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12-point charter of demand of Pro-Talks Faction of United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA-PTF)

The 12-point ULFA-PTF's charter of demand includes-

  • A discussion on "grounds for ULFA-PTF's struggle and their genuineness"

  • Status report on missing ULFA leaders and cadres

  • Constitutional and political arrangements and reforms, protection of the identity and material resources of the local indigenous population of Assam

  • Financial and economic arrangements

  • Settlement of all royalties on mines/minerals including oil on a retrospective compensatory basis and rights of independent use for a sustainable economic development in future

  • Illegal migration-its effect/impact and required remedies including sealing of international borders, river patrolling, development of a native force to man the borders

  • Ethnic issues-problems and constitutional restructuring including settlement of border disputes and removal of encroachment

  • Education and health-reforms as required to preserve the identity of the people of Assam and benefits, agricultural and rural development

  • Land and natural resources-including right of natives to the land, flood control and management, industrial growth, development of infrastructure, removal of transport bottleneck, development of entrepreneurial skill and efficiency in labour, availability of credit, infusion of capital-leading to industrial take off

  • Right to engage in specific relationship with foreign countries for promotion of mutual trade, commerce

  • Cultural relationship, restoration, protection, preservation and spread of indigenous culture of Assam in all its variety

  • Amnesty, reintegration and rehabilitation of ULFA members and affected people

  • Source: Times of India report, August 5, 2011





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