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Incidents and Statements Kuki Liberation Army: 2001-2012


September 25: A team of Porompat Police arrested two KLA cadres identified as Minthom Vaiphei and Paokam Touthang from the eastern side of Sanjenthong Bridge. A statement issued by the SP of Imphal East said twenty-six demand letters of the outfit and two mobile handsets were recovered from their possession.

September 13: SFs arrested two KLA cadres identified as Thang Khongam Haokip alias Davidson and Sontinpao Haokip alias Abed.

August 29: SFs reportedly arrested a KNO cadre, identified as 'Captain' Tinlal, from Thadou Veng area of Thinghat sub division in Churachandpur District.

July 23: Clarifying that the KNLF is not part of SoO groups, the KNO, washes its hand on the alleged illegal activities of the former, saying it does not condoned their activities.

June 9: SFs arrested one KLA cadre identified as, L Ngamtong Khongsai alias Atong at about 11:15 am from Saikhul Salem Veng near the Sangakpham Bazar.

March 6: SFs arrested one cadre of KLA identified as 'Corporal' Thangminlal Khongsai alias Ronny Kuki from Thangkanphai village area of Saikul sub-division in Senapati District.

February 7: Four cadres of the KLA who are under SoO agreement were assaulted for extortion and later handed over to security personnel by locals of Moirangpurel village in Imphal East District. They have been identified as Haoupu, Helin, Sanboi, and Ng Thang.

January 28: Despite the assurance of the Election Department to allow cadres of armed groups under SoO to vote through postal ballots, cadres of KLO and KLA were denied any opportunity to vote due to non-arrival of polling officials. Even as the State Election Department made arrangements to allow cadres of SoO parties to cast votes within their designated camps, no polling officials came to KLO/KLA's designated camp at Gamnom in Saikul.


September 25: SFs arrested two militants belonging to KLA identified as 'tax commander' Lethao Lienthang (40), and Sehchon Simsong (38), following an encounter in Kuki-dominated Sangpijang village near Haflong in Dima Hasao District. Four guns, a pistol and some ammunition were recovered.

June 13: Two persons including secretary of village authority were abducted by militants of KLA in Churachandpur District. The abductees were identified as Thongmang Lhungdim (53) and Holkholet Lhungdim (60).

May 16: KNF condoled the death of its revolutionary brother Pu Paokhomang alias Paomang Khongsai', who was the chief of KLA. The bullet riddled dead body of Paokhomang alias Paomang Khongsai was recovered under a culvert along Imphal-Dimapur road near Kholep village under Sapermeina Police Station of Senapati District on May 8. Condoling the death, general secretary of KNF Aaron Kipgen appealed to all the organizations/individuals involved in the brutal killing to come out with an explanation to the public specifying why the death penalty has been awarded to the Kuki revolutionary leader without any warning.

May 12: A bullet ridden dead body of a man was found on May 8 under a culvert near Kholep village along Motbung stretch of National Highway 39 in Senapati District and has been identified as Paokhomang Khongsai (37), the 'President' of the KLA, a signatory of the SoO. The motive behind the killing is yet to be ascertained as no individual or organisation has claimed responsible for the killing so far.


September 23: Two cadres of the KLA were arrested by Imphal West Police from Khuman Lampak. They were identified as one Doupao alias Paopao Khongsai (32), and Thankhulun Khongsai (27). An extortion demand letter of Kangleipak Liberation Organisation (KLO)/KLA, six live ammunitions of US carbine, five live ammunitions of AK-47 and one cellular phone were recovered from their possession.

September 21: A KLA cadre, Naorem Suraj alias Kiran (41), was arrested by the Imphal East District Police from Lamlong area. A demand letter of the outfit addressed to Director of Forest amounting INR 300000 which was signed by one Robert of the outfit was recovered from his possession.

August 9: KRA and the KLA have joined the Kuki National Organization (KNO), which is the political front of a conglomeration of most of the Kuki armed groups under Suspension of Operation.

August 3: Imphal East District Police commandos arrested a cadre of the United faction of the KLA, Lalboy Touthang alias Kenedy alias Kanhal alias Jem Kuki (35) from Checkon crossing. One identity card issued by Income Tax Department, driving license, three identity cards issued by Government of Manipur. Four Nokia cellular phones with two SIM cards and one wallet were recovered from his possession. He disclosed that he joined the outfit in October 2006 through one 'self-styled Lieutenant' Bijoy Kuki and he is now holding the rank of 'Finance Secretary' of KLA-U.

Another KLA-U cadre, R.K. Sanjoy Singh alias Joybabu (45) was arrested from Lamphel Sana Keithel at the instance of Lalboy, said a press release issued by Imphal East Superintendent of Police.

July 28: A KLA cadre, Tayenjam Herojit alias Jackson (24), was arrested by the Imphal East District Police from Wangkhei Keithel Ashangbi area.

July 21: 18 militants were killed and four others injured in the already reported gun battle between combined cadres of the KLA and KRA on one hand and Prithvi faction of the KNF on the other at Seijang Hill area on the border between Imphal East and Senapati Districts. The gun battle could be the result of a fight for territorial control of areas inhabited by the Kuki tribes, Police said. Official sources said both Prithvi faction of the KNF and KLA were signatories of the suspension of operation (SoO) agreement with the State Government and the Army for initiating the peace process. Under the agreement, Security Forces have suspended operations against the militant outfits and the militants were not allowed to carry arms. Manipur Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh had warned another signatory of the SoO agreement, the KNA, for allegedly violating ground rules and threatened to take action against them. While the KNA wants a ''Kukiland'' to be formed by integrating Kuki-settled areas of Manipur and Myanmar, Prithvi faction of the KNF and KLA demand a ''Kukiland'' by carving out Kuki-inhabited areas of Manipur.

July 20: Three cadres of Kuki Liberation Army KLA-U were arrested by Imphal East District Police at around from Khurai Ahongei area. One cellular phone and two demand letters of the proscribed organization were also recovered from their possession, the Police release added.

May 26: Two cadres belonging to Prithvi faction of the KNF were killed and a KLA cadre injured in a factional clash near Maphou Dam at Maulham village under Kashom Kullen sub-division in Ukhrul District. The clash ensued when the KLA cadres attacked the rival outfit's hide out.

May 12: The KLA denied the Assam Rifles' claim of neutralizing a combined camp of the KLA and PLA at Monghlam village in Ukhrul District and stated that the outfit has no connection with PLA.

May 10: Two militant hideouts were neutralised by the Assam Rifles personnel at Monghlam area in Ukhrul District 36 blankets and daily use items were recovered from the hide outs, which were suspected to be jointly established by the KLA and PLA cadres.

April 30: The KLA accused the Prithvi faction of the Kuki National Front (KNF-P) of attacking the Zion camp, the tactical headquarters of KLA, on April 27 and 28 without any provocation resulting in unwanted casualties on their part. 'Information and publicity secretary' of the KLA, Kh. Addy Kuki, said that following the Nongbrang incident of 2009, the KNF-P was asked by the Government to withdraw from Saichang area. He said that even though the KNF-P reported to the Joint Monitoring Group (JMG) to have obliged and withdrawn all their cadres from the area, they were very active in the area till now. The KLA stated that it expected the KNF-P to withdraw from Saichang area just as they reported to the JMG so as to avoid further fratricidal bloodshed among the Kuki people and also to restore peaceful atmosphere in the area.

April 29: Villagers of Bungbal Khullen, Seichang and Suongthel areas under Yairipok Police Station in Senapati District started fleeing their respective villages following continued clashes between suspected rival Kuki militants since April 27. As already reported, a cadre belonging to Prithvi faction of the Kuki KNF was killed in the clash. The report adds that five other Kuki militants sustained injuries in that clash. Sources said that apart from Prithvi faction of the KNF, KLA and KRA were involved in the factional clash.

April 27: One cadre of the Prithvit faction of the KNF, identified as Keiminlun Kipgen (20) of Haiken village, was reportedly killed in an internecine clash occurred between suspected cadres of KLA and KNF-P at Saichang in Saikul subdivision of Senapati District. Both the outfits are signatories of Suspension of Operation (SoO), the tripartite agreement involving the Kuki underground outfits, the Union Government and the State Government.

April 5: A KLA woman cadre, identified as Thingboi Touthang (30) of Jangthompahi village of Churachandpur District, was arrested by SFs from Kadangband Part-I in Imphal West District. One 9-mm pistol with five live rounds, one AK ammunition and one cellular phone were recovered from her possession.

March 9: A KLA cadre, Thangpilen Haolai alias Rudy alias Nanao alias SM Kuki (22), was arrested by the Imphal East District Police from New Checkon area. Haolai joined the KLA in June 2009 through one Paongam alias Angam of Churachandpur and he was involved in extortion of money from general public, Government officials, private farms and transport arms and ammunitions from one place to another.

February 16: The Assam Rifles personnel arrested five Kuki militants when they were traveling in two vehicles along the National Highway-39 and Old Burma Road near Saivom village in Chandel District. They were identified as KLA cadre J. K. Kuki alias Stephen (40), his wife Lhingboi Toutang (40), KNA cadre Thangmang (32), his wife Lhigboi Haokip (30) and Paocha alias Mani (25). Seven AK-57 Rifles, two M-16 Rifle, one 9-mm pistol, eight Magazines of AK-56, one Magazine of 9-mm, two M-16 Magazine, 412 rounds of 7.62-mm, nine rounds 9-mm, one telescopic sight, two Muzzle flash hiders, four pairs of combat dress and two vehicles were recovered from their possession.


December 5: A KLA cadre, Hemkhomang Taothang (37), is abducted and subsequently killed by an unspecified kuki outfit in Churachandpur District.

December 5: A KLA cadre, Hemkhomang alias Tiger (30), is killed by an unspecified kuki outfit in Churachandpur District.

November 19: The KLA outfit accused the Kuki National Organisation (KNO) of misappropriating stipends amounting INR 2500 for two months and INR 3500 for three months as provided by the Union Government for its 51 cadres after signing of the Suspension of Operation (SoO) agreement.

November 17: The KLA, in a statement signed by its ‘publicity and information secretary’ Armsrtong Kuki, disclosed that the outfit has left the Kuki National Organisation (KNO) and instead merged into the United People’s Front (UPF). The KNO and UPF are two umbrella organisations of 19 Kuki militant outfits which have entered into a Suspension of Operation agreement with the Union Government since 2005.

November 15: The 'deputy chief' of the KLA, identified as Thangboi, is shot dead by cadres belonging to the Lamyanba Khuman group of the Military Council (MC) faction of the KCP at Waroiching under Nambol Police Station in Bishnupur District. The KCP-MC alleged that Thangboi had been acting as an agent of the central Security Forces.

November 8: The ‘information and publicity secretary’ of the KLA, Brandon S. Kuki, said that the outfit has renamed itself as the Kuki Liberation Army-Military Council (KLA-MC) since April 2009. He added that the outfit was reorgnanised under the leadership of L. Stephen and Johny Kuki, as ‘chairman’ and ‘secretary’ following the assassination of its leader in 2007.

September 7: Three KLA cadres along with driver of a passenger vehicle are killed during an encounter between militants and troops at Mokot Chepu village under Litan Police Station in Ukhrul District.

June 21 : Two KLA militants, identified as Henkholien Haokip alias Lelien (25) and Sankhothang Khongsai alias Sakhon (34), are arrested by the Imphal East District Police from Lamlong bazaar.

June 19: A group of KLA militants led by Francis Kuki defects from the outfit. They have reportedly formed a new outfit called the United Kuki Liberation Army-Military Council (UKLA-MC) with Francis Kuki as its ‘commander-in-chief’.

April 29: The 'information and propaganda department of the KLA said the outfit has expelled its cadre, Thangminlen alias Tiger Kuki belonging to Bongjang village in Senapati District, for working against the group and extorting money from people without the knowledge of the leadership.

January 21: Two KLA cadres, Helun Taothang alias Apao and Paokhansiem Guite alias Seiem, are arrested by the Imphal East District Police from New Checkon. They confess during their interrogation that they were active cadres of the KLA since 2002 and were involved in extortions in Imphal areas.


December 24: A team of Imphal East District Police arrests a KLA cadre, Saikhom Amarjit, from Koirengei.

November 13: Inter-State buses plying from capital Imphal stopped operating following a threat imposed by the KLA.

November 12: A KLA cadre, Jakhohao Khongsai alias Haopu alias James, is arrested by the Imphal East district police commandoes from New Lambulane. He confessed during interrogation that he joined the KLA in October 2008 through one Robinson, deputy chief’ of the outfit. The arrested cadre is involved in extortion of money from general public and Government officials.

November 8: The Superintendent of Police in Imphal East district, Th. Radheshyam, said that vulnerable persons like drug addicts, HIV positive persons and widows are being used by militant groups, including KRA, Kuki Revolutionary Army-Unification (KRA-U), KLA, PULF and KCP- Military Council, in their extortion drive.

November 4: The Imphal East district police commandos arrest five cadres of the KLA and PREPAK from New Checkon area. While three KLA cadres are identified as Manglenlal Kipgen, Chongtham Nanao and Yumnam Kalachand, two PREPAK cadres are Khanglambam Brojen and Lai Moriba Makha.

November 2: A KLA cadre, Asat Haolai, is arrested by the Imphal East district police commandos from New Checkon locality. A demand letter for a sum of INR 2, 00,000 signed by M. C. Doungel, of the KLA addressed to Jamohei Haokip of New Lambulane, a wallet with INR 50 and an electoral identity card of the Kuki Artist Association in Manipur, were recovered from his possession.

November 1: A KLA cadre, Chonminlal Zou alias Lalboy alias Chochon, is arrested by a team of Imphal East district police commandos from New Checkon. He belongs to Songyang village in the Senapati district. He confessed that he joined the outfit in 2005 and was involved in extortion and providing shelter to KLA cadres along with transporting arms and ammunition.

Two unidentified cadres of the KLA-U open fire at the residence of a doctor, Thokchom Joy Singh, at the JN hospital in Imphal. Thokchom said that a demand letter of the outfit signed by its ‘finance secretary’, Lamjingba Luwang, was placed at his residential gate by unidentified persons on October 20, demanding INR 300000 with October 25 as the deadline.

October 27: Three truck drivers belonging to Manipur, abducted from Dimapur in Nagaland on October 26-evening by suspected KLA militants, are later released, after they paid a ransom worth INR 15,000 to the abductors.

October 26: The drivers of three goods carrier trucks coming from Manipur are abducted by suspected KLA militants at Home Pipe area in Dimapur, in connection with monetary demands to the respective truck owners. The trucks are attached to the Food Corporation of India (FCI).

October 23: Two persons, including a woman, are killed and several others sustain injuries when militants set ablaze a passenger bus plying from Imphal to Guwahati at Naorijan area of Karbi Anglong district in Assam. The slain passengers are identified as Robert Golmei of Tamenglong district, an army personnel posted at Siliguri in West Bengal, and Gimphaliu, a 60 year old woman of Chalhaiba village in the Churachandpur district. Later, KLA outfit claims responsibility for the attack.

October 19: The Kuki Liberation Army-Unification (KLA-U) asks all the KLA factions which had already merged with other groups, such as Kuki National Organisation (KNO) and United People's Front (UPF), to come back to the KLA-U in the interest of the Kuki people.

October 13: People capture a KLA cadre, Chabungbam Bisobanta alias Mono, and later assault him while trying to extort money from the residence of a retired gyneacology doctor, Akoijam Ibeyaima, at Tera Sapam Leirak under Lamphel police station. The ransom was demanded by the outfit through an extortion note on October 2.

September 30: The villagers of Sagolmang area in the Imphal East district protest against the serving of monetary demands to the owners of two local medical stores at Sagolmang by the KLA.

September 24: The KLA asks people against paying ransom to one Kennedy, who was allegedly trying to extort money from them in the guise of a KLA cadre. The ‘information and publicity secretary’ of the KLA, identified as Adie Kuki, asks Kennedy to ‘surrender’ within three days, and threatens that he will be given ‘capital punishment’ in case of his failure to do so.

August 26: Three KLA cadres, identified as Henkholien Haokip alias Lelien, Yanglal Guite and Jamson Lhungdin, are arrested by the Imphal East district police from Sanjenthong bridge. Four demand letters and one receipt book of the KLA are recovered from their possession.

August 18: Militants opened fire at the residence of one Nandeibam Inao at Thangmeiband Yumnam Leikai. The KLA claims responsibility for the attack and its ‘publicity secretary’ Armstrong Kuki informs the press that the attack was the last warning for Inao, a fertiliser dealer, to pay the demanded amount.

August 8: The ZRA ‘arrests’ two KLA militants, Kamlal alias Kenedy and Paukholet alias Jack, while they were allegedly trying to extort money from villagers of Sangaikot areas. The report adds that the duo demanded INR 5000 each from two villages of Molhoiphai and Bongjang along the Sugnu road and was threatening to burn homes and hearths of the villages if they failed.

July 11: Two suspected KLA militants are shot dead by the Imphal East district police along the Tinsid road.

June 27: Manipur Police rescue a sub-contractor and seven labourers abducted by KLA militants from the construction site of a mobile phone service provider's tower at Torbung in the Bishnupur district. The report adds that the militants had demanded INR 10,00000 from the mobile phone service provider, besides INR 50,000 from the contractor, failing which they threatened to stop work.

June 24 : The police recovered and later defused one locally-made bomb which is suspected to have been planted by the KLA cadres at the residence of a person, Chungpao Kipgen, at Zomi Villa in North AOC of Imphal. Kipgen said the bomb was suspected to be planted by the militants in connection with threats to him on the matter of five percent cuts from the funds meant for distribution to the victims of the Naga-Kuki ethnic violence which was released through the Communal Victims Relief Fund and Resettlement Association. Kipgen is reportedly one of the active members of the association.

June 12 : The KLA militants explode a Chinese hand grenade inside the residence of Deputy Inspector General Arms Police-II L. Khaijamang Haokip at New Lambulane. Furniture and flower pots were damaged in the explosion. A hard shell with the words CF-90 written on it is recovered from the incident site. Khaijamang says that he had received threats from the KLA over monetary demands on February 14, 2008.

May 30: People capture a KLA militant, Anoubam Naocha Sharma, while he was trying to extort money from a school headmaster, identified as Chingtham Priyokumar, at Uripok Baspati in the Imphal West district. He was later handed over to the Manipur Police. Two of his accomplices, however, managed to escape from the incident site. Sharma had served a monetary demand of INR 5 00000 to Priyokumar a month ago in the name of KLA. Meanwhile, another quoting Superintendent of Police of Imphal West district, L. Kailun, mentions that Naocha is a KNA cadre who was arrested by the Police from the extortion site. Naocha reportedly confesses that he joined the KNA six days back through one Ngairakpam Biren Singh and besides Biren operates under one Iboyaima Singh.

May 25: Four KLA militants, identified as Kamlen Dimngel, Mangkholal Doungel, Laljang Khongsai and Doukhohel Touthang, and one KRA cadre, Langkholel Chongloi, are killed during an internecine clash at New Saikhul under Saikhul police station in the Senapati district.

May 3: One KRA cadre, Rolex Misao, is shot dead by the KLA militants at Saikul area in the Senapati district.

April 23: Two suspected militants, including one KLA cadre identified as Pechimayum Ajitkumar, are shot dead by Manipur Police at Wakha under Porompat police station in the Imphal East district. One AK series rifle and one 9-mm pistol are reportedly recovered from the possession of the slain militants.

April 21: The 'commander in chief' of the KLA, Timothy Kuki, states in the Sadar Hills area that the outfit would target the six renegades who were involved in the April 19-killing of its 'district commander', Seilinthang alias Eagle, at Khuga Dam area in the Churachandpur district.

April 19: The Imphal West district 'commander' of the KLA, identified as Seilienthang, is shot dead by unidentified militants at the residence of his fiancee, Chingboi, in the Khuga Dam area of Churachandpur district.

April 16: The KLA asks five persons, Seikhohao alias Marvin Kuki, Ngamlet alias Jamdil Kuki, Paokholun Kuki, Arjun Kuki alias Jackson Meitei and Addy Kuki, to 'surrender' before Timothy Kuki, 'commander in-chief' of the outfit, by April 20. They were allegedly extorting money from various departments of the Manipur Government by 'misusing' the name of Marson Kuki, the former 'information and publicity secretary' of the KLA.

February 26: During an incident relating to a drunken brawl, Thangcha Kipgen, 'president' of the KLA, is killed at a hotel room in the Aizawl, capital of Mizoram. The hotel manager said that the KLA leader was fighting with two men in the presence of two women before his death. Kipgen was strangled, police stated. Around 14 cadres of seven Kuki insurgent factions reportedly held a meeting at a tourist lodge in Aizawl on February 24 to discuss unity among various Kuki underground factions. Police, however, said it had no knowledge about the meeting, but did not rule out the hands of a rival Kuki outfit in the killing.

February 24: Ngangbam Manglemjao, Executive Engineer of the Public Works Department, and his wife Shanti, a section officer in the Irrigation and Flood Control ministry, are released. They were earlier abducted by suspected KLA militants from Imphal-Ukhrul road on February 18.

February 22: Five KRA militants, including an old man and four child recruits, are abducted and subsequently killed by suspected militants of the KLA at an unspecified place along the road leading to Thangal Surung from Ekou Bazar under Saikul police station of Senapati district. The slain militants were identified as Hanpau Chongloi, Public Relations Officer of the KRA, Pouginlal Hangsing, Lamgoumang Louvum, Jangmilal Hangsing, and Seigoulen Khongsai. A vehicle hijacked by the slain militants is also set ablaze by the suspected KLA cadres in the incident site.

February 18: Ngnangbam Manglemjao Singh, an executive engineer in the public works department, and his wife Shanti Devi, a section officer in the irrigation and flood control department, are abducted by militants on their way to office. The KLA, which had not made any claim to the abductions, demanded INR 1 crore from the public works department for their release.


December 18: Three suspected KNF cadres belonging to their Presidential faction are killed by the KLA militants during a factional clash at Zoulen village under Saikul police station in the Senapati district. According to a KLA spokesperson, the clash occurred after the KNF militants entered Zoulen village which is within the 'operational area' of the KLA to collect money and paddy from the villagers. He claimed that five KNF cadres were wounded in the clash.

December 10: One KLA militant, Yamkholun Khongsai alias Lencha alias Ratab, is arrested by Manipur Police during a search operation at Hatta in the Imphal East district. Four extortion notes were recovered from Ratab, who belongs to Saichan village in the Senapati district.

December 5: Manipur Police rescued the driver and conductor of a truck, Nongthombam Nanao and Nongthombam Robin, following an encounter with suspected KLA militants at Itham Moirang Purel in the Thoubal district. According to police sources, the truck loaded with tyres and GI sheets was hijacked by unidentified militants from the Mantripukhri area on December 2.

December 2: One KLA cadre, identified as Thangjalen Singsit alias Lelen alias Boilen alias Jamkholet from Molenphai of Churachandpur district, is arrested during another search operation at New Checkon in the Imphal East district. November 29: One KLA cadre, Alwin alias Lungpu, is killed by suspected KNF militants during a factional clash at Bongbal village in the Churachandpur district.

November 22: One hand grenade was placed at the residence of a contractor, Ngangbam Meghachandra, by some unidentified militants at Chingamathak Nameirakpam Leikai under Singjamei police station in the Imphal East district. The grenade was later defused by Manipur Police personnel. According to police sources, the KLA had served an extortion note to Megachandra on November 9.

October 18: Over 300 villagers from Saichang village under Lamlai police station in the Imphal East district are camping at nearby Itham Moirangpurel village following the clash between the KLA and Prithvi faction of the KNF at Saichang and Bongyang villages.

October 17: Manipur Police stated that one KLA militant was killed and two others wounded in a clash with militants belonging to the Prithvi faction of the KNF at Bongyang village under Saikul police station in the Senapati district. Meanwhile, the 'president' of the Prithvi faction of the KNF denied the involvement of the group's cadres in the clash. Another report mentioned that the clash was a factional fight between the KLA militants. The report added that one AK rifle, one SLR, one M-16 and one US Carbine were taken away from the KLA cadres by the other group.

September 27: Two KRA militants are killed and three others injured in a gun battle with the KLA cadres at Khupibung village under Saikul police station in the Senapati district. Approximately 45 KLA militants were 'patrolling' at Khupibung when around 25 KRA cadres opened fire towards them. Immediately, the KLA cadres cordoned off the area and retaliated.

September 25: A statement signed by Armstrong Kuki, the 'information and publicity secretary' of the KLA, stated that the public in Manipur should not be confused with the activities of other armed groups operating in the name of KLA from North Cachar Hills in Assam. The KLA from Assam was asked to refrain from creating any misunderstanding between the various tribes in Manipur.

September 8: Five NSCN-IM militants are shot dead by suspected KLA cadres at an unspecified place between Jotsoma and Khonoma in the Kohima district of Nagaland. The victims, identified as P.K Stone, a priest at the NSCN-IM's headquarters at Camp Hebron, his wife Mairela, Nganshamkhui, Easternlite and Ahenmi, hailed from Ukhrul district in Manipur. Several spent cases of M-20 assault rifles and 9-mm pistols are recovered from the incident site. The KLA militants reportedly took revenge for the September 3-killing of their 12 cadres by the NSCN-IM militants at a forest near Tangkhul Hundung Khunou under Litan police station in the Ukhrul district.

September 3: At least 12 KLA militants are killed by the NSCN-IM at a forest near Tangkhul Hundung Khunou under Litan police station in the Ukhrul district. KLA cadres had earlier hijacked two passenger vehicles from the Maphou dam area. Weapons belonging to the slain KLA cadres were reportedly taken away by the NSCN-IM militants. The clash ensued following the KLA militants' violation of an understanding among the outfits not to intrude into each others' area of operation without prior information.

July 25: The number of casualties in the factional clash involving KLA militants on July 24-night between Bongbal and Rongyang in the Thoubal district has increased to 10 with the death of four more unidentified KLA cadres.

July 24: At least six militants of the KLA, including a top leader, identified as Thunder Kuki, his wife and his deputy, identified as Kingson, are killed in a factional clash between Bongbal and Rongyang under Yairipok police station in the Thoubal district. The killing was reportedly executed by Mosaun Kuki, the publicity secretary.

June 28: Security forces (SFs) arrested three suspected KLA militants, including a woman cadre identified as Shingboi Kuki, and two others, Lemkholan Shingson and K. Paulun Kom, while they were en route to serve a monetary demand of INR 15 lakhs to Power Minister Phungjathang at Chassad Avenue in the Imphal East district. SFs also sized one M-16 rifle having three live rounds and an M-79 grenade launcher lethod gun from their vehicle.

June 10: The KLA reportedly expelled five of its cadres, identified as Jangthang Touthang alias Kingson, Kingpin Kamlal Touthang alias Kennedy, Jangminthang Touthang alias Franklin, Mangtinlen Khongsai alias Anthony and Khaingam Haokip alias Rash Monglham.

June 3: Police personnel arrested two KLA cadres, identified as ‘corporal’ Namsang and ‘Sgt. Major’ Alex Khoute, at Maokot Chepu in the Ukhrul district. They also recovered seven Improvised Explosive Devices, one 9-mm pistol with a magazine and two live rounds, five rounds of AK-47, one detonator, one grenade, a two-inch mortar ammunition and anti-tank Rocket-Propelled Grenade ammunition and two extortion notes from their possession.

May 29: The ‘deputy commander’ of the KLA, identified as Thunder, defected with around 50 weapons after killing Letkholun Lupheng, ‘chief commander’ of the outfit, and at least five others at Bongjang area in the Saikhul sub-division of Senapati district. The clash occurred as a group of KLA militants led by Thunder revolted against the leadership of Letkholun at the KLA camp in Bongjang village.

March 9: Police arrested a KLA cadre, Komkhothang Kipgen alias Jeill, from an unspecified place in the Churachandpur district. However, two of his associates managed to escape from the incident site.

January 8: The KLA, in-protest against the State Government’s alleged refusal to endorse the agreement suspending operations between various Kuki militant groups and the army in 2006, announced that it would not allow election campaign and other poll-related activities from the ruling Indian National Congress legislators in areas under its control.


March 29: The KLA threatened the wife of a Kuki Church priest, Dr T Lunkim, to withdraw the statement made by her family members and well-wishers criticizing the outfit, which had abducted her husband on February 7. He was subsequently released on March 18.

March 18: Kuki church priest and human right activist, Dr. T. Lunkim, is released by the KLA after he is made to beg apology before media persons for his ‘anti-organisation activities’ and promise ‘not to indulge in them anymore in future’. Lunkim was abducted on January 17.

March 1: The KRA has appealed to the KLA for release of the church priest T. Lunkim on 'grounds of humanity' at Tamenglong district.

February 18: The KLA ‘imposed a fine’ on the human rights activist and church leader, T. Lunkim, who was abducted earlier by the outfit from the Thoubal district. Meanwhile, Lunkim’s wife reportedly accused the outfit of distorting its statement regarding the reason of abduction.

February 7: Cadres of the KLA allegedly abducted the Chairman of Kuki Movement for Human Rights, Dr. T. Lunkim, from the Imphal West district.


December 20: A SF personnel was killed while two others are injured in an exchange of fire with KLA cadres at Cheijang Bongyang Kuki village under Yairipok police station. The security forces also arrested a KLA woman activist and recovered a laptop, generator, printer, type writer and fax machine from her possession.

November 10: Eight militants, including six of the KLA and two cadres of the City Meitei faction of the KCP, surrendered to the Assam Rifles authorities at Tengnoupal. The KLA militants were identified as S Thangkhogin Mate who surrendered along with one Chinese-make navy gun, Sonminlein Mate with one Chinese-make Rifle, L. S. Thenkolal Mate along with one US-make carbine, M. Lungangam Haokip with one sten carbine, John Kamminthang with one 9 mm pistol and H Thangkho Mate, who surrendered with one M-16 rifle.

July 29: Suspected KLA cadres hurled a hand grenade at the residence of Additional Chief Engineer of the Irrigation and Flood Control Department in Imphal city. Another grenade is lobbed at a transport agency office in the Thangmeibandh area. While neither of them exploded, the outfit later claimed responsibility for the second attack. The KLA ‘information secretary’ Steward said that the attack was carried out for the alleged failure of the authorities to meet the demand of the outfit.

June 9: Two KLA cadres, Jamkhohao Haokip and Sagolsem Binodkumar Singh, are arrested from the CADA office gate area in Imphal West district. Police sources said that both had served an extortion note of Rs 50,000 on local officials and private transporters.


November 10: One person is injured when KLA militants fired to disperse a group of about 30 people at an unspecified place in Manipur, who had marched towards their camp to rescue three government officials held hostages by it since November 8. The outfit had demanded Rupees 50 lakhs for their safe release.

June 24: At least two suspected KLA militants were killed during an encounter with the Manipur Police commandos at New Lambulane area in the Imphal East district. Two hand grenades along with a demand letter signed by the ‘commander, KLA division no. 5', were recovered from the incident site. Imphal West district Superintendent of Police, S Ibocha, said that during the last few days, a number of KLA cadres had gathered in the New Lambulane and KR Lane areas for the purpose of carrying out extortion in the Greater Imphal area.

June 4: Paozangam Lupheng, chief of the armed wing of KLA, is killed at Chaningpokpi area in Thoubal district by the police of Imphal East district.

Police arrested another cadre of the KLA and recovered an AK-47 magazine with five live rounds, an equal number of spent cartridges and utensils from his possession.

April 25: Police arrested four KLA militants during separate raids at the Kamu and Koireng villages in Thoubal district. One of them, Letkhohao Misao is suspected to be involved in several abductions, including that of a German national Heinrich Wolfgang, who was released on April 9 after 18-days in captivity and also of Telecom Deputy General Manager T Lumkim, who was abducted and subsequently released in February 2003. The three others arrested were identified as Jenmai Vaiphei, Thiyanminboi Vaiphei and Vehma Vaiphei.

March 29: The KLA warned that any attempt to rescue Henrich Wolfgang, the abducted German activist of a foreign non-governmental organization, on the part of the security forces, would risk his life. Talking to media persons, a KLA representative said the outfit has abducted Wolfgang to make him aware of the irregularities and imbalance in the utilization of funds by some German-funded NGOs such as the Village Volunteer Development and Green Cross operating in the region.

March 23: Henrich Wolfgang, a German activist of a foreign non-governmental organization, is abducted at gunpoint by suspected KLA cadres near Moirangpurel Phura Makhong, under Lamlai police post-limits. Police said Wolfgang had arrived in Imphal on March 21 from Germany along with other team member to investigate the utilisation of the funding made by the NGO to various local NGOs.

February 23: The KLA has reportedly released Bharat Sanchar Nagar Limited (Manipur branch) Deputy General Manager J Lumkim in a jungle near Molnom in the Thoubal district. However, official sources did not reveal if Rs 30 lakh demanded as ransom was paid to the outfit.

February 18: Bharat Sanchar Nagar Limited (Manipur branch) Deputy General Manager J Lumkim Lumkim was abducted by the KLA from the Molnom area of Thoubal district.


June 4: Paozangam Letkholun, the KLA chief, was shot dead by the security forces in an encounter at Chaningpokpi village under Lamlai police post limits in the Imphal East district.


December 27: The Assam Rifles said that that the NSCN-IM is still recruiting cadres and carrying out extortion in Ukhrul district. Quoting Assam Rifles Commander Brig V Suresh Nair, media reports added that the outfit has been operating with KLA and KRA terrorist outfits in the area.

December 11: The abducted son of former Chief Minister Rishang Keishing is released by the KLA.

December 9: The youngest son of Rishang Keishing, former Chief Minister of Manipur, was abducted by the KLA.

August 16: A self-styled ‘captain’ of the KLA, Paokhotang Khongsai, is arrested by Imphal East district police, from the Lamlong Bazar area. A sten gun, a country-made carbine and some ammunition are recovered from his possession.

August 4: Security force personnel overran a camp of the KLA in Hanganglok, located between Saichang village and Songphen Nepali Basti. However, all the 15 inmates of the camp fired at the security force personnel and managed to escape.

July 29: The KLA burnt down several buildings of the Irrigation and Flood Control Department in Nongpok Keithelmanbi, approximately 15kms north of the Yairipok police station.


November 27: Security force personnel arrested two KLA cadres belonging to the Molnoi village and Ithang village. Some arms and ammunition are also recovered from them


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