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Incidents and Statements involving Kuki Revolutionary Army: 2013




Nature of incident

January 1

New Delhi

UMHA, Joint Secretary (North-East), Shambhu Singh will finalise peace talks modalities with two Kuki militant formations, UPF and KNO.

February 9

Karbi Anglong Distinct of Assam

KNA-Karbi Anglong unit observed the 'Political Autonomy demand day' at its head office named Kuki-Kho in Manja near Diphu in Karbi Anglong District. The celebration was attended by all Kuki chiefs (Haosa), with other frontal Kuki organizations including KRA and UKDA.

March 9

Senapati district of Manipur

The KRA-U has said in a release that the KNO/KRA-U cabinets along with its Commander-in-Chief, SHT George and its members have conducted a warm welcome ceremony of those faction cadres of the merged UPF/KRA-U to their origin KNO/KRA-U at KNO/KRA-U general Head Quarter, somewhere in Sadar Hills in Senapati District.

April 19 Karbi Anglong District in Assam

UKDA observed its 4th raising day at Immanuel Peace camp located in Saigang village in Karbi Anglong District. In his speech, UKDA 'general secretary', Alex Kuki said that, KAAC never bothered to undertake any developmental works in the Kuki dominated Singhason hills in the last 65 years. He further threatened that the UKDA will not hesitate to undertake another armed resistance if the attitude of the Government towards Kuki people of Karbi Anglong does not change. Leaders from other Kuki militant organization, KRA and representatives of Kuki National Assembly, Kuki Students Organization, and Kuki Women's Association also attended the function.

May 19 Karbi Anglong District in Assam

The KRA-A has registered its opposition to the proposed formation of a new Kuki underground group in the State by vested Kukis in collusion with some Rengma Nagas of Karbi Anglong recently. A statement issued by the 'information secretary' of KRA-A, Chungngam Lhangum alias Rex cautioned all concerned never to be misled by one Letjang Thangeo and his comrades while also urging the people not to associate with them. KRA-A pledged that it would never allow Letjang Thangeo and his comrades to carry out the evil design while also warning him of facing dire consequence if he continues to spread rumours, confusion, etc.

May 30 Karbi Anglong District in Assam

RGOK/ KRA has categorically announced through media that it no longer prefer violence. Announcing this at a press conference at Diphu, 'general secretary 'of RGOK and KRA, Karbi Anglong, Lalsei Gangte said "we want peace and a peaceful settlement of the decade old Kuki Problems of Karbi Anglong".

June 17 Imphal / Manipur

Imphal West District Police Commando arrested one cadre of KYKL at about 4:25 pm from Thangal Bazar and another KRA cadre at 5:30 pm from the War Cemetery, Dewlahland, said a press note of the Superintendent of Police, Imphal West. On verification, the KYKL cadre disclosed himself as Irom Mikoi alias Henba Singh (36) while the KRA cadre identified himself as Thangneilal Khongsai alias Boineo (34).

July 1 Imphal West/ Manipur

Imphal West commandos arrested one active member of KRA, identified as Thangminlian Khongsai alias Boinao (34), from Dewlaland near Christian Hospital.

July 11

Karbi Anglong / Assam


Police arrested seven militants of the KRA from Saijan area under Dilai Police Station in Karbi Anglong District.

July 15 Guwahati / Assam

State Forest Minister Rockybul Hussain stated in the Assembly that altogether 78 persons were killed and 191 abducted by different insurgent outfits in 601 incidents, during the last two years, when 20 security personnel were also killed. The ULFA-I had killed 16 persons, including a 10-year-old girl, a four-year-old boy and girl each, while the anti-talks faction of NDFB-ATF had killed 12 civilians including a 10-year-old-boy, Hussain said.

The KPLT killed 12 persons, NSCN-IM/K killed four, Meghalaya based GNLA killed three, KLO, KRA, DNRF, HPC and Dima Halim Daogah- Jewel Garlosa (DHD-Jewel) killed one each, besides 25 by other militant formations.

A total of 135 militants were killed and 2,749 arrested during the period, he said. To another question, the minister said five underground outfits are active in Assam and they are ULFA-Liberation, NDFB, KPLT, KLO, MULTA and HUM Assam unit.

July 23 NS

The KRA-U pledged not to collect money from the public in any manner henceforth. Talking to media persons somewhere in Sadar Hills, KRA-U 'commander-in-chief', S.H.T. George informed all activities of 'fund collection' would be suspended with immediate effect.

August 4 Senapati

Militants released the five remaining hostages, including two State Irrigation and Flood Control department engineers, N. Karunacharya (superintending engineer) and S. Surchandra (executive engineer), in the evening. The rest of the released personals were drivers, L. Saratchandra Singh and Ibobi Singh and local contractor, Sanayaima Sharma. The released hostages claimed that the abductors belonged to the KRA and that they were held hostage at different places in the Saikul area, a Kuki-dominated sub-division, in Senapati District. As reported earlier, seven persons were abducted by militants from Pukhao in Imphal East District while they were returning to the capital Imphal from Dolaithabi barrage in the Imphal East District in the afternoon of August 1. The KRA is one of the Kuki groups which had signed a tripartite ceasefire agreement with the State and Central Government.

August 5 NS

The KRA has denied its involvement in the kidnapping of seven engineers on August 1 in Manipur.

August 13 Manipur

Militants released the two State Horticulture Department officials, who were abducted on August 8, in an unidentified location. Horticulture officers Meitram Priyokumar of Yaiskul Janmasthan and Wangkheirakpam Ibopishak of Nongmeibung were reported as missing on their way back from a Senapati District area. The identity of the group behind the incident is yet to be established. However, Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam said the two officials were rescued in the morning. He, however, did not elaborate the details of the rescue operation. Gaikhangam said that Police has learnt that KRA-U, a militant group, was behind the abduction.

August 18 NS

KRA-U which is the armed wing under the umbrella organisation of KNO has said that some of its cadres have been expelled from the organization with effect from August 19. According to a press release of KRA-U, the said cadres - Letgoulen alias Kennedy, Seibem alias SB Balke, Lampao alias Zefferson, Paothangalias Thoi, and Lunmang alias Jelvy - ignored and opposed the high command order and stood against the general public by outraging innocent civil public and betrayed the organization even after they had apologized to the organisation several times for their 'misdeeds'.

September 7 Manipur

Responding to the news about KRF's preparation to sign a SoO pact with the Government, KRA 'information and publicity secretary', T Simte warned that no designated camp of KRF should be opened at Thingsat village which is allegedly within the operational area of KRA.

September 10 Karbi Anglong / Assam

An 'area commander' of KRA, identified as Shingtom Khamsi, was caught by public while he was collecting money from the drivers of trucks at Bokajan in Karbi Anglong District. Later, he was handed over to the Bokajan Police.

October 4 Karbi Anglong / Assam

UPOK/UKDA and RGOK/KRA has resolved to work together under one banner for the cause of Kuki community living in Karbi Anglong District of Assam. In the meeting held on October 4, the two organizations at KNA Office, Kuki Colony, strongly resolved to form a common platform, as per resolution no.1 under the name "People Democratic Alliance of Kukigam" (PDAK).

October 14 Senapati

Two factions of KRA-U, which were earlier affiliated to KNO and UPF respectively have united to form a single unit under UPF, claimed Robinson Thadou, president of the united KRA-U during a press meet held somewhere in Sadar Hills in Senapati District.

December 19 Senapati

A gunfight was reported between the cadres of KRA-U and KNF-P at Khongjang village of Sapermaina in Senapati District. No casualty was reported in the clash.

December 19 Manipur

AR arrested five militants, three from KNF-P and two of KRA-U. SFs recovered one .9 mm pistol with magazine and live rounds, one 7.65 mm pistol with magazine and live ammunition, one .22 Rifle with magazine and live rounds, two Chinese hand grenades, one No.36 hand grenade and one mine. The KNF-P trio was identified as Tarzan (26), Cavandish (26) and Lunpimang Kipgen (18) and KRA-U cadres as 'Sergent' Gogou Chongloi (24) and Dehkholal (38).

December 22 NS

KRA-U has claimed that the reported gunfight which occurred at Khinjang village was not between KNF-P and KRA-U. The shootout was between KRA-U and a faction led by Letgoulen, said a press release issued by KRA-U 'Information and Publicity Secretary' C Napolean Thadou. The outfit said that KNF-P and KRA-U are allied groups of UPF, currently under SoO agreement with the Government. KRA-U also vowed not to indulge in such activities again during Christmas and New Year celebrations.



Source:Compiled from news reports and are provisional.





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