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Faultlines: Writings on Conflict & Resolution

Faultlines is the first series of its kind in South Asia, bringing an inter-disciplinary focus to bear upon issues of internal security and conflict management, and on related areas of public policy. It serves as an outstanding source, both of primary data as well as of research papers, on issues of strife and internal security.

Faultlines is published each quarter by the Institute for Conflict Management.

Faultlines 20
(January 18, 2011)

The uncritical hysteria of expectations and the almost delusional character of 'analyses' that dominates media reportage on 'peace initiatives' pushes the ground realities of internal conflicts into the far background. We thus have the repeated experience of a comprehensive failure on the part of the political establishment to accommodate the complex and destructive dynamic of fragmented and unimaginative state responses confronting the endless flexibility of constantly mutating terrorist organizations and their supporters. This volume is an effort to restore a certain measure of balance in the perspectives on various conflicts in India that are arbitrarily and repeatedly destabilized by apparently well-intentioned but ill-conceived policy initiatives.


Publisher & Editor

K. P. S. Gill

Executive Editor

Dr. Ajai Sahni

Editorial Consultants

Arundhati Ghose, Prof. George Jacob, Vijendra Singh Jafa, Chandan Mitra,
Lt. Gen. S. K. Pillai





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