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United Bengali Liberation Front

The United Bengali Liberation Front (UBLF) came into existence October 1999. The proclaimed objective of the outfit is protection of the Bengali population in the State from attacks by other terrorist outfits such as the National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT). Thus, its formation, in a way, demonstrated the clash of interests between the dominant Tribal population and the non-Tribes. The NLFT has, reportedly, carried out targeted attacks against the latter. One such instance cited is the May 20, 2000-massacre in which 15 non-Tribes were killed and approximately 13 injured in the West Tripura district.

At present important leaders of the group include Biplab Das and Bijon Basu among others. The UBLF militants have a modus operandi under which, an attack is always carried out against the Tribes in the State generally, by throwing bombs from a distance. This operation strategy is different from that of the NLFT or the All Tripura Tiger Force (ATTF) in the sense that UBLF terrorists move about in small groups and single out their victims at isolated spots. Their target could be a moving vehicle or a small conglomeration of tribes away from the settlement.

The group, reportedly has been making efforts to establish linkages with the United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) and National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB). It is through such organisations that it allegedly tries to reach out sympathisers in the neighbouring countries like Bangladesh. However, official sources have not indicated any clear evidences as regards the same, thus far.

The UBLF is not a proscribed outfit under the Prevention of Terrorism Act, 2002, but has been banned by the State government for its involvement in the activities of selective killings. The UBLF terrorists are also alleged to be involved in activities such as kidnappings, extortion, arson besides the killing of Tribes. Media reports quoting intelligence sources also suggest that the group raises funds from the Kolkata-based business groups, sympathetic to it, who deal in tea, rubber, timber and construction work in Tripura. Moreover, UBLF militants are also reported to be extorting money from State government employees. UBLF has also reportedly secured a large amount of arms and ammunition, which include AK-47 and AK-56 assault rifles from other terrorist groups operating in the Northeast and tried to procure more weapons and high power explosives from Bangladesh in the past. Media reports have also indicated UBLF has been trying to follow the example of terrorist outfits like ULFA in imparting training to its cadres in camps on the international border along with Bangladesh. In this regard it has also been reported to have urged even the Bangladeshi government for help, primarily appealing to the common ethnic link.

Major Incidents


  • September 28: Suspected UBLF terrorists kill two and injure two others at Maharanipur in West Tripura.
  • April 26: 8 UBLF terrorists arrested in Tripura


  • October 18: UBLF terrorists kill three, including a woman in South Tripura.
  • September 29: UBLF terrorists kill two tribals in a bomb attack at Teliamura in West Tripura
  • June 18: UBLF terrorists kill 3 and injure three others in a bomb attack in North Tripura district.
  • May 19: UBLF terrorists kill 8 tribals including two women and a child and injure 11 others in West Tripura district
  • April, 19: UBLF local action group commander, Biplab Das arrested by the Security Forces (SFs) in Hawaibari West Tripura
    A tribal youth killed in North Tripura district by the suspected UBLF terrorists. SFs arrest 19 UBLF supporters in this connection.
  • March 1: Two tribals killed at Kathalcherra, North Tripura by suspected UBLF terrorists.
    Four others injured in a separate attack.
  • February 6: Suspected UBLF kill Sub-Divisional Officer’s (SDO) personal bodyguard and injure the driver.






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