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ISI Activities in Assam

Statement Laid on The Table of The House of Assam Legislative Assembly
Under Item No. 12 Dated 6.4.2000

Shri Prafulla Kumar Mahanta
Chief Minister, Assam


During the recent past, Assam Police has gathered sufficient evidence to prove that the Pakistani intelligence agency – ISI has been actively involved in fomenting violence and terrorism in the State. These activities are mainly in the following areas:

  1. Promoting indiscriminate violence in the State by providing active support to the local militant outfits.

  2. Creating new militant outfits along ethnic and communal lines by instigating ethnic and religious groups.

  3. Supply of explosives and sophisticated arms to various terrorist groups.

  4. Causing sabotage of oil pipelines and other installations, communication lines, railways and roads.

  5. Promoting fundamentalism and militancy among local Muslim youth by misleading them in the name of 'jehad'.

  6. Promoting communal tension between Hindu and Muslim citizens by way of false and highly inflammatory propaganda.


Assam Police is in possession of plenty of evidence to show that the top ULFA leadership is in touch with certain officials of the Pakistani High Commission in Dacca. The ULFA leaders have been travelling to Pakistan regularly. Pakistani agencies have already imparted arms training to hundreds of ULFA cadres. According to the statement of scores of arrested ULFA leaders including their self-styled Vice Chairman Pradip Gogoi, the Pakistani officials in their High Commission in Dacca arrange for their passport in various Muslim names and send them to Karachi. From Karachi airport, they are whisked away in unmarked vehicles to the training centres. Specific evidence to such trips by dozens of ULFA leaders are already available.

ISI has procured different passports for Paresh Barua, the self-styled C-in-C of ULFA in different names. Assam Police has been able to procure a copy of one passport issued to Paresh Barua in the name of Kamaruddin Zaman Khan. Documentary evidence suggests that this Bangladeshi passport has been obtained by fraudulent means with the help of an official of the Pakistani High Commission.

During the recent Kargil conflict, the ULFA issued a statement condemning Indian Government's role in Kashmir. The language of the above statement was exactly the same as that issued by the Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, a Pakistan based terrorist outfit controlled by the ISI. This shows that even the drafting of the above statement was probably made by Pakistani agencies.


Assam Police arrested the following four persons in Guwahati on August 10, 1999 while they were found moving about under suspicious circumstances and contacting certain persons in different parts of the State.

  1. Md. Fasih Ullah Hussaini @ Hamid Mahmood @ Khalid Mehmood, son of Syed Habibulla, resident of Hyderabad Sind, Pakistan.

  2. Md. Javed Wakhar @ Md. Musaffar @ Md. Mehraj @ Abdul Rahman Danish, resident of Karachi, Pakistan.

  3. Maulana Hafiz Md. Akram Mallick @ Musaffar Hassain @ Atabulla @ Bhaijan @ Abdul Awal, son of Md. Abdul Aziz of Village Mukam Shahwali, Kupwara, J&K State.

  4. Qari Salim Ahmed @ Abdul Aziz @ Sadat, son of Abdul Rashid, resident of Village Mehilki, Dist. Muzaffarnagar, UP.

These persons had arrived in Dacca from Karachi by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight on different dates in the third week of July 1999 and had meetings with the ISI officials based in Dacca to arrange for onward dispatch of a consignment of explosives to Assam. Subsequently, they traveled to Sylhet and crossed over to India through illegal channels somewhere near Karimganj.


During interrogation of the arrested persons, it came to light that the Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, a dreaded Pakistan-based terrorist outfit, has recruited and dispatched a number of youths from Assam for training in Pakistan. Based on the information provided by them, Assam Police arrested a large number of persons who have returned after training in Pakistan, including some of the top most activists of the Assam unit of the Harkat-ul-Mujahideen. The chief organiser of HuM in Assam, Md. Muslimuddin was also arrested. It has come to light that the Naib Amir of HuM in India, Maulana Md. Fakruddin @ Akram Master also hails from Goalpara district of Assam. He is at present based in Pakistan.


Md. Fasih Ulla Hussaini and Javed Wakhar, Pakistani nationals (top activists of Pakistan based Harkat-ul-Mujahideen) who were arrested in Guwahati in August 1999, are now lodged in Goalpara jail. Recently Fasih Ulla moved the Chief Judicial Magistrate of Goalpara for permission to write to the Pakistani High Commissioner in Delhi to obtain a sum of Rs. 3 lakhs for meeting their legal expenses to defend their case. The CJM passed an order dated November 16, 1999, agreeing to the prayer and accordingly Md. Fasih Ulla wrote to Mr. Ashraf Jahangir Qazi, the Pakistani High Commissioner stating that he along with his colleagues have been arrested by Assam Police and asking him to obtain a sum of Rs. 3 lakhs from his 'guardian' in Islamabad. The telephone number of the 'guardian' provided in the application – 414446 – is the personal telephone of Fazlur Rahman Khalil, the Chief Amir of Harkat-ul-Mujahideen.

Copy of Application written by Fasih Ulla through CJM, Goalpara addressed to Pakistan High Commissioner, New Delhi requesting for obtaining money from Pak based Fazlur Rahman Khalil, Chief of HuM.



During the last few years, a large number of Muslim militant outfits have mushroomed in the State. The outfits which have come to notice are:

    • Muslim United Liberation Front of Assam (MULFA)

    • Muslim Liberation Tigers of Assam (MLTA)

    • Islamic Liberation Army of Assam (ILAA)

    • United Muslim Liberation Front of Assam (UMLFA)

    • United Reformation Protest of Assam (URPA)

    • People's United Liberation Front (PULF)

    • Muslim Volunteer Force (MVF)

    • Adam Sena

    • Islamic Sevak Sangha

    • Harkat-ul-Mujahideen

    • Harkat-ul-Jehad

These outfits have been actively engaged in extortion of money, recruitment of cadres and training in handling arms and explosives. During the last two years, Assam Police have arrested 101 MLTA activists, 60 other cadres belonging to other outfits noted above.


Although some of the top arrested militants have been connected with the activities of Mosques or Madrassas, nobody should jump to a conclusion that all these sacred religious institutions have been maligned. While it is necessary to take legal action against those criminals involved in anti-national activities, care should be taken not to bring bad name to the sacred religious institution or to the Muslim community in general. Care has been taken to see that Muslim police officers alone are deputed for such enquiry in religious places.


A number of audio cassettes of speeches by Maulana Masood Azar have been found in circulation in various parts of the State. The contents of these speeches have been found to be highly inflammatory and communally sensitive.


1. Salim Ahmed (30)
S/o. Abdul Rashid of village Mehelki, Dist. Muzaffar Nagar, UP

1. Salim Ahmed @ Abdul Aziz, @ Qari Salim (30), S/o, Abdul Rashid of village Mehelki, Dist. Muzaffar Nagar, UP worked as a teacher in a Madrassa and then as Alim in Durul Ulum Shawala Madrassa in Dist. Kupawara in J&K. Salim went to Bangladesh with Faruque in May 1997 through Karimganj border. On May 29, 1997, Salim travelled from Dacca to Pakistan in a PIA flight with one Qasim, a HuM activist. In Pakistan Salim met Chief Amir MuM who advised him to organise HuM in UP, J&K and in Assam by recruiting local Muslim youths for undergoing arms and explosive training in Pakistan. He has visited Assam several times and has stayed with many important people in Assam during such trips. He has been the main inspiring force in recruiting large numbers of Muslim youths from Goalpara, Dhubri and Barpeta Districts after which he organised their trip to Pakistan via Bangladesh for imparting arms and explosive training organised by HuM through ISI operatives. During his stay in Dacca on his return from Pakistan Salim received an explosive consignment of 34 kgs. of RDX, 9 timer devices, 30 pcs. of detonators, 3 time pencils and 5 blasting machines from an ISI operative located in Bangladesh. Salim brought the consignment to Rajshahi and handed over the same to Maulana Abdul Jabbar an Imam of Rajshahi in Bangladesh. This consignment was intercepted near the Indo-Bangladesh border by a joint team of Assam and West Bengal Police after it was smuggled into India on August 14, 1999.

2.  Javed Wakhar @ Md. Musaffa
S/o. Md.Samsad Khan of Muzaffar Nagar, UP

Jawed Wakhar @ Md. Musaffa, is another ISI operative and HuM activist arrested at Guwahati. He originally hailed from UP and subsequently obtained Pakistani citizenship. He is an explosive expert of the HuM and was sent to Assam and other States of India for causing large scale sabotage through a series of bomb explosions.

(Identity Card of Javed Wakhar issued by Pakistan Govt.)

3. Maulana Md. Akram Malik (30)
S/o. Abdul Aziz Malik, vill. Mukam Sahwali, District Kupawara, J&K

Md. Akram Malik @ Muzaffar Hussain @ Attaullah @ Bhaijan @ Abul Awal @ Jaffar Alam (30) S/o. Abdul Aziz Malik, vill. Mukam Sahwali, District Kupawara, J&K worked as a teacher in Durul Ulum Mukam Sahawali Madrassa from 1993 to 1997 and subsequently joined the HuM. He went over to Pakistan for arms training and was being used by the ISI for creating large scale disturbances in various States in India. After arrival in Bangladesh, on July 17, Akram accompanied by Salim and Abdul Rahman, Amir HuM Mumbai, went to Rajshahi with a huge explosives consignment and kept it with Imam Abdul Jaffar of Rajshahi. On July 20, 1999 Akram, Fasiullah left Dacca for Sylhet and with Musaffa, crossed over to India via Karimganj border on 28th July 1999 and reached Guwahati on 29th July 1999.

4. Fasiullah (30)
S/o. Syed Habibulla, village Gulshan-e-Maymar, Karachi (Pakistani National)

Fasiullah @ Fasi @ Hamid Mahmood (30), S/o. Sayed Habibulla village Gulshan-e-Maymar, Karchai Pakistan is a HuM activist. After joining the outfit 1991, he took arms training at Pak Afghan border. In 1993, Fasiullah a commerce graduate, underwent an explosive training at Mansera NWFP in Pakistan. In March 1999, a 70-member group of Mujaheedins consisting of HuM, Laskar-e-Toiba, Hijbul Majaheedin, Harkat ul Ansar, Al Fatah activists made three attempts of intrusion into J&K for Jehad but did not succeed due to stepped up security and vigil along the LoC. Fasiullah was one of the members of the above group of Majaheedins which was sponsored by ISI of Pakistan to make attempts to infiltrate into J&K for participating in Jehad. On 15 July 1999, under instructions from the ISI and Fazlur Rahman Khalil, Chief Amir HuM, Fasiullah travelled to Bangladesh by air. On his arrival at Dacca, Fasiullah was met and briefed by two ISI officers and later he crossed over to India via Zakiganj border on July 28/99 and reached Guwahati on July 29/99.

5. Muslimuddin (39),
S/o Jonab Ali of village Paikan Part-II, Krishnai, Dist. Goalpara.

Muslimuddin @ Muslim Ali @ Abu Raihan, 39, S/o. Jonab Ali of village Paikan Part-II, Krishnai, Goalpara Dist. Assam, after obtaining MA degree in Arabic from Sharanpur, UP joined as a teacher in Durul Ulum Madrassa, Habraghat, Krishani. In 1997, he was forced to resign from his post following some dispute with the Managing Committee of the Madrassa over misappropriation of money. He was closely associated with Jamati-Ul-Ulema-E-Hind and was the Vice President of Goalpara District JUUEH. It was Maulavi Fakaruddin @ Akram Master of village Mainbari, Barpeta District, a HuM activist and ISI operative presently based at Islamabad Pakistan who motivated Muslimuddin to join HuM. Muslimuddin held a series of meeting with local youths of Goalpara and Kokrajhar districts and advised them to join the HuM to join the 'jehad' for creating an Islamic State in Assam. As advised by Fakaruddin, Muslim Ali along with Sah Alam, Abul Qasim left for Bangladesh in June '98 via Cooch Behar and stayed at Nurani Madrasa, Jatrabari, Dacca which was the transit camp of all HuM activists making trans-border movement to Pakistan via Bangladesh. Muslimuddin underwent arms and explosive training at Batrasi with many other cadres from Assam. He also underwent a training in arms and ammunition at Vaddi-E-Neliam in PoK. After his return to India in June ' 99, Muslimuddin circulated several inflammatory leaflets captioned Farman-E-Rasul (Sa) in a fake name, Abu Raihan inciting the Muslim community of Assam to declare Jehad against the non-Muslims and to establish a separate Muslim country in Assam.

Apart from recruiting large number of local Muslim youth for joining the cadres of HuM, Muslimuddin has also been orgainising local training camps for these youth.

6. Zakir Hussain
S/o. Md. Golam Ali of Chandmari, District Goalpara.

Zakir Hussain @ Md. Rafiqe S/o. Md. Golam Ali of Chandmari, District Goalpara, Assam is a HuM activist who first cross over to Bangladesh in June '98 with Shah Alam and Abul Qasim and Muslim Ali of Krishnai, Goalpara. It was Muslim Ali who motivated Zakir Hussain and took him and other two youths to Dacca. After staying at Nurani Madrassa which is a transit camp of HuM activists for about 20 days, Zakir and Shah Alam went to Batrasi HuM training centre in Pakistan being arranged by Abu Sayed @ Faruque, the ISI agent working in Bangladesh. Zakir underwent arms and explosives training for 40 days in Batrasi imparted by HuM. On completion of training he returned to India via Bangladesh. After his return to Assam Zakir stepped up his activities in collusion with other HuM activists of Goalpara, Dhubri and Barpeta districts.

7. Nurul Amin
S/o. Hazarat Ali of village Gorgori, Dist. Nalbari.

Nurul Amin @ Sajid @ Mainuddin S/o. Hazarat Ali of village Gorgori of Nalbari district, Assam was in Delhi in 1994 for studying Qari after completion of Hafiji in Durul Ulum Madrassa, Deoband, UP in 1990. During his stay in Delhi in 1994 he along with Omar Syed Sheikh and Sahji Mahmood etc. got involved in a kidnapping case of one American Bela Joseph Naos and three British nationals (Rhys Curzel Partridge, Paul Benjamin Rideout and Christopher Milis Gosten). The foreigners were kidnapped by Harkat ul Ansar activists from Connaught Place in a bid to secure the release of dreaded leader Maulana Masood Azar belonging to the said outfit. (Incidentally, Omar Syed Sheikh and Masud Azar were the terrorists who had to be released by Government of India on December 31, 1999 in exchange for the passengers of the hijacked Indian Airlines flight)

Ever since his involvement in kidnapping of the foreign nationals, Nurul Amin became a fugitive and went to Bangladesh twice. During his stay in Bangladesh Nurul Amin underwent arms and explosive training imparted by Harkat-Ul-Zehad-Al-Ilsami-Arakan, a Bangladesh based militant organisation.

8. Abul Qasim
S/o. Altaf Hussain of Khoridhara, Krishani, PS. Dudhnoi, Dist. Goalpara.

Abul Qasim @ Osman S/o Altaf Hussain of Khoridhra, Krishani PS Dudhnoi, Dist Goalpara, Assam is a member of the HuM. Abul Qasim was motivated by Muslim Ali of Goalpara and Mina Fakaruddin of Barpeta to join HuM. In the middle of 1998, Abul Qasim came to Dacca with Muslimuddin, Zakir Hussain and Shah Alam-all of Goalpara and stayed at Nurani Madrassa, Jatrabari Dacca. At Nurani Madrassa Abul Qasim met Qari Salim, Yasin and Danish, all HuM activists of UP and Allauddin and Hassam Mobia of Dhubri. On being arranged by Abu Sayed @ Faruque, the ISI agent working in Bangladesh, Abul Qasim left for Pakistan for arms and explosives training at Batrasi, Pakistan. After undergoing 45 days training in Pakistan, Abul Qasim returned to Assam via Bangladesh and started doing subversive activities along with other HuM activists of Goalpara, Dhubri and Barpeta districts.

9. Mainul Haque
S/o. Faizuddin of Rampur, Krishnai, Dist. Goalpara.

Mainul Haque @ Jamaluddin S/o. Faizuddin of Rampur, Krishnai, district Goalpara, Assam is a Pak trained HuM activist. In 1998, when he went to Delhi with one Nazmul Haque of Krishani he met Abu Sayed @ Faruque, a Pak ISI agent who sent him to Bangladesh. After staying a few days in Nurani Madrassa, Jatrabari, he went to Pakistan with Nazmul Haque in the last part of 1998 for undergoing training at Batrasi, Pakistan. On completion of his training he returned to India and engaged himself in organisational work of HuM in collaboration with other HuM activists of Assam.

10. Saiful Islam
S/o. Wazed Ali Khan of Pulkipara, Hawli, Dist. Barpeta.

Saiful Islam @ Bulbul S/o/ Md. Wazed Ali Khan of Pulkipara, Hawli, district Barpeta is a PULF activist, a Manipur based Muslim militant outfit. Saiful Islam, who is a graduate, underwent arms training imparted by PULF under the auspices of NSCN (IM) at Laisen Khulen, Phungyar sub. div., district Ukhrul, Manipur. After his arms training Saiful Islam with two other PULF activists viz. Faruque and Saddam made an abortive attempt to kidnap the owner of Sarkar Medical Store, Mandia. In April 1999, he along with his associates kidnapped one Subhash Saha and after taking a ransom of 2 lakhs for his release. At the time of kidnapping Saiful and his associates killed one Mainul who tried to intervene between the kidnappers and the kidnapped person.

11. Allauddin Ahmed S/o. Md. Muktarur Rahman of Purani Bazar, Bilashipara. Dist. Dhubri.

Allauddin Ahmed @ Md. Omar @ Ashik Ahmed S/o. Md. Muktarur Rahman of Purani Bazar, Bilashipara, District Dhubri, Assam is a Pak trained activist. Maulana Fakruddin @ Akram Master of Barpeta who is a HuM activist, an ISI agent based in Islamabad, Pakistan met Allauddin Ahmed at Dhubri Bara Maszid during 1998. It was Fakruddin who motivated him to join HuM. Allauddin as per advice of Fakruddin came to Dacca in June 1998 and in Madrassa Nurani, Jatrabari he met Abu Sayed @ Faruque, Abdul Mannan @ Mainul Haque of Barpeta, Abul Bakkar Siddiqque @ Abdulla of Nalbari who were waiting in the said transit camp before they moved out to Pakistan for training. On being arranged by Faruque, all of them went to Pakistan and underwent 45 days arms and explosive training at Batrasi training camp. During the last part of December, Allauddin returned to Assam via Bangladesh.

12. Kifayetullah S/o. Late Liyakatulla of Bidyanagar, Garigaon, Dist. Kamrup.

Kifayetullah S/o. Liyakatullah of Bidyanagar, Garigaon, District Kamrup, Guwahati was identified by arrested Quari Salim as their local ISI contact. Abdul Mannan of vill. Moinbori, PS. Barpeta Road (a HuM activist) and Nurul Amin of Nalbari (Since arrested) are his ex-students. Kifayetullah also disclosed that in January 1997 Md. Nurul Amin came to the book stall of Kifayetullah accompanied by a youth who was introduced as Nadeem of Delhi. Nurul gave Kifayetullah a paper packet that contained a bundle containing a huge amount of US dollars and some loose Indian currency of Rs. 500/- denomination and Nurul requested him to keep the currency notes in a safe custody as it belonged to Nadeem who spent the night at Hotel Lisa, Lakhtokia, Guwahati. Next day, they collected the money from Kifayetullah and proceeded to Bangladesh. After some days Nadeem came to his house and gave him a water cooler having capcity of 10/15 litres in which some RDX explosives was kept concealed, for keeping it in safe custody. Next day both Nurul and Nadeem came to his book stall and collected the water cooler. Within a few days Kifayetullah came to know from news paper report that Nadeem had been caught in New Delhi Rly. Station for carrying RDX inside a water cooler.

Kifayetullah also disclosed that Nurul Amin was a frequent visitor to Garigaon Madrassa and met Mufti Nazrul Islam. Kifayetullah disclosed that in the last week of July/99, the state committee of JEI assembled at Lucknow and paid homage to the Muslim jawans/officers of the Indian Army who lost their lives in Kargil. The meeting also decided to deter the Muslim youths from joining the Indian Army.

13. Md. Akbar Ali
S/o. Md. Amir Ali of Josihatipara, PS. Barpeta Road, Dist. Barpeta.

In September 1998, Saiful Islam Khan (Since arrested) told him about People's United Liberation Front (PULF). In October 1998, Rubul the leader of PULF, came to his house and told that the aim of PULF is to form an Islamic country in the North Eastern region of India by Armed struggle against the Govt. of India. He told that the instructors of NSCN (I-M) imparted arms training to the members of PULF in Manipur. Then Md. Akbar Ali joined PULF. Md. Muslim Ali, Sahidul Islam (of Joshihatipara, Barpeta), Rubul of Nagaon, Mansur Rahman, Abul Qasim (the leader of HuM, Assam) and Md. Akbar Ali assembled in the house of Qasim Ali of Khoridhara (PS, Dudhnoi, Goalpara) and held a closed-door meeting in this context. In February 1999 Rubul, Md. Akbar Ali, Maulana Muslim Ali, Abul Qasim, Sahidul Islam, Mansur Rahman, Abu Bakkar Siddique @ Abdulla of Rampur (PS. Barpeta) held discussion in the house of Md. Akbar Ali. Rubul told that he possessed stengun, carbine and pistol. In April 1999 Moinul Haque came to the house of Md. Akbar Ali and told him and Rubul that he had brought 20 Kgs of explosive substances from Bangladesh, but he did not tell about the place where he had kept the consignment. In February 1999 Akbar Ali recruited and produced the following youth before Rubul in the house of the subject for arms training in Manipur and Myanmar. They were (1) Sahidul Islam S/o. Harmoj Ali of Josihatipara PS, Barpeta (2) Jahidul Islam S/o. Afsar Ali Ahmed of Moirajhar, Howly (PS Barpeta,) (Since arrested) (3) Mansur Rahman S/o. Abdul Kader of Dhakali Yapara (PS, Barpeta)

14. Md. Tazrul Islam
S/o. Md. Safiyer Rahman of Medhirjhar, PS. Bilashipara, Dist. Dhubri.

Md. Tazrul Islam joined the Harkat-ul-Mujahideen on 03-06-1998 on being asked by Allauddin, an activist of HuM (since arrested) of Bilashipara. One Allauddin and one Md. Juber alias Makbul Maulana of Lakhigaj (Bilashipara) took Md. Tazrul Islam to Bangladesh on 03-06-1998 through a clandestine route by boat. Md. Tazrul Islam, Allauddin and Juber reached Ronmari Bazar (Bangladesh) and subsequently they left for Dhaka by bus and reached Nurani Madrassa of Jatrabari and stayed there for three days. Md. Tazrul Islam stated that one Abu Sayeed of Nurani Madrassa and Jubor inspired him to undergo Arms training and they were shifted to another location where Md. Tazrul Islam also stated that during his 40 days stay at Jatrabari he met Asrab, Rafique, Osman Muslimuddin @ Jubor Mulla (since arrested) of Goalpara Dist. Tazrul Islam stated that their names were changed there. He was renamed as Tahidul and Allauddin was also renamed as Ashik. Abu Sayeed arranged two passports and visas for both of them. Md. Tazrul Islam further stated that on 24/07/98 Abu Syeed sent him to Pakistan (Karachi) by air with a Jack fruit (for his identification).

Tazrul Islam was imparted arms training (TACHUCHIA) in Batrasi training centre for 20 days and he was taught how to handle AK-47, G-2, G-3, SLR, T.T. Pistol, Carbine. There he underwent training with the following HuM activists of Assam.

Tazul Islam had to undergo another arms training in a secret place/training centre (name not known) where they learnt the art of handling LMG, Rocket Launcher, Telescopic weapons etc. for 20 days. Thereafter, he had to undergo "KHUSUSI" explosive training and learnt saddle charge (remote control device) and chip charge besides making and exploding bombs using C-4, C-3 explosives. He also stated that such explosions were useful to blow up pipe lines and bridges. It was also revealed by Md. Tazrul Islam that the training instructor namely "BABA" told them that the trainees would be engaged where necessary after training in their native place. Md. Tazrul Islam further stated that after the training their Master told them to organise meetings in their local places and to form organisations giving different names selecting office bearers and they were instructed to run such organisations like NDFB and ULFA extremists for the cause of the Muslims.

15. Md. Abdul Mukit Choudhury S/o. Late Motahir Choudhury of Sowajpur, Kakirabazar, PS & Dist. Karimganj.

Has been helping the ISI operatives and other militant outfits controlled by the ISI in crossing over between India and Bangladesh, via Karimganj border.

16. Haji Billaluddin Ahmed S/o. Late Haji Sahid Ali of Manugram, PS & Dist. Karimganj.

Has been helping the ISI operatives and other militant outfits controlled by the ISI in crossing between India and Bangladesh, via Karimganj border.

17. Jehirul Islam (23) S/o. Late Ahad Ali of Dhumarpathar, PS, Barpeta Road.

Jehirul Hoque @ Jahu @ Saddam Hussain @ Mithun joined PULF in the last part of 1997. The subject stayed in the training camp in the deep jungles of Ukhrul District of Manipur for 8 months along with Faruque, Bulbul and Ratel. After 8 months he stayed with Anwar Sadat (Jorhat), Raju Ahmed, Jitu Ali and Jahir @ Aphel (all of Jorhat Saulkhowa).

Jehirul Hoque further disclosed that the aim and object of PULF was to safeguard the Muslim community. He stated that PULF cadres were imparted training in Ukhrul Dist. of Manipur run by NSCN.





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