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Constitution of All Tripura Tiger Force

Article No. I

Force will be recognised as "All Tripura Tiger Force".

Article No. 2

1. Under the constitution of India for existence of 19 point interest of Tribals and for integrity of land, all strength will be utilised for arms struggle without any compromise. This will be the main object of the force.

(ii) B. Force will fight against all sorts of torture, squeeze, oppression upon main tribal stream.

(iii) C. Force will fight for fulfilment and application of all sorts of decision accepted in the Indian Parliament.

(iv) D. Force will not accept any sort of ammendment of constitution which goes against the interest of main tribal stream.

(v) E. Seven sister States of North-East, viz. Tripura, Assam, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya will form a separate country and for this, the force will support all sorts of movement and will utilise their own force for the purpose.

(vi) F. Force will fight without any compromise for the existence of tribal own culture and against distorted culture.

(vii) G. Force will refrain all tribal people from taking liquor, ganja. drugs etc. and for this force will light without any compromise.

Liquor can only be taken by the tribals in marriage ceremony and social functions.

(viii) H. Force will light against playing cards and gambling.

Article No. 3
Responsibilities and duties

(i) A. Duties and responsibilities of each member of the force will be to struggle for fulfilment of all constitutional rights of main tribals of Tripura.

(ii) B. Each of the force member will abide by the order of their superiors and will work with full responsibilities.

(iii) C. Duty and responsibility of all force member will be to address his superiors by calling 'SIR' & 'SHAB'.

(iv) D. Main object of the force will be fight against squeeze, torture, oppression upon tribals and for struggle for their freedom.

(v) E. Force will fight unconditionally for the right, existence and power of minority tribals and to get rid of those who are oppressed.

Article No. 4
Right and Relation

(i) A. All the members of the force will have right to enjoy constitutional facilities and rights.

(ii) B. Each of the member will have right to disclose their respective opinion to their superiors and also have the right to give and take advice.

(iii) C. Each of the force member at the time of operation will keep sweet relation with common innocent people and should have to behave politely with them.

Article No. 5
Law and power

(i) A. Each of the force member shall abide by the rules of the constitution and decision. They shall I also carry out lawful direction of their superiors.

(ii) B. Each member of the force will enjoy powers given the constitution.

(iii) C. If any member of the force have any complaint against his superior, he will have the right to lodge written complaint against them through proper channel.

(iv) D. All members will maintain secrecy of the decisions of the Organisation. No member shall maintain any personal privacy about organisational matters.

(v) E. No member shall take part in any operation after taking liquor. Taking of liquor by any force member is totally restricted.

(vi) F. If any member acts against this constitution or force at the time of operation, the duty officer will be the man to impose punishment against him.

(vii) G. Each member of the force will exercise all power and strength in the interest of the tribal people.

(viii)H. Each member must follow and abide by the decision of the Executive Committee.

(ix) I. With the advice and decision of the Executive Committee, President will make law and procedure and President will be considered to be supreme authority of the force.

(x) J. President will make scrutiny of all loopholes of the force with the advice of the Executive body members.

(xi) K. In absence of President, Vice-President will take any type of decision and function like President. In absence of both of them. Secretary General/Commander-in-chief will function in the office.

(xii) L. To pay respect to the superiors and regards to each member of the force will be the responsibility of each of the force member.

(xiii)M. It is mandatory to carry operational works in different areas with the advise of the intelligence wing of the force.

Article No. 6
Discipline and Restrictions

(i) A. Each member of the force is bound to bound to abide by the discipline and restriction of the organisation.

(ii) B. No torture will be made upon any women of the community.

(iii) C. In no circumstances, child, pregnant lady. Saint, Priest, Baishnab and Pastor can be killed with any plea.

(iv) D. With any plea attack cannot be made or fire will not be set in any temple. Church, Mosque, Asram (Place of worship) and Hospital.

(v) E. It will be the duty of each member of the force to maintain discipline of the force.

(vi) F. At the time of operation without the order from the duty officer, no subscription will be collected nor any sort of attack will be made.

(vii) G. No political leader can be killed on any personal ennimity. It will be beyond the rule of the organisation.

(viii)H. No member of the force will do anything as per wrong direction or abetment of any person illegally.

(ix) I. Printed pad of the force will not be used for any personal purpose. Officer and Executive body member are entitled to use printed pad. There should not be any misuse of seal of the organisation.

(x) J. Without the knowledge of the appropriate authority none is allowed to give any direction or advice to any leader of the organisation.

Article No. 7.
Appointment and Dismissal

(i) A. Executive body members are vested with the power to appoint, without decision and approval, there will be no recruitment

(ii) B. Before recruitment courage, efficiency, personality, firmness of each youths to be taken into consideration.

(iii) C. Before recruitment identity of the youth to be properly verified and established. Generally youths between the age of 20 and 30 will be considered for appointment.

(iv) D. If any Ex-Army man express his willingness to join this force, he will be appointed.

(v) E. After training and taking of oath identity card will be given to the member of the force.

(vi) F. One member of the force will be considered dismissed for misuse of responsibility, direction, law, character, discipline and power.

(vii)G. Efficiency, courage and sensibility of one member will be taken into consideration for promotion.

(viii)H. One may be transferred to any place.

Article No. 8
Public Relation

(i) A. Each member will be able to keep good relation with common people. In this respect law of the force should not disobeyed.

(ii) B. Common innocent people will have the right to lodge complaint in writing to the higher authority of The organisation against the force.

(iii) Duty Officer is bound to accept any written complaint of general people.

Article No. 9
Punishment rules

(i) A. Every member shall be punished for negligency of responsibility, rules, discipline etc.

(ii) B. Every member shall be punished for misuse of power.

(iii) C. Every member shall be punished for avoiding direction of higher authority.

(iv) D. Every member shall be punished or misuse of pad, seal of the organisation.

Article No. 10
Character and Behaviour

(i) A. Every member should be honest and idealistic.

(ii) B. One should not talk angrily with anybody.

(iii) C. One should not maintain any illicit connection with any woman after joining the force.

(iv) D. One member should not misbehave. No one shall be punished for misbehaviour.

Article No. 11
Contribution and Membership Collection Process

(i) A. Executive Committee shall take timely decision the procedure to collect annual subscription.

(ii) B. Subscription to be collected from Tripuri people according to family income. No atrocities, bargaining is permitted.

(iii) C. 15% to 30% subscription be taken from the Govt. contractors against each estimated works.

(iv) D. Against collection of subscription all sorts of technique, force etc. be applied.

(v) E. It is mandatory of be enrolled as membership against payment of 10/-. Renewal of membership be done every year.

(vi) F. Original membership will not be alloted except subjects of the man of the soil.

Article No. 12

(i) A. All from President to Major will be the member of General Committee. The working Committee will be formed having nine members.

(ii) B. The working committee will be structured after forming of Central Committee. One will be selected after formation of central committee. He will be supreme powerful one amongst above all.

(iii) C. The President will distribute the responsibility of each department of executive members according to his choice and discretion.

(iv) D. The President can take the extreme decision of the force in case of any emergent affairs.

(v) E. General meeting of the Central Committee will be held in an interval of three months. In case of necessity the meeting may be held once within the period 15/30 days.

(vi) F. The elected Tripuri women appointed to collect information/intelligence for the welfare of organisation and also to maintain link of communication.

(vii) G. There will be two regiment in the organisation. One will be named as Bir Bikram Regiment and another as Borok Regiment.

(viii)H. The President or Secretary General will call general meetings. It will be mandatory rule according to law to issue letter arising out of any meeting before 25 days from the date to be fixed for such meeting.

(ix) I. The organisation will be formed in the following manner:

(A) The unit will be formed having seven member. Every unit will be consisted by one unit major. The unit major will be the supreme to run the unit. 5 to 15 Panchayet will be under his command of control. There will be one Havildar to assist him. Unit Major will be crowned with one star.

(B) The zone area will be formed, having three units. One Zone Commander will be in each zone. He will be supreme authority to run the zone. He can advice and direct all unit in respect of any work. Unit Majors will assist the Zone Commander and also extend suggestions. The Zone Commander will hold responsibility to run any department. He will be crowned with two stars.

(C) The Company will be formed consisting with 2/3 Zones. There will be one Commander/Major/Captain to run the company. He will control two zone. He may suggest and take decision relating to important affairs of the zone. He will be crowned with three stars or emblem. He will control 2/3 departments.

(D) A battalion will be formed taking with three companies. There shall be one commanding Officer for its controlling, He will be empowered to control a District. He will be able to take any decision for controlling his zone. He will be crown with one emblem and one star.

(E) Commander-in-Chief will control all District and Regiment of the force. He will be supreme in the force. He may take any important decision pertaining the force under his control. He will look after appointment, dismissal, training, promotion etc. of the force. He will bring notice of the President of the Organisation regularly relating to all important aspects.

Article No. 13

(i) A. The classification of dress will be jungle dress or olive green colourful shirt and full pant with same coloured cap.

(ii) B. All will be dressed with hunter Shoes, Belt, Badge and Whistle.

(iii) C. According to situations dress may be changed.

(iv) D. Every member will get one pair shirt; one pair pant once in a year. Hunter shoe and belt will be issued once in a year.

Article No. 14
Flag and Symbol

(i) A. The flag will be coloured as green base with red colour organisation symbol. The measurement of the flag will be 3 :2.

(ii) B. In case if need the symbol of the flag with its colour will be changed.

Article No. 15
Constitution Amendment

(i) A. Without decision of General Committee in no circumstances any partial ammendment cannot be changed or be included or to be included. Provided in case of special circumstances and in acute need, the working committee ammend the constitution.





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