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Incidents and Statements involving TTP: 2016

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January 6

Machar Colony / Sohrab Goth / Gadap Town / Karachi / Sindh

Five TTP militants were killed in an exchange of fire during Police encounter at a graveyard in Machar Colony area of Sohrab Goth in Gadap Town.

Violent (Killing)
January 6

Defence Housing Authority-Phase 1 / Karachi / Sindh

Four TTP militants, identified as Hanif alias 'Nadeem Kala', Ashraf Ali alias 'Bhaloo', Rehmat Shah and Zahid Hussain, were arrested during a Police operation in Defence Housing Authority-Phase 1 neighbourhood.

Non-violent (Arrest)
January 6

Kotri / Jamshoro / Sindh

Sindh Rangers and CTD claimed to have arrested a close aide of slain TTP leader, Baitullah Mehsud, in a joint raid carried out in Kotri area of Jamshoro District.

Non-violent (Arrest)
January 6

Gawal Ismailzai / Zhob / Balochistan

SFs arrested four TTP militants during a raid in Gawal Ismailzai area of Zhob District in Balochistan.

Non-violent (Arrest)
January 11

Chanjan / Killa Saifullah / Balochistan

Frontier Corps on the basis of intelligence reports arrested a TTP militant during a raid in Chanjan area of Killa Saifullah District.

Non-violent (Arrest)
January 13

Satellite Town / Quetta / Balochistan

At least 15 people, among them 13 Police personnel, a FC soldier and a civilian, were killed while 25 others were injured when suicide bomber blew himself up near a Government health centre in Satellite Town area of Quetta. Earlier, it was reported that 14 persons were killed in the attack. TTP and JuI claimed responsibility for the attack. TTP spokesman Muhammad Khurasani sent an email to journalists, claiming responsibility of the suicide attack.

Violent (Killing)
January 17

Nassai / Qilla Saifullah / Balochistan

SFs arrested three TTP militants from Nassai area of Qilla Saifullah District in Balochistan.

Non-violent (Arrest)
January 17

Karbala / Pishin / Balochistan

SFs arrested a TTP militant during a raid in Karbala village of Pishin District in Balochistan.

Non-violent (Arrest)
January 19

Karkhano Market / Khyber Agency / FATA

Twelve persons, including a journalist, were killed while 39 others sustained injuries when a suicide bomber targeted the tribal Khassadar force in the Karkhano Market of Khyber Agency in FATA. TTP claimed responsibility for the attack.

Violent (Killing)
January 20

Bacha Khan University / Charsadda / KP

The TTP militants stormed the Bacha Khan University in Charsadda District of KP, killing at least 21 persons and causing injuries to 35 others. The mastermind of the December 16, 2014, APS Peshawar attack, Khalifa Umar Mansoor alias Aurangzeb, of the TTP Geedar faction has claimed the attack through a post on his Facebook page, adding that four attackers were sent to the university. However, the 'central spokesperson' Muhammad Khorasani denied any involvement in the attack. Refuting Khalifa Umar Mansoor's claims, Khorasani in an email sent to media men said, "The TTP and its amir Maulana Fazalullah have nothing to do with the attack." "We consider these youth studying in non-military educational institutes as our future, they are Muslims and their protection is our responsibility," he stated. "Those people who used the name of the Taliban in the attack will be tried in Sharia courts," the email added.

Violent (Killing)
January 22

Charsadda / KP

A leader of Geedar faction of TTP released the video footage of four militants who, he said, had carried out January 20's assault on Bacha Khan University in Charsadda. The footage strengthened indications of a possible split in the TTP whose 'central spokesman' Mohammad Khorasani had issued a written statement that evening disassociating the group from the attack and calling it un-Islamic. But the same day, a Geedar faction's leader Umar Mansoor said his fighters had attacked the campus. Mansoor is considered close to Mullah Fazlullah, the embattled leader of TTP.

Non-violent (Video release)
January 22


Pakistan has asked Washington to drone Mullah Fazlullah and others involved in terrorist activities, including the most recent Bacha Khan University attack. Security official sources said that Washington has been conveyed through its Islamabad mission that it must play its role in targeting the TTP terrorists, who are using the Afghan soil for their nefarious designs against Pakistan.

Non-violent (Military action request)
January 25


Five people including TTP Chief Mullah Fazlullah has reportedly been killed in a drone strike in Afghanistan. According to reports, a drone strike was conducted on Fazlullah's house in Afghanistan, killing at least five people, including a woman said to be TTP chief's wife and his son.

Violent (Killing)
January 25

Super Highway / Jamshoro / Sindh

Police arrested a terrorist of TTP in a raid at an under construction petrol pump on the Super Highway in Jamshoro District of Sindh. The terrorist was identified as Qamar Zaman Mehsud who hails from North Waziristan. Police recovered 10 kilograms of explosive material, a bundle of wire, three hand grenades and an automatic rifle with 50 rounds from the his possession.

Non-violent (Arrest)
January 27

Safoora Goth / Gulshan Town / Karachi / Sindh

Police claimed to have killed four TTP militants, identified as Amirullah Mehsud, Khan Wali alias Khanewal and Khoni Khel, in an encounter near Safoora Goth area of Gulshan Town in Karachi, the provincial capital of Sindh.

Violent (Killing)
January 28

Munir Mengal Road / Satellite Town / Quetta / Balochistan

Four Policemen were killed when TTP militants open fired at them while they were sitting inside a mini gas station situated on Munir Mengal Road in Satellite Town of provincial capital Quetta. TTP spokesperson Mohammad Khorasani said, "The TTP's special unit STF's commandos successfully carried out the attack at a police mobile at Quetta's Satellite Town. The commandos disappeared after the attack".

Violent (Killing)
January 29

Rizvia Society / Liaquatabad Town / Karachi / Sindh

Police arrested six TTP militants after a shootout in Rizvia Society of Liaquatabad Town in Karachi of Sindh and found an IED planted inside a motorcycle.

Non-violent (Arrest)
January 31 Paposh Nagar / Nazimabad Town / Karachi / Sindh

Ghosia Girls and Boys Elementary School in Paposh Nagar area of Nazimabad Town in Karachi of Sindh received a written threat from TTP asking for immediate closure.

Non-violent (threatening)
February 2 Gomal / Paktia / Afghanistan

At least 18 TTP militants were killed in a drone strike along Pak-Afghan border in Gomal District of Paktia province in Afghanistan.

Violent (Killing)
February 6 Multan Chowk / Quetta

At least 12 persons, including four FC officials, were killed and another 38 persons injured in a suicide blast in the Multan Chowk area of Quetta. A splinter group of the outlawed TTP claimed responsibility for the attack in an e-mail sent to local media. However, the name of the group is not mentioned by the local media.

Violent (Killing)
February 7 Sariab Road / Quetta / Balochistan

FC personnel killed two TTP militants during an encounter on Sariab Road in provincial capital Quetta.

Violent (Killing)
February 15 Fateh Jang / Attock / Punjab

SFs arrested two militants, including 'commander' of TTP Zewar alias Zewar Mulla, during a raid in a house in Fateh Jang tehsil in Attock District. Mulla is stated to be a close associate of late TTP head Hakimullah Mehsud and a TTP 'commander' Tariq Afridi, who too is dead.

Non-violent (Arrest)
February 16 Karachi / Sindh

The CTD, Sindh, Intelligence Wing, claimed to have arrested three accused, including a TTP militants, who were alleged to be involved in target killings and killing of armed forces personnel. According to details, SSP Amir Farooqi of CTD Intelligence Wing said that the CTD personnel on a tip-off raided the outskirts of the city and after an encounter arrested Hanif Khan alias Fazalullah Mehsud.

Non-violent (Arrest)
February 17 Sharaqpur / Sheikhupura / Punjab

Seven militants, belonging to TTP and LeJ, who were on their way to launch an attack in Sharaqpur area, were killed in an exchange of gunfire during a Police encounter in Sheikhupura District of Punjab.

Violent (Encounter)
February 18 Karapa / Pandyali / Mohmand Agency / FATA

The JuA, a faction of TTP, claimed responsibility for the February 17 attack on Khasadar force at a security checkpost in Karapa area of Pandyali tehsil in Mohmand Agency in which seven personnel were killed.

Violent (Killing)
February 19 Tiarza / SWA / FATA

Militants blew up part of a newly constructed Government school in the Tiarza tehsil area of South Waziristan Agency. A splinter group of the TTP, Sajna group, claimed responsibility for the attack. "We have blown up the school because it was a government installation," said Azam Tariq, a spokesman of the group, warning the group would continue to attack government targets.

Violent (Bomb blast)
February 27 Maizer / Dattakhel / NWA / FATA

Air Force jets pounded militants' hideouts in the in the Maizer area of the Dattakhel tehsil in NWA of FATA and killed at least 15 TTP militants.

Violent (Killing)
March 1

Ambar / Mohmand Agency / FATA

Two USAID officials were killed and two others, including a tehsildar, sustained injuries when an IED exploded in Ambar tehsil of Mohmand Agency in FATA. TTP-JuA, claimed responsibility for the attack.

Violent (Killing)
March 4

Mansehra / KP

A joint team of Abbottabad and Mansehra Police arrested two TTP militants from Mansehra District. "We have arrested two militants of the banned TTP. They were wanted in connection with many cases of extortions and other subversive activities in the Province," DIG, Hazara Range, Akhtar Hayat Khan Gandapur said.

Non-violent (Arrest)
March 7

Court complex / Shabqadar / Charsadda / KP

A teenage suicide bomber killed at least 17 people, including six women, two children and two Policemen, and injured 23 others at a court complex in Shabqadar tehsil of Charsadda District in KP. The JuA faction of the TTP claimed the responsibility calling it the revenge for last week's hanging of Mumtaz Qadri, the self-confessed killer of former Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer.

Violent (Killing)
March 9 Northern Bypass / Malir Town / Karachi / Sindh

The District Malir Police claimed to have shot dead three TTP terrorists in Northern Bypass area of Malir Town in Karachi of Sindh.

Violent (Killing)
March 9 SITE Town / Malir Town / Karachi / Sindh

SITE Super Highway Police arrested TTP extortionist, identified as Kamran Bajouri, during an encounter in SITE Town of Karachi in Sindh.

Non-violent (Arrest)
March 11

Ring Road / Hayatabad / Peshawar

Lieutenant Colonel, Tariq Ghafoor, was shot dead while he was on his way to a nearby mosque to offer Friday prayers near Ring Road in Hayatabad area of provincial capital Peshawar. TTP spokesman, Muhammad Khorasani, claimed responsibility for the attack in an email sent to journalists.

Violent (Killing)
March 17

Darel Valley / Diamer / Gilgit-Baltistan / PaK

At least two soldiers and two women were killed in a suicide explosion in the Smagal area of Darel Valley in the Diamer District of the Gilgit-Baltistan region in PaK. Acting on an intelligence tipoff, SFs had laid siege to the house of a 'commander' of TTP's Diamer faction, identified as Hazrat Noor.

Violent (Killing)
35 March 27 Allama Iqbal Town / Lahore / Punjab

At least 74 people were killed and more than 300 injured when a suicide bomb ripped through the parking space in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park situated near Allama Iqbal Town in provincial capital Lahore when Christians were celebrating Easter. JuA (Group of the Free), a breakaway faction of the TTP, claimed responsibility for the attack. "We claim responsibility for the attack on Christians as they were celebrating Easter," a spokesperson said.

Violent (Killing)
36 March 30 Wana / SWA / FATA

Seven houses of alleged militants and their facilitators were razed to the ground by a lashkar from Ahmedzai Wazir tribe in different areas of Wana town in SWA of FATA. The accused terrorists belonged to the Hakimullah and Maulvi Nazir groups of the banned TTP.

37 April 6

Tallat Park / Kachi Abadi Sherakot / Lahore / Punjab

Six TTP militants belonging to belonging to the Ustad Aslam faction were killed in an encounter conducted by CTD near Tallat Park in Kachi Abadi Sherakot area of provincial capital Lahore.

Violent (Killing)
38 April 12 Sabzi Mandi / Mingora / Swat / KP

The TTP militants killed DSP Shangla Muhammad Ilyas and injured two police officer's' guards in Sabzi Mandi area of Mingora in Swat District. TTP spokesperson Muhammad Khorasani claimed responsibility for the attack in an email sent to journalists.

Violent (Killing)
39 April 21

Super Highway / Malir Town / Karachi / Sindh

Four TTP terrorists, including their 'commander' Munshi, were killed in a Police encounter at the Super Highway in Malir Town area of Karachi, the provincial capital of Sindh.

Violent (Killing)
40 April 24

Baizai / Mohmand Agency / FATA

At least 12 militants were killed and two SF personnel injured in a clash along Pak-Afghan border when unidentified militants attacked a security check post in Baizai area of Mohmand Agency in FATA in the night. The JuA, a splinter group of the TTP, claimed responsibility for the attack.

Violent (Killing)
April 29 Shaheenabad Road / Sargodha / Punjab

The CTD arrested a TTP suspect, identified as Soahil, during a search operation at Shaheenabad Road of Sargodha District in Punjab.

Non-violent (Arrest)
42 May 4 Haripur District / KP

The LEAs killed three TTP militants during a search operation in Tofkian tehsil of Haripur District in KP. A Policeman was also killed and another injured during the operation.

43 May 7 Karachi / Sindh

Unidentified militants killed two people, including Shia religious scholar and rights activist Syed Khurram Zaki and his Shia journalist friend Rao Khalid, in a sectarian attack in North Karachi Town of Karachi, the provincial capital of Sindh. TTP-Hakeemullah faction, claimed responsibility for the attack, saying Zaki had been targeted for his stance against radical cleric of Lal Masjid Maulana Abdul Aziz.

44 May 25 Patang Chowk / Peshawar / KP

Three FC personnel, including District Officer Ameer Badshah and two constables, Gul Rehman and Gul Rasool, were killed when three unidentified militants opened fire on their vehicle at Patang Chowk in provincial capital Peshawar. The TTP claimed responsibility for the attack in an email sent to journalists.

Violent (Killing)
45 May 25 Karachi / Sindh

An alleged terrorist of TTP among four criminals was arrested and arms recovered during a crackdown in an unspecified area of Karachi.

Non-violent (Arrest)
46 May 26 Bahawalnagar / Punjab

The CTD of Police claimed to have foiled a terror attack on a shrine in Bahawalnagar District of Punjab and arrested three alleged TTP and LeJ terrorists.

Non-violent (Arrest)
47 May 29 Kutcha / Bagarji / Sukkur / Sindh

Sukkur Police claimed to have arrested two trained facilitators of the TTP, identified as Abdul Jabbar Soomro and Ajmal Awan, and seized hand grenades, suicide jackets and other material from their possession during an operation in the Kutcha area of Bagarji in Sukkur District.

Non-violent (Arrest)
48 June 10 Orangi Town / Karachi / Sindh

Two TTP militants, identified as or Wali alias Talha and Noor Khan, were arrested by the CTD Police in a raid in Orangi Town of Karachi, the provincial capital of Sindh.

Non-violent (Arrest)
49 June 10 Pakistan / Afghanistan

The CoAS General Raheel Sharif, in a meeting with senior US officials during a meeting at General Headquarters raised the demand of targeting TTP militants and their chief Mullah Fazlullah in their hideouts in Afghanistan.

Non-violent (Statement)
50 June 13 Manghopir / Gadap Town / Karachi / Pakistan

District West Police seized a huge cache of weapons and explosive material during a raid on a hideout of TTP militants in the Manghopir area of Gadap Town in Karachi, the provincial capital of Sindh.

Non-violent (recovery)
51 June 22

Liaquatabad Town / Karachi / Sindh

Renowned Qawwal (Sufi singer) Amjad Sabri (45) was shot dead in a targeted killing incident in Liaquatabad Town of Karachi, the provincial capital of Sindh. The TTP-Hakimullah Mehsud faction spokesperson Qari Saifullah Mehsud claimed responsibility for the attack.

Violent (Killing)
52 June 24

Gula Pari / Sarkano / Kunar / Afghanistan

At least 14 militants died as Afghan Taliban and TTP clashed in Gula Pari area of Sarkano District in Kunar province of Afghanistan.

Violent (Killing)
53 June 24

Malir Town / Karachi / Sindh

Three TTP militants were shot dead during a raid in Malir Town of Karachi, the provincial capital of Sindh.

Violent (Killing)
54 June 27 SITE Town / Karachi / Sindh

The CTD arrested two TTP terrorists during a raid in SITE Town of Karachi, the provincial capital of Sindh. The two were Afghan nationals and during the initial investigations, thy confessed their affiliation with the TTP and providing medical treatment to injured terrorists. The CTD has also recovered fake identity cards from their possession.

Non-violent (Arrest)
55 June 28 Khairabad Northern Bypass / Manghopir / Gadap Town / Karachi / Sindh

The Sindh Rangers claimed to have shot dead two TTP terrorists during an encounter near Khairabad Northern Bypass in Manghopir area of Gadap Town in Karachi, the provincial capital of Sindh.

Violent (Killing)
56 July 7 Manghopir / Gadap Town / Karachi / Sindh

At least two militants of TTP Swat Chapter were killed in exchange of fire with Police in Manghopir area of Karachi, the provincial capital of Sindh. One Police personnel also sustained injuries in the shootout.

Violent (Killing)

57 July 14


CoAS General Raheel Sharif approved death sentence awarded by the military courts to 12 LeJ and TTP terrorists. The convicts were involved in committing heinous offences related to terrorism, including killing of civilians, attacking armed forces of Pakistan and law enforcement agencies, destruction of schools and communication infrastructure. Three convicts, identified as Muhammad Asif, Shahadat Hussain and Yasin, were active members of LeJ. The other nine convicts, Muhammad Qayyum Bacha, Muhammad Tayyab, Said Akbar, Muhammd Ayaz, Barkat Ali, Azizur Rehman, Hussain Dar, Ishaq, Behram Sher belonged to TTP.

Non-violent (Death Sentence conviction)
58 July 21 Karo Darra valley / Upper Dir / KP

Two TTP-Swat Chapter militants, identified as Hazrat Bilal and Niaz Muhammad, were killed and one SF official was injured during an intelligence-based operation in Karo Darra valley of Upper Dir District. A minor child, identified as Samira (11), was killed in the crossfire.

Violent (Killing)
July 26

Parking Plaza / Saddar town / Karachi / Sindh

At least two Army personnel were killed when TTP militants opened fire on their vehicle near Parking Plaza in Saddar town of Karachi, the provincial capital of Sindh. Ehsanullah Ehsan, the spokesperson for the TTP faction JuA claimed responsibility of the killing. The officers were killed as they were on the Pakistani Taliban faction's "target list", Ehsanullah Ehsan said.

Violent (Killing)
July 31

Parrianwala railway crossing / Sheikhupura / Punjab

Seven suspected LeJ and the TTP militants were killed during an exchange of fire with CTD personnel near the Parrianwala railway crossing in Sheikhupura District of Punjab.

Violent (Killing)
August 1 Sariab Road / Quetta / Balochistan

Two Hazara Shias, identified as Ghulam Nabi and Mohammad Nabi, were killed in a targeted attack near the Government Boys Degree College while they on their way home on Sariab Road of provincial capital Quetta. JuA, the breakaway faction of TTP claimed responsibility for the killing. "The TTP-JuA members fired at two Shias," said spokesperson, Ehsanullah Ehsan.

Violent (Killing)
August 3 Pakistan

The US placed TTP-JuA, a breakaway faction of the TTP, and its leaders on a list of specially designated global terrorists. "The imposition of sanctions by the United States against terrorists is a powerful tool," the State Department said in a statement announcing the designation.

Non-violent (Sanction)
August 4 Manghopir / Gadap Town / Karachi / Sindh

CTD Police arrested three TTP-Swat Chapter terrorists during an encounter in Manghopir area of Gadap Town in Karachi, the provincial capital of Sindh.

Non-violent (Arrest)
August 8

Civil Hospital / Quetta / Balochistan

At least 74 persons were killed and over 100 others wounded in a suicide bombing at the emergency ward of Quetta's Civil Hospital, where scores of people had gathered to mourn the death of BBA President Bilal Anwar Kasi in a gun attack earlier in the day. The JuA, a splinter group of the TTP, claimed responsibility for the targeted killing of Advocate Kasi and the subsequent blast. JuA 'spokesman' Ehsanullah Ehsan vowed more attacks "until the imposition of an Islamic system in Pakistan".

Violent (Killing)
August 16

Civil Hospital / Quetta / Balochistan

`The JuA, a breakaway faction of TTP who claimed responsibility for the suicide attack of August 8 Quetta hospital, claimed that it had no links with Daesh/Islamic States, whose leadership also said it was behind the attack.

Non-violent (Claim)
September 2

District and Sessions Court / Mardan / KP

At least 13 persons, including four lawyers and three Policemen, were killed and 41 others were injured when a suicide bomber blew himself up near the entrance of District and Sessions Court in Mardan District. The JuA claimed responsibility for the attack.

Violent (Killing)
September 2

Christian Colony / Warsak Dam / Peshawar / KP

Two persons, including a civilian and a Levies official, were killed when a group of four terrorists attacked Christian Colony in Warsak Dam area of provincial capital Peshawar. Four terrorists were also killed in the retaliatory fire of SFs. Two FC personnel, a Policeman and two private guards sustained injuries in the attack. JuA claimed responsibility for the attack.

Violent (Killing)
September 4

Koz Chamarkand / Safi / Mohmand Agency / FATA

Two personnel of the BDS were killed when two IEDs hit a BDS and local Khasadar force team in Koz Chamarkand area of Safi tehsil in Mohmand Agency of FATA. A security official confirmed that a BDS team of MR 203 Wing was on routine patrol when an IED planted by militants blew up, killing Zarbad Shah Khattak. Another IED exploded in Nawapas area near the Pak-Afghan border. Khasadar force Hawaldar Nabi received critical injuries in the explosion and died on way to hospital. JuA, the splinter group of TTP claimed responsibility of both the attacks.

Violent (Killing)
69 September 10

Madina Colony / Gulshan-e-Iqbal town / Karachi / Sindh

Police claimed to foil a terrorism bid in Karachi ahead of Eid-ul-Azha and apprehended three suspects from Madina Colony in Gulshan-e-Iqbal area of the city. The arrested persons have been affiliated with TTP and were planning to carry out a terrorist attack ahead of Eid-ul-Azha.

Non-violent (Arrest)
70 September 11 Ittehad Town / Baldia Town / Karachi / Sindh

A TTP terrorist, identified as Wahid alias Saddar Bush, was killed in Police shootout in Ittehad Town of Baldia Town in Karachi of Sindh.

Violent (Killing)
71 September 11

Peshawar / KP

A senior member of the polio eradication campaign, identified as Doctor Zakaullah Khan, was shot dead in a targeted attack in provincial capital Peshawar. JuA, a breakaway faction of the TTP, claimed responsibility for the attack. TTP-JuA spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan while claiming responsibility for the attack in a statement vowed to carry out more attacks.

Violent (Killing)
72 September 16

Pekhan Killay / Anbar / Mohmand Agency / FATA

A suicide bomber killed at least 36 people and wounded more than 37 others as they attended Friday prayers at a mosque in Pekhan Killay area of Anbar tehsil in Mohmand Agency of FATA. JuA, breakaway faction of TTP, claimed responsibility of the attack.

Violent (Killing)
73 September 23 Sheikh Baba / Mohmand Agency / Nawa Pass / Bajaur Agency / FATA

SF personnel repulsed two attacks on security checkposts in the Sheikh Baba area of Mohmand Agency and Nawa Pass security post in Bajaur Agency in FATA by suspected militants from across the Pak-Afghan border. The JuA militant group claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Violent (Firing)
74 September 24 Laman / Paktika / Afghanistan

The former spokesperson for the TTP, Azam Tariq, has been reportedly killed in Laman area of Paktika province in Afghanistan in air strikes carried out by Afghan and NATO forces. Three other TTP leaders have also been reportedly killed. Zeeshan Haider Mehsud, an advisor of Khan Saeed Sajna group, a splinter group of TTP, confirmed the death of Tariq and his son while fighting Afghan security forces. He added that 10 other militants were killed in the fighting which erupted in Paktika province.

Violent (Killing)
75 September 26

Sukkur / Karachi / Sindh

Sukkur Police along with other law enforcement agencies carried out two combing operations from April to September 2016 and arrested eight TTP militants, besides hundred others, said Sukkur SSP Amjad Ahmed Shaikh.

Non-violent (Arrest)
76 October 13 Tonmi Road / Dera Ghazi Khan / Punjab

Eight terrorists, affiliated with al Qaeda and TTP, were killed in a joint encounter by CTD Police and intelligence agencies in Tonmi Road area of Dera Ghazi Khan District in Punjab.

Violent (Killing)
77 October 15 Sheikhupura Bypass / Sheikhupura District / Punjab

Shahbaz Taseer's alleged kidnapper and five other suspected militants were killed in an 'encounter' with a team of the CTD near Sheikhupura Bypass in Sheikhupura District of Punjab in the night. A CTD spokesperson said that they had received information that nine to 10 members of the TTP were present in Sheikhupura, planning an attack on the offices of law enforcement agencies.

Violent (Killing)
78 October 17 Manghopir / Gadap Town / Karachi / Sindh

Police arrested seven suspects and detained 47 persons during a search operation in Manghopir area of Gadap Town. TTP-Swat 'commander' Gul Nawab was among the arrested suspects.

Non-violent (Arrest)
79 October 24 New Sariab PTC / Quetta / Balochistan

At least 61 SF personnel were killed, and 164 others were injured as terrorists stormed the New Sariab PTC, some 13 kilometres away from Quetta, the provincial capital of Balochistan, in the night.

The Hakimullah faction of the TTP claimed responsibility for the attack. "TTP Hakimullah group's Karachi unit was behind the attack," the group said. The Hakimullah group said four of its militants took part in the attack. However, Major General Sher Afghan, chief of the paramilitary Frontier Corps in Balochistan, which led the counter-operation, said the militants belonged to the Al-Alami (The international) faction of the LeJ - which is affiliated with the Pakistani Taliban. "They were in communication with operatives in Afghanistan," he added.

Violent (Claim)
80 November 1

Karachi / Sindh

An ATC awarded 28 years' imprisonment to five TTP militants. The five, indentified as Suleman, Najmuddin alias Najibullah, Abdul Jaleel, Imran and Gul Fraz, were arrested after a police encounter in the Kalri Police jurisdiction in 2014.

Non-violent (imprisonment)
81 November 19

Hub / Lasbela / Balochistan

FC personnel arrested two suspected militants linked to TTP in the industrial town of Hub in Lasbela District of Balochistan.

Non-violent (arrest)
82 November 20

Pishin / Balochistan

FC carried out an operation in Pishin (Pishin District) of Balochistan and arrested a suspect allegedly linked with the TTP.

Non-violent (arrest)
83 December 8

Kurram Agency / FATA

TTP 'commander' Fazal Saeed Haqqani and his associate were shot dead in Kurram Agency of FATA.

Violent (Killing)
84 December 8

Orangi Town / Karachi / Sindh

Police claimed to have foiled a major terror bid in Orangi Town No.11 of Karachi, the provincial capital of Sindh and arrested five TTP terrorists.

Non-violent (Arrest)
85 December 8

Swat / KP

Police arrested two TTP terrorists from different locations of Swat District in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. According to Police, they in a raid arrested an alleged terrorist of TTP Swat, Attaullah, resident of Sambat village.

Non-violent (Arrest)
86 December 10

Charsadda Road / Faqirabad PS / Peshawar / KP

The DSP of CTD, Riazul Islam was killed and his son was injured as militants opened fire on them at Charsadda Road under the Faqirabad Police Station in Peshawar, the provincial capital of KP. TTP has claimed responsibility for the attack on DSP, Riazul Islam.

Violent (Killing)
87 December 11

South Waziristan Agency / FATA

TTP militants have distributed pamphlets in tribal regions of South Waziristan in FATA issuing threats to media persons in the area. The distribution of pamphlets again highlights the dangers to the lives of the tribal journalists and the freedom of expression in South Waziristan, the birthplace of the banned TTP.

Non-violent (Threat)





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