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Incidents and Statements involving NSCN-U: 2008-2011


December 13: SFs arrested a militant belonging to NSCN-U, identified as 'Sergeant Major' Vilhou, while extorting money from business establishments in and around Naga Hospital area in Kohima.

November 29: Peren Police arrested former 'sergeant major' and deserter of the NSCN-U, identified as Vihuto, near Nsong town under Tening Sub-division in Peren District. Vihuto, the main accused along with another deserter, Herato were involved in the November 19 murder of one Daniel Yeptho. Herato however was killed at Sailhem Kuki village in a gun fight by NSCN-U on November 27.

November 27: One of the deserters from NSCN-U, identified as Herato Sumi, was killed by NSCN-U in a four hours gun fight at Sailhem in Peren District near Assam border. The other deserter, Vihuto, however managed to escape with bullet injury. Both were involved in the killing of one Daniel Yeptho on November 19. An M 21 rifle was recovered from the spot.

NSCN-U 'kilonser' (minister), C. Singson also confirmed that the two were involved in shooting of a Sanskrit teacher of Sainik School, Punglwa who was injured on November 26.

November 19: A youth, identified as Daniel Yeptho, was shot dead in cold blood allegedly by two deserters of NSCN-U in a place between Tokiye Town and Viyilho Village under Zunheboto District. The two deserters who killed the youth were identified as 'sergeant major' Vihuto and Heroto.

July 19: In the backdrop of illegal collections and rampant extortion by several militant outfits and illegal organizations in Dimapur, SFs arrested three persons in two separate incidents. SFs arrested "two NSCN belonging to the unification camp", identified as 'sectional officer' Elobemo Jami and Raja Peyu Chemthungo, from Ghorapatti area while they were collecting illegal taxes from trucks entering Nagaland at the Newfield check gate. Cash amounting INR 4000 which was illegally collected from the trucks were also recovered from one of the cadres.


February 20: Two self-styled 'sergeants' of NSCN-U, identified as Anoto alias Anabo and John alias Lucky, surrendered before SFs at Moran in Sivasagar District of Assam. The cadres laid down two imported .32-mm pistols along with three magazines and seven rounds of .32-mm ammunition, two grenades, five electric detonators as well as explosives to the SFs.

January 6: Sentinel reports that the office of the Jorhat basin manager of the ONGC in Assam received an extortion note demanding of INR five million from the ‘finance secretary’ of the NSCN-U outfit recently. In the extortion note, the outfit ‘served’ December 29, 2009 as deadline for paying the money.


December 4: The NSCN-IM alleges that one of its cadres, Ch. Robert, and his driver were assaulted by the NSCN-U militants, while traveling in a hired vehicle in Peren District on December 2. The NSCN-IM also states that while Robert was kept in confinement, his driver managed to escape from the incident site.

September 28: An extortionist, Hukaito (27), is arrested by the Police while serving extortion notes to some gas cylinder agencies at Purana Bazaar area in Dimapur. Police said he had issued extortion notes for INR 10,000 and collected INR 500 each from several shops. Police also disclosed that the accused is a graduate and had defected from the NSCN-K to the NSCN-IM. Later he defected to the NSCN-U to NSCN-IM and then defected back to the NSCN-K. Hukaito was then caught by the NSCN-U and kept under observation and released in August 2009.

August 7: Three NSCN-U cadres, among 28 militants of various outfits, surrendered before the Assam Rifles at Lekhapani of Tinsukia District in Assam.

July 14: A truck driver, Prem Saiton, abducted by suspected NSCN-U militants from Dimapur on July 13, manages to escape from the militant captivity. After his escape, Saiton reports himself at Dimapur East Police Station. He was abducted from Dimapur while transporting phabou (a variety of small fish) from Guwahati to Imphal.

March 27: Assam Tribune reports that in the 'D' sector of the Assam-Nagaland border, continuous firing between cadres of the NSCN-IM and NSCN-U has frightened the people of Doyalpur, Sarupani and other areas in Merapani of Golaghat District in Assam.

February 9: Police arrest two NSCN-U militants who had demanded ransom from a cashier of a branch office of the State Bank of India in his residence at Rest House Colony in the Tseminyu area of Kohima District by threatening to kill him and decamped with an unspecified amount of cash, on the condition of collecting the remaining amount on the next day. They are identified as Ahulo Kent and Gwasinlo Kent.


September 9 and 10: The leaders of the NSCN-IM and NSCN-K meet at the Akuvuto Baptist Mission Centre near Dimapur under the aegis of the Church-led Forum for Naga Reconciliation. They agree to work out the modalities for the merger by September 25. Besides the two NSCN factions, representatives of the NSCN-U and Naga National Council are also present in the meeting.

August 1: One NSCN-U cadre, Vikheto Achumi, is killed during a factional clash with the rival NSCN-IM militants at a farm land between Kuhuboto town and Vihokhu village in the Dimapur district.

July 26: One trader, Sandeep, is killed by suspected militants in Dimapur. The NSCN-U alleged that he was killed by five NSCN-IM cadres.

July 23: The Diphupar police recover the dead body of a person, Raju Mandal, near Sugar Mill village at 5th Mile in Dimapur. The NSCN-IM alleged that Raju, a son-in-law of its leader Vikheshe, was shot dead by the rival NSCN-U.

June 25: One NSCN-IM cadre, Venda Shan, is shot dead by the NSCN-U cadres at Tsetungse village near Dimapur.

June 23 : One NSCN-IM cadre, Tsengpeng, is killed during a factional clash with the NSCN-U militants in Dimapur.

June 14 : One NSCN-U cadre, Chuba Phom, is shot dead by unidentified militants along Chate River in the Dimapur district.

June 10: One 'sergeant major' of the NSCN-IM is killed by the rival NSCN-U militants at Tseminyu town in the Kohima district.

June 9: The NSCN-IM states that the residence of a woman, Marthar, was set ablaze by the NSCN-U militants at Burma Camp in Dimapur.

June 7: One NSCN-IM militant, identified as ‘captain’ Avito, is killed by the rival NSCN-U militants at Super Market area in Dimapur.

Personnel of India Reserve Battalion (IRB) arrest four NSCN-U militants in the Tuensang district. An AK-56 rifle, one M-22, two pistols and money are recovered from them.

June 6: Armed cadres of NSCN-IM and NSCN-U are evicted from the civilian areas, when the Dimapur District Co-ordination Group assisted by around 800 armed police, India Reserve Battalions and Assam Rifles personnel conduct a thirteen-hour ‘flush out’ exercise in different colonies of Dimapur town and also in the nearby villages.

June 4: At least 15 cadres of the NSCN-IM and NSCN-U are killed in separate factional clashes in and around Dimapur. Meanwhile, the NSCN-IM says that following the clash people set ablaze the residence of one NSCN-IM ‘lieutenant col’, Elijah, at Purana Bazar in Dimapur.

May 24: The residence of one NSCN-IM 'captain', identified as Shangreiso, is allegedly set ablaze by the NSCN-U cadres in Dimapur.

May 23: The NSCN-U said that Nagaland is not Gaza Strip to rehabilitate "others". The outfit added that the NSCN-IM 'general secretary' Th. Muivah's intent of "advocating communism and consequent annihilation of thousands of Nagas in the name of sovereignty thus far, is discovered to be nothing but a policy of rehabilitate deprived Nagas of Manipur in Nagaland State and that the economy of the Nagas of Nagaland has been drained into 'their' private coffers".

May 21: A trader belonging to the Tangkhul community is shot dead by the NSCN-U militants at Supermarket area in the Dimapur district.

May 19: The formation of a new militant outfit, United Naga People’s Council (UNPC), is formally declared before the media at unspecified place in the Senapati district of Manipur. It consists of cadres of a splinter group of the NSCN-IM. The ‘president’ of the group, S.S. Max, mentions that its aims at restoring peaceful co-existence amongst the people living in both hills and valley and to safeguard territorial integrity and sovereignty of Manipur. He however adds that the new splinter group had no enmity with the ‘revolutionary movements’ waged by the NSCN-IM, NSCN-K and NNC. He says the outfit is led by two ‘colonels’, one ‘major’, two ‘captains’, two ‘full junior full lieutenants’, three ‘second lieutenants’ and 20 trained cadres of the NSCN-IM, who had defected in April 2008 and had formed the UNPC in the state on April 30.

May 16: At least 14 cadres of the NSCN-K and the NSCN-U are killed by the rival NSCN-IM militants during an internecine clash at Seithekema C village in the Dimapur district. Two civilians are later killed by the NSCN-IM militants when they open fire on people who attack the cease-fire monitoring cell of the outfit located in the same area.

May 14: An internecine clash between the NSCN-IM and the NCSCN-U is averted in areas surrounding Khehokhu, Hoito and Nihoto in the Dimapur district when the villagers ask the warring militants to vacate their villages. Schools in the areas are closed due to a fear psychosis.

May 13: At least six civilians belonging to the Tangkhul community were abducted and later killed by the NSCN-U militants at Vihokhu village in the Dimapur district.

May 12: An internecine clash between militants of the NSCN-IM and the NSCN-U occurs at ‘Tinali Teak Bagan’ between Xelhozhe and Seithekiema ‘A’ in the Dimapur district. Police sources say there were no reports of casualty on either side. However, Gaon Bura (village head) of Old Showuba village, Lithrung, quoting the NSCN-U source says one of its cadres is injured in the clash.

May 10: The Cease-Fire Supervisory Board (CFSB) asks the NSCN-K to shift its 'Unification' camp at Vihokhu in the Dimapur district to avoid further clashes with the NSCN-IM, since the camp is not a ‘Designated Camp’. The CFSB holds a closed door meeting at Chumukedima Police Complex in Dimapur.

May 8: Hundreds of people chase out the NSCN-IM and National NSCN-U militants engaged in internecine clash at Diphupar in the Dimapur district.

May 5: The NSCN-IM accuses the NSCN-U of carrying out an ethnic cleansing in Nagaland.

May 4: Two NSCN-U cadres, identified as ‘sgt. maj.’ Yanger Phom and ‘pvt’ Kavito Sema, are killed during an internecine clash between the NSCN-IM and NSCN-U at Merapani in the Wokha district.

May 1: Two civilians and a NSCN-U cadre are killed during an internecine clash between the rival NSCN-IM and NSCN-U militants at Old Showuba village under Niuland sub-division in the Dimapur district.

April 30: One self-styled ‘colonel’ of the NSCN-IM, identified as L.Y. Shanga alias Yurthing, dies when a lethod bomb accidentally explodes in his hand at Camp Hebron in Dimapur. He was reportedly operating as the ‘commanding officer’ of the NSCN-IM’s ‘NP Battalion’ in the Tamenglong district of Manipur. Meanwhile, the NSCN-U alleges that Shanga was ‘executed’ at Camp Hebron on the suspicion of his attempt to defect to the NSCN-U.

April 30: One ‘deputy kilonser’ (minister), Nemalie Metha, and a ‘joint secretary’, Kahoi Chaplee, of the NSCN-IM are abducted by the rival NSCN-U from Dimapur.

April 24: Factional clash between NSCN-U and the NSCN-IM is averted when people chase away the cadres belonging to both factions at Diphupar ‘B’ and Ikishe villages in the Dimapur district.

April 22: Two NSCN-U militants, ‘capt’ Atovi and ‘sgt maj’ Pukheto, and two NSCN-IM militants, ‘pvt’ Thachan Tangkhul and Y. Tangkhul, are killed during an internecine clash between the two outfits at Tenyiphe-I near St. Joseph’s School along the road towards Khopanalla in Dimapur. Two unexploded grenades were recovered by police personnel from the incident site.

April 22: One clash between militants of NSCN-U and NSCN-IM occurs at Singrijan of Dimapur district along the Assam-Nagaland border.

April 17: Two cadres of the NSCN-U, identified as ‘2nd Lt.’ Alex Sema and ‘Sgt. Maj.’ Sukuithong, and one from the rival NSCN-IM, identified as ‘Lt.’ Shondhar, are killed while another cadre from the NSCN-IM is abducted in three separate incidents of factional violence in Dimapur.

April 3: Two NSCN-IM militants, identified as ‘captain’ Wungreithan and ‘sgt.’ Peter, are abducted by the rival NSCN-U cadres from the New Market area in Dimapur. The abduction occurs after both the groups had released their rival cadres from their respective captivity through the initiative of the Reconciliation Forum on April 2.

March 28: Two NSCN-IM leaders, Hangsing and Longshen, are abducted from their respective houses by the NSCN-U. Meanwhile, the NSCN-U alleges that four persons were abducted by the NSCN-IM on March 25 in Dimapur and one of them was tortured resulting in his death.

March 11: Security forces arrest six militants of the NSCN-U, including a senior ‘commander’, along with a cache of arms and ammunition at United North block in Dimapur. The recovered arms include one AK-47 rifle with magazine, one .22 rifle, one double barrel 12 Bore DBBL, one 7.65mm pistol (Italian made) with three magazines, one.38 revolver and two Chinese grenades.


Source:Compiled from news reports and are provisional.





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