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Incidents and Statements involving United Kuki Liberation Front: 2002-2012


  • September 7: Three armed outfits, UKLF, ZDV and KRA-U have appealed all concerned not to observe Kuki Black Day while also asserting that it would only elongate the memory of the past incidents, which could instill ill-will against others in the mind of the younger generation. The Kukis observe September 13 as black day to remember those Kukis killed in the four-year long Naga-Kuki ethnic clash during 1992-95.


  • November 15: Two excavator operators, identified as Hijam Hemba and Sapam Abung, were shot at and injured by suspected UKLF cadres at Sajik Tampak area in Chandel District.

  • August 6: UKLF-MC has claimed responsibility for placing a hand grenade at the office of Sericulture Director Ginjamang Simte at Lamphelpat in Imphal on August 1.

  • May 11: 'Finance secretary' of the KNLF identified as Hangsai alias Lalpu had left the outfit and joined the UKLF. He alleged that most cadres of the KNLF are working for individual gains and that it has been working against the unity of the Kuki community. He also alleged that KNO/KNA a signatory party of the SoO with the state government had been sheltering the KNLF which is not a signatory party of the SoO.

  • March 29: TL Jacob Thadou, ‘secretary’ of UKLF on the occasion of the 16th raising day celebration of UKLF held at its designated Nazareth Camp of Muvanphoi in Chandel District, accused New Delhi of not doing anything for the success of the much feted trilateral SoO signed between the Government of Manipur, Union Government and the two umbrella groups of Kuki militants, KNO and UPF. He appealed to the Government to initiate a joint meeting with the two umbrella groups who are under the SoO while maintaining that the Union Government has so far met the two outfits only separately in New Delhi on August 22, 2010, for the extension of the SoO. He expressed his desire for the two groups to sit across the table in the process of sorting out possible political solution.

  • March 16: Combined SFs on rescued a head mason who was abducted by the cadres of UKLF, a SoO signatory armed Kuki group. UKLF is one of the Kuki armed groups which have been under a tripartite SoO with Central and State Governments. Oinam Sanatomba Singh (55) of Kyamgei Khoirom Leikai was abducted by 4-5 cadres of UKLF from his work site at Gelmol Lamkhai in Bishnupur District on March 15. The security team also arrested a UKLF cadre identified as Thangminlen Lhungdim alias Lelen (30) of Churachandpur Tuibong Peace Ground who was there in the house to keep a watch on the abducted head mason. One 9 mm pistol and a Honda Activa (MN-01N/1817) which was used in the abduction of Sanatomba were seized. On questioning,Thangminlen admitted that he is an active member of the outfit and three other cadres of UKLF were involved in the abduction of Sanatomba. The cadres are Sungu area commander, Lt Tilpao Haokip alias Papao (35), finance assistant James of Chandel District and Mamang Haokip (25) of Koite village of Churachandpur District.


  • November 9: The UKLF in a press release refuted the claims that the village chief of Saheiphai village, Paothang Haokip (58), was shot dead by the UKLF as published in a section of the media. The UKLF stated the claims are baseless and unconvincing, as Paothang Haokip of Saheiphai did not reside under the operational area of the UKLF. Further, the release claimed that after much investigation they got to know that some contract killers killed the village chief for money. The truth was apparently revealed by Jajang Gangte of UNLF that KLNLF and UNLF in alliance hired a KNA cadre to eliminate the village chief for money matters.

  • August 30: The UKLF, one of the signatories of the Suspension of Operation (SoO), asked the Union Government to create a Kuki Council on the lines of the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC). It has demanded for setting up a regiment for the cadres of the armed groups under SoO and to christen it Kuki Regiment.

  • July 15: The UKLF stated that new militant outfits have emerged within the Kuki National Organsation (KNO) under the Suspension of Operation (SoO) with the Government.

  • July 13: A 30 year-old non-local cement trader, Umesh belonging to the State of Bihar, who was held captive by the UKLF, was rescued by the Assam Rifles personnel between Aijang and Nungsum village under Lamlai Police Station in Imphal East District. He was abducted by four militants at his New Checkon cement shop on July 10 and they demanded INR one million for his release. Claiming that the abductors finally agreed for an amount of INR 200, 000 as he pleaded inability to meet the demanded amount, Umesh said the agreed sum was handed over to the abductors at a designated spot by his wife, Ragini, on July 12. Instead of setting Umesh free on receipt of the amount, the armed persons insisted that more money be paid for his release, the trader said, and added that while discussions were on for his release a gun battle broke out between the Asssam Rifles troopers and the abductors on July 13, resulting in the captors fleeing towards the hilly terrain.

  • June 2: The UKLF accused the KNA of indulging in threats and intimidations in the first phase of ADC election held on May 26, against the provisions of the Suspension of Operation ground rules. Consequently, people belonging to the Koms were denied their democratic rights to franchise in Sagang and Tuibuong areas in Churachandpur District and at Moreh area in Chandel District just to name a few, stated the UKLF. In the State Assembly Election held in February 2007, the KNA leaders were paid a huge amount of rupees for their active service on election duty though badly defeated and chased out from Saitu, Saikul and other constituencies, the UKLF said.

  • May 17: KNA 'cabinet member and information and publicity secretary', Lenin H. Kuki, defected to the UKLF in Chandel District.

  • January 10: The UKLF outfit ‘appoints’ J. M. Zou as its ‘information and publicity secretary’.


  • December 29: The ‘publicity secretary’ of the UKLF, Mathew Thadou, says that a community leader and his mother and uncle were abducted from Langkhong village in Tamenglong District on December 28 and kept in confinement by a Kuki outfit, which is a signatory of the Suspension of Operation (SoO) ground rules.

  • December 7: The Military Council faction of the UKLF in a press release states that a person named Thokchom Ramkumar alias Tocha (30) of Kwakeithel Thokchom Leikai in Imphal was taken into the ‘custody’ of the outfit, due to his alleged anti-social activities as he was ‘arrested’ with several grams of heroin no.4 along-with some ‘prohibited’ drugs. The statement has further stated that the last date of his safe release is December 9 and that his parents are informed to secure his release on or before the given date line and failure of it may compel the outfit to give him ‘capital punishment’.

  • December 4: Two UKLF cadres are arrested by the Imphal East District Police from Golapati Maning Leikai. They are identified as Shongjakhup Haokip alias Hekhup (19) of New Molbem village in Chandel District and Letminthang Lhanghal alias Ricky (20) of Makhan Village in Churachandpur District. A revolver along with four live ammunitions is recovered from the possession of Shongjakhup. They disclose that they joined the UKLF in April 2007 through one self styled ‘officer’ of the outfit John and are involved in extortion of money from general public and Government officials.

  • November 26: A UKLF cadre, Benjamin Thangbem, is killed by KNA militants at Tuibong village in Churachandpur District.

  • November 24: The Military Council faction of the UKLF in a press release states that Sub-Divisional Officer of Saikul in Senapati District is operating his office from a subordinate’s house at Imphal even though the militant group has given a clear ‘warning’ against Government officials who are not attending their duties at their respective places of posting. The group ‘warns’ the action if its diktats are not ‘complied’ by November 28 without fail.

  • November 11: A militant belonging to the Military Council faction of the UKLF, identified as Poujamon Vaiphei (27), is arrested by the Imphal East District Police from New Checkon area.


  • November 2: A team of Imphal East district police commandos arrests a UKLF cadre, Seiboy Vaiphei alias Alex Khoule, from New Lambulane. He belongs to Moldak village in the Churachandpur district. He confesses that he joined the outfit in January 2008 and was engaged in extortion from the general public and traders of Imphal East area.

  • October 7: Assam Rifles arrest four UKLF militants while 'escorting' a consignment of 1980 bags of urea fertilizers being carried in 13 trucks near Molnom village in the Chandel district. They are identified as David Kom, Zemesh, Houpu Kuki and Daniel Kuki. The arms and ammunitions recovered from them are two AK-47 Rifles with six magazines, a M-16 rifles with seven magazines, nine lethod bombs, 188 rounds of AK-47 and 126 rounds of M-16 rifles. The urea consignment is reportedly being taken to Moreh from where it is to be sent out to Myanmar for using in making drugs and in turn these drugs are to be smuggled out from Myanmar to the market in Manipur and other parts in India.

  • May 27: Two UKLF cadres, Leivon Parithoi alias Manglun and Mangte Mappu Aimol, are arrested by a team of Thoubal district police commandos during a search operation at Pallel Bazaar. Leibon Parithoi used to collect money for the UKLF from trucks plying between Imphal and Chandel under the 'command' of one 's/s deputy finance' Angam, whereas Mappu was aiding Parithoi in similar activities.

  • May 20: The station master of Imphal-Churachandpur passenger bus services, identified as Moirang Oksubung, is released by the UKLF militants. He was earlier abducted in connection with a monetary demand.

  • February 20: Konsam Tomba, a former Irrigation and Flood Control minister, is abducted by suspected UKLF militants. However, he manages to escape from the militants' captivity next day and later informed the media that after escaping from the abductors, he was in a forest for two days before being rescued by the Thoubal district police.

  • January 13: The UKLF claims responsibility for the killing of one Tongkhohao alias Haopu Haokip of Sinam village in the Chandel district. The outfit's 'information and publicity secretary' T.H. James Bond accused Haopu and his accomplice, Lunminthang Haokip, of assaulting a UKLF cadre at Pallel without any provocation on January 9. Haopu is a KNA defector.


  • December 18: Three KNA militants, 'l/cpl' Lanmilien alias Timothy Haokip, 'pvt' Haokholet alias Albert Lhungdim and Henry alias Khailen, defect to the UKLF along with one AK 56 rifle with two magazines loaded with 150 rounds, one US Carbine with two magazines containing 150 rounds, a lathode propeller (80-mm) and 10 bombs, one M-21 rifle with 100 live rounds, one walkie-talkie set. This was reportedly the second case of defection from the KNA to the UKLF in 2007.

  • April 23: Police arrested one UKLF cadre, identified as Chonminlal Zou alias Chonchon alias Lalboi, at Khurai Lamlong bridge in the Imphal East district.


  • March 30: The ‘celebration of the 6th Raising Day’ of the proscribed UKLF was reportedly attended by cadres of the NSCN-IM at a place in the Chandel district on an unspecified date.

  • April 20: The UKLF claimed that it had 'awarded capital punishment' to one Letngam Khongthang, who was the chief in charge of Maokot village in Manipur for ignoring the outfit’s warnings.

  • June 12: SF personnel arrested a UNLF cadre, Arangbam Satrajit alias Naopet, from Khurai Nandeibam Leikai in the Imphal city. 

  • June 16: One of four district supply officers of the state food and civil supplies department, S. Puni, who was abducted by the UKLF on June 12, was rescued by a team of Manipur police from a spot near Aimol village under Thoubal police station limits.

  • July 19: The UKLF in a statement made available to the local media warned the people of Chandel district against giving any sort of support or monetary assistance to any Kuki militant outfits other than UKLF and KNA.

  • February 9: UKLF claims to have killed a civilian, Jangthong Khongsai, for his alleged 'anti-people and anti-party activities, including extortion and harassment of innocent people, at Sugnu in the Thoubal district.


  • January 12: A combined team of cadres from the UKLF and Kuki Revolutionary Army (KRA) kill the 'chief' of Kuki National Army (KNA) during an internecine clash at Diyang in the Churachandpur district.


  • July 7: Three suspected UKLF cadres, including the Imphal 'town commander' and the '2nd lieutenant' in its 'finance department', are killed by the police during an encounter in the Langol reserve forest area near Lainingkhul village in Imphal West district.


  • February 16: Unidentified assailants kill three UKLF cadres at New Lamka in the Churachandpur district.

  • July 11: Two UKLF cadres, including a 'sergeant', surrender before the Manipur Chief Minister, Okram Ibobi Singh, in Imphal along with a M-16 rifle, two magazines and 203 rounds of ammunition.


  • September 22: Three UKLF cadres are killed in an internecine clash with cadres of the KNA at an unspecified place in the Churachandpur district.

Note:Compiled from news reports and are provisional.





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