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Incidents and Statements involving HNLC: 2013


Nature of incident

January 4


Following recent reports of HNLC militants making an attempt to regroup ahead of the upcoming Assembly election, the UMHA directed the Meghalaya State Government to keep a close watch on the activities of the outfit.

January 22

Shillong in East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya

The HNLC has called a 20-hour bandh (shut down strike) in Meghalaya on Republic Day. The customary shutdown has been called from 10pm of January 25 to 6pm of January 26.

January 24

Jaintia Hills District in Meghalaya

Police arrested a senior cadre of the HNLC at Iawmusiang from his wife's residence. The arrested cadre identified as Phyrnai Swer, holds the rank of a 'lieutenant' in the outfit. Sources informed that the Police received information that around 10 to 15 HNLC cadres recently crossed over to India from Muktapur area of Bangladesh with an aim to disrupt the Republic Day celebrations in the State.

January 24

Shillong in East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya

A special operations team arrested one HNLC linkman identified as Manbhalang Jyrwa alias Man alias Sulfiyan Ali Hazarika after receiving a tip-off that he was operating from the Nongrim Hills locality.

January 24

Shillong in East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya

Police also arrested six other OGW, including a woman. They have been identified as Bakmenlang Kharpuri of Mawkhar Block 6, Goldy Khongwir, Lawanbiang Dohkrut and Jolene Hazel Khongwir of Wah-ingdoh Rai Mohan Lane, Stadpyrkhat Langstieh of Lum-shyiap, Golflinks and Phaiborlang Donshiew of Sngithiang, Mawprem. They have been accused of facilitating the HNLC and enabling its cadres to open fire at the Lumdiengjri Police Station on July 2, 2012, and the attempted HNLC flag-hoisting at Student's Field, Jaiaw on November 5, 2012. .

January 25

West Jaintia Hills

West Jaintia Hills Police arrested the vice president of KSU Laskein Circle from his residence at Looksi in the District. Police sources have revealed that the KSU leader, Nangaibormi Sutnga, allegedly has close links with the HNLC. "He was in regular touch with HNLC publicity secretary Sainkupar Nongtraw through Facebook and also through phone calls," the Police sources alleged.

January 26

Shillong in East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya

Meghalaya Governor RS Mooshahary expressed grave concern over the growing influence of the GNLA in Garo Hills and West Khasi Hills Districts. Mooshahary said that the law and order situation in the State has been stable and the internal security scenario is by and large satisfactory. Governor also appealed the 'disgruntled elements' to seek peaceful resolution of their demands through established democratic processes. The Governor observed that activities of the HNLC have seen a decline in the past few years due to constant pressure mounted by the State Police.

February 13 New Delhi

Meghalaya Governor, RS Mooshahary while praising the State Government for the "commendable" job it has done in containing the activities of militant groups said law and order situation in the State is under control. Speaking at the two-day conference of Governors, Mooshahary said the State was fully geared up for the February 23 elections. "The activities of HNLC are on decline in Khasi-Jainita Hills," the Governor said adding the peace agreement with the Garo militant outfit ANVC would be signed shortly. "However, the increased activities of the GNLA and its growing influence in Garo Hills and parts of West Khasi Hills is a matter of concern," he added.

February 18 NS

The HNLC has called a 36-hour bandh (shut down strike) on Meghalaya assembly election day, i.e. February 23 to protest against the Indian political system. The outfit demanded that the Government of India should immediately repatriate all the "foreigners" who had gifted the 'status of refugees' since 1971-72 from the Hyn˝iewtrep soil (Meghalaya) to their respective homeland (Bangladesh),"because it is the responsibility of the government of India who were given settlement legally or illegally against the will of local populace of Hyn˝iewtrep. The HNLC also demanded for the Immediate withdrawal of all the armed forces as well as the political machineries from "Hyn˝iewtrep Homeland" (Meghalaya).

February 21 Shillong in East Khasi Hills District

Taking strong note of the 36-hour bandh (shut down strike) called by the HNLC to boycott the Assembly polls in the State, the Government has beefed up security to ensure peaceful elections. Addressing a press conference,following a meeting with political parties, officiating Chief Secretary, Barkos Warjri said that altogether 91 companies of Central Paramilitary Forces have been deployed in the State to maintain law and order and 44 companies were deployed in the militant-hit Garo Hills region.

In addition to deployment of central armed forces, the BSF has also been asked to be in maximum 'alert' along the Indo-Bangla border. "BSF have put all the BOPs along the Indo-Bangladesh border on maximum-alert and they have also requested their counterpart in Bangladesh to step up vigilance in order to ensure zero infiltration into Meghalaya from across the border," DGP Prem Singh said.

February 23 Shillong in East Khasi Hills District

Meghalaya registered nearly 88 per cent turnout of voters in a peaceful poll conducted despite the boycott of the election by the Khasi Hills-based HNLC, and the threat from GNLA in some pockets of Garo Hills. The total percentage of polling in the 2008 Assembly election was 89.04 per cent.

February 28 NS

After his maiden victory in the just concluded assembly election, former HNLC 'chairman' Julius Dorphang appealed to the outfit to shun the path of violence and join the mainstream.

While expressing gratitude to the people of the constituency for the victory, Dorphang said, "Any problem can be solved by political dialogue through democratic means." The former HNLC member added that he would work for the development of the constituency and translate his words into action.

March 1 NS

The former 'chairman' of the HNLC, Julias Kitbok Dorphang, who successfully made the transition from a rebel to a legislator in the State Assembly, has offered to mediate between the Government and the outfit if he is entrusted with the task. Dorphang, who is all set to support the Congress in Government formation on March 5, urged the HNLC to join the mainstream and exploit the window of opportunity for discussion with the State to resolve their grievances.

The former chairman of the outfit said, "I don't regret that I was a part of HNLC", even as he expressed disappointment over the fact that some of his colleagues were 'still on the other side of the fence'. "During youth one can go in any direction but with age the same should be streamlined," the founding member of the HNLC who came overground in 2007, said.

March 7 New Delhi

The Registrar Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Tribunal, Delhi High Court, discussed the issue of declaring the HNLC as an unlawful association. The tribunal will hear all the points brought before it and will then decide whether the ban imposed on the HNLC should be extended or not.

April 4 New Delhi

The Registrar Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Tribunal, Delhi High Court, fixed April 14 as the date for arguments regarding extension of the ban on the HNLC. Official sources informed that the date of argument was fixed after completion of the two-day hearing. The Tribunal will decide whether the ban imposed on the HNLC should be extended or not after the completion of the arguments, official sources added.

April 9

Esat Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya

HNLC cadre, identified as Banpyrkhat Langstieh alias Pyntngen, surrendered before the East Khasi Hills Superintendent of Police, M Kharkrang. Banpyrkhat, who joined the outfit in 2001, had served for 12 years in the banned outfit and was relieved last week on health grounds. He is also one of the suspects responsible for putting up the HNLC flag in Student's Field on HNLC raising day in August, 2012.

April 10


SFs arrested a surrendered HNLC militant, Banpyrkhat Langstieh alias Pyntngen, for his suspected involvement in some criminal cases. Langstieh had surrendered before East Khasi Hills Superintendent of Police M Kharkrang on April 9. Police claimed that the surrendered cadre was involved in the attack on Lumdiengjri Police Station on July 3, 2012. The former cadre is also suspected to be involved in putting up an HNLC flag at Student's Field on HNLC raising day in August, 2012.

April 17 Shillong in East Khasi Hills

State Home Minister Roshan Warjri assured the House that she would order an inquiry into the arrest of former HNLC cadre identified as Banpyrkhat Langstieh alias Pyntngen who had surrendered before East Khasi Hills Superintendent of Police M Kharkrang on April 8. Earlier, while moving a cut motion in the Assembly, HSPDP legislator Ardent Basaiawmoit demanded that the former HNLC cadre should be immediately released since the Police cannot adopt different yardsticks for the surrendered HNLC cadres. The HSPDP legislator said that the surrendered HNLC cadre deserves the rehabilitation package which the Government provides to all surrendered cadres.

On the HNLC, she said efforts by the group's leadership to rejuvenate the organisation with recruitments, alliance with other Northeast militant organisations and raise funds through extortions had met with "limited successes only".

August 11 NS

11 militant outfits based in India's Northeast, six from Manipur, three from Assam and one each from Meghalaya and Tripura, have jointly called for a boycott of Independence Day (August 15). The outfits include KCP, KYKL, PREPAK, PREPAK-PRO, RPF and UNLF of Manipur, which operate from one platform called CorCom, HNLC of Meghalaya, KLO, NDFB, ULFA-I of Assam and NLFT of Tripura. These groups now describe northeast as "Western South East Asia (WESEA) region".

August 14 NS

The HNLC offered to hold unconditional talks saying the State Government will have to take the initiative. "We are still open to have an unconditional dialogue with the Government. It is up to the State Government to initiate the process to resolve differences," HNLC 'general secretary' Cheristerfield Thangkhiew said in a statement issued on the eve of the outfit's 26th foundation day. Thangkhiew, however, lamented that the Government had not been serious about holding talks with the outfit and "the matter has been lingering for quite some time." The HNLC was formed on August 14, 1987.

Except for the HNLC which called for a bandh (general shut down) from 1am to 5.30pm on August 15, no other militant group, who are active in the Garo Hills region, issued any bandh call.

August 27 East Khasi Hills

The Police questioned a former HNLC cadre Marcus Tonglieh for posting inflammatory words against a Judge of Meghalaya High Court, SR Sen and one Advocate on social networking site, Facebook. Acting on information received on August 23, 2013, Police lodged a complaint with the Sadar Police Station, informed East Khasi Hills Superintendent of Police (SP), Vivek Syiem.

September 2 NS

The HNLC came out in support of the pressure groups which are demanding the implementation of the ILP in Meghalaya.

October 12 Meghalaya

HNLC warned former State Home Minister RG Lyngdoh for insisting on the arrest of miscreants involved in the attempt to set ablaze a trader at Motphran recently.

October 18 Meghalaya

The HNLC has called for a 36-hour bandh (general Strike) from October 21 in protest against the two-day visit of President Pranab Mukherjee to the State. The bandh would be effective from 6 am of October 21 till 6 pm of October 22.

October 21 Meghalaya

The first day of the 36-hour bandh (shut down strike) called by HNLC to protest the visit of President Pranab Mukherjee to Shillong in East Khasi Hills District called by the HNLC passed off peacefully with no untoward incident reported from both East and West Jaintia Hills.

October 22 Shillong / Meghalaya

Thousands of music lovers converged at Kyndailad in Shillong to listen to their favourite bands at the 'Free Ur Mind' concert, despite the 36-hour bandh (General Shutdown) called by the militant outfit HNLC to boycott President Pranab Mukherjee maiden visit to the State.

November 14 Meghalaya

HNLC has warned the MUDA officials against continuing the eviction drives against tribal people even as it issued a fresh life threat on Urban Affairs Minister Ampareen Lyngdoh. "The council issues strict warning to the employees of MUDA not to repeat such action in the near future or be ready to face the consequences," the outfit's publicity secretary Sainkupar Nongtraw said in statement issued.

November 19 South West Khasi Hills / Meghalaya

The HNLC suffered a big blow when two of its cadres, including a senior member were arrested from Mawkyrwat area, South West Khasi Hills District, along with two over-ground workers in the evening.

December 19 Meghalaya

The HNLC has called a 12-hour shutdown on December 23 (6 am to 6 pm) to pressurize the State Government to release all the arrested activists during the Inner Line permit (ILP) unrest. Terming the arrested activists as political prisoners, HNLC Publicity 'Secretary' Sainkupar Nongtraw in a release issued on December 19 evening said, "This was a collective decision of the Central command to put pressure on the State Government to 'immediately and unconditionally release the arrested political prisoners and detainees".

November 20 Meghalaya

The arrest of two HNLC cadres along with two over ground workers from Mawkyrwat in South West Khasi Hills District provides evidences that the once dreaded outfit is making attempts for a comeback. Police sources, informed that seizure of extortion notes from the arrested cadres indicate that the HNLC has been actively involved in collecting money from well-to-do people in an obvious attempt at reorganising themselves. Police sources also informed that the militant group has been making attempts to lure poor youths from rural areas into joining the outfit.

December 20 Meghalaya

Cross sections of people condemned the dawn-to-dusk shutdown called by the outlawed HNLC ahead of the Christmas' eve. HNLC, a separatist rebel outfit fighting for a sovereign 'Hynniewtrep' homeland in eastern part of Meghalaya, announced the 12-hour shutdown December 23 to protest the arrest of several youths on charges of damaging Government property. HNLC 'spokesman' Sainkupar Nongtraw had stated that government "must immediately and unconditionally release all political prisoners and detainees".

Reverend, P.B.M.Basaiawmoit, the outfit's former emissary, said "The shutdown called is most unusual, unorthodox, and unprecedented since this has not been the way the HNLC functions in times goes past". Questioning the shutdown called, former Meghalaya Home Minister, Robert. G. Lyngdoh, asked, "Is the HNLC trying to establish that there is a connection between the demand for ILP and their secessionist activities."

December 24 Shillong/ East Khasi hills

The 12-hour bandh (General strike) called by HNLC failed to create much impact as most of the shops in main centres like Khyndailad (Police Bazaar), Laitumkhrah and other parts of the Shillong city remained open. People defied the bandh as hundreds of people came out for their normal activities and last minute Christmas shopping. HNLC called for the 12 hour bandh demanding immediate and unconditional release of the pro- ILP activists arrested by Police in connection with several arsons and murder related case that took place during the three-month agitations.



Source:Compiled from news reports and are provisional.





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