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Incidents and Statements involving Coordination Committee (CorCom): 2016



Nature of incident

June 21


The CorCom raised strong objection to the Government of India's attempt to enter the league of the elite Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). A representation jointly signed by UNLF 'chairman' and CorCom 'convenor' Khundongbam Pambei, PREPAK 'acting chairman' Khumujam Shathy, PREPAK-Pro 'chairman' Longjam Paliba and RPF 'president' Irengbam Chaoren and addressed to the NSG Chair asserted that the Government of India does not deserve any respect and therefore must not enjoy NSG membership. Manipur was forcibly annexed by India on October 15, 1949, they alleged. India's membership to NSG will buttress its agenda to building a monolithic nuclear power block in the region, which will in turn become the instrument of oppression by the exploitative market forces that have been erected to enjoy the spoils of unjust war.

October 15 Manipur

The CorCom called for an 18-hour total shutdown on October 15, the day on which the conglomerate of five major rebel groups in Manipur observed as "Leipakki Amamba Numit" (National Black Day) every year. The 18-hour total shutdown (Sintha Leppa) would be effective from the intervening night of Friday (October 15) and Saturday (October 15) and ends at 6 pm on Saturday. Manipur was merged to the Republic of India on October 15, 1949 after a merger agreement was signed between the then King of Manipur and India. Alleging that the merger agreement was signed by the then King of Manipur Maharaja Budhachandra at gun point after he was summoned to Shillong, Meghalaya, rebel groups of the state have been observing October 15 every year as "National Black Day".

October 16 Manipur

The 18-hour general strike imposed by the CorCom a conglomeration of six valley-based militant outfits severely crippled normal life in the State. The general strike was imposed from October 14 midnight and concluded at 6pm October 16 in observance of the 'National Black Day' commemorating the merger of Manipur by the Indian Government. However, there has been no report of any untoward incident till the filing of this report.

December 11


The CorCom has greeted all the people of Manipur on the 77th anniversary of Nupi Lan (December 12). Recalling the legacy of the first Nupi Lan of 1904, a statement issued by CorCom asserted that Manipuri women started donning the roles of vanguards on both political and economic fronts as male population was severely depleted in the aftermath of the war fought against Ava (Myanmar) in 1817 and the Anglo-Manipur war of 1891.

Non-violent, Statement
December 18


The CorCom has categorically stated that all forms of economic blockades and counter economic blockades are crimes against humanity and alleged that the blockades are 'a part of conspiracy' of GoI.



Source:Compiled from news reports and are provisional.





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