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Arunachal Pradesh Timeline - 2016

Date Incident

January 2

Security was stepped up at Army and air force installations located in the northeastern region in the wake of the terrorist attack at an Air Force Base at Pathankot in Punjab. The northeast, which is surrounded by Bangladesh, Myanmar, Bhutan and China, on all sides, barring a chicken-neck corridor towards north Bengal, is a strategic defence area. The seven states in the northeast house many Army cantonments and air force bases. The Eastern Air Command of the IAF is located in Shillong in Meghalaya.

Army sources in the region said that forces guarding defence installations in the northeast are already on a high alert as the region is an insurgency-affected area and shares borders with four countries. Security was also beefed up at LGBI airport in Guwahati as it is located adjacent to the Borjhar air base. Defence spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Suneet Newton said that along with other SFs in Assam and the entire region, are deployed on a counter-insurgency/terrorism grid and are always on a high alert. "We are always prepared to effectively contain any such untoward incident," he said.

Five persons, including two women, were arrested from Miao-Kharsang area for circulating FICN at Miao Market in Changlang District. The accused were identified as Ali Ahammad (52), Habel Ud Din (36), Amin Ul Islam (19) and two women. The Police recovered 21 high quality FICN of INR 500 denomination from the market and two mobile handsets, Indian currency and other goods from the possession of the accused. All the arrested had come from Satarakanara viilage in Barpeta District of Assam, an official statement said.

January 3

AR, AR Field Intelligence Unit and State Police conducted a joint search operation at Kheti village and arrested two cadres of NSCN-R, identified as 'self-styled lieutenant' Wingan Agan (26) and 'sergeant' Damwang Bangsia, both from Tirap District. An assault rifle, an automatic pistol with ammunition, extortion notes and receipt/letter head of the NSCN-R were recovered from them. Local residents said that these cadres and their leaders had been threatening local people and carrying out rampant extortion and forced recruitment in Tirap, Changlang and Longding Districts, report said.

Since April 2015, the NSCN-R is attempting to establish its base in the Districts of Longding, Tirap and Changlang. The 'Reformation' group is now extensively involved in extortion in the form of tax collection and they are not sparing any section of the society be it poor villagers, government employees, business community, unemployed and school administration, the report said.

January 6

NSCN-R has reportedly been recruiting drug addicts across the opium belt of Arunachal Pradesh to broaden its extortion empire. Officials in southern Arunachal Pradesh said NSCN-R has been recruiting drug addicts to control the state's Longding, Tirap and Changlang Districts. Rebels of NSCN-K and NSCN-IM were hitherto known to operate in these Districts that are strategic for movement to and from bases in Myanmar. "We had last month raided Kheti village in Tirap district on tip off that some rebels were carrying out recruitment and extortion drives there. They managed to escape but we recovered extortion notes and a list of the group's cadres in the area," a unnamed senior Police officer, said. Some names in the list were those of drug addicts and offenders, the SFs found.

Apart from Longding, Tirap and Changlang, Lohit and Anjaw Districts of southern Arunachal Pradesh are notorious for opium cultivation besides the availability of heroin and methamphetamine from the 'Golden Triangle of Myanmar, Laos and Thailand. According to NCB, Arunachal Pradesh topped the list of states in illegal poppy production for opium during 2014-15. Of the 2,530 acres of poppy crop that NCB destroyed during that fiscal, the state accounted for nearly 40%. NCB officials say the illegal poppy farms are guarded by armed militia who are known to work in coordination with rebels. Chief Minister Nabam Tuki admitted that checking opium cultivation was a major challenge.

January 9

NSCN-R strongly refuted allegations that it was recruiting drug addicts across the opium belt of Arunachal Pradesh to broaden its extortion empire. An 'MIP' statement strongly refuted the allegation made and asserted that it was neither engaging nor recruiting drug addicts for any purpose. "We are for peaceful settlement of the Indo-Naga issue but it seems some people are against peace and against development of our people. They want that people should remain to be in trance so that they keep working as per their willful desire," the 'MIP' statement read.

The NSCN-R, while appreciating the AR for arresting anti-social elements involved in extortion in and around Tirap District and particularly in HQ Khonsa, said it had no link whatsoever with Wingan Agan and Damwang Bangsia, arrested by the SFs. "Many youths taken to drugs, opium are involved in carrying out extortion in the name of various organizations including the NSCN-R to fulfill their day to day needs as they find it easy way of making money unmindful of the consequences," it contended.

January 10

Chief Minister Nabam Tuki strongly refuted and rubbished the allegations leveled by MLAs Thangwang Wangham, Honchun Ngandam and Gabriel D Wangsu of using the NSCN-K to coerce representatives from Tirap, Changlang and Longding Districts to support his leadership. While terming the allegation as baseless, unfounded, wild and made out of utter frustration, Tuki said that such false and fabricated allegations have been intended to tarnish his political and social image.

January 12

The PPA demanded the removal of Food & Civil Supplies Minister Tirong Aboh from the ministry for his alleged link with the NSCN-R. The PPA threatened to launch a 'movement' against Aboh, if he is not removed. The party also demanded Chief Minister Nabam Tuki's resignation stating that "fingers have also been pointed towards him" of taking help of the underground outfit to coerce MLAs in his favour.

January 15

Arunachal Pradesh Governor J.P. Rajkhowa said in a four-page report to President Pranab Mukherjee that three dissident MLAs had accused the former Chief Minister, Nabam Tuki, of "engaging with the terrorist outfit, NSCN-K". The reports also said that the law and order situation in the state has been deteriorating every day.

January 19

Based on specific intelligence inputs, AR launched a cordon search operation in General area of Ngoiting in Arunachal Pradesh and arrested a dreaded 'area commander' of NSCN-IM, identified as 'self style lieutenant' Tenyang Kungkho alias Saka Tutsa. Tenyang Kungkho has been involved in extensive extortion and was arrested from his residence along with a Chinese made 9mm loaded pistol with 3 round of ammunition, one .2 Bore Barrel gun including 6 cartridges and other incriminating articles like Village Tax collection slips. According to report, his arrest is a big blow to NSCN-IM operation in upper Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.

January 24

Four militant outfits operating in north-east India called for their boycott of Republic Day celebrations on January 26. In a joint statement the four organisations, the United National Liberation Front of Western South East Asia (UNLFWSEA), CorCom of Manipur, GNLA and the HNLC called for the shutdown in the region on January 26. "We call upon the citizens to put out a strong, clear message and protest against the imposed celebration of the Republic day in our West Eastern South East Asia (WESEA). We call for a total shutdown of our region from 00.01 hrs to 18 hrs of January 26," the statement mailed to the media said.

January 27

After taking over the State's reigns following imposition of President's Rule in Arunachal Pradesh, Governor J P Rajkhowa has instructed his newly appointed Advisor YS Dadwal to take immediate steps to ensure rule of law and maintenance of peace and tranquility in the State. "Utmost care be taken to safeguard the interest of the common people. In the same line, freedom of the common citizens and government officers must not be infringed. No person should be allowed to take law into his hands and no nuisance should be tolerated. Law breakers should be dealt with firm hands," ordered the Governor.

January 28

Former Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Nabam Tuki on January 28 filed a fresh plea in the SC against promulgation of President's Rule in the North Eastern State. The move comes days after the Supreme Court agreed to hear Congress' plea against Centre's recommendation of President's Rule in Arunachal Pradesh on January 27.

January 29

One automatic pistol with ammunition and AK 47 live ammunition were recovered from 'self-styled captain' of NSCN-U, Jenlang Moinyak (40), who was arrested by the personnel of AR based in Khonsa from Longbu village in Tirap District. On specific input from the locals about presence of some cadres for extortion at the village, the troops of 1st AR conducted a search operation named in the adjoining forest area of Longbu, last which led to arrest of the militant.

January 30

SFs arrested a cadre of NSCN-U, identified as Jenlang Moinyak, from Longbu village in Tirap District of Arunachal Pradesh.

February 3

SFs in an operation arrested three cadres of NSCN-K from adjoining jungles of Laju and Noglo area in Tirap District. Initially only one militant was arrested in the jungle area of Kollam and later, acting on his tip off, two of his accomplices were arrested subsequently from Kollam and Noglo area. The NSCN-K cadres were identified as Alon Wangsa (28), Major Kommen Kanglon (30), and Napong Kangnong (19), the sources said.

February 11

The NSCN-R decided to exempt house taxes and ration taxes from the people of Tirap, Changlang and Longding Districts of Arunachal Pradesh with immediate effect, informed a press note from the MIP of the NSCN-R. It directed all NSCN-R commanders to strictly adhere by this order and asked them to be "vigilant against any member or cadres who will indulge in any kind of such collection from the villagers." It cautioned that "prompt and stringent action" will be initiated against any member/s found acting against the order.

The NSCN-R stated that various groups and organisation for the past several years have mercilessly exploited the Nagas living here. "The successive state and the central government had also failed miserably to give adequate support to uplift the life and economy of the people," it added. The people in these three districts, it lamented, "hardly live for themselves or in other words hardly find time to think, work or do for themselves or their children." "On and above their pathetic and battered economic situation arising out of the lackadaisical and step motherly attitude of the state government, they would witness a patrol team from one or the other NSCN group every other day," the NSCN-R said.

February 23

The NSCN-R stated that any solution to the Indo-Naga political issue "must not leave the Nagas of Tirap-Changlang-Longding (TCL) districts" of Arunachal Pradesh behind. A press note from the MIP of the NSCN-R while affirming that the Nagas are "one people, one nation," lamented that Nagas in these three Districts presently in Arunachal Pradesh have suffered immensely because of the conflict. "Many families has been affected, many lives had been lost. Many have become widow and many lost their children, some their brother and some their sisters as well. The conflict has not only dwarfed the economy of the people but it has left a long trail of affects on the lives of every household," it stated.

The NSCN-R therefore said that no attempt to either neglect or overlook the Nagas in these areas should be made. Any solution, it urged should be inclusive "to make it not only lasting but also more comprehensive and the same golden rule must be applied in all the Naga areas including the areas presently under Arunachal Pradesh." It lamented that the peace talks have dragged on for more than two decades "due to Delhi's dilly-dally tactics coupled with non-unanimity among the Naga groups." This, it stated is "too long a time for the people to be kept waiting and also natural for anybody's patience to wither out." The parties involved in the peace process are also certainly and obviously talking for the good of the Nagas yet, to make it more meaningful and sustainable, the Government of India must also rope in other stakeholder's, the NSCN-R said. "This will leave a very little or no room for the others to beat the drums later," it viewed.

March 12

A wanted APDPF operative identified as Babu Chand Chakma was arrested by Police at Chongkham in Namsai District. The SFs arrested Chakma, when he was planning to meeting the outfit's leader Gyan Ratan Chakma, in order to revive the outfit. A pistol was recovered from his possession. Chakma had gone underground in 2014 and was reportedly undergoing training in Bangladesh along with eight other youths, in order to form APDPF. The operatives were escapees of the Chongkham jail in 2013, who were accused in a rape case. The outfit is led by Gyan Ratan, who was instrumental in drafting the outfit's bye-laws. The outfit's operatives were trained by one Sukesh, who is an active member of UPDF, an underground outfit based in Bangladesh.

March 17

The ANSF condemned the abduction of two labours allegedly by members of the GPRN/ NSCN from Longding District a week ago. While informing this, a press statement received from ANSF has appealed the authority of GPRN/NSCN to monitor its cadres and restrain them from "encroaching beyond the boundary of Nagaland state." While stating that it respects "all the Naga freedom fighters," the Federation said that "such act is totally unfit," and appealed that "such situation should not be created again amongst Naga brethren in future, which may cause confusion among the Nagas."

SFs arrested two hardcore NSCN-IM and one NSCN-U cadres from Lothang village and Borduria area of Tirap District in two separate operations, and recovered huge quantities of arms and ammunitions from their possession. Acting on input about the presence of NSCN militants in Lothang village in the District, SFs cordoned off the entire village area and launched massive search operation. The team succeeded to arrest one militant. Based on information from the arrested cadre, the SFs arrested another cadre from the nearby jungles. Arrested cadres have been identified as Neytun Nokbi (35) and Manlang Wangsa (18) of NSCN-IM factions. One 7.62 mm AK 47 Rifle, 7.65 mm Automatic Pistol, grenades, explosives, detonators and huge quantity of ammunitions were recovered from their possession. In the interim, the NSCN-U cadre was arrested from Bordurua area after more than 24 hours of massive search operation by the SFs. The arrested cadre was identified as Sambam Tangdong. One .303 Rifle and 16 live rounds of AK 47 rifle were recovered from his possession.

March 20

SFs arrested one hardcore NSCN-R cadre and seized extortion slips and a small firearm from him in Khonsa area in Tirap District. The arrested cadre was identified as Rajapio Kamlong Socia (35), a resident of Old Bunting village. An automatic pistol, live ammunition and extortion slips along with opium were recovered from his possession.

April 15

NSCN-IM condemned the unwarranted attack carried out by NSCN-K on the "Naga army" [NSCN-IM] between Phinphiro and Lilam village in Ledo area of Changlang District of Arunachal Pradesh, where a '2nd lieutenant', Wungnaothing was injured. NSCN-IM MIP in a press note said that when NSCN-IM was "tirelessly working" for reconciliation for an early solution on the unresolved Naga political issue, the action by NSCN-K has put a "dent" to the nation's effort for reconciliation and unity. MIP further advised Khaplang to reprimand his boys appropriately so that such incidents should be avoided.

April 24

SFs arrested a NSCN-R cadre from Old Changlang village in Changlang District. Acting on intelligence input, SFs cordoned off the general area of Old Changlang and launched search operations which led to the arrest of 'self-styled sergeant major' Nanghap Jugli (35), informed an official report in Itanagar. A Chinese made 7.65mm pistol, 3 rounds and magazine were recovered from his possession.

April 28

The NIA filed a chargesheet against an NSCN-IM militant in connection with the ambush on an army convoy in Arunachal Pradesh on April 2, 2015, in which three jawans were killed. The chargesheet was filed before a NIA Special Court for Arunachal Pradesh at Yupia on April 28 in which NSCN-IM militant Kapai alias Singmayo Kapai, a resident of Nagaland, has been named as the key accused.

April 30

A youth leader of Harmutty Tea Estate in Lakhimpur District of Assam, identified as Basat Nayak, was abducted at Nirjuli in Arunachal Pradesh.

May 1

A youth leader of Harmutty Tea Estate in Lakhimpur District of Assam, identified as Basat Nayak, was rescued by the Police from the abductors. Nayak was abducted at Nirjuli in Arunachal Pradesh on April 30 and the abductors demanded INR 3 lakh as ransom from his family. They also held hostage one person named Kamal who went to negotiate with the abductors. As the news of Nayak's abduction reached Harmutty, thousands of people marched to Arunachal border demanding his release. The Lakhimpur Police also intimated their counterparts in Papum Pare District of Arunachal Pradesh. Late on May 1st night, the Arunachal Police rescued Nayak and Kamal from the Nirjuli bridge and arrested one of the abductors.

May 5

A class XII student of Jorhat based AR Public School, who was kidnapped from Tezpur Mission Chariali in Sonitpur District in Assam on May 4, 2016, by a gang of unidentified assailants, was rescued from a remote rural hill area by the villagers of Arunachal Pradesh near Bandardewa and later handed over to the Bandardwa Police.

May 6

The AFSPA will continue to remain in force in 12 Districts of Arunachal Pradesh for six more months on the ground of continuous violence, extortion and intimidation by insurgent groups, said UMHA. The UMHA said the security scenario in Tirap, Changlang and Longding Districts along with areas falling under 16 Police Stations in nine other Districts of the State remains vitiated due to the spillover of Naga insurgency. Tirap, Changlang and Longding Districts and the areas falling within the jurisdiction of 16 police stations in nine Districts bordering Assam are declared as "disturbed area" under section 3 of the AFSPA 1958 for six months beyond May 4, 2016, a gazette notification issued by the UMHA said.

Three cadres of the NSCN-IM were arrested in a joint operation by Army and local Police at Kanubari in Longding District of Arunachal Pradesh. The arrested cadres were identified as 'Political Officer' of the outfit Panglem Wangpan (32), 'Second Lieutenant' Hiwan Boham (25) and 'Second Lieutenant' Aton Konyak (26). Three pistols, one hand grenade, 20 live rounds of 7.62, five .22 live rounds, 30 grams of opium smeared in cloth and extortion letter addressed to the two contesting candidates in the May 16 Kanubari bye-election were recovered from the NSCN-IM cadres.

May 7

The NSCN-R asked the NSCN-K to "immediately stop meddling in the affairs" of the Nagas of Tirap, Changlang and Longding Districts of Arunachal Pradesh. The NSCN-R alleged that NSCN-K in conjunction with "different northeast groups including ULFA and the Manipur valley based groups (UNLWSEA)" carried out attacks on the former's camp in order to expand their "extortion network" by using Tirap-Changlang and Longding as a "corridor as well as a launch pad."

However, the NSCN-R stated in the press release from its MIP Secretary, that it will "never allow it to happen." "Attack on our camp has not come as a surprise as we know that Khaplang is a visionless leader," stated the NSCN-R. They alleged that the NSCN-K is attempting to "target" the area as it finds the three Districts in Arunachal Pradesh "lucrative for extortion sitting just across the border in Pangsau town and other nearby border villages." "As we are not interfering in Myanmar Naga area, Khaplang should also stop his misadventure in the three districts of Arunachal Pradesh. Our people are already facing enormous problems in the hands of various faction and groups. We are also not finding adequate attention either from the state or central government," noted the NSCN-R.

Further, it stated that sovereignty is an "excuse" which Khaplang has "marketed" for long and "beats the drum of sovereignty" among the Nagas to "extort, threaten and torment our people," asserting that Khaplang is "an unwelcome guest" in these areas. The NSCN-R also 'warned' non-Naga groups "who are supporting Khaplang and operating against us in our area to stop doing so immediately." "We have no any ill will against other groups or communities but, if you do not do away with supporting Khaplang against us than, it may force our hands also to equally retaliate in a befitting way," maintained the NSCN-R.

Central Government is implementing a scheme in the northeast for surrender-cum-rehabilitation of militants. Kiren Rijiju, Minister of State for Home Affairs said in a written reply to the Rajya Sabha (Upper House of Indian Parliament) that the objective of the scheme was to wean away the misguided youth who have strayed into the fold of militancy and bring them to the mainstream. He also said "Surrenderees are paid monthly stipend upto INR 4,000 for a period of 36 months and an immediate grant upto INR 250,000 is kept in a bank in the name of each surrenderee as fixed deposit for a period of 3 years." Eligible persons under the scheme are initially lodged in a rehabilitation camp where they are trained in a trade/vocation of their liking or befitting their aptitude. The eligible surrendered militants would also be given the opportunity for applying in the State police/Central Para Military forces. Impact assessment of the policy would be done every year to ensure corrective measures in the scheme provided.

May 10

Rohtash Sharma - owner of Kherem tea garden and factory, Bordumsa in Changlang District - was abducted by unidentified gunmen from the Old Champu area in Changlang District.

May 12

Police rescued Rohtash Sharma - owner of Kherem tea garden and factory, Bordumsa in Changlang District - who was abducted by unidentified gunmen on May 10 night from the Old Champu area in Changlang District. Amit Sharma, SP, Changlang, said the Police were combing the dense jungle where they found Sharma. "It is not known who the abductors were as they fled before the police arrived. As Sharma had been blindfolded he could only say for sure that there was one person," Sharma said. The officer said Sharma had denied receiving any extortion note and the reason for the abduction is still unknown. He is still being questioned, he said.

May 14

AR achieved a major success in its counter-insurgency operations against militants by busting a NSCN-K camp at Phenbiro village in Changlang District of Arunachal Pradesh. However, there was no report of any casualty from either side during the 24-hour long operation. One country-made weapon, combat dresses and a large quantity of administrative stores were recovered from the hideout, according to an AR spokesman.

May 16

The NLCT demanded the Centre Government particularly, Union Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju to immediately withdraw the draconian AFSPA from the whole of Arunachal Pradesh. NLCT 'deputy commander' D Apo in a statement to the Press from Dimapur also asked both the State Governments of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam to maintain status quo on the decades-old boundary dispute between the neighbouring states as directed by the SC since the case is sub-judiced in the Apex Court. The outfit also demanded Rijiju to impress upon the Centre to recall State Governor J P Rajkhowa from the State for his alleged biased action especially in the inter-state boundary issue.


SFs arrested a cadre of ULFA-I, identified as Hemant Rajkhowa alias Anirudh Axom from Singwang in Changlang District of Arunachal Pradesh during an operation conducted.

May 20

A hardcore cadre of the ULFA-I was arrested by 14th AR at Manmao in Changlang District. The ULFA-I militant has been identified as Hemanta Rajkhowa. One M-81 rifle, 160 ammunition and two grenades were recovered from the arrested ULFA-I militant.

May 24

Sanctioning of funds for development activities is not an issue as the Central Government is adopting all possible ways to develop the North East region, Union Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju. The Minister's assertion came during his visit to the fire accident site at Seppa in East Kameng District of Arunachal Pradesh to take stock of the situation. At least 27 houses were reduced to ashes in a devastating fire at ALC colony at Seppa on May 20.

June 9

AR arrested one 'self-styled sergeant' of NSCN-K, identified as Khiltu Sangwa from Jairampur area in Changlang District. One 0.32 caliber pistol with three live rounds was also recovered from the cadre.

A scuffle had broken out between troops of Indian Army and Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) when the 276 Chinese personnel entered the Indian side from four different border points in Arunachal Pradesh. The incident occurred at 'Shankar Tikri' on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) of Yangtse area in Arunachal Pradesh with the PLA claiming the area belonged to China. The area, which is being guarded by the Indian Army, was immediately covered and Army moved in its men to prevent the aggressive PLA troops from crossing the perceived LAC in the region. An estimated 215 PLA troops reportedly tried to push their way at 'Shankar Tikri' and simultaneously 20 each from 'Thang La' and 'Mera Gap' and another 21 from 'Yanki-I' of Arunachal Pradesh made similar attempts. However, the sources said the Army has officially reported that there was only a "mild scuffle" between the Army and PLA at east of 'Shankar Tikri'.

June 15

China rejected allegation of incursion by its troops in Arunachal Pradesh, saying the Sino-India border has not yet been demarcated and the soldiers of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) were conducting "normal patrols" on the Chinese side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC). "China and India border has not yet been demarcated," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Lu Kang said media briefing in Beijing answering a question of reports of Chinese troops entering Yangste, East Kameng District on June 9. "It is learnt that China's border troops were conducting normal patrols on the Chinese side of the LAC" Lu said.

June 22

A NSCN-R cadre, identified as Ngeungthung Techi (28) was arrested by AR from Saching village in Changlang District on early hours. A .22 bore Chinese pistol with magazine and three live rounds were recovered from his possession. The cadre was part of the IFC on May 6 in Changlang and had carried out extortion in Changlang and Manmao.

June 27

The ENNG alleged that NSCN-IM is putting "severe pressure" upon the people of Tirap, Changlang, and Longding of Arunachal Pradesh. "The forceful taxation is highly imposed towards the poor local people and it is against the Nagas' humanity and gross violation of international human rights," stated a press release issued by R. Stephen Naga, ENNG President. Since the beginning of the entry of NSCN-IM and NSCN-K into Tirap, Changlang, and Longding (TCL) in 2002 and 1998 respectively, both the factions have killed many civilians, it alleged. They then started heavy imposition of taxation, where maximum revenue was collected from villagers, local contractors, tea growers, MLAs etc, it added. It went on to state that the Arunachal Pradesh general assembly election is entirely under the control of the NSCN-IM.

"And the present situation of the Nagas of Changlang district is extremely worse. The NSCN (IM) cadres are forcefully collecting taxes per village Rs.40,000 (forty thousand) and Rs.20,000 (twenty thousand) from each truck and elephants owners and even the daily earners are forced to pay tax," the release alleged. ENNG further accused that when the group's demands are not exactly fulfilled, the villagers are ill treated and beaten up. "The Nagas of Arunachal Pradesh, the so-called TCL are not an enemy to their organization nor the people invited them to come to our land for sovereignty but the people were well wishers at the cause of your demand, when you say so, and you have promised to bring peaceful solution," the release stated.

July 4

Based on intelligence inputs about extortion activities, SFs carried out an operation and arrested a militant of NSCN-R from Khonsa town in Tirap District. A 7.65mm pistol, with rounds of ammunitions was recovered from him along with some contraband items.

July 7

Four cadres of the NSCN-R were killed by the AR in Tirap District, the AR said. The troops also recovered two AK-47 rifles along with four magazines, one pistol, live ammunition and other documents. The encounter occurred at the remote Kheti village, 7km from Khonsa, the district headquarters of Tirap, AR spokesman Lt Col Rahul Josan said. The four were allegedly involved in extortion, arms dealing and drug peddling. They were "Captain" Jano Tekwa, "Sergeant Major" Lombho Pangsa, "Sergeant" Tongbai and "Corporal" Mankhu Wangsa. "Assam Rifles troopers cordoned off the area on Wednesday (July 6) night after a tip-off. One of the three columns came under heavy firing as it approached the militant's camp, forcing the troopers to retaliate," the spokesman said.

July 8

Following the killing of four of its cadres by the AR at Kethi village under Tirap District on July 7, the NSCN-R questioned the Government of India's "dual policy towards the Naga people wherein on the one hand they talk about peace and resolving the issue through negotiation and on the other hand engage in killing the Nagas through her forces and scuttle the Naga voice".

Earlier, AR had claimed that one of their columns during an operation "neutralized" four cadres during a gunfight, which ensued after the NSCN-R cadres fired at them. However, while condemning the killing of its four cadres, the NSCN-R in a 'MIP' release countered the AR claim. Clarifying that two of the deceased were civilians, the MIP stated that the other two had recently joined them from NSCN-K in the quest for peace after the latter abrogated the ceasefire. It alleged that the AR cordoned off the NSCN-R camp in the wee hours and captured the four alive. The MIP accused the AR for committing atrocities before they were killed.

July 13

Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju asserted that the overall security scenario in the North East has improved since 2014. He announced that the target of his Ministry is to secure complete peace in the region so that development is expedited here (North East). Rijiju revealed that the entire international border that Assam shares with Bangladesh will be sealed by 2017. All fencing work in the other States will also be completed, he said divulging that funds for border management have been enhanced by 44 per cent from this financial year. Rijiju also said that his Ministry has adopted a two-pronged strategy to deal with extremism and separatist forces. "Our stand is tough and soft where required," he added.

July 18

The AR launched an operation and arrested a NSCN-K cadre, identified as 'self-styled private' Jenlong Mophuk from Lazu area in Tirap District along with a 7.65 mm pistol, forged identity card and a diary containing details of extortion activities, sources said.

July 24

Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju said Assam and the northeast were vulnerable to terror attacks by jihadi militants because of their strategic locations and proximity to international borders. He said the region was put on high alert and adequate security arrangements were made as preventive measures. "Assam and the entire northeast are sensitive places. The region shares a major portion of the international border and so its vulnerability is high. It is also prone to jihadi activities. Steps have been taken and arrangements made to ensure the region's safety," said Rijiju.

July 25

The UMHA alerted all the eight North Eastern states to maintain a maximum vigil to deal with any threat of jihadi activities in the region, a top official said. "The UMHA has requested all the eight North Eastern states to remain maximum alert to tackle any threat of jihadi actions in North East India, especially in Assam," the top official of Tripura Government's home department said quoting an advisory of the UMHA. The official also said that the UMHA also alerted the all central and state intelligence agencies to keep a close watch on the situation especially along the international borders'.

July 26

AR along with Assam Police, in a joint operation, killed a 'self-styled lance corporal' of ULFA-I, identified as Bhaity Milli alias Shan Asom in Changlang District of Arunachal Pradesh. Stating that the militant had fired upon the person leading the patrol and tried to escape, the AR, in a statement, said the troops retaliated and in the gunfight, Milli was killed. One .38 US-made revolver along with ammunition were recovered. "The operation was based on inputs from intelligence agencies that an Ulfa (I) militant was hiding in the vicinity of Wara-I. The militant had infiltrated with three other cadres on July 19 or 20 and was involved in planting IEDs at Dibrugarh and Tinsukia which were recovered by security forces on July 24," a statement from the AR said.

August 15

The troops of AR and the local Police in a joint operation arrested a cadre of NSCN-R, identified as Ngijong Mungrey from Jairampur in Changlang District. One 9mm pistol, three live rounds and INR 20,000 in cash were recovered from the cadre. The cadre hailed from New Longtoy village under Changlang District.

August 22

Myanmar gave an assurance that it will not allow any insurgent group to use its territory against India. "Myanmar leadership assured that they will not allow any insurgent groups to use any territory for action against India, (that) they all recognised is a friendly country which has stood by people of Myanmar and they look forward to a very productive partnership with India as Myanmar continues on its journey of peace, progress and development," India MEA spokesperson Vikas Swarup said.

The assurance comes in the backdrop of certain insurgent groups from northeastern states using Myanmar for launching attacks against India. The Indian Army had carried out a major operation against these groups in June 2015 along the India-Myanmar border. Another such operation was launched few days back.

September 7

Expressing concern at the unabated illegal migration, Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju underlined the need for formal agreements and creation of joint mechanisms between India and its neighbours to ensure elimination of illegal crossovers, drug trafficking and infiltration. "Unless India's neighbours are made to realise that it was in the interest of both countries to stop infiltration and incursions, the security of countries will remain at stake," he said while delivering the keynote address at FICCI-India Foundation convention on 'Homeland Security-2016: Smart Borders Management' in New Delhi. Development and security go hand in hand and mere physical delineation of territories will not suffice, he said, adding that although India had fenced borders with Pakistan and Bangladesh, and the Government was trying to make the security mechanism foolproof, drug trafficking, illegal crossing and infiltration remain the order of the day.

Previous Governments had adopted a "defeatist" attitude by not constructing roads in Arunachal Pradesh and Ladakh as they felt Chinese forces could use them, Kiren Rijiju added.

A self-styled 'captain' of NSCN-K, who was arrested by the Assam Police on September 6, revealed how most of the Indian militant outfits based in Myanmar, barring the ULFA-I, have taken to opium cultivation as a source of income in one of Asia's biggest opium producing areas known as the Golden Triangle, spread over Myanmar, Laos and Thailand. Tobatobite Sumi alias Boni Mech, an Assamese Mech Kachari origin member of the NSCN-K, had come down from the Myanmar base last March. He told interrogators he was in the city for treatment. Giving several facts about the Myanmar base of the NSCN-K, which by virtue of being a Myanmarese rebel group in ceasefire with its Government, has 'rented' out parts of the area under its control in Saigang to the Indian outfits. If the rebel group is engaged in either gun running or opium cultivation, they have to pay 15% of their income to the Khaplang group.

Sumi told the interrogators that the physical condition of the ageing 75-year-old NSCN-K supremo, SS Khaplang, a Myanmarese Naga, is far from healthy and he needs assistance to move from one place to place. Three of his four wives have died, Sumi told the interrogators.

September 9

The ULFA-I released Assam BJP panchayat leader's son, Kuldeep Moran, at the Indo-Myanmar border in Arunachal Pradesh. He was abducted on August 1 and the militants had demanded INR 1 crore ransom. Earlier, ULFA-I leader Paresh Baruah said Kuldeep has been not been abducted for ransom, but to stand 'trial' for passing on information to the Army, which resulted in the killing of several cadres of the outfit in encounters.

September 10

SFs arrested a NSCN-K cadre, identified as self-styled 'sergent major' Asen Hakun from Malugaon in Changlang District of Arunachal Pradesh. A China made pistol with five live rounds were recovered from the cadre who claims to have joined the outfit in September 2002, the sources said.

September 19

Any incident of terror taking place in Bangladesh has implications for India as well, said Indian High Commissioner to Bangladesh Harsh Vardhan Shringla during a visit in Agartala. "Although there is not sufficient evidence of cross-border terror activity, consequential effect of a horrific incident taking place in Bangladesh can be on India as well, as we share a long land boundary with that country," Shringla said. He, however, expressed satisfaction that the Bangladesh authorities have now realised that terror activities could take a serious turn in their country, and they have met with some success in dealing with the recent acts of terror on their soil. The Indian envoy said, "Ever since the Bangladesh SFs have taken some pro-active steps, the situation in that country has improved a lot. Bangladesh has been mobilising the people of all sections to deal with the situation emerging from the recent terrorist attacks." Referring to the Home Minister-level meeting held in July in New Delhi, Shringla said that India and Bangladesh would fight terrorism jointly, as agreed upon during the meeting, also because it is in their interests.

October 1

SFs arrested two cadres of NSCN-IM from Miao in Changlang District. In the joint operation by Police and Assam Rifles at Miao, two hardcore rebels of the outfit were arrested, Police said, adding both the cadres are from New Plone village in the area. Suspected brown sugar packets weighing seven grams along with some cash, three mobile phones, five sim cards and extortion notebook were recovered from their possession.

October 14

A reported plan drawn up by the ULFA-I led by Paresh Barua and other rebel groups, which are part of the ULFWSA, to carry out strikes in the North East has set alarm bells ringing in security circles across the region, Information about the plan has reportedly been gathered by intelligence agencies in eastern Arunachal Pradesh, where two major rebel groups - the ULFA-I and NSCN-K - have been very active for several years now. According to the agencies, outfits under the front have been assigned specific tasks. These tasks range from targeting SFs, carrying out subversive activities and abducting Hindi-speaking businessmen, said sources.

The intelligence report, which is learnt to have come from a Central agency, has said that while NSCN-K and ULFA-I would target SFs in eastern Arunachal Pradesh where India, China and Myanmar meet, PLA, ULFA-I and NSCN-K would carry out similar strikes on SFs close to the India-Myanmar boundary in Manipur. Likewise, ULFA-I, I.K. NDFB-IKS, GNLA and KLO have been assigned the task of targeting SFs close to the India-Bangladesh border in Meghalaya, while ULFA-I and NDFB-IKS would carry out similar strikes close to the India-Bhutan border in western Assam. Assam Police confirmed having received similar inputs.

October 16

SFs arrested two cadres of NSCN-R, identified as 'self styled sergeant' Roman Jugli and 'self-styled Pvt' Chonlu Hachaing from Kheti area of Jairampur in Changlang District. One 9 mm pistol with magazine and four 9 mm live rounds and one point 22 Pistol and two point 22 live rounds were recovered from the cadres. Roman Jugli was 'self-styled area commander' and Hachaing was a hardcore cadre trained in Myanmar in 2008. They became highly active after the arrest of 'self styled corporal' Lungphang Jugli alias Babu on October 1 and were trying to rejuvenate the foothold of NSCN-R amongst the locals by getting extensively involved in extortion activities, the AR release said.

October 20

The ANSF has urged the NSCN-IM to stop its unlawful 'tax collection' from various educational departments in Arunachal Pradesh. At a meeting with the NSCN-IM, the ANSF said the tax collection was creating hurdles in the development of education in many Districts, according to an ANSF statement. The ANSF pointed out that the tax collection by NSCN-IM in three economically and socially backward Districts of the state - Tirap, Changlang and Longding - have led to financial problems in the operation of several schools and colleges.

October 27

AR arrested a cadre of NSCN-R, identified as 'self-styled sergeant major' Warow Taidong in an operation in Changlang town in Changlang District in the wee hours. A point 22 pistol along with ammunition was also recovered from Warow Taidong, who was a former NSCN-K cadre, AR spokesman said.

October 31

AR arrested an active cadre of NSCN-K, identified as Chankap Mossang of Phinbero from general area of Kharsang in Changlang District. Four blank extortion notes of NSCN-K and one extortion note for Kharsang petrol pump was recovered from him.

November 1

In a joint operation, Assam Police and AR, arrested two cadres of the ULFA-I, identified as Sarat Mohan and Chiteshwar Chetia from Jairampur in Changlang District. During interrogation, they revealed that they were given specific tasks by Arun Dahotia of ULFA-I to carry out extortion and recruit new cadre to strengthen the banned outfit, the AR release claimed, adding they said the organisation was planning to abduct a local businessman for ransom. They also revealed the presence of an overground worker, Monto Sonowal of Duliajan Village in Assam. A revolver along with ammunition and INR 8,000 were recovered from the cadres who were later handed over to Police, the release said.

November 12

AR based in Khonsa, headquarters of Tirap District, arrested one hardcore cadre of the NSCN-R. Acting on intelligence input about presence of an armed cadre in Khonsa town, the troops of AR conducted search operation. The troops cordoned off the house, where the cadre was suspected to be hiding. They arrested the self styled 2nd 'Lieutenant' Chailak Wangsa of NSCN-R, while he was trying to flee. A .22 pistol with ammo was seized from his possession.

December 1

AR arrested three NSCN-R militants, identified as 'area commander' Khonsa District, 'self-styled captain' Eli Ketok, 'self-styled 2nd lieutenant' Wingjun Jugli and an overground worker Rajapio Junghap Jugli from Lunglong village in Changlang District. The senior cadres were arrested along with two pistols, three magazines and 18 live rounds and one extortion register documenting their misdeeds.

December 3

Two AR jawans were killed and eight others injured when armed militants, suspected to be from the banned Naga outfit, the NSCN-K, ambushed a convoy of the 16 AR along the India-Myanmar border at Nginu village in Tirap District. "Soldiers belonging to the 16 Assam Rifles were returning from a patrol when the heavily armed militants fired at them. While two of them including a JCO died, eight others were injured," an AR spokesman said adding the conditions of two of them are stated to be serious.

December 4

NSCN-K claimed responsibility for the attack on 16 AR convoy, killing two Jawans(troopers) and injuring eight others in Nginu village in Tirap District of Arunachal Pradesh near India-Myanmar border on December 3. In a press statement, NSCN-K 'MIP' claimed that during the ambush one AR vehicle was completely reduced to ashes and all the occupants killed. Refuting the statement that only two AR jawans were killed and eight injured during the ambush, MIP claimed that more than nine AR jawans including an officer was killed on the spot and several others injured. MIP however said that there was no casualty/injury on their side.MIP further maintained that the NSCN-K Naga army would continue to sanitize their territory from forceful occupation by Indian military.

According to reports, the AR jawans killed in the December 3ambush were identified as Rifleman Shree Bhagwan and Rifleman Nanwang S. Konyak.

December 5

The ASUK claimed that a combined team of the Naga Army, NSCN-K, KYKL and KCP attacked the AR convoy and killed two of its troopers on December 3 in Arunachal Pradesh. A press release jointly signed by NSCN-K 'down operation commander' Brig Akaho Zhimmomi, KYKL 'publicity and research deputy' Thoiba Mangang and ASUK 'publicity committee convenor' S Mangal further claimed that nine AR personnel were also injured in the attack. Meanwhile, SS Khaplang, 'chairman' of NSCN-K who is also the 'chairman' of UNLFW hailed the combined team which has reached their base camp after successfully carrying out the attack, it conveyed.

December 6

Assam Police in association with a team of Arunachal Police arrested a linkman of ULFA-I, identified as Bikash Gogoi (26) from Kathalguri village of Mahadevpur in Namsai District. According to SF, Bikash Gogoi, acting as an active ULFA-I linkman in Tinsukia District of Assam, was involved in the IED blast carried out near the residential gate of Vivek Agarwal, the proprietor of Padmini Tea Estate in Tinsukia District earlier on April 27, 2016.

December 11

AR arrested one NSCN-R militant, identified as 'kilonser' Chongpon Phom from Kanching village in Longleng District. One 22 pistol, two magazines and 73 rounds along with incriminating documents were recovered from the arrested militant.

AR troops busted a hideout of NSCN-K and recovered arms and ammunition including eighteen live AK-47 bullets, one high-frequency wireless radio set with a spare battery, four pairs of camouflage uniform, medicines, rations and utensils from Phinbiro forest area in Changlang District of Arunachal Pradesh. According to AR sources, around 10 or 12 NSCN-K militants were taking shelter in the jungle hideout, with three bamboo huts and a sentry post. However, the militants managed to flee, taking advantage of the thick forests.

December 14

The joint SFs of Indian Army in association with ARs killed two militants and arrested six cadres of the ULFA-I at Dharmapur village under Maio Police Station in Changlang District. The eliminated militants were identified as Deep Moran and Noga Moran. An AK-47 rifle and a pistol were also recovered from the militant.

December 15

The joint SFs of Madras Regiment and Arunachal Police arrested two ULFA-I militants, identified as Pomai Moran and Muhunto Phukon (17) at Wakhet Ghat near Wakhet village of Bordumsa in Changlang District. The SFs recovered detonators and several other objectionable materials from the possession of the arrested militants.

December 21

The ANSF condemned the creation of seven new Districts in Manipur which had led to communal violence in the state. The ANSF said that the Manipur Government did not have any right to create new Districts in Naga inhabitant areas without consulting the Nagas.

December 23

SFs arrested two cadres of the NSCN-K from a remote village in Changlang District. The SFs also recovered one 9 mm pistol along with magazine, four live rounds and extortion notes from their possession, Based on specific inputs about the presence of armed underground cadres in Khamkhai under Nampong Police Station, AR troops launched an operation on December 23 and arrested the two cadres, who were identified as self-styled 'corporal' Rangtang Mungrey and self-styled 'private' Roshon Rai, both residents of Nampong. A release from AR said that the cadres were involved in extorting money from traders in Nampong area. During interrogation, they admitted that they belonged to NSCN-K and said they had undergone training in a NSCN-K camp in Myanmar.





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