India Timeline - Year 2013

January 2

CPN-UML and NC rejected PM Baburam Bhattarais' proposal to seek a common PM candidate belonging to parties other than NC and UCPN-M or an independent candidate.

UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal assured that the political parties would find a consensus candidate before the expiry of the five-day deadline issued by President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav.

NC's Rukum unit staged demonstration for the second consecutive day demanding punishment to the guilty involved in the murder of NC Duli village unit president Kabiram Khartri.

Coordinator of the Secretariat of the Special Committee for Supervision, Integration and Rehabilitation of the Maoist Combatants Balananda Sharma said that very few ex-Maoist combatants want to quit the NA training meant for integration.

January 3

The UCPN-M chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda suggested to President Ram Baran Yadav to pick an independent civil society leader with a political background as the new PM.

NC rejected the proposal calling it yet another ploy to prolong the stay in power and defer fresh CA polls now scheduled by mid-May.

January 4

The Government issued new identity cards to former PLA combatants, who were earlier disqualified by UNMIN during army the integration process.

Political parties failed to agree on a common PM candidate for the consensus government to hold fresh CA polls as the deadline expired.

The SC issued a show-cause notice to the President, Ram Baran Yadav, for invoking Article 38 (1) of the Interim Constitution towards forming a National Consensus Government.

Armed group of about 10 persons belonging to CPN-Maoist - Baidya vandalized the corporate office of NDEX at Tinkune (Kathmandu District). According to NDEX, the group had been demanding the derivative and commodity exchange market to pay hefty amount as donation.

CPN-Maoist chairman Mohan Baidya said that his party does not have the policy of forceful donation collection. He said, "We, however, welcome voluntary donations."

January 6

After a meeting with various political parties, President Dr Ram Baran Yadav extended the deadline to form a consensus Government for the eighth time.

NC leader Sujata Koirala said that NC is ready to withdraw party President Sushil Koirala's name from the race of premiership. She further said, "Koirala was not interested to become prime minister but the party decided to file his candidacy for the same after CPN-UML mounted pressure on the NC.

January 8

Deputy Prime Minister Narayan Kaji Shrestha said the Government is ready to make necessary amendments to the provisions of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) ordinance - currently pending at the Office of the President - for setting up transitional justice mechanisms.

January 9

The seventh general convention of the Mohan Baidya led Communist Party of Nepal- Baidya (CPN-Maoist-Baidya) starts in Kathmandu. Around 2,000 leaders, activists and representatives from across the country and abroad will participate in the convention that will hold deliberations on the political report to be presented by Chairman Mohan Baidya. Representatives from migrant state committees (India), international state committees (Europe) including communist leaders from Canada, the Philippines and Democratic Republic of Korea are taking part in the convention and closed session.

In its first General Convention (GC) since its split from the ruling Unified Communist Party of Nepal (UCPN-M), the CPN-Maoist-Baidya leadership faces pressure from its cadres to revive war-era structures, including the military, to accomplish 'outstanding tasks of the revolution.'

Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai said that there is no alternative to Constituent Assembly (CA) elections to bail the country out from grave political and constitutional crisis. He said that the country is passing through a critical juncture due to the dissolution of CA which had a great cascading effect in the country. He further said that the formation of the national unity Government through package deal is the only option to give a way out to the current political and constitutional hassles.

January 10

CPN-Maoist-Baidya has claimed that as many as 3,500 cadres of the UCPN-M from across the country have joined it. CPN-Maoist-Baidya general secretary Ram Bahadur Thapa welcomed some of them at a programme organised at the party's central office on January 8. Some of the new entrants are District-level leaders of the UCPN-M.

The ongoing 7th General Convention of the CPN-Maoist-Baidya in Kathmandu formed 21 groups to discuss the party´s political document and its statute. The 21 groups will hold deliberations on the political dossier presented by party Chairman Mohan Baidha within themselves, and present the major highlights synchronizing all group discussions in the next session.

January 11

President Ram Baran Yadav has given political parties five more days until January 14 to form a Government of national unity. This comes as NC, CPN-UML, UCPN-M and Madhesi Morcha leaders met the Head of the State urging him to extend the deadline for the formation of a Government of national consensus.

Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda, chairman of the UCPN-M proposed reviving CA if the political parties fail to reach consensus to form a unity Government by January 14.

January 12

A political document endorsed by the ruling UCPN-M general convention organizing committee has proposed forming a national army by developing People´s Liberation Army (PLA) as a professional army and democratizing Nepal Army.

Chairman of the Unified UCPN-M, Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda, in a political document has proposed reviving parallel Government at the local level. The Government will comprise former members of PLA, Young Communist League (YCL) and sister wings.

January 14

Expressing solidarity with the ongoing protest launched by civil society, the NC and CPN-UML decided to launch protest against the Baburam Bhattarai-led Government. CPN-UML Vice Chairman Bamdev Gautam said, "Baburam Bhattarai Government has created state terror. Since he is acting against country and its people, we have decided to bring people across the country onto the streets against the current Government". NC General Secretary Krishna Prasad Sitaula also told "The way the prime minister has acted in recent days is unconstitutional. He appears to be inciting the problems instead of resolving them."

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Narayan Kaji Shrestha said the Government was in favour of formation of TRC to investigate the cases of human rights violations recorded during the conflict. He said, ?Government is committed to punishing the guilty and ensuring justice to the victims.?

January 15

President Ram Baran Yadav has summoned leaders from 19 political parties to attend a meeting called at his office with a view to seek their suggestions on ending the political deadlock. The President has called a meeting yet again as the political parties have failed to come up with a consensus prime ministerial candidate to head the election Government even as the ninth deadline issued by him expired on January 14 without any progress being made.

Nine parties in opposition, including the NC and CPN-UML, made public their 21-day protest programmes beginning from January 19. The opposition parties blamed the Government for repeatedly violating law of the land, misusing state coffers, abusing power and blocking the process to form consensus Government. They said they would continue holding talks with the ruling alliance on the sidelines of their protests in a bid to form a consensus Government.

Mohan Baidya led CPN-Maoist-Baidya general convention concluded in Kathmandu retaining the existing leadership of the party. As per the decision passed by the general convention, Mohan Baidya will continue as chairman of the party while CP Gajurel and Ram Bahadur Thapa have been retained as vice chairman and general secretary. Likewise, Dev Gurung and Netra Bikram Chand will continue as secretaries. The party will have a 51-member CC.

January 16

Mohan Baidya led CPN-Maoist-Baidya warned that the party will take up arms if the state power cannot assure the rights of the people. He said "We will launch the people?s revolt or people´s war as and when circumstances compel us because no one takes up arms just on the basis of the whim or interests of certain leaders. Arms will be taken up by any other force also when the situation so demands, even if we ourselves drop the idea."

Leaders of CPN-Maoist-Baidya said that they will not participate in anti-Government protests organized by NC and CPN-UML.

January 17

Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai claimed that the opposition parties are raising the cases of the decade long Maoist insurgency to overturn the peace process. He said, ?We must understand the acts of not letting the TRC and CID to be formed on the one hand and on the other hand raising the conflict era?s cases.?

UDMF said they would discuss the FDRA proposal to hold mass rallies in different parts of the country and form lower level chapters of the alliance at its next meeting slated for January 22. Vice-chair of Tarai Madhesi Democratic Party, Brikhesh Chandra Lal said his party would take the final decision on the alliance?s proposal at its next meeting. According to Lal, front leaders were of the view that implementation of the four-point agreement and inclusion of Madhesis in Nepal Police and Nepali Army were a must for state restructuring.

January 18

Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai and UCPN-M chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda held a joint meeting with ambassadors of major foreign diplomatic missions including that of the USA, the European Union and representatives of donor agencies on the concerns over Nepal's failure to start transitional justice process. PM Bhattarai and Dahal tried to convince the diplomats that the Government and the Maoist party were 'committed' to establish the TRC to deal with conflict-era human rights abuses. However, the representatives of the foreign missions highlighted Nepal's failure to provide justice to the victims of conflict and emphasized that the Government and the political forces must be ready to establish the TRC at the earliest.

Gauri Pradhan, Spokesperson of the NHRC, warned if Nepal failed to give justice to the conflict-era victims through the TRC and CID, international jurisdiction on human rights would become active and take its own course. He added, ?At that time, more and more perpetrators could be arrested in foreign countries like the arrest of Nepali Army?s serving Colonel Kumar Lama in the United Kingdom on January 3?. He further said ?The best answer to stop such arrest and trial in foreign lands is to address all cases of conflict-era rights violation through forming a credible TRC and CID.?

January 19

Nine opposition parties, including CPN-UML and NC organized a protest assembly against the murder of journalist Dekendra Thapa some eight years ago during the Maoist insurgency.

NC decided to intensify its anti-Government protests in a meeting of the opposition party?s Central Working Committee meeting. During the meeting, the NC leaders also expressed strong objection to the recent threats issued by UCPN-M chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda that all past understandings and agreements between the Maoist party and the ?democratic parties? can be scrapped if the latter organizes anti-Government protests.

January 20

UCPN-M chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda said that his party is ready to either reinstate the CA or to go for fresh elections. He also accused NC and the CPN-UML leaders and the erstwhile CA Chairman Subas Nembang of stopping other parties from putting the disputed issues to vote in the full CA.

January 21

UCPN-M coordinator Ganga Karki warned of retaliation against the ongoing protests by journalists and human rights activists seeking justice in the journalist Dekendra Thapa murder case, saying that the agitation was backed by the NC and the CPN-UML parties.

CPN-UML Chairman Jhalanath Khanal said the country cannot bear yet another rebellion or conflict. If the UCPN-M presses ahead with yet another rebellion, the party will head towards self-destruction, said Khanal. The Maoist party needs to stop threatening other political parties and engage in serious dialogue to resolve the political crisis, he added.

UCPN-M leader Haribol Gajurel said all conflict-era cases should be tried by the TRC. He urged the opposition parties not to take political mileage and target the Maoist party, as the Government has started mulling necessary changes process regarding the same.

January 22

Leaders of the ruling UCPN-M have called on all political parties to reach a deal on holding fresh CA elections by the end of May. "We are ready to make any sacrifice necessary to conduct elections by May," said Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai. He accused NC of being bent on toppling the Government at any cost. UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda also said a deal should be reached to hold elections by end of May.

Nine opposition parties have announced 10-day protest programmes in Biratnagar in Moran District against Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai starting from January 25. The opposition parties declared protest programme to topple the Bhattarai-led Government through street protests as he has been refusing to put in his papers. They have even formed the Protest Coordination Committee comprising District chiefs of all the nine parties.

UDMF, a key ally of the Baburam Bhattarai Government, said that the implementation of the four-point agreement - rectification of budget, seeking alternative option to State Restructuring Commission, resolve debate over national dress, and lastly democratization of Nepal Army - which was signed between UDMF and UCPN-M on September 25, 2011, has not been satisfactory and that they should now mount pressure on both the ruling UCPN-M and opposition parties to forge consensus.

January 23

At least 60 persons were injured in sporadic clashes that erupted as opposition parties tried to stop UCPN-M leaders, including Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai and Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda, from entering Dailekh District.

January 24

UDMF, a major partner of the ruling coalition has ruled out the possibility of forming an alliance with the UCPN-M for CA polls while stating that a national consensus Government-led by opposition parties will also not be acceptable to them.

Various opposition parties and their student unions staged demonstrations against the Government in a number of Districts across the country. The NSU and the ANNFSU jointly took out a rally in Dhadingbesi of Dhading District, demanding resignation of Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai.

President Ram Baran Yadav has once again resumed consultations with chiefs of major political parties on ways to end the protracted political deadlock. Yadav met NC President Sushil Koirala and CPN-UML Chairman Jhalanath Khanal at the president´s office.

UDMF, an alliance of five Madhesi parties, has formed a five-member taskforce to chalk out a program for people´s mobilization in Districts across the Tarai Region. Top-brass of Madhes-based political parties said that a taskforce comprising Senior Vice-chairman of Madhesi People´s Rights Forum-Democratic (MPRF-D) Rameshwor Raya Yadav, Vice-chairman of Tarai Madhes Democratic Party (TMDP) Brikhesh Chandra Lal, MPRF-Republican leader BP Yadav, TMDP-Nepal Vice-chairman Braj Kishor Singh and Sadbhawana Party General Secretary Manish Kumar Singh is entrusted with formulating the program.

Chairman of UCPN-M Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda said election to the CA could be held in the third week of May if the political parties forged a consensus on time.

January 27

Anti-Government protesters hurled stones at a vehicle in which Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai was travelling at Dhangadhi in Kailali District. Bhattarai was on his way to inaugurate the party's District convention. Bhattarai was unhurt in the incident. Protesters staged demonstrations from early morning in major thoroughfares in Dhangadhi to disrupt the PM's visit. They burnt tyres and shouted anti-Government slogans, demanding Bhattarai's immediate resignation.

Leaders of opposition parties claimed that the incumbent Government has turned into the most corrupt one in the history of Nepal. NC leader Ram Sharan Mahat blaming the incumbent Government of embezzling money from state coffers, claimed that UCPN-M has transformed corruption into a respectable act. Similarly, leader of CPN-UML Raghubir Mahaseth blamed the UCPN-M leaders of benefitting by collapsing the nation's economy. "Maoist has continued donation threat in the name of its General Convention. Business entrepreneurs are hit hard by the donation threats," said Mahaseth.

UCPN-M chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda while inaugurating the fourth District conference of the party in Dhangadhi Dhangadhi in Kailali District said that his party needs new strategy and idea for the upcoming general convention.

Ganesh Man Pun, coordinator of the Volunteer Mobilization Committee, who is also the chief of YCL, the youth wing of the UCPN-M, said that in order to counter the show of strengthen by the opposition parties on January 30 at Kathmandu, the ruling alliance - FDR - has decided to mobilize 5,000 youths at the same venue the very next day on January 31.

January 28

UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda said that reactionary forces have been bent on 'finishing' off the party, but have not succeeded in doing so. Dahal said it was a huge mistake on the part of Maoist leaders to split the party into two. "The reactionary forces tried to annihilate the party by killing its leaders during the conflict. Similarly, during the CA Elections, they tried to cut the party to size. But they never succeeded," said Dahal. Dahal said that his party was ready to accept any one as Prime Minister of a Government of national unity, if political parties forge a package deal to resolve the political crisis.

NC Vice President Ram Chandra Poudel said the party opted to launch street protest to pressurize UCPN-M to strike deal on thorny issues. Poudel said the party opted protest as Prachanda ignored to implement the signed agreements. He accused Dahal of betraying his party by changing his words even after signing agreement to let the NC lead the Government to hold the election. He also claimed that history has proved that NC is the only party that is pure and can conduct election without any wrongdoing.

January 29

Leaders from the alliance of opposition parties led by NC and CPN-UML have said they have completed all the preparatory works for anti-Government demonstrations. Members from all the agitating nine political parties will gather at Bhrikutimandap in Kathmandu before initiating a march from the same place. The demonstrators will subsequently converge into mass gathering at Sahid Gate [Martrys Gate] where some key leaders including CPN-UML Vice-Chairman Bamdev Gautam and NC General Secretary Prakash Man will address the gathering. The opposition parties have planned to conclude their 20-day-long protests on February 8.

Mohan Baidya's CPN-Maoist-Baidya, at the central committee meeting, planned to revive the insurgency-era organizational structure in the party. The leaders discussed to change the existing bureau system into command system. Under the system, power will be centralized in the commands, which will be headed by top leaders. Under the bureau system, the state committees are more powerful than the bureaus. There are 14 state committees, including geographical and non-geographical state committees. Once command system is implemented the bureaus will be dissolved but state committees will be retained.

At least 12 persons were injured in Banepa of Kavre District after clashes between anti-Government protesters and cadres of YCL, the youth wing of the UCPN-M, went out of hand. The clashes ensued after YCL cadres allegedly threw stones at cadres of the NC and the CPN-UML who had gathered for a protest rally. YCL cadres wielding iron rods, batons and stones attacked the NC and CPN-UML cadres holding black flags for the rally.

Nine opposition parties including NC and CPN-UML demonstrated in the heart of Kathmandu demanding that the Baburam Bhattarai-led Government step down. Holding their flags, hundreds of cadres of NC, CPN-UML and other fringe parties and supporters chanted slogans against the Government and urged it to step down to clear the way for fresh CA polls. Second rung leaders of opposition parties addressed the protest rally as they are planning for bigger protest meeting on February 8 in Kathmandu to be addressed by top opposition leaders.

UCPN-M chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda addressing the inaugural function of the UCPN-M's Lalitpur District Convention claimed that fresh polls will take place by the end of May at any cost. He said, "Nobody can prevent the country from going to election by then even if the NC and CPN-UML are not ready for it, claiming that the UCPN-M represents 95 percent of the country's population as far as the political agendas are concerned." Speaking at the same function, Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai accused the main opposition parties of not willing to face election. "The NC and CPN-UML ruled the country for 20 years. They are restless for having to stay out of power," he said.

January 30

The ruling FDRA organized a mass meeting at Khula Manch in Kathmandu City in a show of strength. Senior leaders of all 21 allies in the FDRA were present in the mass meeting including UCPN-M chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda and Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai. The speakers at the mass meeting, which was held following rallies, spent much of their time dressing down the opposition especially the NC and the CPN-UML.

Chairman Mohan Baidya of CPN-Maoist-Baidya formally announced a 'people's movement' to safeguard national sovereignty, form a unity Government and guarantee a federal democratic constitution. The party said they would not work with the NC and the CPN-UML-led alliance to topple the Government. The party said four major forces-the UCPN-M, the NC, the CPN-UML and the Samyukta Loktantrik Morcha-have no vision to end the current political impasse. The 'people's movement' will begin on February 12, the 18th anniversary of the 'people's war.' The party plans to conduct sit-in protests, gheraos and mass mobilisation in major cities.

UCPN-M chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda urged the opposition parties to either forge a political agreement or miss the opportunity forever. Dahal said "I urge NC and CPN-UML to be ready for political consensus or else it would be too late." He also urged the opposition parties not to further delay consensus.

January 31

Supporters of the rival leaders of UCPN-M clashed during a convention of the party's local committee at Basantapur in Rautahat District. Dispute over the selection of the representatives for the upcoming General Convention got physical, prompting Police intervention to prevent further tension. The cadres participating in the convention were apparently divided into two camps - one supporting central leader and former minister Prabhu Sah and the other backed by Ashok Jaiswal, a leader of from party chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda faction.

UCPN-M Vice-chairman Narayan Kaji Shrestha said the upcoming General Convention of his party would reorient its ideological course of achieving "socialism through new-democracy" (propounded by Chairman Mao in China) to achieving "socialism through capitalism". Shrestha said? "We have concluded it is not possible to achieve socialism via the model of new-democracy in the current national and global context." He said as society was preferred capitalism? the party had decided to change its ideological course.

February 1

Chairman of CPN-UML Jhala Nath Khanal, said that the opposition parties have waged a nation-wide movement to fight the "totalitarian ambitions" of the ruling UCPN-M. Khanal said that the protest movement being organised by the opposition parties was solely meant to fight the growing Maoist totalitarianism and establish peace and harmony in the country. He also blamed the ruling alliance of shutting the doors to a meaningful dialogue to end the political crisis facing the country.

February 2

Top opposition leaders at a mass meet organized in Dullu village of Dailekh District claimed that the Government would collapse in just a matter of few days. Dubbing some recent acts by the Government as characteristics of an autocratic regime, they claimed that the UCPN-M´s own deeds would lead to its fall. Addressing the Dullu mass meet, NC President Sushil Koirala said, "The Maoists think they can seize the state powers by threatening the people. But, they are daydreaming. They will ultimately share the fate of the deposed king." He further said "The countdown has begun and the Government will soon fall". Chairman of CPN-UML leader Madhav Kumar Nepal said "The people are sick and tired of the dual attitude of the Maoists."

Various opposition parties organized a protest rally in Biratnagar of Morang District against Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai's Government. Addressing the protest rally, the leaders of opposition parties argued that their protest is aimed at thwarting the attempt of UCPN-M to impose totalitarianism in the country and safeguard the achievements made through the historic people´s movement in April 2006.

February 3

CPN-UML Chairman Jhala Nath Khanal said, "The Baburam Bhattarai-led Government is hell-bent on imposing totalitarianism by dissolving the CA. Our protest won't be stopped until the Government is toppled down." NC senior leader and former Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba said the Maoists were concentrating their efforts to prolong the Government and neglecting consensus politics.

UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda presented his political dossier during the closed door session of the party's ongoing seventh general convention that kicked off at Hetauda Industrial Estate, Makwanpur District. In the political document presented by Dahal terms like "protracted people's war" and "new democratic revolution" that formed the basis of the party's ideological stand has been formally removed. It calls for "capitalist revolution to create the foundation of socialism" and states that the party will focus its attention on economic growth in the country and fulfill its revolutionary goals by intervening "from both higher and grass root level".

February 4

A joint meeting of nine opposition parties' taskforce discussed ways to make anti-Government rally? schedule to be held on February 8. The meeting was held in Sanepa of Lalitpur District, NC headquarters.

Senior leader of the CPN-UML Madhav Kumar Nepal warned that the UCPN-M will face the same fate as former king Gyanendra Shah if it does not "correct itself at the earliest." Nepal said the protest programme launched by the opposition parties will "correct" the Maoist party. "Our protest is not aimed at finishing off the Maoists. It is just to correct them. If they fail to correct themselves on time, they will face the same fate as the 240-year-old monarchy," he said.

February 5

As the first phase of protests launched by the alliance of nine opposition parties led by NC and CPN-UML opposition alliance is going to conclude on February 8, leaders from the agitating political parties worked out protest programs in Kathmandu for the second stage of demonstrations across the country.

NC president Sushil Koirala said that the opposition's agitations will continue until the Maoist-led Government steps down. He said that the opposition alliance is determined to remove the Government through the street protests and form a national unity Government.

February 6

Agitating opposition parties have stepped up efforts to garner people´s support for their anti-Government protests. NC General Secretary Prakash Man Singh led a campaign of publicity and distribution of handbills at Basantapur and New Road in Kathmandu.

Addressing the closed session of the ongoing seventh general convention of UCPNM in Hetauda town in Makwanpur District, Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai told his party´s rank and file that it had become necessary for the party to stay in Government for the next 20-30 years. Bhattarai also sought support from the party organization to formulate party policy and programs accordingly. He said he would not step down any time soon without finding a suitable alternative.

February 7

President of the NC, Sushil Koirala said in Janakpur of Dhanusa District that the Madhesi Front currently in the Government under the leadership of Dr Baburam Bhattarai were also authoritarian like the UCPN-M.

February 8

Nine opposition parties including NC and CPN-UML hold protest assembly as their show of strength in Kathmandu.

The ruling UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda floated a new proposal of forming an election Government under the leadership of incumbent Chief Justice as a way to end the ongoing political impasse.

Major opposition parties, the NC and the CPN-UML, have rejected outright the UCPN-M's proposal to form an election Government under incumbent Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi.

The top leaders of the main opposition parties criticised the UCPN-M and the Government led by it. They, however, said door for talks was open and they were hopeful that UCPN-M would come to the negotiating table within a few days.

As the UCPN-M wrapped up its seventh GC in Hetauda town of Makwanpur District, the party re-elected Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda as its Chairman. At the seven-day convention that adopted a strategy of peaceful politics to accomplish a 'new capitalist revolution,' Dahal was once again able to consolidate his power with support from the rank and file. The GC also re-elected Baburam Bhattarai and Narayan Kaji Shrestha as the Vice-chairmen and Posta Bahadur Bogati as the General Secretary. PM Bhattarai had proposed Dahal continuing as the chairman, while Deputy Prime Minister Shrestha supported the proposal in the first meeting of the 98-member Central Committee (CC) elected at the GC. The appointments of four office bearers and members of the CC were endorsed through a voice vote in the closed session.

February 10

Mohan Baidya led CPN-Maoist-Baidya demonstrated in Kathmandu demanding the release of its cadres and leaders arrested in accusation of the murder of journalist Dekendra Thapa. Addressing the gathering, central member of the party, Dinesh Sharma, warned that if the cases of conflict period were rediscovered, the country would go back to conflict again. Similarly, Chairman of Nepal Teachers'' Organisation affiliated to the CPN-Maoist-Baidya, Guna Raj Lohani, accused the journalist of disseminating the news about the Dailekh incident in a one-sided way.

With a view to ensuring elections by the end of May, major opposition parties, the NC and the CPN-UML, have decided to remain open to all options, including the formation of a Chief Justice-led election Government.

Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai said that he is ready to step down if there is an agreement among the political parties to form a new Government under the sitting Chief Justice for holding a fresh election. The Prime minister made his position clear in the wake of the opposition parties questioning whether the proposal of UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda to form a new Government under the chief justice has the present Government's backing.

Chairman of CPN-M Mohan Baidya said the current UCPN-M Government should be brought down at any cost because Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai who heads it is the main reason the country is facing the current political crisis in the first place. He said there is no alternative left but to wage a strong movement to bring the Bhattarai-led Government to its knees in order to end the protracted political deadlock and make way for the CA polls.

February 11

In a positive political development, the four major political parties reached an understanding to form new Government to hold the fresh CA elections by the end of May this year. A meeting of the top leaders of the UCPN-M, NC, CPN-UML and Madhesi Front held at Kathmandu arrived at the conclusion.

Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai asked his Cabinet colleagues to be 'mentally prepared' to leave office anytime soon.

Constitutional experts urged President Dr Ram Baran Yadav not to proceed with the proposal for forming a new Government led by the sitting Chief Justice, as proposed by the UCPN-M. Hari Krishna Karki chairman of NBA said the proposal cannot be acceptable in a country where there is rule of law. Similarly, NBA General Secretary Sunil Pokhrel said that forming a Government led by the sitting Chief Justice is against the principle of separation of powers.

February 12

A meeting of the top leaders of four major parties could not reach any agreement on the formation of the election Government. The opposition parties, NC and CPN-UML, argued that making the Chief Justice as the chief of both the executive and the judiciary will be against the fundamental principles of separation of powers.

Countering the arguments of opposition parties, UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda claimed that the Interim Constitution says a Supreme Court justice can lead an election Government. Addressing a mass gathering at the Khulamanch in Kathmandu, he said his party proposed a sitting Chief Justice for Prime Minister as a last resort.

February 13

President Ram Baran Yadav held separate meetings with NC president Sushil Koirala in the morning and later with UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda, and CPN-UML Chairman Jhala Nath Khanal. He is also set to hold discussion with the leaders of the Madhesi Front.

Attorney General Mukti Narayan Pradhan advised Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai that a sitting Chief Justice can be appointed as Prime Minister to hold elections with a clear terms of reference. He said Article 106 had to be amended with clear provision of handing executive power to the Chief Justice-led Government to hold elections.

February 14

Leaders of four major political forces reached an informal agreement to appoint Chief Justice Khilraj Regmi as head of the mechanism. They said that they will formally recommend the President to remove constitutional hurdles for Regmi to lead the Government as 'Chief Executive' and not Prime Minister.

Members of civil society have strongly opposed the proposal for an election Government led by Chief Justice Khilraj Regmi? saying it goes against the independence of the judiciary and violates the Interim Constitution. Former Speaker Daman Nath Dhungana? former Election Commissioner Birendra Mishra and human rights activists Charan Prasai? Kanak Mani Dixit and Sushil Pyakurel opposed the proposal.

February 15

The leaders of the UCPN-M, NC, CPN-UML and Madhesi Front ended the meeting at the President's office, agreeing to resume talks on February 16 as they were still divided over the nitty-gritty of the new Government, which is likely to be called a 'mechanism' or 'council'.

The CC meeting of the CPN-UML remained inconclusive as an overwhelming majority of CC members strongly objected to the proposal to form an election Government under the leadership of the sitting Chief Justice even as top leaders of the party lobbied in favor of the proposal. Of the total 40 members who aired their views during the deliberations, some 30 leaders not only vehemently opposed the proposal but also criticized the top leadership for supporting the idea.

Four parties including the CPN-Maoist-Baidya? CPN (Unified)? CPN (Maoist) and Revolutionary Communist Party-Nepal have strongly criticised the Government formula of UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda and announced protest programmes to oppose the sitting Chief Justice from leading the election Government. They have also pledged to continue their protests until the anti-national activities by the Government come to an end. The leaders have also urged all patriotic forces to support their cause.

February 17

The taskforce comprising two members from each of the four major parties - UCPN-M, NC, CPN-UML and UDMF - has finalized a draft "consensus" agreement on the formation of an 11-member neutral cabinet led by Chief Justice to hold fresh election to the CA.

Four leftist political parties including the Mohan Baidya led CPN-Maoist-Baidya held protest rallies in the country´s major cities including the Kathmandu against the preparations by the major parties to appoint the Chief Justice as the head of the Government for holding new elections. Mohan Baidya led CPN-Maoist-Baidya, Ram Singh Shreesha led CPN-Unified, Mani Thapa-led Revolutionary Communist Party and Matrika Yadav-led CPN (Maoist) participated in the rallies across the country.

Advocate Bharat Mani Jangam filed a writ petition at the SC challenging the decision of the four major parties to form a Government under a sitting Chief Justice. The petitioner has sought an interim order against the decision of the four major parties, arguing that such a move would encroach on the independence of judiciary.

February 18

Major political parties finally endorsed a deal to form an election Government under the leadership of sitting Chief Justice and to hold CA polls by mid-June. Top leaders of UCPN-M, NC, CPN-UML and UDMF along with key leaders from their respective parties reached the agreement to this effect in Kathmandu. The parties also agreed to hold the elections of local bodies by mid-April.

The cross-party task force formed to finalize the details of a package deal on holding fresh CA election suggested that election be held on June 5, 2013.

February 19

Normal life in Kathmandu Valley and across many parts of the country paralyzed due to the day-long bandh (general strike) called by CPN-Maoist-Baidya against the decision of four major political parties to form an 11-member election Government of 'techocrats' headed by Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi.

Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai said that the Chief Justice was being entrusted with the leadership of the election Government based on a consensus among the political parties. He said though the Chief Justice would become the Prime Minister, there will be an advisory committee of senior leaders above him.

February 20

Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai said that the formation of the Government under the Chief Justice was the last alternative to conduct CA election. He also urged not to aggravate the situation and lend their support for the elections.

Top leaders of the four major political forces have decided to hold a joint meeting with Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi after the latter declined to head an election Government under the ´various conditions´ put forth by the parties. A meeting of the UCPN-M, NC, CPN-UML and UDMF held on February 19 decided to hold the meeting to allay his concerns after Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai briefed the four-party meeting about the reservations harbored by the Chief Justice.

A meeting between the top leaders of the four major political parties - UCPN-M, NC, CPN-UML and UDMF with Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi to convince the latter to head the election Government ended inconclusively. The leaders discussed at length the constitutional and political issues with Regmi surrounding their proposal for an election Government comprising of technocrats, but no agreement was reached as the Chief Justice asked the leaders to guarantee that all the political parties agreed to accept his leadership and cooperate in holding the election within the stipulated time.

Six leftist political parties, including the CPN-Maoist - Baidya, submitted a joint 'objection letter' to President Ram Baran Yadav. The letter, submitted by the CPN (Unified), Matrika Yadav-led CPN (Maoist), Revolutionary Communist Party Nepal, Limbuwan National Council and Socialist Democratic Party, along with the CPN-Maoist-Baidya, said that the idea of a Chief Justice-led Government was "planted by foreign powers" and as such, it is a threat to national sovereignty. The President, in his capacity as protector of the constitution, should nullify such declarations, it further said.

Odds are stacking against the possibility of forming an election Government under Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi with 21 fringe parties opposing the move of the big four parties.

February 21

Twenty renowned constitutional experts and jurists told the Government and the leaders of four major parties - the UCPN-M, NC, CPN-UML and UDMF - that an election Government under Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi was possible.

Legal experts said that the sitting Chief Justice can be appointed chief of a transitional Government through an amendment to the constitution. Lawyers and legal scholars said that the President would have to issue a decree to remove constitutional hurdles to implement the proposal.

February 22

The EC said the Government's plan to hold elections by June 5 may not materialize if political parties fail to hammer out a deal on a new election Government within the next seven days. Only 102 days remain for the June-5 D-day set by a cross-party taskforce of the four major political parties. However, key political forces are still divided on the formation of a Chief Justice-led election Government and on outstanding issues related to the elections. Parties have serious differences over the voters' roll, citizenship and constituency delineation.

CPN-UML General Secretary Ishwar Pokharel said that formation of an election Government under the sitting Chief Justice is unacceptable to the party. He said "The person who heads the judiciary can´t be appointed as the executive head. He must resign as Chief Justice. It is not acceptable to CPN-UML if he is elevated to the post of Chief Justice without resignation as the Chief Justice".

Ambassadors of United Kingdom, Germany, France, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland and Finland met CPN-Maoist leaders suggesting them not to boycott the proposed CA elections.

February 23

NC President Sushil Koirala said "Four major political forces agreed to form an election Government as the President suggested for Chief Justice-led Government to give a way out to the country. Besides? there is immense international pressure for such a Government."

February 24

The major four political parties - the UCPN-M, NC, CPN-UML and UDMF have decided to finalize the issue of whether to form a Chief Justice-led election Government or not by February 25. They have also decided to wait for a final word from Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi whether he is willing to lead the election Government.

The SC referred four political parties' decision to form an election Government led by Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi to a special bench and issued a show cause notice to the office of the President, Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai and his office and UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda to furnish written clarification over the decision by March 5.

February 25

SC Assistant Spokesperson Hemanta Rawal said Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi has finally made an official statement over the four-party proposition to form an election Government under the head of the judiciary. He further said that Chief Justice Regmi has no personal desire to be head of the Government, but has taken a recent proposal put forward by the major political parties positively.

After receiving positive indication from the SC, a meeting of four parties decided to expedite homework for clearing legal and constitutional hurdles for the formation of election Government led by Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi.

February 26

SFs defused three bombs, allegedly planted by CPN-M Revolutionary, at three different places in Butwal city of Rupandehi District, Biratnagar city of Morang District and Bankatuwa village of Banke District. Police said they found leaflets of CPN-M Revolutionary from the recovery sites.

A second writ petition challenging the preparations to form an election Government headed by the Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi was filed at the SC. The writ filed by Om Prakash Aryal states that the sitting Chief Justice cannot head the Government, and demands an interim order to stop the process until SC gives its final decision on the previous writ filed by Bharat Jangham, which is to be heard by the court on March 7.

NBA, an umbrella organisation of lawyers, said that Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi should not continue dispensing justice as that would be against the code of conduct given that he has publicly accepted presiding over the election Government.

February 27

A contempt of court case against Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi was filed at the SC administration. The application claims that the head of the judiciary violated the code of conduct by issuing a statement indicating his positive position on a proposal asking him to head an election Government at a time when a petition challenging that very proposal remains subjudice in the SC.

UCPN-M chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda in Pokhara city of Kaski District said the election Government headed by the Chief Justice will be formed only after the SC gives its decision on a writ challenging the idea of such a Government.

February 28

Officials at the EC have ruled out any possibility of conducting election by mid June in the given time. ?It is very difficult to conduct polls by mid-June but we are still doing our best to make this possible,? EC Spokesperson Anil Kumar Thakur told.

UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda apologized for the tragic Badarmude incident in Chitwan District which is considered one of the worst attacks on innocent civilians during the Maoist insurgency. A total of 39 passengers including three NA personnel were killed and 72 injured in an ambush planted by the former rebels of the then CPN-M on June 6, 2005. He also announced a relief package of Rs 6 million for the victims of the attack, adding that the relief package was prepared by consulting with different Government bodies.

March 1

Leaders of UCPN-M, NC, CPN-UML and UDMF failed to settle contentious issues related to Government formation, election and peace process as all the sides remained stuck to their respective stances. The parties also couldn´t settle differences over a major provision on the proposed TRC, the criteria related to voters´ list and some conditions related to determining the rank of former UCPN-M combatants who have joined NA.

The SC rejected a contempt of court case brought against Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi, saying that the petitioner made a subjective interpretation of the Chief Justice?s press statement in which the Chief Justice had said he was positive about accepting four political forces? offer to lead an interim council of ministers.

Four major political forces said they would settle all the disputed issues before March 7, and claimed that they were close to a deal.

Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai said that the country will plunge into a political turmoil if CA elections are not held by mid-June. He said that the parties need to arrive at an understanding within a few days to form a Government headed by the Chief Justice if elections are to be held by mid-July.

President Ram Baran Yadav told representatives of the NBA that he will not make any unconstitutional move while forming a new Chief Justice-led election Government.

March 4

Prime Minsiter Baburam Bhattarai said he is going to quit the Government within the next three days. The prime minister also claimed that the new CA elections will be held by mid-June at any cost.

UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal said an election Government under the leadership of Chief Justice will take shape by March 7. Dahal went on to add, political parties have reached a deal to hand over the Government leadership to Chief Justice to conduct elections by mid-June.

CPN-M secretary Netra Bikram Chand said that his party will boycott elections conducted by the proposed election Government under the Chief Justice. Chand said "While the elected Government of Baburam Bhattarai could not hold the election it is foolish to think that non-political Government will be able to do it."

March 5

Top leaders of the four major parties met in a bid to forge consensus on a package deal on the formation of a Chief Justice-led Government. The eight-member cross party taskforce comprising two representatives each from four forces met to prepare a consensus proposal on outstanding issues, including an ordinance on the truth and reconciliation and disappearance commissions, rank determination, the citizenship distribution and update of the voters' list.

Four major parties agreed in principle to resolve their differences over distribution of citizenship and update of voter roll-the two contentious issues of the proposed package deal on the formation of a Chief Justice-led Government. The parties have also prepared a proposal on removal of constitutional difficulties for forming a new Government and conducting the elections.

March 6

The nation-wide bandh enforced by the FDF, an alliance of four left has affected normal life across the country. The bandh was enforced by the left parties opposing the agreement to constitute Chief Justice-led election Government and demanding to dissolve the incumbent Government.

Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai's political adviser Devendra Poudel said that the incumbent Government will hold fresh elections if parties fail to reach a deal on forming the election Government led by Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi.

CPN-UML senior leader K.P Sharma Oli said the Chief Justice-led Government is the last option as it was the only alternative on which the major parties would possibly agree on. CA elections will be possible in June if the parties arrive at a consensus within a few days to form new Government, he said.

March 7

The second day of nationwide strike called by the FDF crippled normal life in the country. The Front has called the shutdown calling for the election of CA and formation of election Government at the earliest. Educational institutions, industries and offices remained shutting, while vehicles stayed off the roads. Ambulances, vehicles belonging to hospitals, press, security personnel, and those carrying tourists were seen plying the roads.

A woman passenger suffered minor injury when demonstrators pelted stones at the bus she was commuting while 154 demonstrators, including 16 women, were arrested for allegedly vandalising vehicles and trying to block traffic from different parts of Kathmandu during the nationwide shutdown called by FDF. Four vehicles were also reportedly vandalized during the shutdown.

Leaders of four major political parties claimed that formal agreement on Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi-led Election Government is around the corner. They said that they had resolved all sticking points except for the ranks to be given to the former PLA combatants to be integrated into the Nepal Army.

March 8

Senior CPN-UML leader and former Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal said the leadership of the election Government should not be given to Khil Raj Regmi without his resignation as the Chief Justice.

March 11 Four major political parties - UCPN-M, NC, CPN-UML and Madhesi Front - after a meeting have agreed to do away with amnesty provision in the draft of the proposed TRC. The NC and the CPN-UML were against the provision in the draft of the TRC ordinance to pardon those involved in human rights violations during the conflict. With the agreement, the TRC ordinance presented by the Government will be revised.
March 12

Leaders of four major political parties said they are yet to reach a final agreement on formation of a TRC and ranks to be accorded to former PLA fighters in the Nepal Army. The leaders, who met in Kathmandu, said that an inter-party task force, formed to sort out the details of the much-talked-about package deal, has sought more time to come up with a concrete proposal on the issues.

March 13

In the bid to nail down differences of the Chief Justice-led election Government, the big four political parties - UCPN-M, NC, CPN-UML and Madhesi Front - hold talks once again at the International Convention Centre in Kathmandu. The meeting expected to narrow down the differences of the parties regarding the rank determination and give a final touch to a package deal on the same.

Nepal entered an unusual political course after major political parties signed a deal to form an election Government headed by Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi. The deal paved the way for resolving the long standing hurdle on the formation of a new Government and new CA elections.. The non-partisan Government has been entrusted with the responsibility of conducting new CA elections by June 21, 2013.

Leaders from the four major political forces signed an 11-point political agreement at the secretariat of the Special Committee at the International Convention Center, Kathmandu. As per the agreement, the proposed head of the Government will resume his function as Chief Justice after he accomplishes the task of holding the CA elections, which is described as the main responsibility of the election Government. The agreement stated that the new CA will have 491 members. Of these, 240 members will be elected under the first-past-the-post electoral system and 240 will be elected under proportional representative quotas while another 11 members will be nominated by the cabinet on the basis of political agreement. The agreement further said that the interim cabinet will not be allowed to take any decision that may have a long-term impact on the country.

Rejecting outright the proposal of the four major political parties to form a new Government under the sitting Chief Justice, 18 various minor parties represented in the erstwhile CA have demanded the finding of an alternative Prime Ministerial candidate from within the political parties for holding fresh polls.

March 14

The Baburam Bhattarai-led Cabinet endorsed a political document signed by four major forces and recommended President Ram Baran Yadav to remove hurdles of 25 articles of the Interim Constitution by invoking Article 158, to pave the way for the formation of a new interim election council under Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi.

Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi was sworn in as the head of the interim election Government at a special function organised at the President's Office in Shital Niwas, Kathmandu. While President Ram Baran Yadav administered the oath of office to Regmi, the new head of Government administered the same to ministers Madhav Ghimire and Hari Prasad Neupane. Regmi has been assigned various portfolios, including finance and defence.

The first meeting of Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi-led interim election cabinet decided to stop the distribution of state benefits. As per the decision of the three-member cabinet, state largesse will not be distributed to anybody without formulating clear guidelines. The election Government also expressed commitment to hold the CA elections in a free and fair manner on time and called upon all the political parties, civil society and the general public to create an election atmosphere.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon welcomed the appointment of an interim body in Nepal. In a statement issued by Ban's spokesperson said, "The Secretary-General welcomes the appointment of an Interim Electoral Council which has ended the protracted stalemate in Nepal." Further, the statement said "He urges all actors to create a conducive environment for the next elections and to maintain the momentum to implement the outstanding commitments of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement."

CPN-M-Baidya called a bandh in Kathmandu to protest the appointment of Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi as the head of the Interim Election Council. Vehicles plying the capital´s streets came to a standstill and people had to rush to their destinations on foot. 21 other fringe parties have also protested the Chief Justice-led government, arguing that it was against the principle of separation of powers.

NBA said that a sheer attack on independent judiciary by Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi by heading an election government has left a black spot in Nepal's six decade-long judicial history. The NBA has also urged the legal practitioners and other professional organizations to condemn such antidemocratic move.

Supreme Court Bar Association also condemned the appointment of the Chief Justice to the post of the Prime Minister.

March 15

Five persons were injured as the agitating CPN-M-Baidya and 21 other smaller parties burnt copies of the 11-point agreement in Kathmandu signed by the four major political parties. There was a clash between the agitators and the Police during the protest.

ICJ urged newly appointed head of the interim election Government Khil Raj Regmi to step down as Chief Justice "so as to preserve the independence of the judiciary and the rule of law". In a statement issued by Ben Schonveld, ICJ's South Asia Director in Kathmandu said "The Supreme Court under the leadership of Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi, has demonstrated a strong commitment to upholding the rule of law and protecting human rights in Nepal."

In a meeting in Kathmandu 34 parties decided to boycott the public functions in which President Ram Baran Yadav? Chief Justice? chairman of the election Government Khil Raj Regmi and Cabinet members will take part. The meeting also decided to organise a mass meeting on March 17 to expose the leaders of the four major parties? hold interactions with members of the civil society on March 18 and interact with former lawmakers on March 19.

March 17

President Ram Baran Yadav promulgated an ordinance, clearing constitutional and legal hurdles for the Government to appoint members to various constitutional bodies, including the EC. Following the endorsement of the ordinance by the President's office, the Government has intensified preparations to appoint commissioners to long vacant posts at the EC, the CIAA, the OAG and the PSC.

Interim Election Council chief Khil Raj Regmi urged all political parties, civil society and the general public to prepare for fresh elections. Regmi said that political parties, who may be divided on many issues, are one on holding the belief that the people's mandate is most important in a democracy. He added that the only objective of the Government is to hold elections and it will use all its resources to do so.

The HLPM headed by UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda recommended the Government to hold fresh CA polls on June 18. HLPM Coordinator Dahal met Chairman of Interim Election Government Khil Raj Regmi and made the recommendation after a decision to that effect was taken in an HLPM meeting. Dahal also learnt to have asked Regmi to fill the vacancies of EC and announce the date of polls at the earliest.

March 18

Interim Election Council Chairman Khil Raj Regmi expanded his Cabinet for the first time inducting eight new ministers - all of them former bureaucrats to the Cabinet. Regmi administered them the oath of office and secrecy at the office of the President in Kathmandu. With the expansion, the number of ministers in the Cabinet has reached 11.

Addressing a party programme in Kavre town of Kavrepalanchok District CPN-M-Baidya Chairman Mohan Baidhya claimed that election to a new CA is not possible. Baidhya said, "The upcoming so-called election is meaningless. This is nothing except four big forces' bid to push the nation towards authoritarianism. Therefore our party will not let the election happen."

SC ordered Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi to limit his role to chairman of the Interim Election Council for the time being and he will not have any role in the capacity of Chief Justice at the same time.

March 19

A group of people affiliated with the CPN-M-Baidya vandalised the head office of Ncell, the biggest private sector telecommunication company in Nepal, located at Naya Baneshwor in Kathmandu. Five persons were arrested from the scene.

United Nations Under-Secretary General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman in Kathmandu said that the United Nations supports the Nepal's electoral process and constitutional roadmap.

A Cabinet meeting of the interim election government said it would announce the election date only after appointing the chief election commissioner and election commissioners. Once that's done, the Government will form the election commission. The poll date will be fixed only after holding consultations on the technical issues of the elections with the commission.

March 20

The ongoing meeting of the UCPN-M Central Committee has formed two panels in preparation for the upcoming elections. A panel, headed by General Secretary Posta Bahadur Bogati will decide on the name list of leaders who will contest the elections. Similarly, the party also formed a nine-member panel under Vice-chairman Baburam Bhattarai to prepare the party's manifesto.

UN Under-secretary General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman said that Nepal needs credible and inclusive elections that reflect the political ambitions of the Nepali people. Feltmen said "I found that Chairman Regmi is committed to holding elections at the earliest. The UN will continue its support to the electoral process in Nepal."

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay urged the Government to rectify truth and reconciliation ordinance that authorizes TRC to grant amnesty, contravening international standards.

March 21

CC forwarded the names of five commissioners, including the Chief of the Election Commission, to President Ram Baran Yadav for approval. The first CC meeting recommended former Acting Chief Election Commissioner Neel Kantha Uprety as the head of the body, and former members Dolakh Bahadur Gurung and Ayodhee Prasad Yadav to their previous positions. The new entrants include Ila Sharma and Rambhakta PV Thakur.

CPN-M-Baidya has set three preconditions that it says will have to be fulfilled for the party to contest elections. The party has demanded that four major political parties scrap the 11-point agreement to form an election Government under Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi, dissolve the current Government and organise a round table conference to form a Government of national unity. If the preconditions are not met, we will boycott the elections, said party General Secretary Ram Bahadur Thapa at press conference organised by the party.

March 22

President Ram Baran Yadav urged the chairman of the interim electoral Government, Khil Raj Regmi, who is ex-officio head of the CC to clarify legality of the recommendations to re-appoint three former Election Commissioners.

Dr. Alexander Spachis, Head of the Delegation of the EU to Nepal, said "The interim electoral Government has the main responsibility to hold the elections and it should concentrate on holding the elections successfully and that the EU is ready to support this task."

March 24

President Yadav appointed Nil Kantha Upreti as CEC and Dolakh Bahadur Gurung and Ayodi Prasad Yadav as Commissioners. Along with them, Ila Sharma and Ram Bhakta Thakur have been appointed commissioners. All the five names were selected by the high-level mechanism of four parties, which is headed by UCPN-M chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal.

Newly appointed CEC, Nil Kantha Upreti said that the EC will call on the Government to announce a date for fresh CA elections, at the earliest.

33 political parties, including the CPN-M-Baidya announced a stir against the 11-point agreement and the Khil Raj Regmi led Government. CPN-M-Baidya leader Hitman Shakya said the parties will organise protest programmes on April 1 and stage a sit-in at Singha Durbar and District Administration Offices across the country.

March 25

CPN-Maoist Baidya cadres obstructed the ongoing voters' registration process at Jyamirgadhi and Dharampur VDCs in Jhapa District. The cadres said that they would not allow EC to hold elections under the present Government.

CPN-Maoist Secretary Dev Prasad Gurung said his party will carry on with its struggle and sabotage any initiative taken by the Government till the March 14 declaration of elections is scrapped. He said "The parties' declaration breached the constitution and has pushed the country deeper into crisis, so we have to counter it."

A writ petition was filed at the Supreme Court challenging the re-appointment of Nil Kantha Upreti as CEC and Ayodhi Prasad Yadav and Dolakh Bahadur Gurung as commissioners of the EC. Prabin Kumar Labh and Hare Ram Sah in their writ argued that appointment of the three EC office-bearers breached Clause 3 and 7 of Article 128 of the Interim Constitution, demanding that the court scrap the appointment.

March 26

Cadres of CPN-Maoist-Baidya disrupted the collection of the voters' list with photographs and looted related documents at Dulegauda VDC in Tanahun District. The cadres also looted record file of voters´ list of Ward No. 7 of the VDC.

March 28

Election Commissioner Dr. Ayodhi Prasad Yadav said that the EC is capable of holding elections to the CA within third week of June. The Election Commissioner said that the collection of voters´ list with photographs has been completed up to 80 per cent and the remaining works would be completed by April 28.

Cadres of the CPN-Maoist-Baidya vandalised the District election office in Baglung District. A group of masked cadres of the CPN-Maoist-Baidya pretending to come to the election office to register their names in the voter list smashed the windowpanes, computers, telephone sets and printer. Following the incident, Police 'apprehended' some of the District leaders of the party, who owned "moral responsibility" for the attack. They, however, denied that they had given orders to vandalise the election office. The leaders were released afterwards.

The EC told members of a cross-party taskforce that it will suggest a date for the elections only after it is confident of updating the voter rolls and formulating electoral laws. Top officials from the Home Ministry, Law Ministry and the Prime Minister's Office were invited to the meeting that dwelt on ways to update the electoral acts and intensify preparations to hold the polls in June.

March 29

In Lalitpur District, a group of around 20 CPN-Maoist-Baidya cadres misbehaved with EC officials and smashed a laptop computer used for maintaining records of voters and taking their photographs to be affixed on voters' ID cards in Chaughare VDC.

In Bhaktapur District, four CPN-Maoist-Baidya cadres vandalised Bhaktapur District Election Office. The masked men broke into EC office and damaged one laptop, a photocopy machine and a printer. They also tore apart 68 forms meant for registering voters' details.

The Government formed a three-member committee headed by Home Minister Madhav Ghimire to negotiate with political parties that are opposed the elections including the CPN-Maoist-Baidya and Madhesi Janadhikar Forum to come to the negotiating table. Health minister Bidhyadhar Mallik and communication minister Madhav Poudel are members of the talks committee.

Joint Secretary Anil Kumar Thakur, who is also the EC spokesperson, requested the Ministry of Home Affairs to begin distribution of citizenship certificates by deploying mobile teams across the country. Thakur said, "We have suggested to the Ministry of Home Affairs to distribute citizenship cards by deploying 305 mobile teams initially and increase the number of the teams to 561 if needed."

March 30

FICNs in the denomination of INR 1,000 and 500 with a total face value of INR 514,500 were recovered from an abandoned bag from Balkhu area in Kathmandu District.

March 31

33-party alliance led by CPN-Maoist-Baidya declared that they will hold decisive talks only with the President. The 33-party alliance also demanded that the Government immediately stop collecting voters' lists across the country refrain from ratifying the convention against organized crime and the Police crackdown on their cadres across the country.

Top leaders from the three major political parties have indicated that they have reached a tacit understanding for holding new election in November or December but not in June. UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal conceded that the chances of holding election in mid-June are almost nil. CPN-UML Chairman Jhalanath Khanal said that his party is not rigid on the date for holding new election but his party´s priority is to see the election held by mid-June and if that is not possible then it could be held in the winter. NC leader Bimalendra Nidi said "Frankly, I don´t think election is possible in June. This was one of the reasons why the taskforce recommended November-December as the alternative date."

April 1

Cadres of CPN-Maoist-Baidya chased away the EC officials at Pokhari Chauri VDC in Kavre District after one of its cadre Deep Lama was arrested while obstructing the voters' registration process in the District and did not release him.

EC issued letter to all District election offices across the country to halt the process of collecting and updating voters' registration with photographs. The decision was taken after 53 parties including CPN-Maoist-Baidya submitted a memorandum to Chief Election Commissioner Neel Kantha Upreti urging the EC to halt all the activities related to election. The memorandum warns of dire consequences if the EC continues with the voters' registration and other activities to facilitate polls.

MoHA made preparations to deploy around 800 mobile teams across the country in order to accommodate in the new electoral rolls those who have attained the voting age but do not yet have such certificates. MoHA will deploy mobile teams across all 75 Districts immediately after the Finance Ministry and the MoPR release the necessary budget.

April 2

33 fringe parties, including CPN-Maoist-Baidya staged sit-ins and chanted anti-Government slogans in front of Singha Durbar in Kathmandu to protest against the slated CA polls, Khil Raj Regmi-led election Government and the agreements forged by the four major political parties without consulting other parties and stakeholders.

Cadres of CPN-Maoist-Baidya captured some 35 acres of private land belonging to Interim Election Council Chairman Khil Raj Regmi in Bardiya District. They also captured over 100 acres of land of local Laxmi Prasad Upadhyay and late Yubaraj Upadhyay in the District. They said that land capture was one of the programmes as per their campaign and threatened to take action if anybody tries to release the captured land.

April 3

Chairman of UCPN-M Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda called on Interim Election Council chief Khil Raj Regmi at the latter's official residence in Kathmandu and requested Regmi to announce the date of the CA elections at the earliest so as to carry out the election in June at any cost.

April 4

A meeting of the HLPC took place at the secretariat of the Army Integration Special Committee in Kathmandu. The meeting dwells on issues related to hold talks with the agitating 33-fringe parties including the CPN-Maoist-Baidya to convince them to take part in the elections and fixing new election date.

UCPN-M cadres demonstrating in front of the forest office of Rautahat District demanding action against DFO Nanda Lal Yadav for corruption went on to vandalize the forest office and then set it ablaze. The Maoists accused DFO Yadav of massive corruption while awarding contracts to purchase timber from the forest office.

The Government issued mid-May deadline to submit the remaining 32 arms given earlier for personal security to the top UCPN-M and CPN-Maoist-Baidya leaders after they joined the mainstream politics. The Government has warned of taking action as per the existing legal provision if the arms are not submitted to the Government within the stipulated deadline.

UCPN-M objected to the EC's proposal of requiring one per cent threshold to secure at least one seat in the CA through proportional representation system. On the other hand, the NC and CPN-UML backed the EC's proposal, stating that the proposed threshold would encourage the fringe parties to unite to champion their cause in the CA.

April 5

Chairman of Interim Election Council Khil Raj Regmi said that the Government is willing to make necessary changes in the proposed election law including the disqualification criteria for contesting the elections and the mandatory one percent threshold for the parties to get represented in the would-be CA under the proportional system to ensure that smaller parties get represented in the CA.

CPN-Maoist-Baidya dismissed the call from the HLPC of the four major parties for talks on the elections. The HLPC was led by Chairman of UCPN-M Pushpa Kamal Dahal to convince the smaller parties including CPN-Maoist-Baidya to join the upcoming elections.

April 6

Minister for Home and Foreign Affairs Madhav Prasad Ghimire urged all parties to cooperate in the CA elections stating that the election was the important responsibility of the Government.

UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal while inaugurating a month-long cadre mobilisation campaign organised by the party's Special Bureau in Dhading District accused the interim election council of conspiring against the elections in spite of its commitment to hold them in June. Dahal also said there is no guarantee of elections in November.

April 7

The nationwide general strike called by the 33 political parties, including the CPN-Maoist-Baidya, crippled normal life across the country. The parties called for the strike demanding the formation of a partisan Government instead of the current Chief Justice-led Government.

UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal at a mass gathering in Dhading District said that he will wait until mid-December to allow the Government to hold new CA elections as it was as per his own proposal that the interim election Government under the leadership of sitting Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi was formed.

April 8

Head of the Election Government Khil Raj Regmi said that the Government is constitutionally bound to hold new elections by mid-December 2013. He emphasized the need for the political parties to take initiatives toward ensuring involvement of more and more political parties and public participation in the elections.

CPN-Maoist-Baidya Chairman Mohan Baidya accused the four leaders of the big four political parties of becoming 'new kings' thereby creating problems in the national politics. He further said the four major parties had no legitimate stand so his party would not talk to them. However, separate meetings could be held with the individual party, he added.

CPN-UML Jhala Nath Khanal claimed that the UCPN-M leaders won't allow the slated CA election to happen until they are certain of their victory in it. He said this is why the election cannot take place in June as the Government and the political parties are planning.

April 9

A cabinet meeting endorsed five ordinances related to election and citizenship distribution and forwarded them to the president. The Government endorsed the Nepali Citizenship Act-2063 with a view to allowing distribution of citizenship certificates by descent to the children of citizens by birth. The cabinet also endorsed another ordinance related to the voter registration process.

UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda criticised the Government for not announcing the election date. Addressing a mass meeting organized by the party in Baglung Bazaar of Baglung District, Dahal said that the interim election council should have announced the election date a day after it came into existence and that it should not waste any more time in fixing the date.

CPN-Maoist-Baidya Secretary Netra Bikram Chand warned that his party would retaliate if the much awaited elections to the CA are held sans high level political consensus. He said that his party is ready to take any kind of steps if the Government tried to hold elections without consensus.

April 10

UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal told media persons in Baglung District that the poll date would be fixed for mid-November. He also said that the election date will be announced within the next two days by taking consent of the dissident political groups, including CPN-Maoist-Baidya.

April 11

Chairman of UCPN-M Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda addressing a press meet in Kaski District said that the election to the CA would not be halted only because the CPN-Maoist-Baidya obstructing the election process. He also said anyone hampering the election process and all the activities towards holding the election in a free, fair and fear-free manner would be considered as an affront on the sovereign rights of the Nepali people.

President Ram Baran Yadav certified four ordinances including those related to the elections and distribution of citizenship cards. The ordinances issued as per the Article 88 (1) of the Interim Constitution are related to Nepal Citizenship Act (1st amendment), Election Act, Civil Service Act (3rd amendment) and Nepal Health Service Act (4th amendment).

Chairman of the interim election Government Khil Raj Regmi called on the youth to take part in elections. He added the upcoming CA election was vital to establish good governance and political stability in the country and appealed the youth to support the CA poll regardless of their beliefs and practices.

April 12

HLPC comprising top leaders of major parties asked the interim Government to formally announce the date for the CA election scheduled to be held this year. The committee also decided to take the initiative to bring the fringe parties that are against the Government's plan to hold the election to the talks table and bring them into understanding.

HLPC decided to dissolve the Special Committee by sorting out all the remaining issues. The meeting decided to provide Rs 2.55 lakhs each to the 47 former Maoist combatants who requested to leave the Nepali Army even after joining the National Army.

April 13

UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda met Chairman of interim election council Khil Raj Regmi, asking him to fix the CA election date immediately. In response, Regmi mentioned that the Government could not announce the date because a lot is to be done to create election atmosphere and asked the four-party mechanism to take initiation to bring the agitating parties on board.

April 14

CPN-Maoist-Baidya Chairman Mohan Baidya said that the four major parties have pushed the nation towards fascism by electing Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi as the head of the executive. Baidya further said that his party would not take part in the CA election unless the issues raised by the party are addressed. He also said that the Government should be led by a political party.

April 15

Four major political parties agreed in principle to hold fresh CA elections in mid-November citing the time constraint, the delay in clearing legal hurdles and differences on some provisions of electoral laws.

Nepal Police busted a FICN racket arresting two Pakistani nationals and seizing FICN worth INR 4.7 million at Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu. The arrested were identified as Julekha Banu and her son Essa Danish. They arrived in Kathmandu from Karachi along with the FICN by Pakistani Airlines.

UCPN-M Vice-chairman and former Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai said the Government should immediately announce the election date so as to build public confidence on the polls. Bhattarai said that the distrust between the parties might grow to the extent of jeopardizing the election if the Government does not announce the date right away.

Vice-chairman of UCPN-M Narayan Kaji Shrestha talking to media emphasised on the need of including the CPN-Maoist-Baidya and other parties in the HLPC if they commit themselves to the upcoming CA elections. He said the four parties need to be liberal enough to include Chairmen of CPN-Maoist-Baidya, Madhesi Janadhikar Forum and others into the HLPC.

April 16

The Government sent invitations for talks to Upendra Yadav-led FDF and Mohan Baidya-led CPN-Maoist-Baidya-led alliance of various 33 fringe political parties.

SC ordered the Interim Election Council and the EC to form a Constituency Delimitation Commission to delineate the election constituencies afresh. The apex court's order comes at a time when Madhesi political parties are threatening to boycott the upcoming election if the Government tries to hold it without first delineating the election constituencies anew.

April 17

Chairman of Interim Election Council Khil Raj Regmi said he is determined to conduct the CA elections within Mansir (mid-December). Speaking to a delegation of RPP-Nepal after receiving a memorandum submitted by the party, Regmi said he is "committed to hold free and fair elections within mid-December".

During a meeting with Chairman of the Interim Election Council Khil Raj Regmi held in Kathmandu, top EC officials urged Regmi to approve the ordinance on amending the Election to Members of the Constituent Assembly Act, 2013, at the earliest. In response, Regmi told EC top officials that the Interim Election Council will approve the ordinance and forward it to the President at the earliest.

April 18

The Government decided to implement Citizenship Distribution Directive to ease the distribution of citizenship keeping in mind the proposed CA elections. A Cabinet meeting made a decision to that effect. The ruling would facilitate the distribution of citizenship across the country by joint teams comprising officials from the EC and the MoHA.

RPP-Nepal handed over a 7-point memorandum to President Ram Baran Yadav which demands for immediate announcement of the CA election date and formation of Election Constituency Delineation Commission. A delegation led by RPP-Nepal chairman Kamal Thapa met President Yadav and submitted the memorandum. The party had presented the same set of demands to chairman of the interim election council Khil Raj Regmi.

April 20

EC advised the Government to plan the CA elections preferably in the second week of November. While the EC did not categorically disclose the dates, an official said the commission is for holding polls on November 14-15.

April 21

HLPC comprising four major political forces - UCPN-M, NC, CPN-UML and UDMF - advised the Government to announce a date of the CA election by the last week of April. The meeting also decided to hold serious talks with the agitating political parties that have threatened to boycott the election process.

FDF led by MJF Chairman Upendra Yadav demanded that Khil Raj Regmi should quit the post of chief justice or chairman of council of ministers to maintain democratic norms and values, principle of separation of powers and independence of judiciary. They also demanded that the HLPC comprising the four major political forces should be scrapped, as it controlled and could influence the independence of polls. The front demanded to hold an all-party meeting to determine the basic principles of the new constitution before the polls.

April 22

President Ram Baran Yadav asserted that CA elections will certainly take place in November. President Yadav said that there is no other alternative to elections to write the new constitution and that the polls will certainly take place in November. Referring to the demand of agitating 33 parties for direct talks with him, he said that the parties should sit for talks with the Government itself.

The President said, "It is the Government´s duty to talk to the dissident parties and bring them into the mainstream. It is the Government´s duty to talk to them and convince them.". The President told, "The only solution to the current political stalemate is to hold the CA elections. Therefore, all the political parties must join hands to make the coming elections a success."

April 23

Chairman of Council of Ministers Khil Raj Regmi urged all the sections of the society, including political parties and their sister wings, to focus on election. Regmi stated this in a greeting issued by him on the eve of Loktantra Diwas.

April 24

Chairman of Interim Election Council Khil Raj Regmisaid that the slated CA elections will take place at any cost and there is no reason to doubt that. He said, "There is no reason to doubt Government's commitment to hold timely polls and we are engaged in necessary homework for the same." Though he did not announce tentative date for the election, he informed that the drive to collect voter's namelist is already underway and will soon finish.

CPN-Maoist-Baidya leaders said their party must 'take up all measures' to foil CA elections if the Government tries to go ahead with the plan without first forging consensus. In the ongoing CC meeting of the party, speakers said the formation of the Khil Raj Regmi-led Interim Election Government is 'unconstitutional' and, therefore, the party should disrupt the elections.

April 25

CPN-Maoist-Baidya reiterated that it would not participate in the election to the CA but disrupt the electoral process. The speakers at the extended meeting of the CC of the party said formation of present Government was unconstitutional and it was not judicious in the election to be held by this Government.

UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda addressing a function in Salyan District claimed that his party is going to reach alliance with Madhesi and Janajati groups in the upcoming elections. However, he did not explain which of the Madhesi and Janajati groups his party would join hands with.

April 26

President Ram Baran Yadav expressing hope that the election to CA would be held on time said 85 percent of all the active political forces have already ready for elections. He further said as head of the state he was taking initiatives to persuade some dissident political parties, including CPN-Maoist-Baidya, to come on board the election process.

The Government and the EC have agreed to hold fresh polls to elect a new CA with 601 members. The Government reached a conclusion to retain the old strength of 601 when the big four parties decided to reduce the CA's strength from 601 to 491.

Chairman of the IEC Khil Raj Regmi held a meeting with the office-bearers of the EC and took stock of progress made in regard to holding the election within November this year. During the meeting Regmi directed the EC officials to intensify the election-related works and activities so as to ensure timely polls.

CEC Neelkantha Upreti, said the EC has decided to publish a notice inviting registration of political parties. He said parties already in the EC's register need to be re-registered and new parties will have to produce signatures of at least 10,000 supporters in order to be eligible for the registration.

April 28

CEC Neel Kantha Uprety said preparations are underway to hold the CA election by the third week of November. Speaking at a programme Tanahun District, Upreti said that the election date will be fixed in about two weeks' time.

EC Spokesperson Madhu Prasad Regmi said the EC is all set to register political parties for the upcoming CA election from April 30. He said "The EC has issued a call to political parties for registration. We will start registering new parties from April 30 for a month."

April 29

Nepal Army said the former Maoist combatants integrated into the National Army would be eligible to participate in UN peacekeeping missions only after serving in the institution at least for six years. The Army Service Regulation introduced earlier this year by the Ministry of Defence has it that the soldiers must complete six years of service in the Army to qualify for UN peacekeeping.

CEC Nil Kantha Upreti said that the Government will announce election date within the next 10 days. Upreti said that elections were the backbone of a democratic system, and the commission was committed to holding free and fair election.

April 30

EC has started the process of registration and renewal of political parties for the upcoming polls to the CA from today.

Eleven political parties - CPN-UML, UCPN-M, Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal, Nepali Congress, CPN-ML, Tarai Madhes Loktantrik Party, Sadbhawana Party, Rastriya Prajatantra Party, Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (Loktantrik), Sanghiya Loktantrik Rastriya Party and Nepal Pariwar Dal - have applied for party renewal at the EC on the first day of the party registration process.

May 1

UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda addressing a programme organized by the party in Itahari city of Sunsari District said his party will forge electoral alliance with Madhesi and Janajati groups in the upcoming elections.

CPN-Maoist-Baidya Secretary Dev Gurung said the party is not going to register with the EC until the ordinance issued by the President to pave the way for formation of the Chief Justice-led Government is withdrawn. Gurung said there should be an all-party Government in place of the Government of bureaucrats to conduct the elections.

May 2

As many as 1,606 illegal weapons have been collected from different Districts in the far-west after a second notice was issued calling for submission of illegal weapons to the Police by April 30. 1,045 arms were collected from nine Districts - Bajura Kailali, Doti, Achham, Bajhang, Kanchanpur, Dadeldhura, Darchula, and Baitadi Districts collecting 609, 27, 69, 214, 77, nine, eight, 30, and two respectively. Separately, 503 illegal weapons collected from Dailkeh District and 58 weapons from Kapilvastu District.

CEC Nil Kantha Upreti said that the Government should announce the election date without further delay. Upreti claimed that the EC has completed the necessary preparations and that there is no reason why the Government should take time in fixing the poll date.

May 3

The alliance of 33 political parties led by CPN-Maoist-Baidya staged protestin front of the EC at Kantipath in Kathmandu City against the ongoing election process including the registration of parties. They also blocked vehicular movement in and around Kantipath during the protest.

UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal and NC President Sushil Koirala met at the latter's residence in Kathmandu. NC leader Krishna Prasad Sitaula, who was present during the meeting, said, "We will hold talks with the agitating parties, including CPN-Maoist-Baidya, Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum-Nepal, Sanghiya Samajbadi Party and other fringe parties. We will also intensify inter-party meetings from tomorrow to discuss poll related issues."

May 4

UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal talking to mediapersons at Simara Airport in Bara District said that his party was ready to enter into an electoral alliance with the CPN-Maoist-Baidya.

May 6

Normal life in the Eastern Districts have been affected for the third consecutive day due to bandh called by Sanghiya Limbuwan Rajya Parishad demanding that the citizenship distribution, and voters list collection process be stopped until the agitating fringe parties' demands regarding the CA elections were addressed.

NC President Sushil Koirala refused to hold talks with UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal on contemporary contentious issues, saying his fellow leaders, including Vice-president Ramchandra Paudel, were not available in Kathmandu. The NC chief also postponed his meeting with the leaders of the CPN-UML.

May 7

A Pakistani national and his Nepali associate were arrested at the Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu. Sheikh Mohammed Fukran (48), a resident of Azizabad in Karachi, was arrested by a team of Nepali Police after he landed on a Qatar Airways flight from Doha. FICNs worth Rs. 1 crore in denominations of 500 and 1000 were recovered from the false bottom of the suitcase carried by the accused.

UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal initiated efforts to improve ties with the CPN-Maoist-Baidya. Dahal is wooing the Baidya party after the Madhesi and Janajati parties rejected a possible election alliance with the UCPN-M.

District Police Office in Rolpa District said that they have collected 227 illegal weapons since the nationwide arms collection drive began. 164 weapons were collected till March 28 and 63 more were collected after the Ministry of Home Affairs extended the deadline till April 28.

Chairman of the Interim Election Council Khil Raj Regmi called on President Ram Baran Yadav at his residence in Kathmandu and told Regmi that all vacant posts in key state bodies need to be filled, as per prevailing laws, to ensure good governance. Regmi conveyed to the President that the Government was doing the needful to make appointments to constitutional bodies.

May 8

Top leaders from NC and UCPN-M decided to intensify talks with other political parties to help the Government conduct elections. The leaders who met at NC President Sushil Koirala''s residence in Maharajgunj of Kapilvastu District also agreed to urge the Government to approve election ordinances soon.

May 9

Two bombs were recovered at Mainaghat-based Saraswati School in the Nawalparasi District. The bombs were planted by an unidentified group targeting a mobile camp of District Administration Office for citizenship distribution and voters' list collection. Tikaram Wagle, coordinator of the mobile camp, informed slogans demanding dismissal of the Government among others has been written at three muds filled sacks kept few metres away.

May 10

The Government held a discussion with the leaders of the political parties including the four major political parties on election-related issues. In the meeting chaired by the Interim Election Council Chairman Khil Raj Regmi, the Government side informed that it is in the final stage of introducing the election-related laws and declare the election date.

Putting forth three preconditions for talks, CPN-Maoist-Baidya rejected the interim Government's call for an all-party meeting to narrow down the differences on issues related to electoral ordinances. In a press statement, the party Chairman Mohan Baidhya has repeated the party's demands to scrap the 25-point presidential decree, revoke the citizenship bill and void the recent appointment at CIAA as three preconditions for talks to end the political crisis.

As the 33 agitating parties boycotted the meeting called by Chairman Regmi, Chairman of the UCPN-M Pushpa Kamal Dahal said "We will try our best to address the concerns of the agitating parties. However, we have concluded that the elections can be held even if one or two parties refuse to join the election process." Dahal added that the polls will be held between November 15 and 22.

May 12

Normal life in Terai region was paralysed due to the day-long bandh enforced by Sadbhavana Party. The party enforced the shutdown putting forth 10-point demands that includes immediate announcement of date for fresh CA election. Police arrested six leaders and cadres of the party including Sunsari District Member Parameswor Mandal who were in Itahari to close the markets and stop vehicles along with party flags. Those arrested are Madan Mandal, Raman Khan, Bhupen Kumar Thakur, Naresh Mahato and Pramod Chaudhary. Similarly, in Chitwan District, five leaders and cadres of the party were arrested from Ratnanagar of Chitwan this morning while trying to stop vehicles. The arrested cadres of the Party led by Rajendra Mahato were Central Member Arjun Upreti, Kushal Subedi, Indra Subedi, Sandesh Tamang and Jiwan Chaudhary.

Coordination committee member and Federal Affairs and Local Development Minister Bidhyadhar Mallik said the Government is preparing to forward the three poll related ordinances to the President within four days even if the parties fail to iron out their differences.

May 13

CPN-Maoist-Baidya Secretary Netra Bikram Chand ruled out the possibility of CA election in mid-November without broader political consensus and has set a three-point condition to hold talks with the Government.

Cadres of SP launched indefinite hunger strike in Birgunj area of Parsa District demanding that the Government announce the election date immediately. The party said the ongoing relay hunger strike has been turned into fast-unto-death after the Government did not respond to its demands, which also includes formation of a commission for fresh delineation of election constituencies.

The Government appealed to the agitating alliance of 33 parties led by CPN-Maoist-Baidya to come to negotiating table without any preconditions. The Government also asked all the agitating parties to help in conducting the upcoming election by mid-December.

The HLPC recommended the Government form a constituency delimitation commission and announces the date for holding fresh CA elections. The HLPC decided to hold extensive talks with poll-opposing parties within the next two days and try to bring them on the election track.

May 14

Mohan Baidya, Chairman of CPN-Maoist-Baidya ruled out possibility of holding talks with the current election Government and the HLPC led by four major parties. He said the probability of talks has become dim because the Government has turned a deaf ear to the demands of the 33 party alliance led by his party and has decided to boycott the election in the present circumstances, adding that a nationwide movement his party is about to wage is the only way out to the current political crisis facing the country.

May 15

Chairman of the IEC of Ministers Khil Raj Regmi and UCPN-M leaders, including Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda, held discussions regarding the upcoming CA elections on date announcement, polls related ordinance, total seats under the proportional electoral system in the CA, process of the CA elections and contemporary issues.

Two APF personnel were injured in a clash with the CPN-Maoist-Baidya in Mainatada village of Surkhet District. The clash ensued when APF intervened into the Maoist activists' bid to disrupt an integrated mobile service camp organized by the local administration at the VDC. Eight protesters were arrested in connection with the incident.

A senior Home Ministry official told that the Government has started preparations to declare more than two dozen UN registered weapons belonging to former Maoist combatants as 'illegitimate' after stakeholders concerned failed to hand them over within the deadline. The missing weapons include sophisticated ones like the Israel-made Galil, AK-47, SMG, SLR and Insas rifles.

May 16

UCPN-M vice chairman Baburam Bhattarai addressing the FSU assembly at Butwal city in Rupandehi District said his party needs an absolute majority in the upcoming election so as to ensure that the country gets its much-awaited constitution. He further said, "No other force or power would be able to write the new constitution without UCPN-M or its consent."

CPN-Maoist-Baidya organized bandh in Surkhet District to protest May 15's Police action on their cadres who were trying to obstruct the Government team deployed for citizenship distribution and voter registration.

HLPC agreed to form an electoral constituency delimitation committee in view of the coming election. Vice-President of the NC, Ram Chandra Poudel, said, "We are close to an agreement to immediately form a constituency delimitation commission." Similarly, CPN-UML's Bhim Rawal said the Committee would be formed as per the provision in constitution.

May 17

CPN-Maoist-Baidya cadres allegedly looted some five quintals of food supplies being transported in a mule for a mobile camp in Jima village of Mugu District to hamper the mobile camp to be organized by District Administration Office.

CPN-UML launched a nationwide election campaign. Party Chairman Jhala Nath Khanal, General Secretary Ishwor Pokharel and KP Sharma Oli, among other leaders, briefed the representatives on the issues prior to their deployment.

Smaller parties during an interaction with chairman of the interim election council Khil Raj Regmi, reiterated their opposition to the proposed one percent threshold for representation in the would-be CA as well as the existing provision that requires new parties to furnish 10,000 signatures for registration at the EC.

May 18

The Mohan Baidya-led CPN-Maoist announced that all the physical infrastructure and land of Surya Boarding Secondary School, a private School in Khandbari, the District headquarters of Sankhuwasabha District, are under its control.

Baidya-led CPN-Maoist captured the property of UCPN-Maoist central member Ninu Chapagain in Bhojpur District.

May 20

A day after the coordinator of the HLPC, Jhala Nath Khanal, held talks with the Mohan Baidya-led CPN-Maoist Baidya leaders, the CPN-Maoist said it would not contest Constituent Assembly (CA) elections in the status quo. Leaders of the CPN-Maoist have, however, said the party may contest the polls if the Chief Justice-led government steps down and paves way for a partisan election government.

May 22

Hearings on a writ petition against the approval of the ordinance on removing constitutional difficulties, which also challenges the appointment of Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi as chairman of the Interim Election Council, was deferred by the Supreme Court for 17th time.

May 23

Chairman of Interim Election Council Khil Raj Regmi said that the Government is anxious to announce the date of fresh election in consensus with all political parties.

Political parties and the Government have failed to resolve contentious issues related to election laws, leaders from the major political parties have narrowed down their differences over other issues in a bid to create a favorable atmosphere for fresh Constituent Assembly (CA) elections.

May 24

HLPC decided to hold talks with the Government to know the position of various agitating parties regarding the proposed provisions on election related laws.

May 26

NC President Sushil Koirala has alleged that UCPN-M was backtracking on the agreements reached earlier on election-related laws in its attempt to defer the elections.

May 27 UCPN-M cadres cut off the water supply mains to two VDCs in Sindhupalchok District, causing inconvenience to the locals. A team of 10 UCPN-M cadres led by one Phulkaji Shrestha of Tauthali VDC-9 cut off the water supply mains to the two VDCs.
May 28

Chairman of UCPN-M Puhspa Kamal Dahal warned that looking for an alternative to the Khila Raj Regmi-led electoral government would lead to another 'political disaster' in the country. This is not the time to be looking for an alternative to the Regmi-led Government, but a time to cooperate among each other for fixing the date for fresh elections, he added.

May 29

CPN-Maoist-Baidya leader Dev Gurung said "With the declaration of election date, certainly there would be launching of national liberation war or civil war in the country. They may succeed to hold elections through mobilization of army but it would invite confrontations and civil war in the country."

Chairman of the CPN-Maoist-Baidya Mohan Baidya clarified that his party has not decided to boycott the upcoming CA polls as has been believed, adding that in fact his party has adopted a "wait and see" policy in regards to the election.

NC president Sushil Koirala Koirala reiterated his stance on resignation of Interim Government Chairman Khil Raj Regmi. He said "His resignation will help resolve the problems of the election process."

Chairman of the Interim Election Council Khil Raj Regmi said that the Government was committed to hold the CA elections by the 3rd week of November. He also said that the Government expected cooperation from the political parties and other stakeholders to create election atmosphere.

Chairman of RPP Surya Bahadur Thapa stressed on the need to carry out the election to the CA within third week of November 2013.

CPN-UML general secretary Ishwar Pokharel asked UCPN-M chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal to stop engaging in his own "political promotion" by trying to break up social harmony that exists in the country with his activities. He also requested Dahal not to damage Nepal's delicate social fabric further by raising the issue of caste and ethnicity.

May 30

CPN-Maoist-Baidya imposed a day-long bandh in Rupandehi District demanding the release of party's activists who were arrested by Police while they were protesting against the citizenship certificate distribution campaign carried out in the District as part of the preparation for the upcoming polls.

A meeting of the HLPC held at the Army integration Special Committee secretariat in New Baneshwor formed an eight-member taskforce to sort out contentious issues of the election-related ordinance. The taskforce members are Krishna Bahadur Mahara and Khimlal Devkota from UCPN-M, Ram Sharan Mahat and Minendra Rijal from NC, Agni Kharel and Raghuji Pant from CPN-UML and Hridayesh Tripathi and Jitendra Jha from UDMF.

EC spokesperson Madhu Prasad Regmi said 65 political parties registered with the EC on the last day set by the EC for registration taking the number of political parties registered with the EC to 140.

May 31

The eight-member taskforce of the HLPC briefly discussed contentious issues related to election laws, but failed to break the ice as major political parties remained adamant on their respective stances. The next meeting of the taskforce is scheduled for June 3.

UCPN-M vice chairman Baburam Bhattarai speaking to reporters at Biratnagar airport of Moran District claimed that the four major parties would resolve their differences on the proposed election ordinance within two days. Bhattarai said "We want all to participate in the elections. It is for them to decide whether to participate or not."

June 1

33-member alliance led by CPN-Maoist-Baidya did not registered at the EC and has vowed to further institutionalize their alliance. Mani Thapa of Revolutionary Communist Party of Nepal said, "Only a few members of our alliance registered their parties in the EC. They are still committed to the alliance´s programs and policies because they had registered prior to the alliance officially decided to boycott the process. The major and majority parties of our group haven´t registered at the EC and we are for further intensifying our agitation against the present Government."

EC set tough criteria for verifying the applications submitted to it by the political parties. The criteria include verifying signatures given by supporters, their voter IDs and finger prints and a study of party manifestos, by-laws to confirm whether the applications are in line with constitutional provisions. The move is to avoid the mistakes seen during the previous CA elections while registering parties.

June 2

A meeting of the eight-member taskforce that is entrusted with the responsibility of offering suggestions to the HLPC agreed on the proposal to downsize the 601-member CA to 491 members. As per the agreement, 240 members will be elected directly from electoral constituencies, other 240 will be nominated under the proportional representation system and the remaining 11 members will be appointed by the Government.

June 3

Khil Raj Regmi, the Chairman of Interim Election Council said that the Government will forward the ordinance on election laws and announce poll date on its own if the major political parties failed to reach an agreement over the matter by June 7. Regmi urged HLPC Coordinator Jhalanath Khanal to take serious initiatives to reach a conclusion by June 7.

June 5

UCPN-M is unlikely to compromise on its opposition to the proposal barring candidates with criminal backgrounds in the upcoming election. The Maoists argued that this is something that relates to the TRC and can affect the whole peace process. As no Maoist leader would be safe if the provision is implemented, the possibility of the Maoists compromising on this issue is very slim.

June 6

Accusing the present Government of diluting political agendas, the FDF threatened to take to the streets, if their concerns are not addressed within a week. Chairman of MPRF Upendra Yadav sai "If the Interim Election Council addresses our concerns within the given deadline, it will create environment conducive to polls. If it fails to do so, we will announce breakdown of talks with the present government and take to the streets."

EC said that November 14 and November 15 are suitable dates for conducting the CA elections. CEC Neel Kantha Uprety said, "After consultation with meteorologists and other studies, we at the commission have concluded that November 14 and 15 would be suitable for holding polls."

June 8

Leaders of four major met Interim Government Chief Khil Raj Regmi to discuss the draft election ordinance that remains pending for weeks now. The meeting ended inconclusively yet again. The major parties remain divided on the issue of threshold for seats under the PR system in the upcoming CA election.

Expressing strong dissatisfaction over repeated failure of the major parties to strike a deal on key contentious issues related to fresh CA election, Chairman of the Interim Election Council Khil Raj Regmi warned of taking an 'appropriate decision' on its own should the parties fail to reach an agreement soon. He said this at a meeting held with the top leaders of UCPN-M, NC, CPN-UML and UDMF.

June 9

A HLPC meeting ended without making any headway, as the four major political forces stuck to their guns. The provision of threshold and eligibility of candidates running in the new CA elections were the sticking points. In the meeting, UCPN-M and UMDF remained adamant about removing the threshold provision, while Nepali Congress and the CPN-UML stood in favour of the EC-formulated provisions of one percent threshold and barring crime convicts from contesting the elections and disclosing property details of candidates.

Presenting a report at the CC meeting on party's production, construction and management policy adopted by Hetauda convention in Makwanpur District, UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal told his party leaders that NC President Sushil Koirala's demand for the resignation of Chairman of Council of Ministers Khil Raj Regmi from the post of Chief Justice was a ploy to sabotage fresh CA elections. Dahal said Koirala had signed the agreement letter along with three other leaders from the four forces that mandated formation of a new government under the chief justice and the NC president should stick to that commitment.

June 10

The HLPC comprising representatives of four major political parties gave the Interim Election Government the authority to take a call on the disputed provisions in an electoral law. The decision follows the parties' failure to settle among themselves the thorny issues in the ordinance to amend the CA Member Act-2008, while it paves way for the Government to promulgate the ordinance and announce a date for holding the CA elections.

June 11

UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal at a press conference at Ilam town in Ilam District said that the election will take place by coming November. He further said, 'We have entrusted the Government to settle the issues which remained disputed among the political parties. However, we all parties have reached a consensus to accept the Government decision to that effect."

District Administration Office of Jumla District clamped curfew in Jumla headquarters since 8.30 pm till 5 pm of June 12 owing to a violent clash between the cadres of NC and CPN-Maoist-Baidya. The local administration clamped curfew to contain chaos seen in market areas and adjoining places after personal dispute between NC supporter Ghanshyam Thapa and Manoj Budha Magar of CPN-Maoist-Baidya took political turn. The administration has even directed SFs to fire gunshots if necessary to contain the situation during the curfew period.

HLPC Coordinator Jhala Nath Khanal formally requested Chairman of Interim Election Council of Ministers Khil Raj Regmi to bring the ordinances related to CA elections by evaluating the suggestions of the political parties.

CPN-Maoist-Baidya urged all forces in the country to take steps to stop the Government´s preparations for new elections. The party also warned that the country will face a "new conflict" if the four major political forces and the Government did not address the concerns of the agitating groups including the CPN-Maoist-Baidya-led 33-party alliance.

June 12

A security centre that the EC plans to set up will be responsible for mobilising around 100,000 security personnel for new CA elections. The JEOC comprising top officials from the four state security organs -NA, APF, NP and NID - will analyze the overall security situation prior to the CA elections and control poll-related violence.

UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal in Lakhanpur village of Jhapa District said "We are not setting any condition on threshold. We will accept the decision the Government will take." Claiming that the elections will take place by the end of November at any cost, he said the Government is set to announce the election date "very soon".

June 13

The Government announced November 19 as the date for holding fresh CA elections. The announcement comes three months after the formation of the Khil Raj Regmi-led Interim Election Government. While the Government brought to an end the dispute over contentious provisions in a poll ordinance, it also formed a CDC.

42 political parties agitated following the Government announced election date. Organising a press conference in Kathmandu, leaders of the CPN-Maoist-Baidya, Ashok Rai-led SSP and Upendra Yadav-led FDA said that the Government and the four-party syndicate shall be held responsible for any situation that may arise after the announcement of poll date. The Government itself is unconstitutional as it was formed through an unconstitutional Presidential decree, they stated.

The Government issued two separate appeals urging agitating parties to come to the negotiating table without any preconditions. Minister for Information and Communications Madhav Prasad Poudel said "Election is the only solution to current problems. Election alone can give a stable Government and since it is a matter of national importance, the Government urges the agitating parties to come for talks without any preconditions so that all the issues could be resolved amicably."

June 14

President Ram Baran Yadav approved the draft of the election ordinance forwarded by the Interim Election Government a day after the Cabinet endorsed it and announced the CA elections.

UCPN-M launched an election campaign forming a 65-member Election Mobilisation Committee led by party Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal. The panel is mandated to prepare an election policy and strategy and organise a campaign across the country. Committee members include Vice-chairmen Baburam Bhattarai and Narayan Kaj Shrestha, General Secretary Bahadur Bogati, chiefs of the party's five bureaus, coordinators of its 14 state committees and the heads of the party wings.

Dubbing the announcement of CA poll date as undemocratic and regressive act, 42 fringe parties led by CPN-Maoist-Baidya unveiled a fresh protest programme. The representatives of the parties gathered at Shantibatika in Kathmandu before unveiling the protest plan. They demanded to roll back the CA poll announcement, and seek a 'progressive political outlet" through a new agreement among the political parties.

June 15

Cadres of CPN-Maoist-Baidya captured land tracts owned by UCPN-M local leaders at Fattepur Village in Banke District. They seized 16.8 bigha land owned by UCPN-M Banke in-charge Prakash Subedi and his wife Purna Subedi at Fattepur Village. Similarly, the land registered in the name of UCPN-M Tharuwan state committee Sukai Lal Burma and his wife Urmila Devi of the same village.

June 16

Two people, including a NA soldier, were injured as unidentified gunmen opened fire at Janakpur city in Dhanusa District. The motorcycle-borne gunmen shot at Shailendra Mandal (28) and NA soldier Bikash Kumar Singh (23) while they were having tea at a local eatery. Local media reported that an underground armed outfit Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha (Rajan Mukti) has said it carried out the attack. However, the group has not clarified why it attacked the duo.

Life in the Kathmandu and elsewhere has returned to normal with nationwide bandh called by the 42 agitating parties ending at 5 pm. The bandh was called in protest of the Government's announcement of election date.

June 17

A Committee headed by Election Commissioner Ayodhee Prasad Yadav prepared two drafts of code of conduct-umbrella code of conduct for political parties, the Government, media and NGOs and a separate set of standards designed specifically for election observers.

A meeting of the HLPC decided to ask senior leaders of the four major parties to seek the 'bottom line' of the agitating political parties to address their demands. During the meeting, the four political parties delved into increasing the number of seats under the PR system to address the demands of the agitating parties. The meeting also decided to ask the agitating parties to give up their protest programme and join in the electoral process.

The EC said that the commission is preparing to verify voter signatures submitted by 107 new political parties out of the 139 parties, which have applied to register at the commission for contesting the upcoming CA poll.

UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal talking to media-persons at Biratnagar Airport of Morang District said that only the 'legitimate' demands of CPN-Maoist-Baidya and other dissident parties opposed to CA election will be addressed by the Government. He informed that the four major parties have started serious discussion as well as intense political parleys to win over them and make them participate in the election.

42 parties protesting against the Government's decision to hold the CA elections in November has agreed to an "all-party political assembly" as their common agenda.

June 18

The EC made public the election timetable. According to the election schedule, the parties will be able to submit the candidates' list and finish other preparation for proportional representation from the third week of August to the last week of September and the same process for the first-past-the-post election system will be conducted from the first week of September to September-end. The timetable ends on November 14 when the EC publishes the final list of candidates for the proportional representation and allots election symbols to the respective parties six days ahead of the polls which will be held on November 19. Similarly, registration of political parties for election is set to be completed by the first week of August while voters will have until second week of July to register their names in the voters' list. They will be able to register complaints against any voter between the second week of July to the first week of August. The EC is also planning to finish determination of polling booths by July-end while the appointments.

The EC invited three agitating parties - CPN-Maoist-Baidya, FSP and MJF for talks on June 19.

33 fringe parties led by CPN-Maoist-Baidya held at the CPN-Maoist-Baidya headquarters has decided to hold a national interaction with all political parties, civil society, lawyers and other stakeholders. The alliance said the discussion programme "Broader National Political Agreement and Election" will be held in Kathmandu on June 23.

June 19

The EC held interaction with the political parties on the election timetable. EC officials informed about the timetable and sought active cooperation of the parties to implement them. In the meeting, EC commissioners and the leaders of the major parties agreed to continue efforts to convince the agitating parties to bring them into the election process

Former Prime Minister and senior NC leader Sher Bahadur Deuba has given continuity to his meetings with various agitating parties in a bid to bring them onboard the election process. While on June 18 he held meeting with the top leaders of the CPN-Maoist-Baidya, Deuba held a separate meeting with Chairman of FSP Ashok Rai.

June 20

The SC formed a nine-member special bench to test whether Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi's appointment as the Chairman of the Interim Election Government was constitutionally right. The special bench comprises Acting Chief Justice Damodar Prasad Sharma and Justices Ram Kumar Prasad Shah, Girish Chandra Lal, Sushila Karki, Prakash Osti, Baidhyanath Upadhayay, Tarkaraj Bhatta, Gyanendra Bahadur Karki and Bharat Bahadur Karki.

NC President Sushil Koirala said the CA seats cannot be increased from 491, the number agreed by the four major parties, and mentioned in the recently introduced election ordinance. Koirala said overturning the agreement to have a 491-member CA seats would only prove the unreliability of the political forces and that the agreement must hold.

DIG Nawaraj Silwal, the newly appointed spokesperson of the Nepal Police said that they were prepared to ensure safety and security for the upcoming CA polls. He also said that the Nepal Police was ready to deploy around 80 percent of personnel. He, however, said that the number of personnel to be deployed may vary depending on the number of personnel to be deployed by Nepal Army and Armed Police Force.

June 21

Eighteen of the 33 parties in the alliance led by CPN-Maoist-Baidya have said they are going to take part in the November elections. They have also formed a separate alliance 'Progressive Democratic National Front'. The parties that have severed their ties with CPN-Maoist-Baidya-led alliance are minor parties like CPN-Marxist, CPN-ML-Socialist, RPP and BSP.

June 23

Multiple options have been floated by the EC for security arrangements. Chief Election Commissioner Neel Kantha Upety wants an APM instead of temporary Police, while other commissioners are for mobilising the entire APF personnel and handing over the responsibility of the paramilitary force to the Nepal Army during the elections.

The Government said that progress in preparing legal grounds for the second CA elections was its major achievement since Interim Election Council Chairman Khil Raj Regmi assumed office. Minister for Information and Communications Madhav Prasad Poudel said election date has been announced and preparations for the second CA poll have gained momentum in the 100 days.

June 24

CPN-Maoist-Baidya announced that the party is determined to scuttle the CA election scheduled for November 19. The leaders want to sabotage the election, claiming that CA would not be able to draft a pro-people constitution and will serve the interest of foreign power centres, and not the Nepali people. Party Secretary Dev Gurung said nobody would go to vote if the parties tried to hold election deploying the Nepal Army.

An IED was recovered near Interim Government Chairman Khil Raj Regmi's house in Palpa District. Nepal Army personnel defused the 'pressure cooker bomb' and pamphlets of CPN-Maoist-Revolutionary were found along with the explosive.

The EC held its first discussion with the Government Secretaries and Special Class Officers at its central office in Kathmandu. The top EC officials cautioned the Government Secretaries and Special Class Officers to take decision on transfer, promotion and travel, among other activities of Government Secretaries only in consent of the constitutional body.

Three parties - CPN-Maoist-Baidya, FSP and FDF - that are against the scheduled November 19 election have put forth five preconditions to join the poll process.  The demands include dissolution of the HLPC that comprises four major forces only, withdrawing the 11-point four-party agreement and 25-point presidential decree and adopting 60:40 ratios for proportional and first past the post seats in CA. They are also to demand that the election process should move forward only after taking the consent from the dissenting forces.

June 25

CDC member Netra Dhital told after the swearing-in ceremony that since the delineation of constituencies would be guided by Articles 154 and 63 of the Interim Constitution he did not anticipate it to be a difficult task but the political leaders think otherwise. Another CDC member Raju Man Singh Malla said the body would consult technocrats, population experts, geographers, surveyors, political parties, legal experts and Government and Non-Government agencies, including the Ministry of Law and Justice.

Major political parties discussed over CPN-Maoist-Baidya?s proposal to have a round table conference of all the political parties that can function without hampering the process to hold the CA election. The proposal adds that the HLPC can be dissolved or replaced by any other mechanism that is represented by all major political forces.

UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal held a 'secret' meeting with CPN-Maoist-Baidya Chairman Mohan Baidya at UCPN-M leader Krishna Bahadur Mahara's residence in Lalitpur District discussing the possibility of reunion and electoral alliance. Dahal emphasized that electoral alliance would be a practical option for both the parties should reunification remain a distant goal.

June 26

UCPN-M launched a fresh spate of donation drive in Bara, Parsa and Rautahat Districts unleashing terror among local businesspersons and Government employees as they got letters seeking donation between NPR 25,000 and NPR 100,000. Around 24 chiefs of different Government offices and some large business establishments have received such sealed letters with an audio CD.

HLPC of the four major parties decided to reach out to the agitating political parties to convince them to join the election process as early as possible. A three-member committee also formed comprising UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda, NC President Sushil Koirala and CPN-UML Chairman Jhalanath Khanal to hold talks to the disgruntled parties.

CPN-Maoist-Baidya, which leads an alliance of poll-opposing political parties, announced that it is all set to table two new conditions as a prerequisite for its participation in the CA. The party wants declaration of fresh CA date after forging broad political consensus and national agendas and issues addressed to make an enabling atmosphere for polls and create grounds for it to take part in the election.

CPN-Maoist-Baidya continued its "land capturing drive". In the latest seizure, CPN-Maoist-Baidya cadres captured 135 bigha private lands in Phoolkaha village of Mahottari District. The cadres placed party flags on the seized land plots belonging to Basanta Shrestha, Naresh Shrestha and Jagannath Singh.

June 27

Four major parties asked the EC to withdraw some ?harsh? provisions in the election code of conduct that the EC has proposed for the upcoming CA elections. The proposed code of conduct provisions say a person?s candidacy can be cancelled if he or she is found violating the election standards. The provisions also say candidates must disclose their property details before filing candidacy, while they have made collecting donations through the banking system and submitting the details to the EC after the elections mandatory.

Perceiving possible fragmentation and clashes of interest among the protesting parties, the 33-party jointly launched a solidarity march in the second phase of their protest against the election set for November. Unlike the first round of protest, the alliance has endorsed softer programmes such as motorcycle rallies, awareness campaigns and corner assemblies.

June 28

A BDS of Nepal Army defused a socket bomb recovered at Dhangadhi village in Siraha District. Police said the bomb was powerful and could have inflicted large scale damage if exploded. No groups have claimed the responsibility for planting the bomb.

Vice-chairman of CPN-Maoist-Baidya C P Gajurel warned that they would hold talks with Chief of Army Staff Gaurav Shumsher Rana to stop the CA election if the four major forces and the Government decided to hold polls by using force, undermining their concerns. Gajurel also ruled out unification between CPN-Maoist-Baidya and UCPN-M.

June 29

A group of CPN-Maoist-Baidya cadres seized 70 bigha lands belonging to Yadav Prasad Pant in Rupandehi District. The party cadres along with tillers led by Rupandehi Unit Committee Chief Sharad Oli, hoisted the party flag on the land. Oli said the land was captured as per the party?s recent directive to return it to farmers who had been tilling the land for years.

June 30

CPN-UML Chairman Jhala Nath Khanal claimed that poll-opposing parties that have decided to boycott the upcoming election will themselves be sidelined at the end and vanish into oblivion. He also urged CPN-Maoist-Baidya not to come up with a policy to boycott the November polls as it will only spell disaster for the party, instead participate in the polls as it is the only alternative left to give a way out to the crisis facing the country.

A majority of CPN-Maoist-Baidya leaders suggested the party leadership remain prepared for a ?confrontation? if the Government moves ahead with the CA election scheduled for November 19. In the closely guarded indoor session of the party?s CC meeting around 52 CC and Politburo members urged the party leadership to prepare for a ?people?s revolt?.

July 1

The CDC held an interaction with representatives of 17 political parties represented in the previous CA to delimit 240 constituencies. Majority of the participants of the interaction emphasized that the CDC should be able to come up with scientific delimitation of the constituencies based on population. The commission, which is given one month deadline, will have to delimit 240 constituencies based on population.

The EC revealed its plan to conduct the upcoming CA election in a single day. Addressing an interaction program at EC office in Kathmandu, Chief Election Commissioner Neel Kantha Uprety said, "We wish to conduct the election on November 19 in a free, independent and impartial manner. The EC is fully concentrated on the same."

A majority of CPN-Maoist-Baidya central members who spoke on the third day of the party's ongoing CC meeting suggested that the party should be ready to take any initiative to foil the CA poll scheduled for November 19. The CC members speaking at the meeting urged the party leadership to take a harsh move to boycott the election and turn the environment against elections.

July 2

CPN-Maoist-Baidya decided to boycott the election "strongly and actively" even mobilizing party activists for the same. The meeting of the party's CC that concluded in Pokhara of Kaski District reached to a decision to this effect. The meeting also decided to deploy "teams" led by the party's central advisors and central members in each constituency with the objective of "effectively" boycotting the election. The party leadership has said that apart from the team, there will also be a "section army" and a propaganda team to help the teams in their purpose.

July 3

Chairman of the Interim Election Government Khil Raj Regmi briefed UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda that the Government has completed preparations for the November 19 elections. Regmi informed him about the completion of the poll preparations from the Government's side and asked Dahal to bring all disgruntled forces, particularly the CPN-Maoist-Baidya, on board the election process.

President Ram Baran Yadav started fresh consultations as uncertainty looms over the November 19 elections with CPN-Maoist-Baidya vowing to go to any extent to disrupt the polls. Yadav held separate meeting with NC acting president Ram Chandra Poudel and Chief Election Commissioner Neel Kantha Uprety.

12 armed Tarai outfits announced their unification and have come up with an agenda to foil the upcoming CA elections. A weeklong meeting held among the armed groups in an undisclosed place decided the unification. According to Rajan Mukti, the meeting decided to name the united front as the JTMM and he has been appointed as its chairman. The meeting also passed the eight-point course of action which is aimed at disrupting the CA polls slated for November 19 among others.

July 4

NC Acting President Ram Chandra Poudel clarified that his party is ready to become flexible on any issues except Government's decision of holding CA election on November 19. He further said that if CPN-Maoist-Baidya is really serious regarding drafting of the new constitution, CA and people's sovereignty then the party should have no qualms against the November election and should participate in it.

Mahantha Thakur, the chairman of Terai Madhes Loktantrik Party said that the elections can't be put off just because of intimidation threats from some political parties. He said the CA elections on November 19 are unavoidable and that his party would actively participate. He further said, "In our villages, even the fishes are killed with bombs. We are not, therefore, scared of bombs and the threats of bombs. Election will happen at any cost."

July 5

1352 former Maoist combatants have completed the army training as part of their integration into the Nepal Army. The combatants, who have completed seven-month training, are being sent to their respective duty stations.

July 6

CPN-Maoist-Baidya has set forth new conditions for consensus during a high-level talk with the NC vice president Ram Chandra Poudel and others held at the CPN-Maoist-Baidya's office in Buddha Nagar, Kathmandu. The Maoist leaders put forth basically three conditions. First condition was: what Baidya's party calls it as the "remaining 10 percent work" of the first CA, should be accomplished by all parties now. Second was about the Presidential Decree of March 14, on the basis of which the non-political Government of sitting Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi was formed. They wanted the Decree to be reviewed and the Government to be substituted with a political one. Their third condition was related to election: the Maoist wanted to postpone the already-declared November 19 elections by three-four months so that, what they dub it as the "course-corrective measure" could be applied without rush.

July 7

Responding to the decision of the HLPC meeting to hold a roundtable political conference as demanded by the agitating parties, CPN-Maoist-Baidya said that it would not participate in the CA election unless the 11-point deal and 25-point ordinance on removing constitutional difficulties are scrapped.

Chairman of the CPN-Maoist-Baidya, Mohan Baidhya, at a programme organized by All Nepal National Independent Student Union-Revolutionary affiliated to this party in Kathmandu said "We are against the formation of present non-political Government and 25-point order. So, the four big parties need to agree on cancellation of the order first if they were flexible."

July 8

CPN-Maoist-Baidya made public its five-member dialogue team under the leadership of its chairman Mohan Baidya in a press meet. The other four members of the committee are vice chairman CP Gajurel, general secretary Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal and two other secretaries Netra Bikram Chand and Dev Gurung.

HLPC Coordinator Bijaya Kumar Gachhadar held a discussion with Chairman of the Interim Election Government Khil Raj Regmi on calling a round table conference. Gachhadar and Regmi agreed to hold the conference without affecting the scheduled election.

July 9

Dev Gurung Secretary of CPN-Maoist Baidya, speaking at a programme titled 'The decision of CPN-Maoist's Pokhara meeting and upcoming CA election' organised in Kathmandu said that his party is ready to come to the negotiating table to talk about the party's participation in the upcoming CA election.

Spokesperson for TMDP Sarbendra Nath Shukla said efforts made so far toward forging an election alliance between Madhes-based parties has yielded positive results.

India's External affairs minister Salman Khurshid met Nepal's top leadership in Kathmandu and discussed important bilateral issues, including the finalisation of an extradition treaty and controlling of criminal activities along the porous border.

July 10

A division surfaced in the 33-party alliance led by CPN-Maoist-Baidya as leaders from all the other 32 member parties of the alliance boycotted a meeting called by CPN-Maoist-Baidya Secretary Dev Gurung. Leaders from all the parties other than the CPN-Maoist-Baidya shunned the meeting to express their strong disapproval of the Maoist party's move to form a talk's team to negotiate with the Government and the HLPC.

EC in a meeting held at its central office in Kathmandu brought in an election code of conduct with some amendments in the earlier drafted on June 17, 2013 code of conduct with effect from July 22, 120 days before the CA poll scheduled for November 19. The election code of conduct, which is divided into eight chapters, will be applicable to candidates, political parties, their cadres, the Government and its various bodies, NGOs and media organizations.

July 12

Second rung leaders of the UCPN-M, NC, CPN-UML and the SLMM are holding bilateral and multilateral talks to finalize the modality of a round-table conference, while leaders of the major parties are holding regular consultations with CPN-Maoist-Baidya top guns.

Chairman of CPN-UML Jhalanath Khanal said that among the demands of CPN-Maoist-Baidya, a round-table conference will be the first and the last one to be realized. He said, "The breakaway Maoists' demand of dismissing the incumbent Government and Presidential decree and postponing the November polls can't be met. It is, therefore, obvious that we are in a position to fulfill only one of their demands, which is the round-table-conference."

NC Vice President Ram Chandra Paudel said that the November 19 elections cannot be differed at any cost. Paudel added, "The one who opts out the polls will face further losses itself." Paudel reiterated that the Khil Raj Regmi-led Government was formed to make the purported elections free and fair.

July 14

CPN-Maoist-Baidya said that a round-table conference with the already set conditions is not acceptable to him and his party, reports "We want a round-table conference but without any pre-condition," Baidya said while speaking in a program in Kathmandu.

July 15

Former Supreme Court justice Tahir Ali Ansari-led CDC members apprised the HLPC of the difficulty they are facing during a meeting held at its office in Kathmandu. Ansari said "The increased population cannot be adjusted in 240 constituencies under the given constitutional provision. We have told the problems and let's see how the leaders address them. Even if the problems are not solved, the commission will accomplish its job."

The HLPC discussed with three fringe political parties in its bid to woo them for their participation in November poll. CP Mainali-led CPN-ML, Chitra Bahadur KC-led RJP and Chandra Dev Joshi-led CPN-United were present in discussion with the HLPC. All three parties assured the major parties that they are positive towards the November 19 poll. They also made their commitment to the HLPC that they will support to forge conducive poll environment.

Mohan Baidya, Chairman of CPN-Maoist-Baidya told HLPC Coordinator Bijay Kumar Gachhadar that the party will not sit for talks with the HLPC until the four parties agree to hold 'talks with a joint talks team of 33-party alliance. Gachhadar went to the CPN-Maoist-Baidya party headquarter and requested the breakaway faction of the Maoist to sit in dialogue without delay.

July 16

CPN-Maoist-Baidya vice-chairperson C. P. Gajurel said that his party would defy the CA election scheduled for November 19, if no change occurs in the present political situation of the country. Gajurel reiterated that without the change of Government and annulment of March 13, 2013, Presidential decree, they will not participate in the polls.

NC president Sushil Koirala criticized UCPN-M chairperson Pushpa Kamal Dahal's call to indigenous nationalities to resort to protest saying that the Maoists would support their move. Koirala said "If we are still stuck in ethnic wrangling, conflict and instability, our country has to face severe consequences."

UCPN-M chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal became the leader of the HLPC as per the agreement between four major parties on the rotational leadership of the committee.

July 17

Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Ram Kumar Shrestha said that the Interim Election Government is ready to postpone the CA election scheduled for November 19 and even make way for another Government if it helps in forging consensus among the political parties.

HLPC decided to prepare the draft of the new constitution in six months and finalise it within a year from the establishment of the CA. HLPC member and UCPN-M vice chairman Narayan Kaji Shrestha said the parties took the decision in order to create election atmosphere and assured people that the CA will promulgate constitution this time.

UCPN-M chairman and head of the HLPC Pushpa Kamal Dahal wrote a letter to CPN-Maoist-Baidya chairman Mohan Baidya inviting his party for formal talks. Dahal dispatched the letter to Baidya soon after the HLPC meeting decided to invite the disgruntled parties for talks.

CPN-Maoist-Baidya and other dissident political parties rejected the HLPC offer for talks. Baidya told, "We received the letter but it is not acceptable to us because they have set a condition for negotiations. Talks on the announced CA polls are unacceptable to us. However, we will take a formal decision only after our [alliance] meeting."

July 18

The Government appealed to the CPN-Maoist-Baidya and 32 other parties aligned with it to come to the negotiating table. This is the second time the Government has publicly appealed to the agitating parties to sit for dialogue.

CPN-Maoist-Baidya and its allies agreed to sit for talks with the HLPC. The decision follows HLPC Coordinator Pushpa Kamal Dahal's willingness to sit for unconditional dialogue and the panel's invite on July 17.

The HLPC formed an eight-member committee to find a way to resolve the complications facing the CDC and asked to come up with recommendations within three days.

Chairman of NSP Sarita Giri said "Armed outfits of Tarai have unified and they are likely to pose a security threat during the polls. They have harbored a feeling of resentment against the Government as their cadres were not integrated into the national army." Giri further said that the previous CA was dissolved in a bid to sideline the Madhesi communities.

July 19

UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal met CPN-Maoist-Baidya Chairman Mohan Baidya as part of the efforts to start formal talks. Baidya went to Dahal's Lazimpat residence in Kathmandu. The meeting chiefly focused on the proposed talks with CPN-Maoist-Baidya and possible electoral alliance between the two Maoist parties.

CPN-Maoist-Baidya Chairman Mohan Baidya said talks related to the upcoming elections are not possible with the HLPC and the Government. He said "We are always ready for party-to-party dialogue, but talks with the HLPC and the Government are not possible right now.

July 20

Rudra Pakhrin faction of CPN-Maoist-Baidya detonated an IED at Panchayat Silver Jubilee Pillar at Hetauda town in Makwanpur District. However, no casualty was reported. Some pamphlets and a banner of the outfit recovered from the incident site were against the CA elections slated for November 19.

July 21

CEC Neel Kantha Upreti said that the code of conduct for the upcoming CA polls scheduled for November 19 will come into force from July 22. The code of conduct will be applicable to candidates, political parties, their cadres, the Government and its various bodies, NGOs and media organizations.

CPN-Maoist-Baidya Chairman Mohan Baidya ruled out the possibility of CA election taking place in the country until the Khil Raj Regmi Government is not thrust aside. He said that an "unconstitutional" Government would not be able to give a way out to the crises facing the country.

NC President Sushil Koirala made it clear that the demand made by poll-opposing parties to postpone the CA election scheduled for November 19 as a precondition for talks and consensus was not acceptable, reports Nepal News. He said that his party will leave no stones unturned to ensure the election on November 19.

July 22

The EC has enforced the code of conduct for the November 19 CA elections effective from today. The code of conduct is binding for the government, civil servants, election officials, political parties and the candidates. The code of conduct restricts the government from taking major decisions including appointment, transfers and promotions of officials without the EC's permission.

The agitating FDF, in the first formal talks with HLPC, the Front put forth its 13-point demand, including resignation of Chairman of Council of Ministers Khil Raj Regmi as chief justice. Other major demands of the front include - retaining previous provision of the 58 per cent seats for proportional representation, scrapping HLPC as it could adversely influence the CA polls, setting principles of the new constitution before polls, retaining the voters' list of 2008 CA polls, providing voting chance to all Nepali citizens living abroad in the polls and making corrections in the 25-point decree of President Ram Baran Yadav.

CPN-Maoist-Baidya Chairman Mohan Baidya said his party would obstruct the CA polls slated for November 19 at any cost. Baidhya warned, "We shall disrupt the CA polls as the Government and the HLPC have invited us for talks with condition." Baidya reiterated that his party would not sit for talks with the Government and the four major parties until they scrapped the 11-point agreement and articles amended in the Interim Constitution.

July 23

The eight-member taskforce formed by the HLPC to advise the CDC discussed the poll issues. Taskforce member Agni Kharel, who represents the CPN-UML, said differences among the political parties on constituency delimitation continued to persist. Kharel said, "The constitution does not allow the CDC to reduce 205 seats that existed in 1999, nor does it allow the body to increase the current 240 first-past-the-post seats. Therefore, we are of the view that the CDC should find a way out as per the constitution."

July 24

The EC registered 59 political parties and allocated them election symbols for the new CA polls scheduled for November 19. Altogether 139 political parties have applied for registration at the commission.

July 25

MJF-N District Secretary Prakash Sah was injured after an unidentified motorbike-borne gang opened fire on him at the Mahottari District party office. Later, the JTMM-R, an armed outfitting operating in Madhesh, claimed responsibility for the firing.

CPN-Maoist-Baidya officially launched a nationwide campaign against the CA elections scheduled for November 19. However, the party said it has kept the doors for 'unconditional talks' open.

EC registered 27 more political parties and allocated them election symbols for the new CA polls scheduled for November 19. The number of registered political parties has now reached to 86.

The three major parties -UCPN-M, NC and CPN-UML - agreed to restructure the election Government led by Chairman Khil Raj Regmi if that could bring agitating CPN-Maoist-Baidya-led alliance to polls.

July 26

The three major parties -UCPN-M, NC and CPN-UML - said that the CA polls scheduled for November shouldn´t be deferred under the pretext of readying the CPN-Maoist-Baidya, which has vowed to disrupt the polls, for the elections.

July 27

The EC officials said that the EC is preparing to invite national and international election observers to monitor the upcoming CA elections scheduled for November 19. The officials said policy, directive and election code of conduct for the observers are at the final stage and they will call both the national and international poll-observing bodies within the next week.

July 28

The major political parties represented in the HLPC concluded that the CPN-Maoist-Baidya is not sincere for talks on holding the fresh CA elections. They also decided to speed up the election campaign while continuing efforts to bring the agitating parties onboard.

The HLPC is split on whether to change the 11-point agreement and the 25-point presidential decree as UCPN-M and UDMF are lobbying for changes in both, while the NC and CPN-UML are against any changes. However, both sides are firm on November 19 polls.

July 29

In a bid to ensure free and fair CA elections, the MHA organized an integrated security meet with five Regional Administrators, chiefs of three security agencies and senior Ministry officials at the Nepal Police Headquarters in Kathmandu. The security officials discussed challenges posed by armed outfits in the Terai region and the CPN-Maoist-Baidya. The meeting also dwelt on the role of the Nepal Army in the elections.

The Chairman of the RPP-N Kamal Thapa said that the HLPC is outdated and needs to be substituted with a new mechanism. He added, "The dissolution of the Committee will inspire the poll-opposing CPN-Maoist to ensure their participation in the polls."

July 30

Police arrested two cadres of the CPN-Maoist-Baidya for writing anti-election slogans on walls in Lalitpur District. Shyam Bajracharya and Srijana Rai were arrested while they were writing on the walls along the Kupondole-Pulchowk road section violating the election code of conduct that bars wall-chalking.

Chairman of the UCPN-M Puspa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda said that he and all parties will stand together to foil every conspiracy hatched against the CA polls and will fight jointly to conduct the national event successfully.

July 31

Nepal Police instructed regional Police heads to develop strategies based on the sensitivities and challenges of their regions to ensure free, fair and fearless environment for the upcoming election. Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Kuber Singh Rana urged the regional heads to look into both political and non-political challenges and traditional challenges as well as newly evolving challenges.

Home Minister and the talk's coordinator of the Government Madhav Ghimire wrote a letter to the CPN-Maoist-Baidya Chairman Mohan Baidya to participate in the talks. The Government also called upon the Front led by CPN-Maoist-Baidya to come to the table.

August 1

Normal life in Chitwan District affected due to the indefinite bandh (shutdown) called by the cadres of YCL calling to release six of their cadres. Police arrested Uttam Gurung, Bharat Magar, Bishal Marahattha, Madhu Neupane, Manoj Kumar Sherpa and Rabi Parajuli of YCL on July 30 on the charge of extortion at Narayangadh city in Chitwan District.

A bomb went off at the NC party office in the Siraha District headquarters. The blast caused minor damages to the office. Eastern Militia Commander of the JTMM, Jaya Mukti, phoned media persons and owned up the incident. The bomb has been detonated at the NC party office since the hill-dominated regime including some Madhes-centric parties were exploiting the Madhes and the Madhesi people by entrenching their presence in the Madhes, Mukti said on the phone about the reason behind the attack.

YCL resorted to vandalism and didn't even spare an ambulance carrying patients for 'flouting the bandh'. Bandh enforcers attacked a Nepal Red Cross Society ambulance while it was carrying three patients to Bharatpur city. Windscreen of the vehicle was damaged in the attack.

CPN-Maoist-Baidya cadres burned copies of the election code of conduct in at least two Districts protesting the CA polls scheduled for November 19 this year. The document was burned in four places of Kavre District including Banepa, Panauti, Panchkhal and Kartik Deurali. Similarly, same incident happened in Bidur, Ranipauwa and Kharanitar of Nuwakot District, as well.

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon during a meeting with former Prime Minister and Chairman of CPN-UML, Jhala Nath Khanal, at his office in New York, emphasized the importance of election in democracy and expressed his confidence that forthcoming election of Nepal will be held in peaceful environment. He emphasized that the electoral process should go unobstructed and said the HLPC of Nepal will be able to bring all other political parties in electoral process. During the meeting both the dignitaries exchanged views of mutual concern with a particular focus on democracy, peace process and forthcoming election of Nepal among others.

EC unveiled its two-month long election schedule according to which political parties can nominate their candidates contesting the November 19 CA elections under the PR system on September 23 and FPTP on September 26.

August 2

Police arrested five members of SJMM who were accused of carrying out a bomb blast at Babarmahal in Kathmandu on February 27, 2012 that had killed three persons and injured several others. The arrested persons are Birendra Tamang, Nima Sherpa, Bhani Nath, Sun Bahadur Pariyar and Santosh Majhi. Police also recovered explosive materials and detonators from them. They were arrested from Kathmandu.

UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda proposed 586-member CA increasing its strength by 95 seats from the agreed upon strength of 491.

CPN-Maoist-Baidya led 33-party alliance decided to sit for talks with the Government after the latter sent an invitation for talks without any preconditions.

August 3

CPN-Maoist-Baidya expressed happiness over the content of the third invitation letter sent by the HLPC saying that it creates favorable environment for talks. "No condition has been attached this time around with the letter. It is as per our wish," said Dev Gurung, secretary of the CPN-Maoist-Baidya and spokesperson on behalf of the 33 parties' alliance.

August 6

The HLPC started formal talks with the 33-party alliance headed by CPN-Maoist-Baidya. The representatives of the 33-party alliance presented their demands in the meetings. The 33-party alliance presented 18-point demand which include resignation of the Khil Raj Regmi-led Government, withdrawal of the 25-point decree issued by the President along with all the election-related decisions, and formation of a unity government, among others. This was the first formal meeting between the disgruntled parties and the four-party mechanism.

August 7

UCPN-M Chairperson Pushpa Kamal Dahal at a press meet organized by Revolutionary Journalist Assocation in Kaski District ruled out the possibility of even addressing, let alone fulfilling, the demands put forth by poll-opposing parties led by CPN-Maoist-Baidya, adding that this means there is little chance that they will take part in the CA.

The EC held interaction at EC office in Kathmandu with Chiefs of the Nepal Police, Armed Police Force and National Investigation Department and some Army generals on security arrangements for the upcoming CA elections. During the meeting, representatives of all the security agencies stated that the security apparatus is capable of ensuring security during the polls in an integrated manner.

The HLPC in a meeting said that it cannot wait for the poll-opposing parties to come on board the election process for more than three days. The meeting delved into the demands floated by the CPN-Maoist-Baidya-led 33-party alliance and the MJF-N spearheaded eight-party alliance. After the meeting, cross-party leaders said most of the demands of the poll-opposing parties are difficult to address, while a few others could be fulfilled without affecting the election schedule.

UCPN-M Chairperson Pushpa Kamal Dahal addressing the leaders and cadres of his party in the Pokhara city of Kaski District said that the YCL, the 'youth wing' of his party, will chase off those engaged in conspiracy to thwart the November 19 elections to the CA.

In a blatant violation of the election code of conduct CPN-Maoist-Baidya ordered Krishna Bhagat Pradhan, a local businessman of Sankhuwasabha District not to sell any of his properties and issued a warning to cough up Rs 20 million. Pradhan is the second vice-chairman of the Sankhuwasabha Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

August 8

Tilak Pun, state committee coordinator of CPN-Maoist-Baidya's youth wing said "We have trained youths in Dang, Banke, Bardiya, Kailali and Kanchanpur to disrupt the poll process." He also claimed that the trained youths are "fully capable" of challenging the SFs.

August 9

The HLPC in a meeting concluded that the CPN-Maoist-Baidya cannot disrupt the November 19 polls peacefully. The HLPC, however, fears that the vote may be disrupted if the party resorts to violence. The four parties are mulling over "proactively mobilising" the Army if the election process faces obstacles from CPN-Maoist-Baidya and other parties.

CPN-Maoist-Baidya Chairman Mohan Baidya alleged major parties of not being serious in talks. Baidya said "We are ready to go for polls. But the parties are playing spoilsport to prevent us from doing so."

President of MJF-N, Upendra Yadav announced that his party will not participate in the upcoming polls of the second CA scheduled for November 19 this year citing report of the CDC. Yadav said "The report submitted by the Constituency Delineation Committee on Thursday is bias. We don't accept it. Therefore, we can't go for polls."

CPN-UML General Secretary Ishwar Pokharel said "If Baidyaji has felt that he has been isolated in the process of forming the HLPC we can review that particular decision but he should be ready to join the HLPC." He further said "If the party wants to defer the November poll and the announced election program, he should propose what should be the next date. But they aren´t ready to commit themselves to the November polls, can´t give any alternative ideas and don´t discuss these specific issues with concrete proposals of their own."

August 10

The Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction said around NPR 20 billion has been spent so far on behalf of the Government to manage the Maoist insurgents, who gave up arms in 2006 after 10 years of insurgency. The amount was used in managing the makeshift tents where the former Maoist guerrillas were residing.

August 11

Police arrested secretariat member Bijay KC, a leader of the poll-opposing CPN-Maoist-Baidya's sister wing known as the NYPVO from Dhapakhel village of Lalitpur District for attempting to target Chure Bhawar Party leader Bhumiraj Niroula.

The Matrika Yadav-led CPN-Maoist walked out of the 33-party alliance led by CPN-Maoist-Baidya. Accusing the CPN-Maoist-Baidya of trying to forge an alliance with the former royalists, CPN-Maoist Chairman Yadav announced to quit the alliance amidst a press meet in Kathmandu.

The YCL, the youth wing of UCPN-M claimed that it would deploy 200 youths in each polling booth in the upcoming CA elections,. Ganeshman Pun, Chairman of YCL at a press conference in Kathmandu said, "The 200 youths to be deployed in each booth will also work as production team of the party as directed by the party chairman."

August 12 After a meeting, the HLPC gave a two-day ultimatum to the 33-party alliance opposing polls to come to an understanding and join the election fray. The HLPC also decided to show "maximum flexibility" on the talks with the poll-opposing parties so as to meet their legitimate demands - amendment of the 11-point and 25-point agreements and increasing the Proportional Representation seats in the CA.
August 13

CPN-Maoist-Baidya put forth consensus on the contents of the new constitution as its bottom line for participation in the upcoming CA elections. The party Secretary Netra Bikram Chand said, "The way will open if we reach consensus on the contents of the new constitution."

The 33-party alliance during formal talks with the Government representatives demanded dissolution of the Interim Election Government led by Khil Raj Regmi as a pre-condition to participate in the second CA polls. The Government talk's team was led by Home Minister Madhav Ghimire, while CPN-Maoist-Baidya General Secretary Dev Gurung headed the 33-party alliance.

CPN-UML Chairman Jhala Nath Khanal said "Any party not joining in the election and the competition and refusing to get the endorsement of the people cannot be a political party at all. The parties not participating in the election knowingly or unknowingly are preparing the ground for their elimination. So, I once again call upon all the parties to participate in the election and create the environment for the same. Let us not create a situation of becoming oneself alienated by staying away from the election."

August 14

The HLPC said it is ready to change the election date if the CPN-Maoist-Baidya-led alliance of 33 parties agrees to join the polls. CPN-UML leader Raghuji Panta said, "Even as the HLPC is opposed to the idea of changing the election date, it is ready to show flexibility if the 33-party front expresses commitment to the elections."

August 15

Upendra Yadav-led SLMM agreed to overtures made by major parties to participate in CA elections scheduled for November 19 following a 6-point agreement between the HLPC and SLMM.

The EC decided to reopen the voters' registration process for a week with effect from August 17. A press release issued by the EC said eligible voters, who have reached the age of 18 years by July 15, can register their names through election offices in all 75 Districts.

August 16

UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal said his party is not in favour of postponement of the elections slated for November 19. Dahal also said he was hopeful of the CPN-Maoist-Baidya ultimately agreeing to join the election process and claimed that the Mohan Baidya-led party will meet a disaster if it sticks to its current position.

August 17

Talks held between the Government and the 33-party alliance led by CPN-Maoist-Baidya concluded on a positive note and both the parties expected some concrete agreement in the next meeting scheduled for August 18.

August 18

An unnamed senior EC official said that the EC is all prepared to hold the CA elections as scheduled on November 19 even if the CPN-Maoist-Baidya does not participate in it. EC officials, however, say 'some technical problems' remain and poll-opposing parties and underground armed outfits are threats to the security situation during the elections.

.The EC said no political party would be allowed to mobilize youth squads for security during the CA elections.

Former Prime Minister and senior leader of CPN-UML Madhav Kumar Nepal said that nobody should go to polls by becoming a mere follower of some parties or groups, and stressed on the need to bring the disgruntled parties into understanding and create an enabling atmosphere for holding the CA elections on the stipulated date.

August 19

The Government's talks with 33-parties alliance, led by CPN-Maoist-Baidya, opposing the CA Elections, scheduled to be held on November 19, ended inconclusively. The Government side concentrated on holding the CA elections on November 19, but the agitating parties reiterated on holding roundtable conference and seeking all-party consensus.

CPN-UML Chairman Jhala Nath Khanal said there won't be any talks with the disgruntled parties on the election date and Government change. He said, "There won't be any compromise on the election date including the demand for government change. But other issues can be discussed."

August 20

HLPC is preparing to ask the Government to begin the process of removing constitutional difficulties in line with the agreement it struck with the MJF-N-led alliance.

CPN-Maoist-Baidya General Secretary Ram Bahadur Thapa urged the public to boycott the CA polls scheduled for November 19, calling the election process flawed. He said "Elections held by this government cannot be free and fair. The 11-point and 25-point agreements should be scrapped to open way for fresh national consensus and legitimate elections."

Home Minister Madhav Prasad Ghimire said that the Government is committed to hold the elections on November 19.

HLPC requested the EC to extend the deadline for voters' registration by another week after the EC reopened voters' registration on August 17 for a week. NC President Sushil Koirala, CPN-UML Chairman Jhala Nath Khanal, MJF-N leader Bharat Bimal Yadav, MJF-D leader Jitendra Narayan Dev and NMSP Chairman Sharat Singh Bhandari met Chief Election Commissioner Nilkantha Uprety and other commissioners and urged them to extend the deadline.

Turning down the request of major political forces, the EC said that it cannot provide another window period for voters who are yet to register on the new electoral rolls with photo and biometrics. The Chief Election Commissioner said there would be managerial difficulties for the constitutional body if it extended the deadline for voter registration time and again.

August 21

Various Madhesh-based parties asked their District committees to recommend at least three candidates from each constituency for the CA polls scheduled for November 19. The parties have also said that they are close to finalizing their election manifestoes.

NC President Sushil Koirala claimed that the postponement of CA elections will invite another crisis in the country. He said that it is not only difficult to postpone the scheduled elections but also doing so will be counterproductive.

August 22

President of NC Sushil Koirala said "It is our responsibility to bring Baidya-led CPN-M and the alliance of poll-opposing parties into election fray. We can't even imagine a Constituent Assembly polls in which CPN-M is not participating."

HLPC and the 33-party alliance led by CPN-Maoist-Baidya agreed, in principle, to hold a "roundtable conference" to reach a political agreement

EC said it will distribute voter identity cards to the around 12.3 million voters by mid-October 2013. The new voter cards will have photos and other personal details of the voters.

August 23

HLPC reached an understanding to move towards the CA elections without CPN-Maoist-Baidya if differences on the modalities of holding round table conference were not ironed out within a couple of days.

Chairperson of poll-opposing CPN-Maoist-Baidya Mohan Baidya made it clear that he will only participate in the CA election scheduled for November 19 if the current Chief Justice-led Government is dissolved.

August 24

Political parties have accelerated the election-related activities on their own way as the second CA election draws closer. The CPN-UML deputed its central representatives nationwide with a view to understanding people's sentiments and feelings. UCPN-M has launched a month-long election campaign named "Public Relations Campaign" from July 25 which will come to an end on August 26. Similarly, the NC is busy in poll-related activities to convince the people to join the election.

Talks between the HLPC and the 33-party alliance remained inconclusive once again with the committee rejecting the demand that a roundtable conference will take decisions on all key issues, including the polls and the fate of the current Government.

CPN-Maoist-Baidya urged the HLPC to rethink its stance regarding the roundtable conference and has threatened to disrupt the election if their demands are not fulfilled.

August 25

Following failure of talks and revelation of the poll-opposing party's election boycott and disruption strategy CPN-Maoist-Baidya's leader C.P. Gajurel claimed, "We will create a situation, in which no one can register their candidacy for election. Our election boycott campaign will succeed. We challenge the four major parties to conduct election by mobilising the national army as they have planned."

UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda addressing a mass meeting at Kathmandu said that no force can obstruct the upcoming CA elections scheduled for November 19. Dahal added, "The only option to end the political deadlock is election. People will boycott the poll disturbers. They even cannot foil the election."

August 26

Seven years after the signing of the CPA between the Government and the Maoist party, the Army integration process has come to a logical conclusion with the final phase of the integration reaching to an end after 70 former Maoist combatants selected as officer-cadets were conferred the insignia of Lieutenant in the Nepal Army amidst a function at Nepal Military Academy, Kharipati in Bhaktapur.

Giving up their stance of 'One Madhesh, One Province', Madhesh-based parties floated a proposal of two provinces in the Terai-Madhesh. They have vowed that a single Madhesh province would not be able to address the aspirations of the diverse communities living in the Terai-Madhesh.

A Nepali has been arrested with 30 detonator and 15 packets of explosives from Nepal-India border of Nepalgunj town in Banke District in mid-west Nepal.

August 27

Top EC officials said that the constitutional body will conduct the CA election on the scheduled date even if the disgruntled political parties choose to boycott the polls. Chief Election Commissioner Neel Kantha Uprety told "The EC has been making all the necessary preparations keeping in view the November 19 polls," Similarly, Election Commissioner Ila Sharma said "Democracy is about the will of majority. Today the majority wants want election."

CPM-UML Secretary Shanker Pokhrel opined that there is no hurdle in mobilising the army in the CA election as the army integration process has already concluded. Pokhrel noted that earlier the CPA had prevented the army mobilisation. Now, the Government can mobilise the army in the election if need be, he added.

UCPN-M leaders who were sent to the 240 electoral constituencies across the country reported to the leadership that grass-roots level cadres want their party to re-unite with the CPN-Maoist-Baidya before the November 19 CA election.

August 28

The poll-opposing 33 smaller parties' alliance declared protests mainly to obstruct the electoral candidates' registration process for the upcoming CA polls. The protest programs include organizing mass meeting focused on poll-boycott in major cities of the country and taking out protest rallies, among others.

HLPC after a meeting decided to reopen talks with the 33-party alliance which has launched a nationwide anti-poll campaign. Negotiations between the HLPC and the CPN-Maoist-Baidya broke down on August 25, 2013. CPN-UML leader Raghuji Panta said "We have decided to reopen negotiations and we are ready to find a solution through talks."

Brigadier General Suresh Sharma, who is also NA spokesperson, said that NA has quietly started preparations on its own deployment for helping the EC hold a free, fair and peaceful election in the country. He said "Considering the election a national event, we established a special election desk about two weeks ago."

Cadres of YCL, the youth wing of UCPN-M attacked a Policeman deployed to provide security to NC leader and former state minister Gopalji Jung Shah in Rukum District. They even snatched his pistol. The injured Policeman is identified as Constable Chetanlal Singh Thakuri.

August 29

33 parties alliance met with President Ram Baran Yadav and urged him to play an active role so that a round-table conference could be held as demanded by the alliance led by CPN-Maoist-Baidya.

August 30

UCPN-M leaders at the party's ongoing CC meeting in Kathmandu said that the party is planning the second phase of its election campaign in which top leaders will focus their activities in areas where the party position is reportedly weak. The party is preparing to formulate a plan on the basis of reports presented by leaders deployed to the 240 electoral constituencies to assess the party's strength at the grassroots level.

CPN-Maoist-Baidya took out a rally in Kathmandu as part of the poll boycott campaign the party has been carrying out since the past few days. The rally was started from Maitidevi and went through Dilli Bazar, Putali Sadak, Bag Bazar, Ghantaghar, Durbar Marg and Indra Chowk before it converged into a mass meeting at Basantapur area.

ICRC, in its report titled 'Missing Persons in Nepal: Updated List 2013', released in Kathmandu said that of the 3,777 victims of forced disappearances, 1,360 people still remain unaccounted for. The report has listed the names of the people, who went missing but whose death has now been confirmed, in addition to the names of those who remain unaccounted for.

UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda speaking at a training programme for the officer bearers of the party in Kathmandu revealed that his party had ties with Sri Lanka's LTTE, during the decade-long armed conflict in Nepal. He further revealed that LTTE had also sought help from the Maoist side.

August 31

The Government announced that it is planning to give the NA a 'leading' role in the November 19 CA election. The plan was mooted after talks among the Government, the HLPC and the CPN-Maoist-Baidya-led poll-opposing alliance failed recently.

September 1

CPN-Maoist-Baidya General Secretary Ram Bahadur Thapa directed the party's rank and file to be mentally prepared to even take up weapons, should the need arise, to disrupt the CA elections scheduled to be held on November 19. He further said his party would supply weapons to its cadres in every village to foil the election at any cost.

EC said that the Government will come up with integrated security plan within this week for the CA elections. Chief Election Commissioner Neel Kantha Uprety said, "The security plan [on CA election] will be finalized before Friday."

September 2

EC formally decided that it will directly distribute the voter ID cards for the CA elections scheduled to be held on November 19. The EC has registered 12.5 million voters on the new electoral rolls with photo and biometrics.

September 3

A meeting of the HLPC agreed to increase the CA seats to 601 to make a final attempt to bring the poll-opposing parties on board the election process. The decision was taken after the FSP led by Ashok Rai said it will go to the polls if the CA has 601 members.

UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal at a meeting in Kathmandu urged Chief of the Election Government Khila Raj Regmi not to arrest his party cadres accused of killings perpetrated during the insurgency period. Dahal said that prosecuting those cases would be in contravention of the Comprehensive Peace Accord. Dahal also urged the formation of a TRC and the investigation should be carried out only after the formation of the TRC.

YCL, the youth wing of UCPN-M, resurrected itself by forming 289-member Central Committee. Ganesh Man Pun was re-elected as its chairman. Pun was the founding chairman of the YCL that was formed after the Maoists entered peaceful politics.

September 4

CPN-Maoist-Baidya led 33-party alliance claimed that the HLPC's plan to mobilize the Nepal Army in upcoming CA elections scheduled to be held on November 19 is a plot to ignite conflict in the country. CPN-Maoist-Baidya leader Dev Gurung said that election is an internal affair of the country and it should be held in a free and fair environment without the fear of any kind of feud or warfare.

September 5

CPN-Maoist-Baidya conducted an underground combat training for its cadres in Rukum District with a view to preparing them for disrupting the CA polls scheduled for November 19. During the weeklong residential training held at Garayala village in western Rukum District, 36 cadres were trained in warfare skills.

A meeting of the EC board decided to appoint 75 District Judges as Chief Election Officers in their respective Districts and 86 Additional District Judges as Returning Officers in the remaining constituencies of the Districts. The election officers are told to establish offices in all the 240 constituencies and intensify poll-related activities.

Following successful talks with the HLPC, Ashok Rai's party, the FSP decided to participate in the upcoming CA polls. Gopal Thakur, the party's spokesperson said "A conducive environment has been created for us to take part in the polls. We will, therefore, contest the polls."

September 6

Police arrested UCPN-M cadre Ram Prasad Adhikari from Kathmandu in connection with murder of Krishna Prasad Adhkari in 2004. Adhikari was killed by the Maoists on the 'charge' of spying on their activities. While commenting about the arrest, Debendra Poudel, a central leader of UCPN-M said, "All conflict-era issues have to be resolved through a Truth and Reconciliation Commission."

HLPC and Ashok Rai-led FSP signed a five-point deal ensuring the latter's participation in the CA polls slated for November 19. NC leader Ramchandra Paudel, on behalf of HLPC Coordinator Sushil Koirala, and FSP Chairman Rai signed the deal at HLPC office in Kathmandu. With the agreement, the FSP has agreed to withdraw all protest programmes and take part in November polls.

EC began an orientation programme, targeting Chief Election Officers and Election Officers appointed for the upcoming CA election. Chief Election Officer Neelkantha Upreti inaugurated the training that will continue until September 7.

September 7

Leaders from most of over two dozen political parties, while airing their views during a ´all-party meeting´ convened by the Government emphasized the need to hold the CA poll on the scheduled date of November 19. The Government convened the meeting as per the agreement reached between the HLPC and the FSP on September 6.

September 9

Preparations are in full swing for the November 19 CA elections in Nuwakot District. All the parties have sent their recommended candidates? lists for the District. Security personnel from base camps at Kakani, Samundratar and Phikuri VDCs have also been deployed in the District for security arrangements.

UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal at a press meet in Nepalgunj town in Banke District accused the Khil Raj Regmi-led Government of trying to foil the new CA elections by reviving the murder case of Krishna Prasad Adhikari of Gorkha District. He further demanded that the TRC be formed to investigate and punish the guilty of conflict era cases.

The Limbuwan State Committee of the FRSP imposed bandh in the nine eastern Districts - Jhapa, Ilam, Taplejung, Morang, Sunsari, Terhathum, Dhankuta, Panchthar and Sankhuwasabha demanding guarantee of all federal states (including Limbuwan state) before the elections to the CA, among others. Normal life in the nine districts remain affected with both short and long route buses staying off the road while shops and businesses in the main markets centers, including industries and educational institutions remain closed.

President of FSP Ashok Rai said that his party would make efforts to bring the disgruntled CPN-Maoist-Baidya on board the election process. Rai said "We have started serious preparations, so that we can involve the Maoists in the election process. Hopefully, matters will move ahead soon."

Ganesh Man Pun Chairman of the YCL, the youth wing of UCPN-M, at a press conference in Kathmandu said that YCL has decided to prepare a list of extra-judicial killings carried out by the state SFs during conflict. He stated that they had to take such steps as the state has started arresting its cadres in connection with conflict-era cases against the peace accord. He urged the Government to form the TRC at the earliest to deal with such cases.

The Government decided to freeze of assets of 224 individuals and 64 groups with links to al Qaeda and underworld don Dawood Ibrahim if they are present in Nepal. Those on the list are individuals and groups identified by the UNSC as entities associated with al Qaeda. The decision was taken based on Nepal's commitment to UN principles and its adoption of the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Act.

September 10

54 national and international election observer organizations filed applications at the EC for carrying out the CA elections observation. Two international organizations - the Carter Center and Thailand-based Asian Network for Free Elections (ANFREL) have applied for elections observation.

HLPC decided to move on with election preparations. It, however, said the doors for negotiations are always open. The HLPC had approached the CPN-Maoist-Baidya after President Ram Baran Yadav urged top leaders of the major parties to make maximum efforts to bring all parties on board the election process.

September 11

Chief Election Commissioner Nil Kantha Uprety urged the major political parties to shortly conclude all efforts of reaching an understanding with the disgruntled smaller parties? vis-ā-vis the November polls. Uprety added that it may be too late, if the parties do not reach a conclusion as early as possible.

CPN-Maoist-Baidya Vice Chairman CP Gajurel said "We request the family members not to encourage for filing candidacy for the so-called CA elections. If anyone files candidacy by disregarding our request, there is no guarantee that the candidate will return home." He also directed the party cadres to ban the election candidates from entering the villages.

September 12

A bandh imposed by CPN-Maoist-Baidya affected the Kathmandu Valley on. Transportation, major market places, schools and colleges were closed down. The party imposed bandh as part of protest against the coming next CA elections slated for November 19.

After sensing that the CPN-Maoist-Baidya would not agree to participate in November 19 polls, the HLPC leaders decided to expedite the poll process aiming at holding the elections on the announced date. However, they informed Regmi that they would continue their efforts for a few more days to convince the CPN-Maoist-Baidya.

CPN-Maoist-Baidya softened its stance in favor of November 19 elections saying that the resignation of Khil Raj Regmi from the post of sitting chief justice will be enough for them to participate in the polls.

Election Commissioner Dolakh Bahadur Gurung said ?Nearly 50 percent of the work related to election has been completed.? He added that the EC now holds the capability to function effectively during the upcoming election.

September 13

Twelve persons were injured when an IED went off at the District Survey Office of Sarlahi District. Officials found a pamphlet of Akhil Tarai Mukti Morcha bearing the signature of Morcha?s coordinator Jaya Krishna Goit (dated July 26, 2010) at the site. The pamphlet states that Madhesi people should rule the Madhes. Army and Police personnel to be deployed in the region should be of Madhesi origin, it goes on saying, and adding that all revenue collected at the region should be used for development of the region.

CPN-Maoist-Baidya at an all-party meeting convened by President Ram Baran Yadav formally committed itself to participation in the proposed CA elections, but with conditions. Party leaders present at the 19-party meeting agreed to do some homework on September 14 and sit for the next round of the all-party meeting on September 15.

The Cabinet allowed the MHA to recruit 45,000 temporary Police personnel for security during the November 19 elections. According to officials, preference will be given to those who have retired from the Nepal Army, Nepal Police, and the Armed Police Force for a period of two months and paid a monthly salary of Rs 15,000, while daily and ration allowances will be given as per the rules and regulations of the Nepal Police.

September 15

Police recovered a huge cache of insurgency-era firearms in a forest near Khalanga village in Jajarkot District. The recovered items include forty-four .303 rifles and a two-inch mortar hidden in a pit.

The cross-party talks convened by the President couldn?t make any headway as the issue of making Khil Raj Regmi, chairman of the interim election council, resign from the post of chief justice remained the bone of contention between the major political parties and the agitating groups.

CPN-Maoist-Baidya Secretary Netra Bikram Chand said ?We have no problem participating in the polls in the stipulated date, if all parties realize their responsibility to end the current political stalemate through dialogue.?

September 16

Police arrested two cadres of NYV, the youth wing of CPN-Maoist-Baidya in connection with the incidence of vandalism and arson on a passenger bus in Kavre District. The arrestees are Raman Pariyar and Arjun Thapa. A bus was torched by the CPN-Maosit-Baidya cadres at Dhulikhel town of the District for defying bandh (general shutdown) called by the party.

A Standing Committee meeting of the CPN-UML decided to postpone the CA date for 15 days if the 33-party alliance led by CPN-Maoist-Baidya agrees to take part in the election process.

September 17

The HLPC directed the Government to proceed all the procedure for November 19 polls even if the agitating-CPN-Maoist-Baidya and its allies did not take part on the election process. They also asked the EC to carry on the preparation for the November election.

President Ram Baran Yadav endorsed the Government's request to increase the number of CA seats to 601 by making changes in the Interim Constitution.

Major political parties agreed to hold election without participation of the CPN-Maoist-Baidya-led 33 parties' alliance.

The agitating alliance of 33-poliitcal parties led by the CPN-Maoist-Baidya asked the HLPC to reconsider their demands in the broader interest of Nepal. Dev Gurung, coordinator of the CPN-Maoist-Baidya led 33-party alliance said "The chief justice-led government and the election held by it would invite conflict. The parties [HLPC] have made a big mistake. We urged them to rethink for the sake of political consensus."

A meeting of the NSC recommended the deployment of security personnel for coordinated security arrangements during polls, the army to be deployed for poll security at the third layer of the polling stations, after Nepal Police and APF.

September 18

President Ram Baran Yadav approved Constituent Assembly Member Election (First Amendment) Ordinance, 2070, endorsing that to be elected CA will have 601 members, as recommended by the Government.

Following requests from the Government and the HLPC, the EC set aside September 23 and 26 for political parties to nominate their candidates contesting the election under the first-past-the-post and proportional electoral systems respectively.

September 19

The EC extended the deadline for the registration of candidacy without affecting the final date of CA election scheduled for November 19. With the latest extension, the proportional candidates will now have to be registered by September 30, while the direct candidates have to be registered by September 17.

Nepal Police started the process of recruiting temporary Police personnel for the November 19 CA election. The temporary personnel will be recruited for a period of two months and paid a monthly salary of Rs 15,000, while additional daily and ration allowances will be given as per the rules and regulations of the Nepal Police.

September 20

CPN-Maoist-Baidya launched "donation campaign" in Rukum District to obstruct the scheduled November 19 CA elections. The party has prepared a list of around 500 people including Government and non-Government staffers, entrepreneurs, businessmen and contractors as possible donors. The party has demanded donations ranging from Rs 20,000 and Rs 2, 00,000.

Netra Bikram Chanda secretary of CPN-Maoist-Baidya at the inaugural of "Youth March" campaign in Nuwakot District threatened to disrupt the election to the second CA.

September 21

EC allowed 51 poll observing groups-two international and 49 national- to field over 74,000 observers for the November 19 CA election.

September 22

The Home Minister, Home Secretary and top officials of all four security agencies - NA, APF, Nepal Police and NID - briefed the EC about the four-tier integrated security plan for the elections. The EC will form a Joint Election Operations Committee (JEOC), which will coordinate the security committees.

September 23

HLPC asked the Government to forward another ordinance to President Ram Baran Yadav concerning invoking article 158 of the Interim Constitution to remove the constitutional hurdles in mobilization of Nepal Army for polls.

A meeting of the Council of Ministers recommended President Ram Baran Yadav to remove constitutional hurdles so that the Nepal Army could be assigned security role during election.

September 24

CPN-Maoist-Baidya-led 33-party alliance announced to prioritize protests against the election maintaining, however, that the door for talks will be left open. The leaders of the alliance accused the four parties of abruptly ending the dialogue under "external influence".

President Ram Baran Yadav gave the go ahead for mobilising the Nepali Army during the upcoming CA elections. President Yadav invoked Article 158 of the Interim Constitution to remove the constitutional difficulties for the army mobilization, in line with the Government recommendation that was made on September 23.

CPN-Maoist-Baidya central committee member Mahendra Paswan and other leaders of the CPN-Maoist-Baidya from Tarai-Madhes deserted the party. Organising a news conference in Kathmandu, leader Paswan said they quit the party as it was attempting to languish the country into conflict and opposing the upcoming election by going against the national necessity and needs. On the occasion, Paswan also announced the formation of the CPN-Maoist (Bidrohi) under his leadership.

September 25

CPN-Maoist-Baidya launched a massive nationwide campaign to collect funds to finance its anti-election activities. The party sent electronic messages, letters and made threatening phone calls, demanding donation from individuals, state-owned institutions and private companies, including schools, banks, manpower agencies and industries.

CPN-Maoist-Baidya sent a letter to UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda seeking donation from him to support its anti-CA polls campaign. Dahal's son Prakash said his father had received a letter, signed by CPN-Maoist-Baidya Newa State Committee coordinator Bhishma and other office bearer Sagar, asking for physical, moral and financial help from the UCPN-M Chairman.

UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda at a ceremony organized at UCPN-M party headquarters in Kathmandu, welcoming former CPN-Maoist-Baidya central member Mahendra Paswan and other leaders from Tarai-Madhes in the UCPN-M revealed that the process of forging party unity with its breakaway faction - CPN-Maoist-Baidya - has formally begun.

September 26

SC ordered the Government and the EC to not allow convicted persons from contesting CA elections. A special bench of Justice Susheela Karki, Girish Chandra Lal and Prakash Wosti issued an order to this effect in response to a writ petition filed at the SC.

About 1,000 leaders and cadres of UCPN-M and CPN-Maoist-Baidya joined CPN-UML. Karna Bahadur Thapa, central committee member of CPN-UML said "All new entrants are from Bajura, a hilly district in the far-west region."

September 27

DSP Padam Bahadur Bista at Seti Zonal Police Office in Kailali District? said that CPN-Maoist-Baidya has allegedly woven a plan to get its cadres recruited as temporary Police personnel? slated to be hired for the upcoming CA polls. He said "So far? as many as 20 former Maoist combatants have applied for temporary police personnel. They will be automatically disqualified from the competition." However? he said it would remove the Police personnel if they were found to be party cadres even after their recruitment as temporary police personnel.

Chief Election Commissioner Neelkantha Upreti inaugurating two-day training on election and vote count in Lalitpur District on September 27 said that the EC has almost completed the preparations for the upcoming CA elections scheduled for November 19.

September 28 CPN-Maoist-Baidya cadres captured electoral education materials in Thalbazaar of Jajarkot District.
September 29

UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal at Biratnagar airport in Morang District invited Mohan Baidhya, Chairman of CPN-Maoist-Baidya, to contest the November CA polls under the banner of his party. He said "We're not enemies as till yesterday we were together in the same party. So I urge Baidhyaji to contest the polls under the same banner, using the same flag and voting symbol and I hereby give them my word that our party will grant them honourable position in the elections."

Issuing a press statement, 33-party alliance led by CPN-Maoist-Baiya urged the four major political parties to sit for fresh negotiations. CPN-Maoist Secretary Dev Gurung on behalf of the agitating alliance said "There is no alternative to drafting a new constitution after forging national consensus to resolve current problems facing the country."

September 30

A total of 124 parties, out of 130 registered with the EC, have filed their applications to contest the November 19 CA elections under PR electoral system. Six parties failed to show up for filing applications.

Chairperson of RJN Chitra Bahadur KC warned that the four-party 'syndicate' (NC, UCPN-M, CPN -UML and UDMF) are trying to ignite civil war in the country by acting on the orders of the foreign power centers. He said CA elections the Government is planning to hold by excluding CPN-Maoist-Baidya would only invite further conflict and strife in the country instead of resolving the deepening political crisis in the country.

October 2

At a meeting of the party politburo held at the party´s head office at Kathmandu, CPN-Maoist-Baidya Chairman Mohan Baidya said that talks were the first phase and that option was now over. He said the next phase would be that of struggle. He claimed that his party would proclaim the constitution through struggle in the streets.

October 3

A bandh called by the FLSC hit hard the normal in nine Districts of the eastern region as a part of its scheduled protests against the preparations for the forthcoming CA election. The bandh is enforced in Jhapa, Ilam, Panchthar, Taplejung, Morang, Sunsari, Dhankuta, Sankhuwasabha and Tehrathum Districts.

The country immersed in election as leaders from several political parties filed their candidacies across the country with no obstructions from the CPN-Maoist-Baidya, which has been opposing the election process. As all the 75 District headquarters and other towns saw rallies and mass gatherings at District offices of EC, public skepticism over the possibility of polls has been cleared to some extent.

More than 5,000 candidates contesting the FPTP election filed nominations in all the 240 constituencies and the process was completed peacefully across the country despite poll disruption threats by CPN-Maoist-Baidya-led 33-party alliance. No report of violence or disruption was received from any part of the country.

October 4

Unidentified assailants opened fire at CPN-UML FPTP candidate Mohammad Alaam in Bara District. An eye witness said that two unidentified persons riding on a motorcycle shot at Alam. He was hit on his head.

Out of 124 political parties that had filed their nominations for PR electoral system, 122 parties submitted their closed lists to the EC in Kathmandu. Three hundred and thirty-five candidates will be selected under the PR system.

October 6

Police arrested Muneshwor Mandal (46) alias Manish, the District Commander of the Jwala Singh-led JTMM in Saptari District. Police said that Mandal had allegedly played a lead role in four kidnapping cases, a murder and bus arson. He had allegedly gunned down Shailesh Kumar Mandal (25) of Launiya-1 in Saptari District on April 13, 2010.

October 7

Home Minister Madhav Prasad Ghimire said that the Government is all prepared to mobilize the Nepal Army in the forthcoming CA election according to the law. He said that the Army is going to be mobilized to maintain peace and to guarantee the fear-free environment for the election.

CPN-Maoist-Baidya delivered letters to the candidates of different political parties in Sunsari District asking them not to take part in the November 19 CA elections. The CPN-Maoist-Baidya delivered the letters to the candidates of NC, CPN-UML, UCPN-M and others at their homes.

A total of 6,343 candidates, which includes 672 women, 1019 independent candidates and one third gender, filed their application to contest the FPTP category under the CA election scheduled for November 19. The ElC said the candidates belonging to 120 political parties applied in the District Election Offices set up in 240 constituencies across the country.

CPN-Maoist-Baidya Chairman Mohan Baidya said that his party's poll boycott campaign will be peaceful. Baidya, however, claimed that keeping a large portion of the comprehensive peace accord (his party) out of election will disrupt the peace process. He said the elections are being held under the instruction of what he termed as the "foreign powers" and urged candidates to withdraw candidacy from the polls.

October 8

185 candidates under the FPTP electoral system across the country have withdrawn from the race. Altogether 6,343 FPTP candidates, excluding 11 disqualified had filed their candidacies for the upcoming CA election scheduled for November 19. With the withdrawal of candidacies under the FPTP electoral system, the total number of the candidates now stands 6,158.

Home Minister Madhav Prasad Ghimire inaugurating a mid-Western regional level conference on CA election security in Nepalgunj town in Banke District said the Government has devised adequate security strategies to hold the November 19 CA elections. He further said that necessary preparation is completed to maintain peace and enable the fear-free environment for the election.

Chief Election Commissioner Nil Kantha Uprety said that the sporadic incidents occurring across the country can no more affect the second CA elections scheduled for November 19 this year. Uprety further said the Government has made special security arrangements so as to conduct the elections in a free and fearless environment.

Pushpa Kamal Dahal Chairman of UCPN-M speaking at a programme organized by his party at Kathmandu informed that political parties will engage in efforts aimed at forging consensus on vital issues of constitution drafting for six months right after the election to second CA. He said if the parties fail to forge consensus on vital issues of constitution drafting in the first six months, "then without further delay those contentious issues would be resolved through voting procedure at the Constituent Assembly itself."

October 9

The EC published the lists of candidates who have filed to contest under the FPTP system in the CA election scheduled for November 19. EC Spokesperson Bir Bahadur Rai said the lists of FPTP candidates were published at the offices of all 240 returning officers across the country. The offices published the lists of FPTP candidates a day after the EC asked the candidates wishing to withdraw to do so.

The EUEOM led by Chief Observer Eva Joly, a Member of the European Parliament launched in Nepal. The mission was launched on invitation of the Government and the EC and will operate according to the MoU signed with the Government of Nepal and the Electoral Commission.

October 10

CPN-UML FPTP candidate Mohammad Alam, who was shot at and injured by unidentified assailants in Bara District on October 4, succumbed to his injuries. While some reports said Alam was allegedly associated with the Dawood Ibrahim gang and ISI and was a target for the Chota Rajan gang, other reports claimed his association with arrested IM 'operation chief in India' Yashin Batkal.

Mohan Baidya Chairperson of CPN-Maoist-Baidya said that his party was barred by what he called "the four-party syndicate" and "invisible foreign power" from taking part in the CA elections scheduled for November 19. He said that his party has been pushed to the corner and has been left with no other option but to boycott the election and do everything to strongly oppose it. He, however, said his party was in favour of a "peaceful boycott" of the polls, but if the government resorts to using force then his party would come up with an equally strong election disruption strategy in response.

October 11

The EC has provided symbols to the candidates contesting the FPTP system under the CA elections. Election symbols have been provided to all the candidates who filed candidacy from the 240 electoral constituencies across the country, according the EC spokesperson Bir Bahadur Rai. There are a total of 200 election symbols.

October 12

The EC has dropped its plan to print and distribute voter ID cards for November 19 CA elections after the election body was pressured to award a company that ranked fifth among the six bidders. The EC had invited the lowest bidder Jagadamba Press, which quoted the lowest bid at Rs 4.91 per card, to sign a MoU on October 15. The EC's plan to award the bid after the due process went haywire when some "external forces" pressed the secretariat of the EC to award another bidder, Sama Printers that ranked fifth in the financial evaluation.

October 13

EC Spokesman Bir Bahadur Rai at the JEMC press in Bhaktapur District said that the EC has completed printing 7.4 million ballot papers for the PR electoral system of the upcoming CA election. The EC Spokesman further said that the printing of ballot papers for the FPTP electoral system also started on October 11.

Ten persons were injured in a clash that took place between NC and CPN-Maoist-Baidya cadres at Bhiyee village of Mugu District. NC claimed that the CPN-Maoist-Baidya cadres pelted stones at its door-to-door programme while the CPN-Maoist-Baidya said that they retaliated after they came under attack from the NC cadres.

October 15

The CPN-UML Standing Committee meeting approved the proposal of CA election manifesto along with suggestions. According to a statement issued by the party in Kathmandu 'UML policy and UML leadership' is the major slogan of the party in the CA election 2013.

The deadline to present a revised closed name list of candidates for the CA election under the PR system is expiring today. As per the election schedule, political parties have to submit the final name list of PR candidates to the EC till today 5:00 pm.

October 16

Cadres of UCPN-M looted election publicity materials belonging to NC in Rukum District. Gorakh Chand, NC District working committee member said "UCPN-M cadres have looted our election materials at Chhiwang VDC while the materials were being transported to constituency 2 of the District from the District headquarters Khalanga."

Commissioner of the EC Ayodhi Prasad Yadav at a press meet organized in Rajbiraj town of Saptari District by the District Election Office said all preparations for the CA election except for printing of ballot papers have completed. Yadav said printing of 12.5 million ballot papers for direct election has started from October 15 and in proportional, nine million have been already printed and six million remain.

Chief Election Commissioner Neel Kantha Uprety told that talks to engage the private sector to print voters' identity cards were in the preliminary stage. Uprety said "If we can print the voters' identity cards on our own, we can pack them in plastic pouches. Such cards, containing the photos of voters, can be used in one or two elections. We believe the Government will distribute biometric identity cards based on the data collected by the EC, later."

One person was injured as cadres of MPRF-D and NC clashed at Balkawa-4 in Siraha District. Supporters of Satrudhan Singh Koiri, MPRF-D candidate for constituency no 4 of the District clashed with supporters of local NC leader Ram Briksh Sah.

October 17

Seventeen persons were injured in a clash between the supporters of TMDP and MPRF-D in Godaita village of Sarlahi District over tearing off a fly-poster. The supporters from the both the parties used sharp weapons and spears in the clash. Five MPRF-D and a dozen TMDP activists were injured in the incident.

The European Union Election Observation Mission led by Chief Observer Eva Joly, a member of the European Parliament, deployed a group of 34-member long-term observers throughout Nepal. The observers arrived in the country on October 13 to observe the CA elections scheduled for November 19. In total, the European Union Election Observation Mission will comprise over 100 observers from 26 member states as well as from Norway and Switzerland.

NC President Sushil Koirala addressing a press meet in Nepalganj town of Banke District protested the UCPN-M's decision to go for a directly-elected president in its election manifesto. Arguing that such a policy would give rise to authoritarianism, Koirala said his party favors an elected executive Prime Minister and a ceremonial President.

Four NC activists and a schoolteacher were injured when they were attacked by a group of masked men at Bafikot village in Rukum District. NC District Secretary Haksingh Khatri claimed that the assailants belonged to the UCPN-M youth wing, the YCL. NC activists Kali Bahadur Bohara, Gana Bahadur Bohara, Harku Oli, Birjit Pariyar and school teacher Purna Bahadur KC were injured in the incident.

EC spokesperson Bir Bahadur Rai said that the EC is working on schedule to deliver ballot papers to all Districts within the first week of November. He said "The printing of ballot papers for proportional candidates is 75 percent complete. The ballot papers for first-past-the-post (FPTP) candidates have been completed for 20 Districts. At this rate, the printing process will be completed by November 1."

October 18

Nepal Police Spokesperson DIG Nawaraj Silwal said that the training of temporary Police Personnel for the upcoming CA elections is all set to begin from October 21. He said "A total of 45,000 individuals, who have been recruited as temporary Police personnel, will undergo two-week-long orientation and training from October 21 to November 4. The new recruits will be trained on how to provide security at polling booths and assist Nepal Police personnel during elections. The training will take place in respective District Police offices. "

October 19

CPN-Maoist-Baidya enforced bandh in three hilly Districts in far-western part of the country. The bandh partially affected life in Bajura, Achham and Doti Districts. The bandh was imposed with a view to foil UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal's plan to participate in election canvassing in the three districts and also deny him free movement in the Districts.

October 20

At least three persons were injured in clashes that erupted between cadres of the NC and UCPN-M in course of election campaign at Radibazaar in Rukum District. The clashes were ensued after the rival rallies, which were set to hold corner assemblies, encountered at the bazaar area. The cadres of both the parties exchanged blows after pelting stones at each other.

NA personnel have been mobilized in the 240 constituencies from today to ensure security for the November 19 CA election. As per the Integrated Security Plan unveiled by the Home Ministry, a total of 155,000 NA, Nepal Police (including temporary police), Armed Police Force and National Investigation Department personnel are being deployed to provide security to 10,017 polling booths to ensure free and fair election.

EC has printed 12.6 million ballot papers for the PR election system, while printing of ballot papers of 67 election constituencies for the FPTP electoral system was completed till today. The election body has a target of printing some 15 million ballot papers under PR category for 12.3 million voters.

October 21

Election Commissioner Ayodhi Prasad Yadav said that the EC is preparing to form a high-level election monitoring committee for effective monitoring of the election process. According to EC, the committee tasked with monitoring the CA elections slated for November 19 will be formed under the election commissioner.

October 22

After a big controversy over an ambitious plan to set up infrastructure and print national ID cards, a key agency under the Ministry of Home Affairs shortlisted two international security printing firms. The project is expected to cost $8 million in the first phase and another $117 million to distribute biometric cards to Nepali people aged over 16.

DIG Nawaraj Silwal, spokesperson for the Nepal Police said that intra-party spat among the parties contesting the November 19 election has lately emerged as a major security threat. DIG Silwal said "The anti- election forces can be in our grip, but the rivalry among the party cadres have been a major security challenge."

A team of 15 to 20 cadres of the CPN-Maoist-Baiday looted and burnt the voters´ education materials sent to Limithana, Thanamaula and Bhangara VDCs of Constituency number 2 of the Parbat District. The cadres also warned the candidates to bar them from running the publicity campaigns.

NHRC said "We are concerned about cross-party clashes in Panchthar, Siraha, Dhading, Salyan, Rukum and Surkhet Districts. We urge the concerned authorities and political parties to make the election program peaceful. As our national laws and international laws signed by us have ascertained citizens' right to participate in a peaceful election, it is unfortunate that such incidents are occurring."

October 23

A group of unidentified persons suspected to be CPN-Maoist-Baidya cadres set ablaze a jeep being used by UCPN-M for election campaign in Kaski District. The Bolero jeep (Ga 1 Cha 5143), was being used by Bishnu Paudel, UCPN-M candidate for upcoming CA elections from Kaski constituency-1.

A group of poll-opposing CPN-Maoist-Baidya cadres led by Rasuwa District secretary Bhim Bahadur Khadka raided the Laharepauwa VDC-based house belonging to UCPN-M cadre Nil Prasad Acharya and sprinkled acid on latter's wife, Laxmi Acharya, and made away with the election and publicity materials.

CPN-Maoist-Baidya enforced shutdown in Dhankuta District to obstruct the pre-scheduled arrival of UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal in the District for election campaign. Cadres of the CPN-Maoist-Baidya disrupted vehicular movement by falling trees on the Koshi Highway to disturb Dahal's entrance to Dhankuta.

EC made public the total list of about 11,000 candidates a day after the political parties submitted their respective amended closed lists of PR candidates.

October 24 Twelve people were injured when UCPN-M and CPN-UML cadres clashed in Swara VDC of Gorkha District. UCPN-M claimed that CPN-UML cadres from Takukot, Dhawa and Arugha attacked them all of a sudden when a discussion was taking place under the auspices of the local club in Tharchowk of Swara VDC.
October 25

Cadres of CPN-Maoist-Baidya vandalized the election campaign vehicle used by CPN-UML Secretary Shanker Pokharel at Tulisipur Bus Park in Dang District. According to the Police, a gang of 10 Maoist cadres smashed the glasses of the parked vehicle (Na 2 Cha 2734) of leader Pokharel and another vehicle (Ra 1 Ja 276). The gang also vandalized four motorcycles also used for poll campaigning. Police arrested three persons in connection to the vandalism.

A team of UCPN-M cadres who were deployed for election campaign have been thrashed by alleged CPN-Maoist-Baidya cadres at Mehele in Taplejung District. Candidate Sancha Pal Maden, promotion committee member Kaji Bhattarai, YCL in-charge Tara Bhattarai, among others, have been injured in the attack. According to promotion committee coordinator Parag, CPN-Maoist-Baidya in-charge Suman-led some 30 men thrashed them at local Kamal Bhandari's house in Mehele VDC.

Cadres of CPN-Maoist-Baidya attacked and seriously injured, Sancha Pal Maden, the UCPN-M candidate in Taplejung-1 in Mehle Village Development Committee in Taplejung District. Fifteen more have been injured, while three including Maden are in serious condition.

Normal life in Siraha District has been partially affected due to a bandh enforced by poll-opposing CPN-Maoist party. CPN-Maoist-Baidya 'district committee' has said that the strike has been imposed aiming the arrival of UCPN-M chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal in the district for his door-to-door poll campaign.

A bomb disposal squad of the Nepal Army recovered and disposed a bomb placed at an election campaign office of UCPN-M in Dharan municipality of Sunsari District.

October 26

A jeep owned by UCPN-M candidate from Constituency No.3 Prahlad Lamichhane was set ablaze at Hetauda town in the Makwanpur District. UCPN-M sources said the CPN-Maoist-Baidya cadres set the vehicle used for election campaign on fire to disrupt the CA election. The arson completely destroyed the jeep.

Police arrested three CPN-Maoist-Baidya cadres for their alleged involvement in anti-poll activities in different parts of Udayapur District. The Police arrested Parshu Ram Pokharel, a District leader of CPN-Maoist-Baidya from Katari, two other district level leaders, Min Prasad Pokharel and Babu Ram Subedi, from Boltar bazaar while they were in a bid to disrupt election campaign of UCPN-M.

Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation, Ram Kumar Shrestha, urged the political parties to systemically frustrate the election resisting groups. Minister Shrestha said "As the election resisting groups are seizing posters and pamphlets of different parties and creating obstruction in many places, the parties need to systemically foil all those untoward activities."

October 28

Six persons were injured in a clash between the activists of NC and MJF-N in course of election publicity campaign at Rautali village in Mahottari District. Five motorbikes were also vandalized in the clash.

A bomb was found in the premises of CPN-UML's contact office in Constituency-5, Nawalparasi District. A bomb disposal team was immediately deployed to successfully defuse the bomb. The bomb was diffused before anyone had arrived in the office.

October 29

Vehicles belonging to NC candidate from Dhankuta -2, Anand Santoshi, and CPN-UML candidate Shanta Chaudhary from Dang constituency-2 were torched by a group of unidentified persons in Dang District.

CPN-Maoist-Baidya urged the four major political forces and the government to immediately postpone the CA elections slated for November 19, requesting instead that they should invest their energy in finding a solution to the deepening political problems in the country through dialogue.

October 30

CPN-Maoist-Baidya cadres planted an IED to foil UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal's election program in Charikot town of Dolakha District. A bomb disposal team of the Nepal Army defused the IED.

In Tanahun District, a bomb was exploded on NC Vice-president and Tanahun constituency No-2 candidate Ramchandra Paudel. The bomb went off at a house in Ramjakot VDC where Paudel was staying. No human casualty was reported though Paudel's vehicle was damaged.

October 31

Six persons were injured when cadres of CPN-UML and UCPN-M clashed in Kotila VDC of Bajura District when they came across each other during an electoral campaign of each other. The clash is believed to have occurred ahead of UCPN-M senior leader Baburam Bhattarai's visit to the far-west District.

November 1

UCPN-M candidate of Morang District, Gopi Achhami's vehicle, Ko 1 Cha 6270, was set ablaze by an unidentified gang. Likewise, UCP-M candidate of Sunsari District, Ram Kumari Chaudhary' s vehicle, Ko 1 Cha 5851, was also set on fire by an unidentified group.

At least two bombs were found in main market area of Surkhet District headquarters, Birendranagar, on the way to Surkhet airport. The explosive devices were detected on the way when UCPN-M leader Dr Baburam Bhattarai was returning to Kathmandu from Surkhet District. A bomb disposal team of the NA defused the bombs. Police speculated that the bomb might have been placed by CPN-Maoist-Baidya.

A vehicle owned by UCPN-M candidate from Sunsari District Constituency No. 2 Ram Kumari Chaudhari was set ablaze. The vehicle was parked at her own house. UCPN-M (Sunsari) accused the CPN-Maoist-Baidya of the arson incident.

Two masked youth set afire a jeep that UCPN-M Dhading District Constituency No. 1 candidate Pushpa Bikram Malla was using for his election publicity campaign, reports The Himalayan Times. The driver and owner of the hired vehicle were inside the vehicle during the arson but managed to jump off the burning vehicle, which was destroyed in the incident. UCPN-M (Dhading) blamed the CPN-Maoist-Baidya for the arson.

A bandh enforced by CPN-Maoist-Baidya brought vehicular movement into grinding halt in the mountainous Districts in Far-western region. The transport service was completely shut in the mountainous Districts including Dadeldhura, Baitadi, Darchula, Doti, Achham and Bajura.

November 2

UNCP-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal at a press conference in Pokhara city of Kaski District floated a proposal to offer the CPN-Maoist-Baidya party 26 seats in the CA to be formed after the election. Dahal's proposal came at a time when a section of the political and civil society leaders are reaching out to the CPN-Maoist-Baidya with a hope to reach to a breakthrough before the elections.

Six Police constables were injured in a clash that took place between Police and cadres of YCL, the youth wing of UCPN-M in Dunai, the district headquarters of Dolpa District. The clash reportedly took place after the YCL cadres were asked by the Police to not move around in groups at night. Following the clash, Police arrested 49 YCL cadres.

November 3

The EC granted permission to 57 organizations including three international institutions for the monitoring of the November 19 election. 225 international observers and 5,587 national observers have already been mobilised for the upcoming CA election.

Four people were injured when NC and CPN-UML cadres clashed at Galeswar bazaar in Myagdi District. Police said that the clash reportedly took place after the CPN-UML members tried to foil a corner meeting organized by the NC at the bazaar.

November 4

The NC and the CPN-UML sounded cautiously optimistic over the proposal to offer seats to the CPN-Maoist-Baidya to bring them on board the political process. Insisting that the two parties were never for keeping the CPN-Maoist-Baidya out of the political process, they said much will depend on the poll-opposing party to be part of the process.

Minister for Information and Communication Madhav Prasad Poudel speaking at an interaction program in Kathmandu said that the Government will be compelled to take strong action, if the poll boycott groups do not make their activities peaceful. Poudel said "Violation of law can't be tolerated. Culprits have to be brought under the net of law."

The EC at a meeting held at the EC discussed with Minister for Home Affairs Madhav Prasad Ghimire regarding the peace and security, transportation of election materials and other issues. After the meeting, Election Commissioner Ram Bhakta Thakur said that the entire issues of security relating to supply of the ballot paper, ballot box and others materials to the related election constituency were discussed.

November 5

Chairperson of the CPN-UML Jhala Nath Khanal termed the claim of the poll-opposing parties that they can forcefully stall the November 19 CA elections as "a mere day dream". Khanal said "Therefore no one can stop the election from taking place in the country." He also warned that the Government would take stringent action against nefarious elements that tries to disrupt the elections by taking the law into their hands.

November 6

CPN-Maoist-Baidya spokesperson Pampha Bhusal, speaking at an interaction program in Kathmandu said that her party will not prevent voters from casting their votes during the November 19 elections of the second CA. Bhusal also claimed that the polls cannot provide a constitution and instead, will invite conflict in the country.

November 7

Three persons were injured in a clash between activists of the UCPN-M and the NC in Muru VDC in Rukum District. The injured persons are identified as NC activists Tulsiram Oli and Prem Oli and UCPN-M cadre Tek Bahadur BK.

The Carter Center declared that former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand Dr. Surakiart Sathirathai will co-lead the Carter Center's delegation to observe Nepal's Nov. 19 CA election. The Center's mission will include more than 50 observers representing 27 nations deployed throughout the country.

November 8

Unidentified gang torched the election publicity vehicle being used by the NC's candidate Kumar Lamichhane at Banepa town of Kavrepalanchok District. According to the Police, the Tata Sumo jeep (Ba 9 Cha 1126) was parked at Banepa-1 when a gang of motorcycle-borne persons set it on fire after spraying petrol. The jeep has suffered minor damage in the arson as the fire was doused immediately.

An unidentified group planted a bomb at the site near Durgamandu VDC office in Doti District where the NC had planned to conduct its election mass meeting. The bomb was detected and later defused by a squad of the Nepali Army. The incident delayed the NC meeting by two-and-a-half hours, which was addressed by constituency-2 candidate Yogendra Shahi.

The MoFALD said it has prepared all local body staffers for the upcoming CA elections. The MoFALD informed that there are 35,000 employees working in various local bodies across the country, which comprises 75 district development committees, 3,915 village development committees, and 58 municipalities.

November 9

UCPN-M Cahirman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda opined that the CPN-Maoist-Baidya has helped the party by calling bandh in the Districts where he was due to address electoral assemblies. Addressing the electoral assembly in Hetauda District, Dahal said "Baidya ji has cleared the roads by calling bandh for us."

A group of unidentified people opened fire while a team of UCPN-M cadres led by Sankhuwasabha Constituency No 2 candidate Rajendra Kumar Kiranti were returning from a poll campaign in Jaljala VDC. Police recovered an SLR rifle, 11 rounds of bullets, some wires and a battery used to make bomb from a forest area near the incident site. Police said the attackers had also hurled stones at the vehicle ferrying Kiranti. Fortunately no one was hurt in the incident.

November 10

Seven persons were injured in a clash between UCPN-M and NC in Tikha VDC of Doti District. The injured persons are identified as UCPN-M leader Bom, UCPN-M cadres Sahadev Khati, Rajkumar Malasi, Mahadev Joshi and Padam Raj Bhatta; and two cadres of NC-Gorakh Khadka and Shanker Khadka.

A bomb was recovered close to an election campaign programme site of CPN-UML leader and former CA Assembly leader Subash Chandra Nembang in Illam District. The bomb was discovered at the premises of Bal Jyoti School, close to a site where Nembang was scheduled to speak.

NHRC urged the poll-opposing 33-party alliance including the CPN-Maoist-Baidya to resolve the problems through talks. Stressing that its serious attention has been drawn towards the bandh called by the poll-opposing parties, the Commission said such activities will have serious impact on the fundamental rights of citizens at a time when they are going to exercise their right to vote.

November 11

The nationwide bandh called by the alliance of 33 political parties led by CPN-Maoist-Baidya affected normal life across the country. The alliance called a daylong bandh and 10 days transport strike starting from November 12 in their bid to foil the November 19 CA election.

Five pressure cooker bombs were recovered at different locations in Siraha District. Three bombs were planted at Lahan, the District headquarters, and two at Golbazaar of Asanpur VDC. 

An unidentified group exploded an IED at the under-construction party office of the UCPN-M at Dhankuta District. Police said that the group exploded the bomb on the roof of the party office and there was a minor damage. No one has taken the responsibility of the blast.

Major political parties made an announcement during a press meet in Kathmandu that they would defy and foil the vehicular strike imposed by the alliance of 33 fringe parties led by CPN-Maoist-Baidya.

At least six cadres of the NC and CPN-UML were injured in a clash between the two sides that took place at Khotang bazaar in Khotang District. The clash took place after the CPN-UML cadres attacked the NC cadres while they were sitting in a hotel after concluding an assembly.

November 12

A minor identified as Abhisekh Lama was injured when unidentified assailants hurled a petrol bomb at a micro bus ferrying passengers in Kumaripati of Lalitpur District during the transportation strike called by the poll-opposing alliance of 33-parties.

Police arrested Pradeep Mukhiya, a member of the ANTMM, an armed outfit from Gobargatha VDC in Saptari District. Police also recovered a socket bomb, pistol and two rounds of its bullets from his possession.

Three UCPN-M cadres were injured when a group of CPN-Maoist-Baidya cadres attacked them at Dime VDC of Jajarkot District. Some 15 UCPN-M leaders and cadres, including District Coordinator Tek Bahadur Rawal, were asleep when the dissident CPN-Maoist-Baidya attacked them and hurled stones at them.

Two passengers were injured when an unidentified group hurled petrol bombs into two vehicles carrying Indian tourists in Bandipur of Tanahun District. The two four-wheelers with Indian license plate were heading to Pokhara after a pilgrimage to Manakamana Temple when the attacked took place.

Two tourist buses parked in the premises of Begnash Youth Club in Lekhnath of Kaski District were torched. The buses (Na 1 Ya 60) and (Na 1 Ya 62) belonging to Begnash Lake Resort were torched sprinkling petrol by unidentified group.

10 cadres of the CPN-Maoist-Baidya including the party's District committee member quit the party in Ilam District citing that it was heading to an undemocratic system and violent activities. Those who dissociated from the CPN-Maoist-Baidya are Padam Pokharel, Madan Katuwal, Sudip Katuwal, Mohan Kumar Khatri, Urbir Khatri, Laxmi Dhungana, Kamala Niraula, Hari Bahadur Basnet, Tikaram Shrestha and Jyoti Bhattarai.

November 13

People gathered with flags at Tudikhel, an open space in the centre of Kathmandu, to defy the bandh called by 33-party alliance of the poll opposing parties. The gathering was called by the FNCCI, the apex body of businesses in Nepal. The gathering will then turn into a rally against the transportation strike called until November 20.

The Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers thanked the public and transport entrepreneurs for defying the bandh till November 20 called by 33 fringe parties led by the CPN-Maoist-Baidya, targeting the November 19 poll.

As the party leadership didn?t budge an inch from their stance on boycotting the poll and resorted to violence, terrorising candidates and voters alike, a large chunk of CPN-Maoist-Baidya leaders and cadres started to desert the party in Morang District.

As many as 15 CPN-Maoist-Baidya leaders and cadres, who held different portfolios in the party, renounced the party in Biratnagar District. Many of them are involved in various social organisations and enjoy good reputation among the public.

Nine people were injured when an unidentified group hurled on petrol bomb at a moving public vehicle in Gongabu crossroad of Kathmandu. The microbus was on its way to Maharajgunj District when it was attacked with a bottle filled with petrol. The hit triggered a fire, injuring the driver and the passengers.

UCPN-M Cahirman Pushpa Kamal Dahal had a narrow escape when his vehicle was targeted with a roadside bomb in western Nepal. The UCPN-M Chairman was heading towards Belauri District to address a rally ahead of the CA polls on November 19. Police said no one was injured by the blast.

A total of 44 District level cadres of the CPN-Maoist-Baidya from Jajarkot District quit the party disagreeing from the party's violent activities.  They said they resigned from the party as the party's activities were directed to trampling upon people's rights by exploding bombs and carrying out physical attacks in the name of boycotting the polls though the central leadership vowed for peaceful boycott.

EC said that it has completed all preparations for the CA elections to be held on November 19 nationwide. The EC said it has delivered Voter ID cards, ballot papers and ballot boxes to all the 75 District headquarters.

November 14

CPN-Maoist-Baidya Chairman Mohan Baidhya said ?We still have time to reach an understanding. I request all to find a political solution to the problem. We are also a part of the peace process and a solution to the conflict will not be found keeping us at bay.?

As many as 19 people were injured when an unidentified gang, believed to be the cadres of CPN-Maoist-Baidya and other dissident parties, hurled a petrol bomb into a moving bus at Basamadi VDC in Hetauda town of Makwanpur District.

Police said they have named some top leaders of the CPN-Maoist-Baidya in their statement. SSP Hemanta Pal of the Metropolitan Police Commissioner?s Office said ?We will soon start arresting top leaders of the CPN-Maoist-Baidya, as they are the ones involved in all the anti-election activities so far.?

SC issued an interim order directing the poll-opposing alliance of 33 political parties led by CPN-Maoist-Baidya to call off the 10-day long strike. Responding to a petition against the 10-day bandh called by the poll-opposing alliance, a single bench of Justice Ram Kumar Prasad Shah said ?One has every right to stay away from the vote, but one cannot infringe on the rights of others.?

UCPN-M Cahirman Pushpa Kamal Dahal speaking to a television channel, a day after a bomb was detonated targeting the vehicle Dahal was traveling in to reach to an election assembly in Belauri District said ?Baidhya ji (Mohan Baidhya) is conspiring to assassinate me. The bomb that was detonated in Kanchanpur was meant to kill me. If they were able to ambush the vehicle I was travelling in I wouldn?t have been talking to you this morning.?

Six cadres of the CPN-UML were injured and 11 cadres are out of contact after the UCPN-M attacked the election publicity team of the party at Purchaudi VDC in Baitadi District. The team of the UCPN-M comprising around 100 cadres attacked the team of CPN-UML comprising 21 people including former District Chairman, Narendra Bista.

November 15

EC published the final name list of candidates for the 335 seats in the 601-member CA under the proportionate electoral system. The candidates belong to 122 political parties and have also stood as independent candidates.

Chairman of Interim Election Council, Khil Raj Regmi during a meeting with a team that comprised of five members of the Asian Networks for Elections said that he was confident that the CA election would be held in a peaceful manner.

Mohan Baidya Chairman of CPN-Maoist-Baidya said the strike called by the 33-party alliance would continue irrespective of the Supreme Court?s order. Baidya?s remarks come a day after the apex court issued an interim order in name of the poll-opposing force to withdraw its strike.

November 16

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter arrived in Kathmandu leading a delegation to observe Nepal?s CA election scheduled for November 19. They will meet with key stakeholders, political parties, independent candidates, civil society organizations, Government officials, and the international community.

November 17

Raj Kumar Chettri, who was injured in a petrol bomb attack, succumbed to his in Kathmandu. Chettri was the driver of a truck that was attacked by the activists of the 33-parties alliance with a petrol bomb in Bara District on November 14.

Five CPN-UML cadres were injured in Rasuwa District. The CPN-UML alleged that their members were attacked by a gang of some 35 UCPN-M cadres with sharp weapons, including khukuri (sharp edged weapon).

A vehicle carrying water jars in Chitwan District was attacked with a petrol bomb by an unidentified group. Ashwin Gurung (20), the driver of the vehicle, was injured in the attack.

CPN-Maoist-Baidya Benepa town in charge Saurav Kayastha was arrested in Kathmandu on the charge of disrupting the CA elections. Police have been searching for other CPN-Maoist-Baidya leaders and cadres as well. Police have so far arrested over 80 cadres of the parties in connection with vandalism and arson across the country.

Home Minister Madhav Prasad Ghimire said that the Government will not excuse any person or party engaged in anti-election violence and will soon bring the bomb attack instructors into the legal net. Ghimire said those attackers are extremists as they did not even spare passengers of the plying buses.

In Okhaldhunga District, three UCPN-M cadres were critically injured after CPN-UML cadres attacked them with khukuri at Tarkerabari VDC. The critically injured are Sanjiv Tamang, Uddav Paudel and Kumar Paudel.

Three NC cadres were injured after CPN-UML cadres thrashed them at Bhadaure VDC in Okhaldhunga District. The injured have been identified as NC District member Tikaram Karki, VDC president Kul Bahadur Magar and member Puspa Karki.

In Rukum District, another clash erupted between UCPN-M and CPN-UML cadres at Ghotma VDC in which three UCPN-M cadres were injured. The injured are persons are identified as Netra Oli, Nandaram Sunuwar and Dhan Bahadur BK.

November 18

The election-opposing CPN-Maoist-Baidya and its allies claimed that they are committed to solve the ongoing political crisis through a dialogue while vowing to continue the ongoing bandh until 5pm on the election day.

November 19

Three children were injured when a bomb went off at Bhote Bahal at the heart of Kathmandu. The injured children have been identified as Sabin Khadki, Sunita Balami and Ganga Balami. The children were playing with the bomb after they took it from planted spot when it exploded.

Defying a boycott call and threats of violence by the 33-party alliance, more than 70 per cent of Nepal's 12 million voters turned out in elections to the country's second CA election. National and international observers also termed the election free and fair.

Arguing that the election held by "misusing all state powers" would not deliver a new constitution; agitating CPN-Maoist-Baidya-led alliance stressed the need of dialogue among political forces and national political consensus to bail the country out of the current problem.

November 20

Organizing a press meet after the election, Secretary at Home Ministry Janardan Nepal said the CA election was held very peacefully due to integrated and coordinated mobilization of the security persons. However, the Home Ministry said the anti-poll groups set up explosive devises at 16 places while suspicious objects were found at 32 locations of the country. In this connection, the Police have arrested 37 persons while 25 others were injured.

November 21

Chairman of UCPN-M Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda lost CA election in Kathmandu Constituency 10. Nepali Congress candidate Rajan K. C. secured a resounding victory in the constituency. Dahal, who had won from this same constituency in the 2008 CA elections with 23,277 votes, performed miserably as he came in third with 12,852 votes. CPN-UML candidate has secures the second position.

Pointing out 'conspiracy' in the election process, UCPN-M has announced that they will stay out of the CA if the counting process is not halted. The party in an emergency press conference in the morning stated that there has been national and international conspiracy in the election process and UCPN-M will boycott if the process is not reassessed.

The EC turned down the request of UCPN-M to halt the counting of votes in election constituencies across the country. Chief Election Commissioner Nil Kantha Upreti said that the vote counting of the CA elections 2013 will not stop and that it will continue until all ballots are accounted for. He said it is taking place in a transparent manner and urged all the political parties to respect the people's mandate.

The EU EOM said that the November 19 elections were "well conducted with a high level of participation", adding that there was enthusiastic participation of voters and other stakeholders in the polls. Eva Joly, Chief Observer noted "Several incidents of a violent nature took place throughout the campaign period. However, this did not have a significant impact on the unfolding of the campaign."

UCPN-M walked out of the counting centers alleging that the elections were rigged. "The election process is against the people's mandate, conspiratorial and unexpected," said UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kumar Dahal aka Prachanda. He demanded a thorough investigation into the process after stopping it immediately.

November 23

UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda secured a narrow victory in a closely-contested battle for Siraha Constituency-5. Dahal won the constituency with 15,244 votes while his close rival, CPN-UML's Lila Nath Shrestha, received 14,323 votes.

EC said that there will be no review of the electoral process amid Maoists' demands that there be investigations into alleged irregularities. Chief Election Commissioner Neelkantha Upreti said "The election commission is convinced that the poll was held in a clean, fair, impartial and credible manner."

November 24

NC emerged as the leading party in polls to elect an Assembly that will draft Nepal's new Constitution, securing a 14-seat lead over the CPN-UML, while Prachanda-led UCPN-M were a distant third. With results of 239 out of 240 seats under the direct voting system announced, the NC led by Sushil Koirala bagged 105 seats followed by the CPN-UML, headed by Jhalanath Khanal, which grabbed 91 seats. The UCPN-M ranked third with 25 seats and the remaining 18 seats went to Madhesi and fringe parties.

NC President Sushil Koirala at a press conference organized by Press Union Chitwan Chapter in Chitwan District said that a coalition Government would be formed based on consensus among the political parties.

In a meeting held at UCPN-M leader Krishna Bahadur Mahara's residence in Kathmandu, CPN-Maoist-Baidya Chairman Mohan Baidya suggested UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal not to retract from its decision of boycotting the CA. Baidya said that his party is ready to forge an alliance with Dahal if he corrects the line of the party.

A meeting held between UCPN-M Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal, MPRF-N Chairman Upendra Yadav and FSP Chairman Ashok Rai decided to hold talks with EC officials over the "irregularities". All three parties have alleged that there were serious irregularities after the voting, including replacing of ballot boxes, tampering of the seals, denying party representatives to accompany ballot boxes while ferrying them and surplus votes.

November 25

Speaking at an interaction organized at Reporters' Club in Kathmandu leaders of various political parties pledged to give first priority to constitution making as per the new popular mandate.

UCPN-M in a statement said "We want to make it clear that the UCPN-M is committed to the political discourse, peace, and constitution making process as endorsed by our party's seventh national convention in Hetauda, However, fraud and conspiracy hatched against us have to be investigated through an independent high-level commission."

November 26

Immediately after the CA Court came into operation, a case was filed alleging unfair activities during the CA elections held on November 19 at Solukhubmu Constituency No 1. Gombu Sherpa, the defeated UCPN-M candidate moved the court after Judges Kalyan Shrestha, Girish Chandra Lal and Sushila Karki took the oath administered by Acting Chief Justice Ram Kumar Prasad Shah.

C.P Gajurel, vice-chairman of CPN-Maoist-Baidya party speaking at an interaction organized by Reporters Club in Kathmandu said that his party is ready to participate in the yet to be formed CA despite having boycotted the recent election for the same.

November 27

Rakesh Yadav, a transport worker injured when a petrol bomb was hurled at the bus bound for Kathmandu on November 14 during the bandh (shut down) enforced by 33-party alliance to boycott the CA poll died. He was undergoing treatment at Kathmandu.

NC emerged as a front-runner in the second CA election with the CPN-UML gaining a close second position. The NC and the CPN-UML are yet to hold formal talks on Government formation.

Netra Oli (22), a cadre of the YCL, the youth wing of UCPN-M who was injured in a November 17 clash with cadres of CPN-UML died during the course of treatment. The critically injured Oli was immediately airlifted to the Maharajgunj-based Teaching Hospital, Kathmandu after the incident.

Fourteen parties including UCPN-M have submitted a memorandum to the EC demanding to form a probe body to investigate potential irregularities during the election. UCPN-M chairperson Pushpa Kamal Dahal led the delegation along with MJF-N chief Upendra Yadav.

NC at a meeting of the party office bearers and central members available in Kathmandu on said it would claim its leadership of the Government for being the largest party through the recent vote. The discussion was held at the residence of the party President Sushil Koirala.

Turning down their demand to review the results of the CA poll, the EC suggested to disgruntled political parties, including the UCPN-M, to seek legal remedy. At a meeting with senior leaders of the disgruntled parties over the election results, top EC officials made it clear that the EC does not possess legal authority to probe into any irregularity.

The EC maintained that there was a constitutional arrangement for addressing any issues related to the poll results. Election Commissioner Dolakh Bahaur Gurung told "We just told them [leaders of disgruntled parties] that one can move the CA court if one is not satisfied with the poll results."

November 28

NC emerged the largest party after counting of votes ended in the PR system of the CA polls. NC received 24, 21,252 votes, followed by CPN-UML with 22, 43,477 votes in the PR system. UCPN-M, the party led by Prachanda is a distant third with 14, 38,666 votes and pro-monarchy Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal is fourth with 6, 24,284 votes.

NC and CPN-UML top leaders decided to co-work on the matter of drafting and enacting a new constitution and form a new Government as per the mandate of the fresh election. CPN-UML chairperson Jhalanath Khanal met with NC president Sushil Koirala and discussed various aspects of the co-work.

November 29

Senior CPN-UML leader KP Oli called on NC President Sushil Koirala and discussed matters relating to the formation of the new CA, the next Government and the need for a consensus among the political parties. At the meeting both the leaders agreed to move ahead on issues including the formation of the new Government on the basis of an agreement.

CPN-UML secretary Shanker Pokharel said the NC should incorporate all the issues, including the Government, president and drafting of a new constitution, in the proposal. Mr Pokharel suggested that the incumbent president Ram Baran Yadav could be given continuity but with a fresh mandate.

December 1

EC invited political parties that contested the CA election under the PR electoral system to inform them about PR seats allocation on December 3. The commission took the decision to this effect after PR votes were verified by EC officials.

Vice-chairperson of CPN-Maoist-Baidya, CP Gajurel speaking at a program organized by Sambad Dabali in Kathmandu said "The new CA is the continuation of the 25-points agreement, based on which, the CA election was held. Our party, therefore, will not grant political recognition to the CA."

December 2

UCPN-M after the central committee meeting of the party at Kathmandu decided not to join the CA unless the EC orders an independent investigation into the accusations of 'systematic rigging' in the CA election.

General Secretary of the NC, Prakashman Singh said that the NC would now take leadership of the new Government as per the people's mandate received through the recent election to the CA.

CPN-UML chairperson Jhalanath Khanal said that a majority Government would be in place, if the efforts to form a consensus Government fail. He said "We are consulting with Nepali Congress and other political forces to form a consensus Government."

December 3

EC called an all-party meeting at 11 am to announce the final number of votes in the PR category and the allocation of PR seats in the CA.

December 4

NC party said it plans to lead a broad-based coalition after winning the most votes in last month's election, with agreement on a new constitution its top priority. NC general secretary Prakash Man Singh said "Our first priority is to form a consensus (cross-party) Government. A consensus Government will make it easier for us to promulgate the constitution, which is our primary task."

Senior CPN-UML leader Madhav Kumar Nepal said that NC, the largest party in the CA, should come up with a proposal to share power. He further said, "If the NC wants to see Dr Ram Baran Yadav as President, we have no problem but he should come through a constitutional process."

UCPN-M making an "Executive Summary" of its report on election rigging public at its headquarters in Kathmandu concluded that there was "procedural, structural and policy-level" cheating in the November 19 election. The party also hinted that there was involvement of State as well as the EC in the rigging.

December 5

CPN-UML hardened its stance on power-sharing by formally demanding an election to the posts of the President and Vice-President. A meeting of the Standing Committee said the new mandate from the recently held CA election should be respected.

A day after the UCPN-M accused the NA of playing a role 'to rig the CA polls,' the national army issued a press release and refuted the charges. The NA said its soldiers played their part with honesty, excellence and professionalism during the polls as per the Government's policy of holding the polls in a free, fair and fearless manner.

December 6

IEC Chairperson Khil Raj Regmi said that the formation of a new Government and the constitution drafting process will take place very soon after the new CA session starts its regular work. Regmi said the election was concluded with maximum people's participation in a free, fair and peaceful manner.

The parliamentary committee of the NC decided to hold talks with other parties to form a consensus Government and Constitution-drafting. The stance comes a day after the second largest party CPN-UML, officially demanded re-election of President and Vice-President. The NC is averse to such a proposition.

CPN-Maoist is preparing to declare the new CA 'illegal' at its extended central committee meeting that begins on December 8. According to CPN-Maoist leaders, party Chairman Mohan Baidhya will present a written proposal at the meeting proposing that the party should go for a struggle discarding the CA and declaring it illegal.

December 8

In its first post-election meeting with the two largest parties, the UCPN-M sought "constitutional guarantee" of consensual politics, independent investigations into alleged election irregularities and a renewed commitment to the 12-point agreement signed in 2005 which brokered the peace deal that ended the decade-long Maoist conflict.

The CC meeting of CPN-Maoist kicked off in Kathmandu with the party likely to broach up the issue CA disbandment. Sources informed that Chairman Mohan Baidya's political document that includes party's future working guideline, the one with the idea of CA dissolution, has been distributed to the CC members.

December 9

NC's parliamentary party meeting decided to propose the EC to extend the deadline for the submission of names of the candidates to represent in the CA under PR Category. The deadline set by the EC ends on December 10. The party will lodge a formal request to the EC to extend the deadline until December 15.

December 10

Resident Representative of the UN in Nepal, Jamie McGoldrick, called on Chairman of the UCPN-M Pushpa Kamal Dahal. During the meeting held at Dahal's residence in Kathmandu, Dahal said that his party has urged the Government and bodies concerned to carry out investigation about the vote rigging during the election of the CA.

The EC extended the deadline of PR list submission by one week until December 18. According to EC spokesperson Mahesh Sharma, the deadline has been extended as per the requests of the political parties.

December 11

NC, CPN-UML and UCPN-M hold their first discussion in the HLPC. It is the first meeting of the cross-party mechanism after the November 19 elections. The meeting focused on current political impasses including demand of the UCPN-M to form high-level independent commission to look into the alleged poll frauds.

NC and CPN-UML rejected UCPN-M's demand of setting up a high-level probe commission to investigate the alleged vote rigging. Both the parties said the fairness of the November 19 elections could not be questioned.

Though not a natural ally of the UCPN-M, Madhes-based parties joined forces with the UCPN-M in a bid to mount pressure on the Government to form an independent enquiry commission to probe into alleged "vote fraud".

As part of a 'power sharing deal endorsed by the party's Central Committee, the CPN-UML formally decided to have President Ram Baran Yadav replaced by its candidate. While the full text of the proposal is yet to be made public, CPN-UML leaders said they have proposed proportionally allocating the top five positions-president, vice president, prime minister, speaker and chairman of the Constitutional Committee-to the three major parties. The NC, however, is still against the idea of replacing President Yadav, a former NC lawmaker, with a new face.

December 13

A senior NC leader dared CPN-UML to garner a 2/3rd majority votes in the CA to impeach the incumbent President in order replace him with a new one. He said although CPN-UML is intent upon changing the President, the people's mandate is to ensure the much-awaited constitution within a year rather than replace the President.

December 14

Top Leaders of major three political forces-NC, CPN-UML and UCPN-M hold discussions as well in their bids to narrow down political differences. The meeting of the HLPC underway at the Secretariat of Peace Fund, Kathmandu. The meeting focused on the UCPN-M demands, formation of new consensus Government and issues related to the constitution writing process, among others.

December 16

Police arrested Siyaram Kushwaha alias Firoj, the main accused in the murder of Kashi Tiwari in Chitwan District. The founding chairman of Hindu Youth Association Tiwari was shot dead on June 26, 2010, in Birgunj District. Firoj is a UCPN-M candidate under PR category for the CA.

The EC extended the deadline for submission of a list of candidates to be elected to the CA under the PR voting system. According to a notice issued by the spokesman of the EC Bir Bahadur Rai, Political parties can submit the names of the PR candidates by December 25.

Mohan Baidya, Chairman of CPN-Maoist during a press meet in Lalitpur District announced a three-month long protest program, forwarding various demands, including formation of a national unity Government to solve the current political problems. He announced that the party will organize protest programs from mid-March to mid-June.

December 17

The NC after an informal meeting of the central committee members in Kathmandu decided to move ahead by forging consensus with all political parties as per the people's mandate expressed in the recently held CA polls. During the meeting, top leaders of the NC briefed the party leaders about the talks and dialogue being held with different political parties.

CPN-UML senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal speaking with journalists in Kathmandu said that one year from here on is sufficient to draft and enact a new constitution. He said his and other parties are making efforts to bring the disgruntled parties on board the constitution making process.

Senior CPN-Maoist leader Dev Gurung said that major political parties NC, CPN-UML and UCPN-M are moving ahead in stark violation of the 12-point agreement and the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, which the very basis of the ongoing peace process. This is the reason his party won't be a part of the CA.

December 18

FSP chaired by Ashok Rai in a meeting of standing committee held at the party's central office in Kathmandu decided to join the newly elected CA. "We will finalize the names of our PR members in a couple of days after holding internal meetings," said the party's spokesperson, Ajambar Kangmang Rai.

Taking exception to the demand of the CPN-UML and some other parties that there should be fresh election of President, CWC members of the NC said that the party should come up with an official view that 'the constitutional post should not be made an issue for power sharing'. The CWC members also expressed their dissatisfaction with the CPN-UML for using fresh election of President as a bargaining chip.

Mohan Baidya, Chairman of CPN-Maoist reiterated that a constitution cannot be enacted through the newly elected CA. Claiming that the recent CA election was counter-productive for the nation, Baidya said his party has fought 'people's war' for more than 10 years and the election was held without involving his party.

December 19

CPN-UML senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal talking to journalists at his home in Rautahat Dsitrict said that NC, being largest party in the election, is obliged to form the new Government and his party is even ready to stay in opposition if an agreement with NC could not be forged. He made it clear that his party's top priority was drafting a new constitution rather the Government.

Carter Center published a report of its observation of Nepal's vote counting process stating that the procedural inconsistencies did not affect the integrity of the counting or the confidence of stakeholders present. "Party agents from multiple parties were present throughout the entire counting process. The all-party meetings convened prior to the start of the count proved to be a useful opportunity for election officials to clarify the counting procedures," the Carter Center said in a press statement. Sathirathai led the Carter Center's short-term mission of 66 observers from 31 countries.

December 20

All the CWC members of the NC who spoke during its CWC meeting, with the exception Khum Bahadur Khadka, opined that the party should go for an alliance the CPN-UML and not with UCPN-M, while forming a Government and drafting constitution. CWC members including Dr Ram Sharan Mahat, Amod Prasad Upadhaya, Balkrishna Khand, Minendra Rijal, Bal Bahadur KC, Surendra Pande and Mina Pande criticised those CWC members who were lobbying for an alliance with the UCPN-M to form a Government. They said the party should respect the people's mandate, as the NC's agenda was close to the CPN-UML.

UCPN-M accepted that its defeat in the recent CA elections was mainly because of the party's inability to convince people about the party's ethnic agenda. "We were not able to convince people about our line on ethnic identity. This was the main reason behind our defeat," said UCPN-M spokesperson Agni Sapkota during an interaction program.

December 21

Madhes-based parties stated that they would not join the new Government and instead remain content by playing the role of an active opposition. They said they are not in the mood to accept berths in the new Government even though leaders of the NC have approached them with the offer.

December 22

Chairperson of IEC, Khil Raj Regmi expressed hope that the November 19 CA elections held in a special situation would give a new constitution as per the people's aspirations. We want to hand over the state power to the next Government as quickly as possible, Chairperson Regmi said, adding that people's aspirations are respected in a democracy.

A meeting of CPN-UML and UCPN-M held at Peace Fund Secretariat in Kathmandu could not make headways, as UCPN-M did not agree to probe, what they claim as the 'vote rigging', from within the CA. In the talks held, both the parties discussed five-point proposal put forth by the UCPN-M, but did not reach a conclusion.

UCPN-M formally proposed promulgating the new constitution within a year and holding fresh parliamentary elections within a year of the promulgation of the new constitution. But, NC and CPN-UML are undecided about their idea of holding fresh polls within a year of the promulgation of the new constitution, as the CA's term is four years.

December 23

CEC Neel Kantha Uprety said that the EC was prepared to hold local elections in April-May if a new Government took a decision to that effect. Speaking at a function in Lalitpur District, CEC Uprety said the EC could peacefully conduct the local elections throughout the nation in April-May in three to four phases.

NC and CPN-UML decided not to wait for the UCPN-M for submitting the final list of PR nominees to the EC within the deadline. "It is our party's decision that we will submit the PR list within the deadline of December 25," said Minendra Rijal, a Central Committee Member of NC. Similarly, Surendra Pandey, a central committee member of CPN-UML said "We have already decided that our party will respect the EC deadline."

The Ashok Rai-led FSPN said that it still sticks to its stance of not submitting the final list of candidates under the PR system to the EC unless an independent commission is formed to investigate alleged vote frauds.

December 24

Senior UCPN-M official Narayan Kaji Shrestha said. "We have agreed to join the assembly and help draft a constitution" after other parties agreed to investigate alleged poll-rigging.

With the four-point deal reached among the political parties represented in the HLPC paving the way for the formation of the new CA cum Parliament, the NC started holding parleys with the various parties represented in the CA to form a new Government.

December 25

UCPN-M leader Barahsman Pun said his party would unconditionally support a NC-led Government from outside. Pun's statement in support of a NC-led Government came a day after the eight parties in the HLPC reached a four-point agreement.

EC decided to give time to parties till December 30 to submit the list of candidates under the PR category. This is the third time the election body extended the deadline for the same.

President Ram Baran Yadav urged political parties to enact a constitution that represents the spirit of the people. He said people's pressure is necessary to issue a constitution that ensures democratic republicanism and federalism.

IEC Chairperson, Khil Raj Regmi while speaking at a program in Kathmandu said "I'm confident that the new session of CA will begin soon, so will be the task of forming a new government and enacting a new constitution. Now we should invest our skills and labor for the development, peace and socio-economic transformation of the country."

December 26

The Government submitted a CA Member Election Ordinance (Second Amendment) to the President's Office. Since the current CA law does not clearly mention who would administer the oath to the eldest CA member, the Cabinet has proposed the President for the task.

With only four days left for the parties to submit their list of candidates for the PR, parties have intensified talks to finalize their nominations Parties intensified talks to finalize their nominations.

Chairman of CPN-Maoist Mohan Baidhya speaking at an interaction organized in Lalitpur District on the occasion of the 120th birth anniversary of Mao Tse-tung said only people's revolution could bring transformation in society, so the upcoming CA must be dissolved to pave the way for a people's revolution.

December 27

NC spokesperson Dilendra Prasad Badu speaking at an interaction program in Kathmandu said that NC president Sushil Koirala will lead the new Government to be formed after the CA gets a full shape.

Chairman of NWPP Narayan Man Bijukchhe speaking at an interaction program in Kathmandu said that the new constitution would be drafted within a year if a coalition Government of the NC and the CPN-UML was formed.

CPN-UML standing committee, which has been holding its meeting at Gokarna Resort for the last three days to finalize the PR list, picked 56 candidates under the Madhesi, ethnic/indigenous communities, Dalits and women categories.

December 28

An area committee of NC in Dhading Dsitrict took disciplinary action against three local leaders accusing them of playing a role to defeat party´s candidates during the November election. The meeting decided to suspend NC Mahasamiti members Bhim Prasad Dhungana, Dr Rajaram Karki and Gopal Bishwakarma.

December 29

NC failed to select all candidates for the PR seats that the party won in the November 19 elections. A meeting of the party's parliamentary board, comprising of recently elected 103 lawmakers ended without preparing the final list of nominees.

December 30

A special Central Committee meeting of the UCPN-M in Kathmandu entrusted the party's central office to select the candidates for the PR list as per the criteria endorsed in the meeting.

Twenty-eight political parties, including the NC and UCPN-M submitted their list of candidates under the PR as the EC's third extended deadline ended.

December 31

Cadres of UCPN-M party vandalized their own party office in Dhading District to express their resentment and dissatisfaction after District leader Ram Bahadur Bhandari didn't appear in the final list of candidates under the PR electoral system submitted to the EC on December 30.

SC directed the Government to attend a hearing on January 8 on whether to issue a stay order against it to let President Ram Baran Yadav summon the first meeting of the CA.

Source:Compiled from news reports and are provisional.