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Demoralisation Among Cadres of ULFA

In the wake of Kargil conflict last year, self-styled chairman of ULFA Arabinda Rajkhowa urged upon the soliders from Assam to withdraw from the battle-front through a press statement leading to an erosion of support for the outfit not only from the people of Assam but also from its own cadres. ULFA position on the Indo-Pak conflict boomeranged and several largescale surrenders of its cadre followed. The Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India released a report on the current status of ULFA.

The disenchantment of cadres of United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) with their directionless leadership is evident from the massive number of surrenders in Assam during the current year. Over the years, the Assamese youth has been lured by the self serving top leaders of ULFA into anti-national and anti-social conspiracies. During the Kargil war in 1999, the Self-Styled ULFA Chairman Arabinda Rajkhowa even went to the extent of issuing a press statement urging upon the Indian Army jawans belonging to the State of Assam to withdraw themselves from the battle field in Indo-Pak border stating that the Kashmir militants and the intruders from the Pak area were actually fighting for their existence on their soil and that they did not wage any war against the "Colonial" Government of India. The Kargil triumph of India was a moment of glory for Indian people. On the contrary, the ULFA's stand alienated the militant outfit, not only from the peace loving people of Assam but also from its own cadres.

On 4 April 2000, 436 ULFA cadres surrendered alongwith their weapons before the Governor and Chief Minister of Assam at Rong-Ghar ground at Sibsagar district. The symbolism of the date and place of ULFA surrenders is heightened by the fact that ULFA was formed in the week of April 1979 at Rong-Ghar, Sibsagar. Similarly on August, 14, 2000, 242 ULFA cadres had laid down their arms before the Chief Minister of Assam on the eve of 54th Independence Day. The number of ULFA surrenderees in 1998 and 1999 had been 184 and 724 respectively. Last week, more than 299 ULFA militants surrendered to the Assam government.

The surrender of more than 1000 ULFA cadres this year is a vivid illustration of the demoralization among the youth mislead by ULFA leadership into militancy. There is a growing realization among the ULFA cadres that the destiny of Assam is irrevocably link with India. The surrendered ULFA are being trained and rehabilitated under the surrender-cum-Rehabilitation Scheme to build a prosperous and peaceful Assam. Reports of dissidence among ULFA cadres confirm the demoralization among ULFA cadres. It is expected that the total number of surrenderees in the North East will cross 2,000 mark during this year.

The Government of India would strongly urge upon the ULFA cadres to give up the path of violence and contribute to the economic development of the State.





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