spokesman' of Jundallah claimed that the attack was revenge for the death of TTP 'deputy chief' Wali-ur-Rehman Mehsud, who was killed in a US drone strike in North Waziristan Agency of FATA on May 29, 2013. He said the group had sent four bombers to "achieve the target." Meanwhile, the TTP former spokesperson, Ehsanullah Ehsan, denied any association with the Jundallah group.

July 26

Parachinar / Kurram Agency / FATA

At least 60 persons were killed and 180 others were injured in a coordinated twin suicide attacks at Parachinar in the Kurram Agency of FATA. Ansarul Mujahideen, a sub-network of the TTP, claimed responsibility for the attack. The spokesman of AM, Abu Baseer, saying that the Shia community members were the target, claimed, "We have planned more similar attacks against the Shia community in Pakistan to seek revenge of the brutalities of Shia on Sunni Muslims in Syria and Iraq."

July 26

Scheme-33 / Janjal Goth / Karachi / Sindh

Police arrested eight suspects, including six TTP cadres, from the Scheme-33 area of Janjal Goth in Karachi of Sindh.

July 29

Dera Ismail Khan / KP

24 persons, including 12 Policemen, five terrorists, four prisoners, and three civilians, were killed when TTP militants stormed the Central Prison at Dera Ismail Khan in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

TTP 'spokesman' Shahidullah Shahid claiming responsibility for the attack said that around 100 militants, including a number of suicide bombers, took part in the attack. He said the TTP has achieved its targets and their operation was successful.

July 29


Reacting to a TTP pamphlet asking men to stop wearing tight clothing, Sher Muhammad Khan, head of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan's KP chapter, said The TTP have no right to dictate to others in such a way. "It is the prime duty of the government, not the militants, to implement laws," he said.

July 29

Lahore / Punjab

Four TTP militants responsible for the July 12, 2012, attack on a jail in the Rasool Park area of Ichra in the Lahore District that killed at least 10 jail personnel were arrested by the Lahore CIA officials.

July 30

Muzaffarabad / Landhi Town / Karachi / Sindh

Rangers detained at least five TTP militants and recovered suicide jackets and arms during targeted operations in the Muzaffarabad area of Landhi Town in Karachi.

August 1

Shawal valley / NWA / FATA

According to TTP sources Shahbaz Taseer, the son of slain Governor of Punjab Salman Taseer, was killed in a drone attack in Shawal valley of the North Waziristan Agency in FATA in 2012. Shahbaz Taseer was abducted from Lahore District of Punjab on August 26, 2011.

August 2

Nowshera / KP

The SFs and CID Police in a joint operation arrested an operations commander of TTP, identified as Mufti Rehmat, and nine other suspected militants in Nowshera town (Nowshera District) of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

148 August 5 Peshawar / KP

Peshawar Police arrested a TTP Punjab chapter 'commander' reportedly involved in the July 29 Dera Ismail Khan Jailbreak incident.

149 August 5 Pakistan

Spy agencies have warned against potential militant attacks on headquarters of Pakistan Navy, Air force and on the Parliament House. The report pointed out a recorded conversation of a TTP 'commander', mentioned as Waleed bin Talib, in which Talib was talking about achieving bigger goals than the July 29 Dera Ismail Khan jailbreak.

150 August 6 Rohni / Chilas / Gilgit Baltistan

TTP claimed responsibility of killing three security personnel including a SSP-Diamer, Muhammad Hilal, and two Army officers, identified as Colonel Ghulam Mustafa and Captain Ashfaq Aziz, at Rohni in the Chilas area of Gilgit Baltistan. These security officials were investigating June 23 Nanga Parbat massacre of foreign climbers.

151 August 6 Pakistan

A TTP group claimed of holding Ali Haider Gilani, the abducted son of Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani. "The son of former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani is with us and doing well," the Al-Mansoor Brigade 'spokesman' Abu Yazeed Mansur told a journalist on phone in Hangu.

152 August 8 Police Lines / Quetta / Balochistan

Thirty eight persons, including 21 Police officials, were killed and 40 others were injured in a suicide blast at a funeral in the Police Lines of Quetta, the provincial capital of Balochistan. TTP claimed the responsibility for the killing of SHO Mohibullah and suicide attack on Police Lines. "We killed the station-house officer and then we targeted the funeral to kill the other officers," TTP spokesman Shahidullah Shahid said. Police said the attack was carried out by a suicide bomber.

153 August 8 Lahore / Punjab

Police arrested three alleged TTP militants attempting to force a citizen to pay them in Lahore, the provincial capital of Punjab.

154 August 9 Pakistan

TTP is ready to hold talks with the Government but on certain conditions, said TTP 'spokesperson' Shahidullah Shahid. Shahidullah Shahid said if the Government gives a guarantee of putting forward ideal religious and intellectual leaders, the TTP would be interested in holding talks.

155 August 12 Tank / KP

Security has been put on high alert in the Tank District after TTP threats of targeting the Government properties, including DPO office. Official sources said that the TTP militants had threatened a week ago to rob banks and set abalze the DPO office.

156 August 12 Pakistan

The Punjab Chapter of TTP warned the PML-N Government of dire consequences if it carries on with its plan of executing some convicts on death row. In a pamphlet distributed in Southern Punjab and South and North Waziristan Agencies of FATA, the TTP said that the Government will be considered at war with them if it goes on to execute their 'colleagues' currently serving jail terms and are on death row.

157 August 13 Bhakkar / Punjab

A criminal, identified as Akhar Nawaz, who had escaped from Dera Ismail Khan Central Prison during jail break by the TTP on July 29, 2013, was re-arrested in Bhakkar District of Punjab. A senior Police official in DI Khan said that Nawaz, who was sentenced for murders, attempted murders, thefts, robberies and other crimes, had escaped from the jail during the attack.

158 August 13 Pakistan

Despite threats by the Punjab Chapter of TTP, the Government has decided to carry out the execution of the three LeJ prisoners and the death penalty for the first batch of terrorists belonging to the outfit will be implemented next week in the Sukkur Central Prison. The three LeJ terrorists are Attaullah, to be executed on August 20, Mohammad Azam on August 21 and Jalal on August 22.

159 August 16 Gadap Town / Karachi / Sindh

The Karachi Police shot dead a TTP militant, identified as Sher Khan, during an encounter in the Manghopir area of Gadap Town. Police also claimed to have recovered explosives and firearms from his possession.

160 August 31

Phulgran / Islamabad

Police arrested two TTP militants, Hammad Adil and Muhammad Tanveer, allegedly involved in the March 2, 2011 killing of former Minister for Minorities' affairs Shahbaz Bhatti, from their hideout in Phulgran area of Islamabad.

Non-violent (Arrest)
161 September 3

Khameso Goth / Sohrab Goth / Gadap Town / Karachi / Sindh

Police claimed to have arrested a TTP militant, identified as Pir Mehsud, during a raid in Khameso Goth area of Sohrab Goth locality in Gadap Town in Karachi of Sindh.

Non-violent (Arrest)
162 September 4


The TTP again denied initiating any kind of talks with the Government. The TTP 'spokesman', Shahidullah Shahid, told a private news channel from an undisclosed location that the TTP also supported reconciliation and some Ulema had also contacted the TTP for peace talks.

Non-violent (Peace talk)

163 September 9

Kohat town / KP

SFs killed two would-be suicide bombers as TTP militants attacked the office of DPO, judicial lock ups and lower courts in Kohat town (Kohat District) of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. A Policeman was also killed while 13 other persons, including three security officials, were injured in the attack inside the military cantonment area.

Violent (Killing)
164 September 9


TTP spokesman, Shahidullah Shahid, said, "We welcome the unanimous resolution passed by the APC and will be positive in our response. We consider it is a good omen". "Unanimous stance of all the stakeholders in today's APC Statement is a positive sign but the Government will have to take more sincere steps," the TTP 'Political Commission' member, Ehsanullah Ehsan said.

Non-violent (peace talk)
165 September 9


The central leadership of the TTP claimed that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has sent a letter to the TTP about a possible peace dialogue and the TTP has replied to it. Whereas the correspondence has been confirmed, the contents of both the letters are yet to be known.

Non-violent (peace talk)
166 September 11


SFs and the TTP swapped prisoners in SWA of FATA as a 'confidence-building measure' ahead of formal peace negotiations.

Non-violent (prisoner swap)
167 September 12


TTP spokesman' Shahidullah Shahid said that the TTP is going to respond to Government's offer to talk soon. "We are discussing the overall situation and the Government's offer. We will soon inform the media about our decisions," Shahid said.

Non-violent (peace talk)
168 September 13

Garden Masjid / Garden PS / Karachi / Sindh

Police claimed to have arrested a cadre of the TTP from Garden Masjid under Garden Police Station in Karachi of Sindh and recovered weapons from his possession.

Non-violent (Arrest)
169 September 13


The TTP handed a list of 4,752 prisoners to the Government who they want released. A TTP leader said that two of their 'commanders' met with Pakistani officials in the Sararogha area of South Waziristan Agency in FATA, and handed over the list in the initial step towards "negotiations and peace". "We have handed over the list of our colleagues imprisoned in different prisons of Pakistan including those on death row," he explained.

Non-violent (peace talk)
170 September 15


The TTP set preconditions for peace talks. Shahidullah Shahid, 'spokesman' for the TTP, said, "First of all, troops in the entire tribal area should go back to barracks and then our prisoners should be released," Shahid said. "The Pakistan government must take steps which can develop an atmosphere of trust and can remove the doubts and suspicion. We cannot move forward unless the Government accepts these two demands."

Non-violent (peace talk)
171 September 17


The TTP insisted they were still at war with Government troops because peace talks had yet to start and the Army was still launching multiple offensives against them. The announcement came two days after senior Army officers were killed by a TTP bomb in the Upper Dir District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. "War is continuing, it was started by the Government and they will have to stop it," TTP 'spokesman' Shahidullah Shahid said from an undisclosed location.

Non-violent (peace-talk)
172 September 19


TTP denied claims that their 'chief' Hakimullah Mehsud contacted a former Member of the MNA Javed Ibrahim Paracha demanding release of 50 militants detained in various prisons across the country. According to a reports aired on Dawn, Paracha had claimed that the 'chief' of TTP telephoned him and named 50 TTP prisoners for their release.

Non-violent (peace-talk)
173 September 21


TTP released three doctors who had been abducted from Zhob town of Zhob District in Balochistan on June 21, 2013.

Non-violent (hostage release)
174 September 22

All Saints Church / Qissa Khawani bazaar / Peshawar / KP

As many as 81 persons were killed and 145 others injured when two suicide attackers blew themselves up at the end of a service at All Saints Church near Qissa Khawani bazaar in Peshawar, the provincial capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Janood-e-Hafsa (JeH, Army of the Lioness), an umbrella group of TTP, claimed responsibility. "We carried out the suicide bombings at Peshawar church and will continue to strike foreigners and non-Muslims until drone attacks stop," Ahmad Marwat, a 'spokesman' for the group, said.

Violent (killing)
175 September 22

LI Markaz / Bara / Khyber Agency / FATA

Three militant commanders, including a spokesperson for LI, were killed when the IED they were making exploded in LI Markaz in Bara tehsil of Khyber Agency in FATA.

Violent (killing)
176 September 23 Pishin / Balochistan

At least five persons, including three Policemen and two civilians were killed while five others injured in a bomb attack targeting Police in Pishin District of Balochistan. TTP claimed responsibility for the attack. "We attacked the Police in Balochistan today to avenge killing of our men by the army in a recent staged encounter," in the country's northwest, TTP spokesman Shahidullah Shahid told media over telephone from an undisclosed location.

Violent (killing)
177 September 23 Pakistan

A resolution adopted by the Sunni Ittehad Council at its National Peace Convention at Aiwan-i-Iqbal rejected the idea of holding peace talks with the TTP, saying that the offer of dialogue exposes the Government's weakness. The Taliban should be dealt with force, stated the resolution.

Non-violent (resolution)
178 September 23 FATA / Pakistan

The tribal elders from the FATA asked the Government to take them into confidence on dialogue process with the TTP. Speaking at a news conference at Peshawar, patron-in-chief of the FATA Grand Alliance Malik Khan Marjan said the Government should consult the tribal elders before initiating talks with the TTP if it wanted to make the peace process meaningful.

Non-violent (peace-talk)
179 September 24 Pakistan

The TTP, denied that its sister organisation Jandul Hafsa was involved in September 22's twin suicide attack on a church in Peshawar that left more than 83 persons dead and over 145 injured. The spokesman of TTP, Shahidullah Shahid, phoned media organisations in Peshawar and clarified that Jandul Hafsa, the group which claimed responsibility of the attack, had no links with his organisation.

Non-violent (claim)
180 September 25 Halimzai / Mohmand Agency / FATA

Three persons were killed and seven others were injured in a militant attack on Gandau dam in the Halimzai area of Mohmand Agency in FATA. The dam also got damaged during the attack. The 'spokesman' for TTP Mohmand Agency, Umar Khalid Khurasani, in a statement claimed to have killed three persons, including two engineers and the contractor, and abducted two other persons.

Violent (killing)
181 September 25 Pakistan

The PTI chairman Imran Khan said that the TTP should be allowed to open their office so that peace talks can progress. He argued that if the US could open offices for the Afghan Taliban in Qatar, why Pakistan shouldn't do the same. The PTI Chairman also said nine years ago there was only one group of Taliban, but now there are around 35 such groups.

Non-violent (peace-talk)
182 September 26 Pakistan

PM Nawaz Sharif said that TTP would have to accept if his Government proceeded with a peace deal with the group, demanding that they lay down arms and recognize Pakistan's constitution.

Non-violent (peace-talk)
183 September 27 Gulshan-e-Buner / Landhi Town / Karachi / Sindh

A local leader of TTP, identified as Hakim Khan Mehsud, was killed and four others were wounded during an armed clashed between two rival groups in Gulshan-e-Buner area of Landhi Town of Karachi in Sindh.

Violent (killing)
184 September 27 Pakistan

A senior TTP leader, Omar Khalid Khurasani, has criticised the Government and said it had taken no serious initiative so far for holding talks with his group. Omar Khalid Khurasani is the 'chief' of TTP's Mohmand Agency chapter.

Umer Khalid Khurasani has opposed peace talks with the Government. Khurasani said peace negotiations with the Government would never be successful as the TTP demand enforcement of 'Shariah' while the Government talks about the constitution.

The JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman said that his party won't become a part of peace talks with TTP militants if tribal Jirga was not given role.

Terming Imran Khan's suggestion to allow the TTP to open an office for peace talks a 'dangerous idea', MQM chief Altaf Hussain on September 27 questioned the significance of talks with the outlawed outfit if the TTP are not a unified group.

Non-violent (peace-talk)
185 September 29 KP / Pakistan

The Swat chapter of TTP claimed responsibility for the killing on September 15 of Major General, Sanaullah Khan, Lieutenant colonel, Tauseef, and an Army soldier.

Non-violent (claim)
186 September 29 Pakistan

The TTP militants accused Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for changing his mind and giving preconditions of weapon lay down for the APC-backed peace talks with them.

Non-violent (peace-talk)
187 September 30 KP / Pakistan The video released by TTP claiming to have recorded the attack on Major General Sanaullah Niazi on September 15, 2013, is reported to be fake. The video shows the blast on a road that is straight while the General Officer Commanding (GOC) was attacked at Gad Koto in Sunai Darra on a road that climbs up the mountain and has a curve. Non-violent (claim)
188 October 2

Manghopir / Gadap Town / Karachi / Sindh

Two alleged TTP militants were killed during a targeted raid carried out on a hideout of one of TTP's splinter groups with the Rangers and the Police in Manghopir area of Gadap Town in Karachi of Sindh.

Violent (Killing)
189 October 2

Maymar Complex / Sohrab Goth / Karachi / Sindh

Four Policemen were injured during a raid by the Police at the hideout of TTP militants in Maymar Complex area of Sohrab Goth in Gadap Town in Karachi of Sindh.

Violent (Injury)
190 October 2

Lucky Pahari / Hub River Road / Karachi / Sindh

The six militants reported to be killed in an encounter carried out on a tip-off, by the CID belonged to Mohmand group of TTP near Lucky Pahari on Hub River Road in Karachi of Sindh.

Violent (Killing)
191 October 4


The TTP once again denied involvement in the September 22 twin suicide bombings at All Saints Church in Peshawar - but the group says it condones the attack. "We didn't carry out the church attack. However, we believe it's according to the Sharia," TTP spokesperson Shahidullah Shahid told the BBC Urdu in a telephone interview from an undisclosed location. Asked who issues orders for any attack, he said the TTP central leadership did not necessarily take such decisions.

Non-violent (Denial)
192 October 5

Pakistan, Afghanistan

The Afghan Taliban is financially supporting the Pakistani militants and providing sanctuary to them in Afghanistan, the 'spokesman' for the TTP Shahidullah Shahid has. "The Afghan Taliban is our jihadi brothers," said Shahidullah Shahid. "In the beginning, we were helping them, but now they are strong enough and they don't need our help, but they are now supporting us financially." The Afghan Taliban was also providing sanctuary for a prominent TTP 'commander', Mullah Fazlullah, in eastern Afghanistan's Kunar province, said Shahid.

Non-violent (claim)
193 October 5


The TTTP 'spokesman' Shahidullah Shahid said that the peace talks cannot be successful until the withdrawal of Army troops from the tribal areas and the release of prisoners.

Non-violent (peace-talk)
194 October 6

Peshawar / KP

TTP is planning huge attacks within the next 24 hours in Peshawar. The attacks will be majorly aimed at law enforcement agencies. According to well-placed sources, the TTP has planned attacks on the FC and Police checkposts throughout the Peshawar.

Non-violent (terror threat)
195 October 6


The Government said that the dialogue with the TTP was progressing and expressed the hope it would be helpful in restoring peace and tranquility in the country. Federal Minister of Information Pervez Rashid, in an interview, said the Government is pursuing the option of talks with the TTP as proposed and endorsed by the All-Parties Conference.

Non-violent (peace-talk)
196 October 7 Pakistan

The TTP said schoolgirl campaigner Malala Yousafzai had "no courage" and vowed to attack her again if they got the chance. TTP tried to kill Malala on her school bus on October 9, 2012. She amazingly survived being shot in the head and has become a global ambassador for the right of all children, girls as well as boys, to go to school.

Non-violent (Statement)
197 October 8 Pakistan

The TTP 'chief' Hakimullah Mehsud said he was still open to peace talks, but that the Government has not taken any serious steps to start a dialogue. Mehsud, who has a USD five million US Government bounty on his head, said he would continue to target the United States and its allies and reiterated the demand that any ceasefire in Pakistan must include an end to US drone strikes.

Non-violent (peace-talk)
198 October 8 Kunar / Afghanistan

Three TTP 'commanders' were killed in a clash between TTP and Afghani Taliban in Kunar province of Afghanistan adjacent to the Pakistan border. Afghan Taliban had attacked TTP militant bases two days ago.

Violent (killing)
199 October 10 Pakistan

PM Nawaz Sharif said his Government was sincere about holding peace talks with the TTP, after TTP 'chief' Hakimullah Mehsud complained no serious steps had been taken to open a dialogue. Speaking after a security meeting in Peshawar, Sharif said progress was being made on the issue of opening negotiations.

Non-violent (peace-talk)
200 October 11 Afghanistan

American troops have reportedly captured a senior leader of the TTP in a military operation in Afghanistan, a US official said. "I can confirm that US forces did capture… terrorist leader Latif Mehsud in a military operation," State Department deputy spokesperson Marie Harf said, describing the captive as a senior commander in the TTP. "Mehsud is a senior commander in TTP and served as a trusted confidante of the group's 'Chief' Hakimullah Mehsud," Harf said.

Non-violent (Arrest)
201 October 11 Pakistan

The TTP said that they were "delighted" Malala Yousafzai, the teenage education activist they tried to kill, missed out on the Nobel Peace Prize. TTP shot Malala in the head on her school bus on October 9, 2012, for speaking out against them. After the shooting she was flown to Britain for specialist care and made a remarkable recovery, going on to become a global ambassador for children's rights.

202 October 18 Pakistan

The Shura Ulema Mujahideen of TTP issued a fatwa against what it declared as propaganda by many foreign and some Pakistani media outlets. It said instead of narrating facts, this media because of making propaganda has assumed the status of an agent of imperialist powers.

Non-violent (Fatwa)
203 October 25 Pakistan

The dialogue with TTP militants may start in the next few days, said Prime Minister's Adviser on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz. In an interview to Dawn, Aziz also said that while the US might not make a formal announcement for stopping the drone strikes, "we hope that the attacks will taper off". "We are developing a comprehensive anti-terrorism policy and holding talks with TTP is part of that strategy," he said, adding, "We are developing a national consensus on this and that's why we held the all-party conference in Islamabad recently." Aziz said the Government had already covered a lot of ground and "talks with the Taliban are likely to start in the next few days".

Non-violent (peace-talk)
204 October 27 Karachi / Sindh

Law enforcers claimed to have killed an alleged member of the TTP, while arrested around 103 suspects including Lyari gangsters, targeted killers and political workers across the Karachi.

Violent (Killing)
205 October 28 Pakistan / Afghanistan / US

The United States has caught the Afghanistan Government secretly conniving with the TTP in an attempt to acquire a stronger position in a regional power game. According to the report, the "disrupted plan involved Afghan intelligence trying to work with the Pakistan Taliban, allies of al Qaeda, in order to find a trump card in a baroque regional power game that is likely to intensify after the American withdrawal next year, the officials said.

Non-violent (report)
206 October 29 Pakistan

PM Nawaz Sharif said that his Government wants peace not only in Pakistan but the region, and asked the TTP to join the peace process and become part of the political process.

Non-violent (peace-talk)
207 November 1 Dandy Darpakhel / NWA / FATA

Hakimullah Mehsud, the 'chief' of the TTP, was killed in a US drone strike in Dandy Darpakhel area, five kilometers (three miles) north of Miranshah, the main town of NWA in FATA. Intelligence officials said Hakimullah was leaving from a meeting at a mosque in Dandy Darpakhel area when the drone targeted their vehicle. Five militants, including Abdullah Bahar Mehsud and Tariq Mehsud, both key militant commanders and close aides of the TTP chief, were also killed with two others injured in the drone strike, multiple sources confirmed.

Hakimullah Mehsud along with other militants killed in the drone strike, was buried in NWA. Sources said that besides Hakimullah Mehsud, his uncle, driver and other aides buried at different places NWA.

The Government has not yet confirmed the death of Hakimullah, reports The News. However, it has stopped the delegation from visiting NWA to hold peace talks following the reports of TTP chief's death. Strongly condemning the US drone attack in North Waziristan, Pakistan Government reiterated that these strikes are a violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. Foreign Office Spokesman Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry in a statement said that there was an across the board consensus in Pakistan that these drone strikes must end.

According to the sources, TTP's Markazi majlis-e-Shoora would appoint their new chief. The South Waziristan TTP chief, Khan Said Sajna alias Khalid is likely to succeed Hakimullah Mehsud as TTP chief. Chief of Mohmand Agency Umar Khalid Khurasani is also a strong contestant for the slot as he is the only surviving senior Taliban commander who had directly commanded operations under Hakimullah. Mullah Fazlullah, the chief of the Swat Taliban, is another senior TTP commander but unlikely to replace the assassinated TTP chief for not belonging to Mehsud clan.

Jen Psaki, the spokesperson for the US State Department said that "We have seen those reports but we don't have anything for you on that. The reports just came out. We have a close cooperative relationship with Pakistan on various issues, including counter-terrorism but I do not have anything specific for you on Pakistan on this report."

Reacting to US drone strike, PTI chairman Imran Khan demanded the Government to block NATO supplies going through the country. Imran Khan further said that the US drone attack was as a conspiracy to sabotage talk's effort. Earlier on October 31, Imran Khan issued a warning that his party will block the NATO supply line if the US made any drone strike to disrupt the talk's process with the TTP. His party is set to table resolutions in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Assembly and National Assembly on November 4 in this regard.

The TTP said that they have had "no contact" with the Government, a day after Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said a process to initiate peace talks had been started. The TTP 'spokesperson' Shahidullah Shahid said that there had been no overtures. "No one has yet contacted us. The Government is making announcements only by media, no peace talks have yet been started," Shahid said. "The beginning of peace talks means sitting at a table and discussing issues, no such thing has yet happened."

US was closely following reported talks between the Pakistan Government and the TTP but would let Islamabad define those negotiations, the State Department said. "We are, of course, following it closely as you would expect … but this is an internal matter for Pakistan," the department's spokesperson Jen Psaki told a briefing in Washington.

Violent (Killing)
208 November 3 Pakistan

The TTP ruled out the possibility of holding a dialogue with the Pakistan Government, saying talks with the 'US slaves' were no longer possible. "The (Pakistan) government has given us the present of Hakimullah Mehsud's dead body," said Shahidullah Shahid, 'spokesman' of the TTP, in a media statement which has come amid optimistic statements from the Pakistan Government regarding the fate of the proposed peace talks.

Non-violent (peace-talk)
209 November 4

Faisalabad / Islamabad

The Faisalabad Police arrested four high-profile TTP terrorists, who had planned the abduction of PML-N MPA Malik Mohammad Nawaz and a businessman Shahnawaz alias Shahnawaz Ferrari for swapping them with the TTP's top convicted terrorists housed in the Central Jail in Faisalabad District.

Non-violent (Arrest)
210 November 6

Hill area / Islamia Colony / Pirabad PS / Orangi Town / Karachi / Sindh

An alleged member of the TTP was shot dead in Hill area in Islamia Colony within the precincts of Pirabad Police Station in Orangi Town of Karachi in Sindh.

Violent (killing)
211 November 7 Pakistan

The TTP ruled out the possibility of peace talks with Pakistan as Mullah Fazlullah, the leader of the Swat Taliban, was named the new chief. Fazlullah was elected by the supreme Shura a week after Hakimullah Mehsud was killed in a US drone strike on November 1.

Asmatullah Shaheen Bhittani, who was appointed interim chief of the TTP, ruled out the possibility of any peace talks, accusing the Pakistan Government of 'wielding no authority as it is under the US yoke'.

The PPP leader Raza Rabbani presented an 11-point plan to the PML-N Government for steering the nation out of the current complicated situation relating to talks with the TTP.

Non-violent (peace-talk)
212 November 8


The TTP announced that they would orchestrate a wave of revenge attacks against the Government. "We will target security forces, government installations, political leaders and police," said Asmatullah Shaheen Bhittani, the interim chief of the TTP.

Non-violent (Threat)
213 November 8


The Sunni Ittehad Council, a conglomerate of organizations of Braveli school of thought, came down hard on elements those who declared former TTP 'chief' Hakimullah Mehsud as a Shaheed. In a statement issued in Lahore, it said that branding the killing of Mehsud as Shahadat was against teachings of the Quran and an Sunnah.

Non-violent (Fatwa)
214 November 8


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said that the Government wanted to resolve issues with the TTP through talks. Speaking to traders at the Governor House, he said a Government delegation was to hold talks with the TTP but now there was a hurdle, an apparent reference to the killing of TTP 'chief' Hakimullah Mehsud in a US drone strike on November 1.

Non-violent (peace-talk)
215 November 10

Peshawar / KP

The TTP said that the release of former Vice-Chancellor Islamia College University Peshawar, Professor Ajmal Khan, was linked to the release of arrested head of TNSM, Maulana Sufi Muhammad.

The TTP 'spokesman' Shahidullah Shahid denied the report of demanding the release of TNSM 'chief' Sufi Muhammad against the release of Islamia College University Vice Chancellor Professor Ajmal Khan.

216 November 10


Over 100 Muftis, Mashaikh and Ulema associated with Sunni Ittehad Council issued a statement in Lahore urging Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar to order the TTP to stop their terrorist activities and woo them to accept the Islamic Constitution of the Islamic state.

Non-violent (Fatwa)
217 November 10


Over 100 clerics associated with the Sunni Ittehad Council have sought Afghan Taliban supremo Mullah Umar's help to stop TTP's terrorist activities in Pakistan. "We appeal to Mullah Umar to use his influence and order Pakistani Taliban to stop terrorism activities in the country besides making them agree to accept the constitution of an Islamic state," the clerics said in a joint statement issued by the Council.


218 November 11

Islamabad / Pakistan

The 'chief fundraiser' of the Haqqani Network, Nasiruddin Haqqani, was shot dead by unidentified militants in Islamabad, the Afghan Taliban said.

Shahidullah Shahid, the main spokesman for the TTP, claimed, "Nasiruddin Haqqani has been martyred by ISI. He was killed because he bravely supported Taliban chief Hakimullah Mehsud."

Violent (killing)

219 November 11

Punjab / Pakistan

The TTP has transported 'blue bombs' in different cities of Punjab to conduct terrorist activities during Ashura, according to a report intelligence agencies have sent to the Federal Government. The days chosen for the terrorist activities are 9th and 10th of Muharram. The report, which narrates in detail the 'sabotage plan' of the TTP, has also been shared with the Punjab Government.

Non-violent (bomb threat)

220 November 11


The Government told the National Assembly that the dialogue process with the TTP cannot move forward if drones attacks continued unabatedly. Federal Minister of Interior Nisar Ali Khan stated: "If drone attacks continue, the talk of dialogue would merely be an illusion." Nisar also said that the dialogue can also not be pursued if the Government works for it vigorously and the other side, an apparent reference to TTP, keeps on refusing to it.

Non-violent (peace-talk)

221 November 11


The TTP Mohmand Agency (FATA) leader Umer Khalid Kharasani said that political parties and Pakistan Army have "always deceived the Taliban" and latest fiddle was in form of a drone attack which killed their chief Hakimullah Mehsud.

Non-violent (peace-talk)

222 November 13

Gulshan-i-Buner / Landhi Town / Karachi / Sindh

Three TTP militants and one Rangers person were killed when a shootout occurred during a targeted operation conducted by the paramilitary force in Gulshan-i-Buner area of Landhi Town in Karachi of Sindh.

Violent (killing)

223 November 13


Despite the appointment of Mullah Fazlullah as the new 'chief' of the TTP, the deputy 'chief' of the TTP, Sheikh Khalid Haqqani, will lead the outfit as the functional head in the latter's absence from Pakistan. Well-informed tribal circles have refuted rumours of Fazlullah's return to FATA after his appointment as the TTP 'chief'.


224 November 14

Islamabad / Pakistan

The NCMC alerted the Islamabad Police to a plot by TTP to attack former President General (retd) Pervez Musharraf. According to sources, the alert has been issued in the light of intelligence reports that the TTP has planned an attack on General Musharraf to avenge the operation against Lal Masjid launched during his tenure as President.

Non-violent (threat)

225 November 19 NWA / FATA

Seven TTP militants, including a local 'commander' Qari Saifuddin, were killed when a suicide bomber rammed his explosive-laden car into a vehicle carrying TTP militants in the Mir Ali area of Miranshah, the main town of North Waziristan Agency in FATA.

Violent (killing)
226 November 19 Gilgit Baltistan

The militants who killed 10 foreign mountaineers and a local helper in Diamer on June 22 belonged to TTP and had been trained in North Waziristan Agency's town of Miranshah, said Dr Ata-ur-Rehman, the Home Secretary of Gilgit Baltistan, to the Senate's Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs.

227 November 20 NWA / FATA

At least two security personnel were killed and seven others were injured in an attack on security checkpoint by TTP militants at Shawa area of NWA in FATA. Abu Baseer, a 'spokesman' for Ansarul Mujahideen, claimed responsibility for the attack. He said it was carried out in revenge for the death of former TTP leader Hakimullah Mehsud in a U.S. drone strike on November 1, 2013.

Violent (killing)
228 November 22 Karachi / Sindh

At least seven people were killed and 40 others were injured in twin suicide blasts near a roadside tea stall in Shia dominated Ancholi area of Gulberg Town in Karachi, the provincial capital of Sindh. TTP claimed responsibility for the twin suicide blasts.

Violent (Killing)
229 November 23 Karachi / Sindh

Two escaped TTP militants, identified as Abdullah and Wahabullah, were killed in an encounter in Baldia Town of Karachi.

Violent (encounter)
230 November 23 Khyber Agency / FATA

TTP militants abducted 11 teachers, involved in a polio vaccination campaign for schoolchildren, from the private Hira Public School in the Bara tehsil of Khyber Agency. Local official, Khyali Gul said the armed militants took the teachers to an area controlled by militant leader Mangal Bagh and his Taliban-affiliated Lashkar-e-Islam group.

231 November 24 NS

TTP warned the Pakistani media to stop praising Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar who retired on November 16, 2013 after a 24-year career. Shahidullah Shahid, the main 'spokesman' for the TTP said Pakistanis should get behind their embattled captain Misbahul Haq, even though he was a "substandard and low-level player".

232 November 27 Khyber Agency / FATA

The TTP is likely to target Government installations and public places in Nowshera District and Khyber Agency of FATA to avenge the killing of its chief Hakimullah Mehsud, who was killed in November 21, 2013 U.S drone attack in Miranshah town of North Waziristan Agency.

233 November 27 NS

Al Qaeda in message issued by the general command of al Qaeda offered its condolences to the TTP over the killing of Hakeemullah Mehsud, according to SITE Intelligence Group. The message said the group "regarded Hakeemullah as a martyr and valued his contributions for jihad".

234 November 28 NS

JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman asked the Government to explain its strategy on talks with the TTP, which would thereby allow a jirga to initiate the peace process. Talking to reporters following a JUI-F backed tribal jirga at the JUI-F's provincial secretariat Rehman said that the jirga regrets that the Government has still not outlined its policy regarding the peace process.

235 November 26 Hyderabad / Sindh

Unidentified militants shot dead four Policemen and injured three others, where they were on mobile duty in Latifabad area Hyderabad District. TTP claimed responsibility for the attack.

Violent (killing)
236 November 29 Hyderabad / Sindh

SSP Hyderabad, Syed Irfan Bahadur said that the Police are following two leads in the November 26, 2013 incident of killings of four Policemen in Hyderabad District. "After the TTP accepted responsibility of the attacks, a dimension has been added to the investigation," the SSP said. The SPP confirmed that all the arrested suspects were either from Hyderabad or other parts of Sindh, but none are from Karachi.

237 December 1 NS

Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Pervaiz Rashid dropped a hint that the homework to resume dialogue with militants has been completed. "Yes, we're [almost] at the conclusive stage to resume talks with the TTP," said Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid, adding, "The Government has always had a firm belief in reopening peace talks [with the Taliban]".

238 December 1 NS

Federal Minister for Interior Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan discussed the resumption of dialogue with the TTP with the outgoing Army chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani. According to a senior Interior Ministry official, Nisar is likely to announce the government's new strategy regarding talks with the TTP by the end of this month.

239 December 3 Karachi / Sindh

Four suspected cadres of TTP were killed and another was injured by unidentified assailants near Sarina Shopping Centre within the precincts of Shahrah-e-Noorjahan Police Station.

240 December 3 Tribal areas

The new head of the TTP, Maulana Fazlullah alias Mullah Radio, has returned to the country's tribal areas after several years based in Afghanistan, TTP 'spokesman' Shahidullah Shahid. TTP spokesman Shahidullah Shahid said Fazlullah was now "commanding the Taliban movement at an unknown location in the tribal areas". "It is not true that Maulana Fazlullah is in Waziristan, he is in the tribal areas but at unknown location," Shahid said.

241 December 4 Karachi / Sindh

TTP militant, identified as Fazl-ur-Rehman, was shot dead while his two companions managed to escape during an encounter with the Police near Musharraf Mor in Mauripur area of Kiamari Town.

242 December 6 US

A Pakistani immigrant, Irfan Khan (40), said that he was held for more than 10 months in solitary confinement after being falsely arrested on terrorism charges and has now filed a lawsuit in Federal Court in Miami, saying he was a victim of "overzealousness" in the US war on terrorism. The lawsuit, filed on December 3, 2103 in US District Court, says Irfan Khan was arrested in California in May 2011 on charges that included providing material support for terrorism and the TTP.

Lawsuit filed
243 December 8 KP

TTP Chief Mullah Fazlullah moved from North Waziristan Agency in FATA to Dir District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. According to sources Mullah Fazlullah has decided to use Dir District as the headquarters of TTP instead of North Waziristan which has been declared insecure by his aides due to the growing intensity of drone attacks.

244 October 30 NS

Religious scholar and the head of the Dar-ul-Uloom-Haqqania seminary, Maulana Sami-ul-Haq, who is also known as the Father of the Taliban, issued a fatwa urging parents to immunise their children against polio and other fatal diseases, adding that vaccinations comply with Islamic law.

245 December 12 NWA / FATA

At least four soldiers were killed when a roadside bomb struck their vehicle in Spinwam village of North Waziristan Agency in FATA. Ansar-ul-Mujahideen, a little known militant group linked to the TTP claimed responsibility for the attack. "It is in retaliation to the drone strike in Hangu," said Abu Baseer, the 'spokesman' of the outfit, threatening more attacks.

246 December 14 Karachi / Sindh

The CID of Police claimed to have arrested a key TTP 'commander', identified as Abu Hamza, and recovered two hand grenades, handguns and bullets from his possession during a raid in West Wharf area. Of Karachi. Chaudhry Muhammad Arif, an officer of CID's investigation unit said the suspect had also worked for al Qaeda's Takfiri group before joining the TTP.

247 December 18 NWA / FATA

At least five soldiers were killed and 34 others, including 28 soldiers and six FC personnel, were wounded when a suicide bomber rammed his explosive-laden car into a military checkpoint in Mir Ali tehsil of Miranshah in North Waziristan Agency of FATA.

Ansar-ul-Mujahideen, a little-known militant group linked to the TTP faction claimed the responsibility for the attack. Abu Baseer, the 'spokesman' for the group, said they carried out the attack as an act of revenge for the killing of former TTP leader Hakimullah Mehsud.

248 December 22 Karachi / Sindh

Rangers claimed to have arrested at least 12 suspects, including a TTP militant, during various targeted raids in Landhi Town, New Karachi Town, Old Sabzimandi area in Jamshed Town, Mauripur area in Kiamari Town and Gulistan-e-Jauhar area in Gulshan Town.

249 December 23 NWA / FATA

Curfew imposed after December 18, 2013 suicide bomb attack on a mosque near a checkpost and subsequent clashes between militants and security forces in North Waziristan Agency of FATA was lifted, following successful talks among the Administration, representatives of TTP local chapter and members of a grand tribal jirga in Miranshah.

250 December 27 NA

PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on the sixth death anniversary of his mother Benzair Bhutto declared war against TTP militants while announcing the start of his political career. Besides criticising his political rivals, he criticised the Government's policy of negotiating with TTP militants. On behalf of his party, he suggested very strict conditions for dialogue, if any, with the TTP. They include surrendering arms, blood money for victims of terrorist attacks and respect for minorities, among others.






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