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"Mulla Mohammad Omar, Supreme Commander of Taliban has agreed to surrender from Kandahar in the favor of Mulla Naqibullah…the decision was taken for the sake of the security of the innocent civilians…we don’t accept the agreement (Bonn) as it is in the interest of Americans and Russians."

  • Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef, ex-Ambassador of Taliban to Pakistan, Islamabad, December 6

"Mullah Omar who was somewhere in Kandahar, was fine and controlling the Taliban forces…Taliban were still in control of Kandahar and Helmand and their fighters were determined to fight the enemy till last breath…now we have no contact with him (bin Laden)… He is no more in areas currently under our control…yes now they (US marine troops) are present in Takhatpul area and their helicopters were also flying in the area…We are in contact with the Pakistan authorities, ICRC and the United Nations to seek a safe passage for those Taliban fighters who dropped their weapons elsewhere in Afghanistan."

  • Mullah Abdus Salam Zaeef, ex-Ambassador of Taliban to Pakistan, November 27, quoted in BBC

"We attacked the tribesmen's positions in Takhta Pul and captured the area down to Kandahar airport."

- Mullah Najibullah, senior Taliban official, Quetta, November 27

"Mulla Omar has shifted to an unknown place for security reasons."

- Mullah Sayed Mohammad Haqqani, Taliban security official in charge at the Afghan border town of Spin Boldak, quoted in Reuters, November 23

"Osama is in Afghanistan, but we do not know where he is."

-- Mulla Abdul Salam Zaeef, Taliban Ambassador to Pakistan, Chaman, November 17

"The struggle for a broad-based government has been going on for the last 20 years, but nothing came of it. We will not accept a government of wrong-doers. We prefer death than to be part of an evil government… The plan is going ahead and God willing it is being implemented, but it is a huge task beyond the will and comprehension of human beings. If God's help is with us this will happen within a short period of time. Keep in mind this prediction…we are all moderates, taking the middle path."

-- Mullah Mohammed Omar, Taliban Supreme Leader, Quoted in BBC World Service Radio, November 15

Following are verbatim extracts of the Pushtu BBC World Service Radio interview with Mullah Mohammed Omar, Taliban Supreme Leader on November 15:

Q: What do you think of the current situation in Afghanistan?

A: You (the BBC) and American puppet radios have created concern. But the current situation in Afghanistan is related to a bigger cause - that is the destruction of America ...

Q: What do you mean by the destruction of America? Do you have a concrete plan to implement this?

A: The plan is going ahead and, God willing, it is being implemented. But it is a huge task, which is beyond the will and comprehension of human beings. If God's help is with us, this will happen within a short period of time. Keep in mind this prediction.

Q: Osama bin Laden has reportedly threatened that he would use nuclear, chemical or biological weapons against America. Is your threat related to his?

A: This is not a matter of weapons. We are hopeful for God's help. The real matter is the extinction of America. And, God willing, it (America) will fall to the ground.

Q: During the past few days, you have lost control of several provinces. Are you hopeful to regain the lost territory?

A: We are hopeful that you will see the same kind of change that you saw (losing and regaining territory).

Q: What was the reason for the fast retreat? Why have your troops fled the cities? Is it because you suffered heavily from the US bombings or have your soldiers betrayed you?

A: I told you that it is related to the larger task ...

Q: Can you tell us which provinces are under your control at the moment?

A: We have four-five provinces. But it is not important how many provinces we have under our control. Once we did not have a single province, and then the time came when we had all the provinces, which we have lost in a week. So the numbers of the provinces are not important.


"I order you to obey your commanders completely. Do not move here and there ... Regroup yourselves. Put up resistance and fight…Do not listen to the propaganda by opposition media. I am in Kandahar and have not gone anywhere. This is a fight for Islam…Those who leave their positions are like chickens with their heads cut off which will eventually die and fall in a ditch."

-- Mullah Mohammed Omar, Taliban Supreme Leader, Radio broadcast, November 13, Source: Dawn

"If we are banned, US should also be banned. We only presented our story of victimization to the world. We were getting the sympathies of the world and chances of peace were increasing… We were not committing any aggression in these briefings but were just telling our side of the story…It is wrong to refer to Taliban as a group. We are part and parcel of Afghan society… Taliban are the Afghan nation and it is very difficult to defeat a whole nation… We are ready to talk on all issues with every one but if they want to force their arrogance on us and the Islamic world, then we are not ready. How could we violate Islamic principles and hand over Osama without any proof. We were not given any proof and war was thrust on us

-- Maulana Abdul Salam Zaeef, Ambassador to Pakistan, Taliban regime, Islamabad, November 7

"We are ready for a long war and we hope to defeat the United States, which the rest of the world calls a superpower…The US should revise its wrong, terrorist policies, otherwise this war, which may last for decades, will burn many Americans and Afghans."

-- Amir Muttaqi, Education Minister, Taliban regime, Kabul, November 5

"Their (Osama bin Laden) right of freedom and expression has been restored…When the Americans are out to destroy each and every thing in Afghanistan including schools, mosques and residential areas, how he could be debarred from freedom of expression…The world community has donated generously to help Afghans in the hours of their trial but we are not receiving this aid in toto as financial condition of Afghans are in shambles…We hold Arab people in high esteem as they are at our back in the war against world Satan. They consider war against Afghans as war against Islam but they under the clutches of their rulers who have preferred to get material interests than those blessings of Allah almighty."

-- Maulana Abdul Salam Zaeef, Ambassador to Pakistan, Taliban regime, Islamabad, November 5

"We have ample arms and ammunition to engage the enemy forces till long. The Americans lacked the required courage and valiance to face the brave Afghans who defeated the Russians in the same tough and treacherous terrenes…the real battle field would be staged when the United States grounds its land forces in Afghanistan. The Afghans are looking forward to that crucial moment and they are ready to deliver as ever…It's mere propaganda to malign and demoralize the Taliban but it would never work and the Taliban were well trenched with their morale very high to give a befitting reply to the aggressors…Lots of Ex Jehadi and Mujahideen Commanders have assured us to provide full support in men and material because Jehand has now been become inevitable in the given circumstances…the Americans were targeting the civilian population, houses, shops, Hospitals, Communication , power and irrigation systems and dams. The power and telephonic systems of Kandahar have been badly damaged due to US carpet bombing and the local population was facing untold hardships and there is no ample drinking water. People are forced to fetch hand pump water from remote areas."

- Mullah Muhammad Hassan Akhund Rehmani, Governor of Kandahar, Taliban regime, Kandahar, November 5, 2001

"There is no split in the Taliban. This is the claim of our opponents. The decisions of our government are in the hands of our people… Afghanistan is passing through a crucial phase. We are compelled to defend ourselves because nobody will give us protection."

-- Wakil Ahmed Mutawakil, Foreign Minister, Taliban regime, Kandahar, October 31

"Afghanistan cannot produce a single cup of glass what to talk of nuclear weapons… the number of Mujahideen needed for front lines exceeds the need. We are receiving volunteers from Afghan people every day… We are asking volunteers to stay back as we do not need them now. The ground battle has not yet started; and it would not be wise to let them come in as it would create congestion in cities and camps making them more vulnerable to the enemy air strikes… Abdul Haq has sacrificed his life for America's evil objectives… In the first phase they could not earn any significant gain as the Pentagon wished to achieve, except the genocide of Afghan civilians in the main cities of Kabul, Kandhar, Mazar-e-Sharif and Heart… We believed from the beginning America is not fighting so-called terrorism but has wicked designs in our country… These (designs) are being revealed with the passage of each day. However, we are sure these designs will face fiasco in this land of martyrs and heroes as other designs have faced failure… we have always warned the Americans that Afghans are empty handed but full of determination and faith to defend their homeland and religion… for a highly trained army like Americans with such sophisticated systems and mechanisms, it is a shame to make so many mistakes and go astray on civilian sites everyday."

-- Mulla Abdul Salam Zaeef, Taliban Ambassador to Pakistan, Islamabad, October 29

"Our findings prove that this is true. These bombardments have radioactive rays and chemical materials that also cause cancer."

-- Mullah Abbas, Public Health Minister, Taliban regime, October 29

"They want to put in place their secular set-up to keep a grip over our country in order to maintain military presence in the region to watch its interests of oil and natural resources of the Central Asian States protected."

-- Sohail Shaheen, Deputy Ambassador of Taliban regime in Afghanistan, Islamabad, October 27

"We have information about the evidence of chemicals found on people injured by bombings… We have downed two US helicopters which proves that our air defence system was still intact and the claim that it was crippled by US air raids was false… The Taliban front in the north of Kabul was heavily bombed last night and today he said but these attacks did not succeed in damaging our positions."

- Mulla Abdul Salam Zaeef, Taliban Ambassador to Pakistan, Islamabad, October 23

"The U.S must accept its failure. It should not prolong the ongoing operation because nothing would happen according to their will and they must timely read the writing on the wall… Time has come for the United States to learn a lesson before launching further air and ground attacks… We have already faced such problems in the past and have become used to such war like scenario. We have a strong belief in Allah Almighty that we would face the aggression of Kufr with dignity and honor… Entire Afghanistan and the Afghans are innocent and are the targets of indiscriminate bombing by the US. The American casualties after the recently launched ground operation have been figured out by the Taliban government and are more than being reported and the American admittance of only two casualties is childish."

- Mulla Abdul Salam Zaeef, Taliban Ambassador to Pakistan, Islamabad, October 22

"We have made all out preparations to get engaged Americans for a long time. We do not trust in the might of arms rather we believe in sacrificing our lives for the cause of Islam and honor of motherland. We had got huge arms from the United States during war with the Soviet troops and we still are in possession of these arms. We have concealed these arms in some safe places in the mountains. We warn the US to land its troops without any delay and then see as to how much dead bodies it would airlift daily… We introduced Islamic system in Afghanistan and the Americans saw that this system is gaining roots not only in Afghanistan but the system is being hailed in other parts of the country, the Americans frightened from the renaissance of Islam and started hatching conspiracies how to disfigure this system and in this way they started branding Taliban as terrorists."

- Maulvi Jalaluddin Haqqani, Army Chief of Taliban Force, Islamabad, October 22

"At least 18 civilians, majority of them, children, have been killed in Sunday's bombing in Kabul alone. Another 23 have been reported injured as a result of the air strikes at Khairkhana and other parts of the capital".

-- Abdul Hanan Hemat, Chief, Information Agency, Taliban regime of Afghanistan in Pakistan, October 21, 2001

"More than 1000 civilians and unarmed Afghans have been martyred in the continued inhuman bombing of different cities, towns and villages across the country so far. The US planes have been pounding civilian population with 5000 pounds of intensity of ‘Bunker Buster’ bombs… These bombs had not been used in Iraq even. Americans use the weapons and bombs against the Afghans, which are meant for use in the World War III… They have killed as small as "terrorists" who are in the process of learning dialects… The Americans are desperate and bomb the populated areas and cities with an aim to force the people to migrate to other countries and give the impression to the world that people are not happy with Taliban... We really appreciate those, who follow their conscience and also condemn what has happened in New York and Washington because our religion does not permit killing of innocent people…"

-- Sohial Shaheen, Deputy Ambassador of the Taliban regime of Afghanistan in Pakistan, October 21, 2001

"Our government has approved the execution of five Afghans including two commanders in Mazar-i-Sharif for staging rebellion against the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in support of the US forces."

-- Amir Khan Muttaqi, Education Minister, Taliban regime of Afghanistan, October 21, 2001

Interview with Taliban Commander Maulvi Jalaluddin Haqqani

The following is a transcription of the recorded interview with Maulvi Jalaluddin Haqqani, Commander-in-chief, Southern Military Command, Taliban regime of Afghanistan

Q: In case US forces take over main cities such as Kabul, Kandahar, Mazar-e-Sharif and Jalalabad, will Taliban surrender? If not, will they attack these cities to reclaim them?

Maulvi Jalaluddin Haqqani: First of all, it is next to impossible for the Americans to do so. Remember that the Soviet also controlled several of Afghan cities once. What happened to them? We [the Taliban] never had a single city but look at us now.

Even if the Americans or others manage to [capture Afghan cities] and a new government is installed there, we will not accept it. We will retreat to the mountains and begin a long guerrilla war to reclaim our pure land from infidels and free our country again like we did against the Soviets.

Q: How do you plan to deal with a ground invasion by American troops?

A: We are eagerly awaiting the American troops to land on our soil, where we will deal with them in our own way. I tell you the Soviets were a brave enemy and their soldiers could withstand tough conditions. The Americans are creatures of comfort. They will not be able to sustain the harsh conditions that await them.

Let me also tell you that the Soviets fulfilled their commitments with even their enemies and Muslims, whereas the Americans are untrustworthy and betray even their friends what to speak of enemies. Afghanistan will prove to be the graveyard of the Americans.

Q: What is the Taliban's view of a broad-based national government?

A: The Afghans are with the Taliban simply because it is an Islamic government. The so-called broad-based national government will by its very nature be secular, which will never be acceptable to the Afghans.

No one from the Taliban will be a part of such an unacceptable government, which will be filled with American, Russian and Indian stooges.

Q: What do you make of Pakistan's support for a broad-based national government for Afghanistan?

A: Let me remind you that on Pakistan's Eastern border is India - Pakistan's perennial enemy. With the Taliban government in Afghanistan, Pakistan has an unbeatable 2,300 km strategic depth, which even President Pervez Musharraf has proudly proclaimed. Does Pakistan really want a new government, which will include pro-India people in it, thereby wiping out this strategic depth?

I tell you, the security and stability of Pakistan and Afghanistan are intertwined. Together, we are strong but separately we are weak.

Q: What is the current status of Afghan defences against the American military strikes?

A: We have so far held on to our defences. There is no retreat from anywhere. The military strikes have miserably failed to inflict any serious or crippling damage to our defences.

Q: How many Afghans have been killed so far in the air raids?

A: Around 450 Afghans have so far been martyred in the cowardly American strikes.

Q: How many prominent members of the Taliban government been killed?

A: Not a single important leader or military commander of the Taliban has been killed in the past 12 days of constant US bombardment. Mullah Omar, Osama bin Laden and all other commanders are safe and sound and carrying out their duties. However, about 25 Taliban soldiers have been martyred.

Q: Have all the planes and helicopters in Taliban possession been destroyed as reported?

A: This is all propaganda. Only one military helicopter and two Ariana Airlines passenger planes have sustained damages. The rest of the planes are safe.

Q: Are Osama bin Laden and his group of Arabs helping the Taliban in defending Afghanistan?

A: We don't think in terms of nationalities like Arab, Indian or Pakistani. All with us all Afghans. Whoever migrates to Afghanistan in the name of Islam, we consider them all Afghans be they from Saudi Arabia, Britain, Chechnya, Pakistan, India or any other country of the world. And yes, we are all fighting this war together.

Q: What plans do Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda have to deal with potential attack on their suspected positions?

A: I told you. We are all fighting together.

Q: Why did Osama bin Laden not accept the Ulema's recommendation that he leave Afghanistan?

A: The Afghan Ulema never ordered Osama bin Laden to leave Afghanistan.

What they actually said was that he is free to decide for himself.

Neither did we call him nor will we send him away. We have neither kept him by force in Afghanistan nor will we force him out.

Q: How true are the reports of defections in Taliban ranks?

A: There is absolutely no truth in such claims. The propagandists had claimed that Qazi Abdul Hye of Sar-e-Pul region in the north had defected along with his forces. This claim was made when he was cut off some days ago in a siege by the Northern Alliance.

However, after he broke through the siege, he and everyone of his 4,000 soldiers was back. He is a great scholar of Islam as well as a great military commander. And he is definitely with us. No defections at all.

Q: Is Mullah Omar ready to quit as the Taliban leader and hand over power to an acceptable person who can negotiate a ceasefire in order to save the Afghans or to surrender Osama bin Laden?

A: We pledged allegiance at his hands and made him the Amir-ul-Momineen (leader of the faithful). As long as he keeps serving Islam and Shariat, we will never leave him and he will remain our leader. Why should he step down? Who are others to demand that Mullah Omar should step down?

We don't like George Bush. Why doesn't he step down and someone sensible take his place in America?

Q: When was the last time that you met Osama bin Laden?

A: Of course, I can't answer that for security reasons. However, let me state clearly that Osama bin Laden is not only safe and sound, he is also in good spirits.

Q: How many countries support the Taliban?

A: There are several countries that support us including very important ones. But for obvious reasons I am not going to name them. We can understand that America is dangerous and it will harm any country that openly comes to our support. So the countries that support us have the right not to do so openly, which they are doing.

Q: Gulbadin Hikmetyar has announced to fight along side the Taliban. Will you accept him in your ranks or try him for various crimes as the Taliban earlier pledged?

A: We have a tradition whereby when an external, common enemy threatens the Afghans, we set aside our internal differences and unite against the threat. Besides, Mullah Omar is the final authority to decide whether we will accept Hikmetyar's help or not.

Q: How did you come to Pakistan? Did you use a visa?

A: I am also the [Taliban] minister for border regions. Our tribes are settled on both sides of the Durand Line since ages. Our houses are divided on both sides of the border. Both sides are my home. Pakistan is my home. And besides, my migration hasn't ended.

Source: The News, October 20, 2001

"The forces of the Islamic Emirate (Taliban) went to the area and the US troops were forced to leave a short while after they had landed…We forced them to leave. Now we know how to deal with the fresh tactics of the Americans."

-- Abdul Hanan Hemat, Chief of Information Agency, Taliban regime, Kabul, October 20

"The Taliban are united and they have full confidence in the leadership of Mulla Omar…War is no solution to any issue and talks are the best way to solve any complicated issue…I have come with special proposals from Kandahar but it is a secret…Yes, I am carrying a peace plan to Islamabad…It is not a retreat plan…We are very positive and expect a positive response…I did not see any American troops in Kandahar. In case USA sends its troops in Afghanistan they will find Taliban ready to give them a tough fight. In fact, we are waiting for them."

-- Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef, Ambassador of the Taliban regime of Afghanistan in Pakistan, October 19, 2001

"There was no proposal for any negotiations on turning over Osama bin Laden to Americans, nor did I gone there (Afghanistan) with any message from Islamabad on this issue. On the issue of Osama we have no change. Osama is an Islamic issue and a faith issue and we are not going to change our faith for anyone… It will be a lengthy war and we have decided to keep our fighting might intact so that to hit at the right time…It is a war of faith and one can hope that all Afghans will join hands against foreign aggression."

-- Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef, Ambassador of the Taliban regime of Afghanistan in Pakistan, October 19, 2001

"If the Taliban is given evidence that Osama bin Laden is involved…the bombing campaign stopped… We would be ready to hand him over to a third country, but would never come under pressure from the United States…If America were to step back from the current policy, then we could negotiate. Then we could discuss which third country."

-- Haji Abdul Kabir, Deputy Prime Minister, Taliban regime of Afghanistan, October 15, 2000

"It's true that we have not started our real battle against the United States because of their technological superiority. But -- God willing -- we will not greet them with roses. They will be taught a much more bitter lesson than that taught to the Russians… We have said if Washington has the evidence proving his (bin Laden's) involvement and is confident of that, why don't they give us this evidence and we are ready to try him in Afghanistan or by a committee of Islamic scholars from three countries. By ignoring this proposal, the United States is humiliating Islamic Sharia law, and accordingly the current war is not targeting Bin Laden but the destruction of the Islamic emirate of Afghanistan…I reiterate our readiness for the trial to take place in the presence of observers from the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) and western countries… Afghan cities and villages have suffered huge losses. A large number of women and children have been killed and mosques, hospitals and residential areas have also been hit… The (Western-backed) Northern Alliance is a group of mercenaries, who have decided a long time ago to make their country hostage to foreigners… We categorically refuse that Washington and Western countries impose on our people persons who had left us decades ago to fight our enemies…The fate of any collaborator with these (western) powers will be death."

-- Mullah Mohammed Omar, Supreme Leader, Taliban regime of Afghanistan", in Al-Watan, a Saudi Daily, October 14, 2001

"America is technologically more advanced. We are not equal to the US. The real war starts when ground troops enter Afghanistan…They should produce all the evidence that they have. They should send evidence instead of planes ... we would discuss his being put on trial…America is making a great mistake by focussing only on Osama. America has many enemies."

-- Suhail Shaheen, Spokesperson, Taliban regime of Afghanistan, October 14, 2001

"If proof is provided, a third country could be chosen, which is neither under the influence of the United States, nor the Taliban…If America were to step back from the current policy, then we could negotiate."

-- Maulana Abdul Kabir, Governor, Jalalabad, Taliban regime of Afghanistan, October 14, 2001

"Fifteen civilians were killed in American bombing on Kandahar on Thursday night…Don't worry for us…We have learnt to live in most difficult conditions and will endure all such difficulties in the future because we have faith in God…

-- Mullah Muhammad Zaeef, Ambassador of the Taliban regime of Afghanistan in Pakistan, October 13, 2001

"The Americans have attacked Afghanistan without any proof to cover up the failure of its intelligence agencies. It is finding a pretext to finish an Islamic country… We do not have any extradition treaty with America under which we can hand over the suspected people… Our sin is that we have enforced Islamic laws in the country. We have given shelter to an innocent and shelter-less Muslim who is not even allowed to spend an hour in any other countrys… Does your faith permit you to tolerate this barbarism of the United States against Muslims? Does your faith allow you to sit silently and support Americans? Everyone knows that the Soviets and British had been defeated in Afghanistan and this will be the fate of the Americans."

-- Mullah Mohammed Omar, Supreme Leader, Taliban regime of Afghanistan, October 13, 2000

"… He (Mullah Omar) is alive and commanding the forces as are his colleagues doing…"

-- Mullah Muhammad Zaeef, Ambassador of the Taliban regime of Afghanistan in Pakistan, Islamabad, October 11, 2001

"The world Muslims must decide whether to support us or the United States in the on-going war… The United States considers herself as powerful but Allah Almighty is more powerful than Washington and we only trust Allah Almighty to help the poor and oppressed Afghans…We are not terrorist and are not harboring terrorists. This is the notion of the United States to call us terrorists."

-- Mullah Mohammed Omar, Taliban regime of Afghanistan, October 11, 2001

Jihad is an obligation on all Muslims of the world,'' he said. ``We want this, bin Laden wants this and America will face the unpleasant consequences of their attacks.

-- Abdul Hai Mutmaen, Spokesperson, Taliban regime of Afghanistan, October 10, 2001

"… The American claim that they have destroyed the defence capability of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is not true… A letter had been sent to the OIC ahead of its meeting requesting it to play due role in getting the US bombings on Afghanistan halted and finding out a negotiated settlement."

-- Mullah Muhammad Zaeef, Taliban Ambassador to Pakistan, Islamabad, October 10

"… US interests are spread throughout the world. So, every Muslim should carry out his real role to champion his Islamic nation and religion. He said those who carried out devastating attacks on New York and Washington with hijacked aircraft had "done a good deed" and taken the battle to the heart of America. "Let the United States know that the battle will continue to be waged on its territory until it leaves our land, stops its support for the Jews, and lifts the unjust embargo on the Iraqi people."…

-- Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, Spokesman, Al-Qaeda, October 10, 2001

"… The American claim that they have destroyed the defence capability of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is not true… A letter had been sent to the OIC ahead of its meeting requesting it to play due role in getting the US bombings on Afghanistan halted and finding out a negotiated settlement."

-- Mullah Muhammad Zaeef, Taliban Ambassador to Pakistan, Islamabad, October 10

Jihad is an obligation on all Muslims of the world,'' he said. ``We want this, bin Laden wants this and America will face the unpleasant consequences of their attacks.

-- Abdul Hai Mutmaen, Spokesperson, Taliban regime of Afghanistan, October 10, 2001

"… We can't even think that a brotherly Muslim [Turkey] could join US forces against its own brothers in faith… "Both [Mulla Omar and Osama bin Laden] were safe and I am constantly in contact with the former while we have no direct links with the latter… I talked to Amirul Momineen Mulla Omar for 15 minutes on Monday…"

-- Mulla Abdul Salam Zaeef, Ambassador of the Taliban regime of Afghanistan in Pakistan, October 9, 2001

"… Once again the people of Afghanistan are confronting a superpower. An Islamic system is under invasion. Afghans are punished for what they believe in. During the last two decades, the Mujahid nation of Afghanistan gave away two million of its best sons to establish an Islamic system based on their aspirations. But America can't tolerate this, trying to nip it in the bud. The word Terrorism is the effective device used by America to achieve politically motivated goals. The same device is being now used against Afghanistan… First they distortedly portrayed the realities in Afghanistan and imposed sanctions on our country, isolating the young Islamic government. But the Afghan people did not cave in. Now America has resorted to militarism to change the Islamic government in Afghanistan. This is not like prosecuting so-called terrorists but clearly signifies America is punishing the Afghan people for having chosen an Islamic system… ".

-- Statement by the Taliban regime of Afghanistan, read out by Mulla Abdul Salam Zaeef, Ambassador in Pakistan, October 9, 2001

"… The first round of the raining Tomahawk cruise missile and bombing failed to put any serious dent to the Taliban's fighting might, except for killing 20 innocent civilians in Kabul…Was it a targeted attack on military installations as claimed by the US and its agent Britain that hit no militia man but killed 20 unarmed civilians, including women and children?… The allied air forces had failed to hit any of our army men while we have downed their one aircraft and there were reports of another three jets to have been hit by our anti-aircraft guns…It will never be in peace by disturbing the peace of Afghan nation. It will have to face serious consequences which are not even in its imagination right now. The Afghans will fight the Americans and their allies with courage and bravery, and will never compromise on their religion and independence…"

-- Mullah Muhammad Zaeef, Ambassador of the Taliban regime of Afghanistan, in Pakistan, October 8, 2001

"… These brutal attacks are horrendous acts of terrorism… Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan had chosen the path of talks to solve the problems but the United States of America had responded with an act of terrorism… We cannot hand over Osama to the US. This is an attack on an independent country. We will fight until our last breadth."

-- Mullah Muhammad Zaeef, Ambassador of the Taliban regime of Afghanistan in Islamabad, October 7, 2001

"… Now, with US help, (former king) Zahir Shah wants to come to Afghanistan as a puppet so that he can preach Christianity in Afghanistan…The Afghan nation should take notice of the situation and listen to our advice. If people refuse to listen, then we will issue some order which will be very tough…Allah Almighty is with us. You will see the Americans will flee because for Allah, America is not worth an ant. Almost all including Pakistan have joined hands against us today but Allah is with us..."

-- Mullah Mohammad Omar, Supreme Leader, Taliban Regime of Afghanistan,
October 3, 2001

"… We Pashtoons have a tradition of hospitality and as a rule, we can't oust bin Laden. However, if solid proofs are provided by the US government then a proper trail could be instituted against bin Laden in any Muslim country…"

Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef, Ambassador of the Taliban Regime of Afghanistan in Pakistan, October 3, 2001

"Some countries want another aggression against Afghanistan but the war is not a solution, only negotiations is the right and proper way to address the this issue…Afghans fought a long war for over two decades which claimed more than 2 million precious lives and injuring 30 million people, while displacing more than six million others. We and our people want to be helped, we need food, shelter and reconstruction of our country for good life and not more wars…We are peace-loving people and never supported terrorism…Whenever, we asked for evidence, the US reply was in negative and only insisted on surrendering bin Laden to it…We have full confidence in the leadership of Mulla Omar."

-- Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef, Ambassador of the Taliban regime of Afghanistan in Pakistan, October 2, 2001

"… He (Osama bin Laden) is in [a] hide out and his place has been kept secret because of security… President Bush should respect Islam and Islamic principles if he wants to deal with the Muslims. I want to make categorically that Osama bin Laden will not be handed over to anyone… This is totally baseless. No American troop has so far has been seen in any part of Afghanistan… Americans are flying in sky and we are on the earth. They should show respect to Islam and then we will cooperate with them. They must produce evidence and the same should be produced in the court… No religious scholar can even think to ask for the expulsion of Osama bin Laden..."

-- Mullah Abdul Zaeef, Ambassador of the Taliban regime of Afghanistan in Islamabad, October 1, 2001

"… It is totally wrong, we deny this news [of arresting] that they [US / UK Special Forces] have come to our areas … It is not true and has no basis. We contacted the authorities in Kandahar and Nimroz provinces about it and they denied it… They could be in the opposition areas. We don't reject that possibility...

-- Mullah Obaidullah Akhund, Defence Minister, Taliban regime of Afghanistan, September 29, 2001

[The Afghan clerics' recommendation to Osama bin Laden to leave the country has been approved by Mullah Omar]. "Now it is up to Osama to decide"… [We will not negotiate a deal with the US] No, it is not the tradition of Muslims to compromise… We have not lost Osama, but he is out of sight of the people… [The American embassy in Kabul was attacked as] "The people are very emotional and angry because the United States is sounding threats to attack Afghanistan. The Taliban security forces tried their best to stop the mob from the attack but failed to control the largely attended demonstration…"

-- Mullah Abdul Saleem Zaeef, Ambassador of the Taliban regime of Afghanistan to Pakistan, September 27, 2001

"… Whosoever attacks us or helps any attack is our enemy and we will attack him…"

-- Mullah Noor Aliotyuin, Deputy Defence Minister, Taliban regime of Afghanistan, September 25, 2001

"… What they want in Afghanistan is that they want to end Islamic system in Afghanistan, create chaos and install a pro-American government here… Any US attack will put the whole region in danger…"

-- Mullah Omar, Chief, Taliban regime of Afghanistan, September 25, 2001

"Islam is a true way of life and our enemies and those against our religion believe that we are their enemies… They are trying to finish us on various pretexts. One of their pretexts is Osama bin Laden's presence in Afghanistan."

-- Mullah Mohammad Omar, Supreme Leader, Taliban Regime of Afghanistan, September 19, 2001

"Even if the whole of Afghanistan is devastated we won't hand him over until there is a solid proof against him…"

-- Mullah Mohammad Hassan, Representative, Paktika Province, Afghanistan, September 17, 2001

"Jihad would be automatic if the United States attacked Afghanistan".

-- Mullah Qudratullah, Culture and Information Minister, Taliban Regime of Afghanistan, September 16, 2001

"… The possibility of a massive attack by our Mujahideen cannot be ruled out if any neighbouring country offers its ground or air bases to US forces… It's possible that we will invade any country that provides access to the US. Our Mujahideen will force their way into their territory... The responsibility for the grave consequences and instability of the region would then rest with them...."

-- Statement by the Foreign Ministry, Taliban regime of Afghanistan, September 15, 2001

It is not impossible that we would attack such a country under compulsion, and the Mujahideen would have to enter the territory of such country… We do not expect Pakistan to allow an unjust action against Afghanistan... So far they [the US] have not produced any concrete evidence [of bin Laden’s involvement in the attacks]… It [the attack on the US] is terrorism and should be condemned… Although the … [Taliban] has explained its clear and positive stand based on facts, statements and indications by some American authorities on the terrorist events in New York and Washington focus only on Osama bin Laden…"

-- Mullah Abdus Salam Zaeef, Ambassador of the Taliban regime of Afghanistan in Islamabad, September 15, 2001

"If a country or group violates our country, we will not forget our revenge… They can never find an individual. They will fail… Their missiles cannot find an individual… The Soviet Union destroyed this country, but they could never accomplish their goals. The United States will also fail."

-- Mullah Abdul Hai Muttmain, Spokesperson, Taliban Regime of Afghanistan, September 14, 2001

"I don't think the Americans are going to strike. The people of Afghanistan will stand with the Taliban as they have always stood united against any foreign aggression. The Americans would think several times before deciding on mounting attack against our country. Lest they forget, the example of the Soviet Union should be before them… Everybody has seen that the United States is nothing more than a paper tiger. We cannot be browbeaten with threats of retaliatory attacks… Every time something goes wrong anywhere in the world, bin Laden is blamed for it. They have turned him into a villain for the American people. Now they are looking for a scapegoat and bin Laden is a convenient target."

-- Mullah Abdul Hye Mutmaen, Chief Spokesperson, Taliban Regime of Afghanistan, September 14, 2001

"We regret the incident of terrorism in America but Osama's involvement in it was not possible since he was practically not capable of undertaking such a sophisticated operation… The US has neither made any contact with us nor has asked for extradition of Osama. If the US is interested in extradition of Osama bin Laden, it must provide us concrete proof of his involvement in the incidents of terrorism."

-- Mullah Mohammad Omar, Supreme Leader, Taliban Regime of Afghanistan, statement read out in Islamabad by Ambassador of the Taliban Regime in Pakistan, September 14, 2001

"The incidents which took place in America are testimony to Osama bin Laden's innocence because where are Osama's pilots and where were they trained," Omar said in the statement, which was read out on the Radio Sharia… Blaming Osama without any rhyme or reason is a separate thing and a move by the [Western] intelligence agencies to escape their own failure."

-- Mullah Mohammad Omar, Supreme Leader, Taliban Regime of Afghanistan, September 13, 2001

"We have taken over all means of communications from him (Osama) and he has no contact with the outside world… We do not expect any attack without completion of investigation."

-- Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef, Ambassador of the Taliban Regime of Afghanistan in Pakistan, September 11, 2001

"What happened in the United States was not a job of ordinary people. It could have been the work of governments. Osama bin Laden cannot do this work, neither us... We are not supporting terrorism. Osama does not have the capability. We condemn this…. This could have been the act of either internal enemies of the United States or its major rivals. Osama cannot do this work."

-- Mullah Abdul Hai Mutmaen, Spokesman, Taliban Regime of Afghanistan, Kandahar, September 11, 2001

"Our policy was very clear, even from the beginning. We have criticized and will now criticize terrorism in all its forms".

-- Mullah Wakil Ahmed Muttawakil, Foreign Minister, Taliban Regime of Afghanistan, September 11, 2001






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