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Incidents and Statements involving ZRO/ ZRA: 2012-2001


  • October 7: Son and wife of founder Principal of St Peter School, Langol have been injured after some cadres of ZRA attacked them inside the school campus. Although the assailants fled the scene immediately, locals chased them and captured one of them identified as Thangboi Tung-dim. One .38 pistol loaded with five live rounds was seized from his possession.

  • July 20: ZRA's political wing, Zomi Re-unification Organisation has terminated its already suspended general secretary D Kamsuanthang following a cabinet council resolution for his alleged involvement in instigating revolt against the organisation.

  • June 20: A team of Assam Rifles arrested a group of 17 alleged cadres of ZRA/ZRO along with a huge cache of arms and ammunition from Churachandpur District. The recovered arms and ammunitions from the militant team includes 15 AK assault rifles with 28 magazines and three Hand grenades, three Wireless Transmission sets, 1355 AK ammunitions and another two live rounds of M-16 rifle.

  • January 25: Seven militants, who were engaged in activities with an aim to disrupt the assembly elections and intimidating voters in different places of Thanlon and Tipaimukh assembly constituencies, were arrested in Churachandpur District. The arrested militants include four from UTLA, identified as Paolallein alias Dev, Sejan Mang alias Vikki, Kampu alias Wilson and Mangminthang alias Remix. The two others, Ralupthung and Songte, were arrested from a place in Tipaimuk assembly constituency. They were involved in providing logistic support and shelters for movement of Manipur's HPC-D cadres. Another arrestee was identified as ZRA cadre, Thuanminlun, who was arrested from Bukpi areas while he was committing illegal activities related to elections.

  • January 22: The SFs arrested two ZRA cadres, identified as Satsei and Lamneijang Vaiphei Lilanwaiphei during another extortion attempt at Leimakhong Bazar in Senapati District. In another case of an extortion bid the SFs arrested a KNF-P cadre identified as Letkholun Kipgen from Santipur in Senapati and recovered four extortion slip from him.


  • October 23: The CBI charge sheeted three cadres of the ZRA in connection with fraudulent withdrawal of INR 4.54 crores from UBI Churachandpur branch in October 2009.

  • September 18: SFs arrested a militant of the ZRA identified as Luntun Hao alias Haopa (37) at Leilon Khunou village in Senapati District.

  • March 17: SFs arrested four militants in the different parts of State. SFs arrested a ZRA cadre identified as one Thangchingkhup alias Temboy (30) from Lanva Bridge in Churachandpur District.


  • December 15: Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram spent about 45 minutes in the designated camp of ZRA, a signatory to the SoO agreement, at Singhat in Churachandpur District. "The cadres are very positive. They want to start political dialogue. We are moving forward with the process," the Home Minister said.

  • October 30: Troops of 46 AR arrested two cadres of ZRA from New Lamka, from Churachandpur District. The militants were identified as ‘Captain’ Lamkosat (27) alias Arrow, and ‘Lieutenant’ Mungsonping (29) Copper. One 9 mm Pistol with five live rounds were recovered from their possession. They were handed over to Imphal West Police Station.

  • September 18: A designated camp of the ZRA, which is under the Suspension of Operation (SoO) agreement with the Government, opened at Teikot in Churchandpur District.

  • July 11: At least for ZRA cadres were arrested by a combined force of the Imphal West District Police and Assam Rifles from Don Bosco school gate on July 10. They were identified as Rolen Haokip alias Lianpu (30), Helen alias Jangkholen Khongsai (27), Seithang alias Thangboi Haokip (23) and Minthang Haokip (29). They disclosed that they were operating for the KCP and they were asked to extort money from the general public and Government employees for the outfit’s fund. One 9-mm pistol along with magazine, two live rounds, one cellular phone and another 9-mm pistol along with magazine and two missed rounds, one live round were recovered from the possession of Rolen Haokip and Helen respectively.

  • May 11: In the backdrop of severe shortage of fuel and other essential commodities, the ZRA fixed fuel prices and threatened to 'punish' anyone violating its diktat in Churachandpur District.

  • March 24: The Vaiphei People''s Councils (VPC) of Chongkhawzou Block in Henglep sub-division and Tuiliiduang Block of Thanlon sub-division in Churachandpur District lodged a complained before the Assam Rifles on the presence of ZRA cadres in the civilian populated area.

  • January 13: Two ZRA cadres are killed in a clash with PLA militants at Singtam Khunou under Singhat Sub-Division of Churachandpur District. The slain cadres are identified as Thangminlun alias Tiger (30) and Kangjamon alias Mark (22). The ZRA is signatory to the Suspension of Operation (SoP) agreement signed with the Union Government.


  • September 20: The leaders of the central committee of the Young Mizo Association (YMA) hold talks with ZRA and Hmar People's Conference- Democracy (HPC-D) at Churachandpur. They ask the outfits not to interfere in the coming elections to the 40-member Mizoram legislature.

  • August 22: The Thoubal district Police commandos arrested two militants during separate search operations. They include one ZRA cadre, Arambam Hera Singh, and a cadre of the Sengoi faction of the KCP, identified as K Inungo.

  • August 8: The ZRA 'arrests' two KLA militants, Kamlal alias Kenedy and Paukholet alias Jack, while allegedly trying to extort money from villagers of Sangaikot areas. The report adds that the duo demanded INR 5000 each from two villages of Molhoiphai and Bongjang along the Sugnu road and was threatening to burn homes and hearths of the villages if they failed.

  • March 27: One person, identified as Lalminthang, is shot dead by suspected ZRA cadres at Sim Veng in New Lamka, for his alleged involvement in the molestation of a girl at Gangpimuan cemetery under Churachandpur police station on March 26-night.


  • May 20: SFs arrested two ZRA cadres, identified as Lutkhomang alias Michael and Moirousang, at an unspecified place and recovered ten live rounds of 9-mm pistol and a motor-cycle from their possession.

  • March 7: The dead body of a former militant of the Zomi Revolutionary Army (ZRA), identified as Siamthianmuan alias Benjamin, is recovered from Nghathal village in the Churachandpur district. He was reportedly abducted by ZRA cadres from his residence at New Lamka.


  • September 21: Three ZRA cadres, Lamneimang alias Sanahal, Pukhalam alias Niuroad and Biaklian alias Biaka, were beaten to death after being abducted by rival cadres of the KNA at Sielmat in the Churachandpur district.

    The ZRF in a statement claimed its involvement in the killing of three ZRA cadres, in association with the KNA at Sielmat. The outfit alleged that the ZRA cadres were involved in the killing of V. Hanglunthang, 'general secretary' of ZRF, on September 29, 2005.

  • August 20: Two civilians are killed, while four others sustained injuries when a group of ZRA cadres opened fire towards a crowded church targeting a patrol party of the Assam Rifles at Vengnuom in the Churachandpur district.

  • July 12: An exchange of fire between rival cadres of ZRA and United Socialist Revolutionary Army (USRA) take place at Lamka in the Churachandpur district.

  • July 10: An exchange of fire takes place between the rival cadres of ZRA and USRA at a spot between Phailen and New Lamka in the Churachandpur district.

  • June 29: ZRA kills a youth, Ginpithang Kipgen, at a place between Nengthal and Ngathan in the Churachandpur district.

  • June 27: One UNLF cadre, T. Naobi, is arrested from Tera Amudon Leikai in the Imphal city.

  • June 23: A ZRA cadre, Pauminlun, is killed during an encounter with the security forces at Lailam Veng in the Churachandpur district. One AK-47 rifle with nine live rounds of ammunition is recovered from the encounter site.

  • February 19: United Socialist Revolutionary Army accuses ZRA of showing disregard and contempt to the Vaiphei tribe and reportedly asks them not to take part in the coming Zomi Namni celebration. The outfit says: "As our tribe identity has been challenged, USRA believes the Vaipheis need not submerge themselves in the so called community 'Zomi."

  • January 31: The six-month cease-fire agreement earlier concluded between the Army authorities and eight militant outfits, including the KNO, KNA, KNF-Z, KNF-MC, KLO, KLA, ZRA and ZRO expires.


  • September 19: One ZRA and six ZRF cadres are killed in an internecine clash at Loibual village in the Churachandpur district. A girl suffered a stray bullet injury in the clash. The ZRA cadres also decamped with the weapons of the deceased ZRF cadres.

  • September 1: Central Reserve Police Force claims that a vehicle recovered from the ZRA cadres at IB Road in the Churachandpur district on August 29 belongs to a son of the chairman of the Manipur Assembly’s hill areas committee, identified as Songchinkhup, who has admitted that the vehicle belongs to his son Tual Minthang and has been taken away at gunpoint by some militants a few days ago.

  • August 29: Six ZRA cadres were arrested along with a consignment of arms and ammunition by a Central Reserve Police Force patrol party at IB Road in Churachandpur. A vehicle belonging to the son of a Congress party leader in the State, in which they were travelling, was also seized.

  • August 20: Suspected ZRA cadres kill a civilian, identified as Khaikholien, at Bungpi village under Thanlon police station in the Churachandpur district.

  • August 9: ZRA announces a six-month long cease-fire with the security forces with effect from August 1.

  • June 9: A civilian is killed and three others sustain injuries after being caught in the crossfire during a clash between ZRA and Zomi Revolutionary Force cadres in the Sumtuh and Mualpheng areas of Churachandpur district.

  • June 9: The police arrest a ZRA female sympathiser, identified as Niyangmuan Kim, from Lamka in the Churachandpur district. 62 live bullets of AK-47 rifles, six receipt books of the outfit along with a sum of Rupees 72,900 was recovered from her possession.

  • April 19: Suspected ZRA cadres kill Jamkhothang alias Thang-boi alias Joy Vaiphei, 'operational commander' of the United Socialist Revolutionary Army, a breakaway faction of the ZRA, at Rengkai in the Chandel district.

  • January 13: ZRA cadres kill two of their former colleagues who had deserted the outfit at an undisclosed place in Manipur.

  • December 26: ZRA terrorists kill a civilian at Ngathal village in the Churachandpur district for alleged ‘anti-ZRA activities’.

  • December 16: ZRA cadres kill a former president of the All Tribal Students Union-Manipur, identified as E. Vungkholian Paite, and another person at Lamphelpat in the Imphal city for "conspiring against the outfit".

  • July 1: The ZRA, in a statement issued by its ‘commandant 201 battalion’ T. Romeo, denies involvement in extortion in Mizoram’s Champhai town near Myanmar border. Further, it alleged that the extortionists were from ‘Zothon faction’ "a bunch of gangsters having their base in Champhai who have come together without the knowledge of ZRO."

  • June 1: Bishnupur police commandos arrest nine ZRA insurgents, including the outfit’s ‘town commander’, from Bengnom New Lamka in the Churachandpur district.

  • June 1: Three ZRA cadres are arrested from a passenger bus at Kha Potshangbam in the Bishenpur district.

  • May 29: Security personnel belonging to 19 Garhwal Rifles arrest one ZRA cadre, identified as Tulianthang Baite of Bungmual village, from his residence in the Churachandpur district.

  • May 9: Security force personnel kill a ZRA cadre, identified as Liankhosin, at New Bazaar in the Churachandpur district.

  • April 8: The ZRA and Hmar People’s Convention-Democratic (HPC-D) terrorists sign a ‘peace truce’ during a meeting held at the residence of L B Sona, ‘chairman’ Zomi Council, to settle the misunderstanding between the two groups.

  • March 31: ZRA militants kill two HPC-D cadres and a civilian at Rengkai village in the Churachandpur district.

  • March 28: Three ZRA cadres are killed in a fresh spurt of internecine killings with Hmar People’s Convention–Democracy (HPC-D) group at Rengkai village in the Churachandpur district.


  • November 14: Eight armed ZRA cadres are arrested from the Mizoram-Myanmar border town of Champhai. One 9mm pistol, one US made M-16 assault rifle and 40 rounds of ammunition were recovered from their possession.

  • June 13: The ZRA claims that a Government vehicle bearing registration number MN-01-G-0068, belonging to the electricity department, had been provided by Power Minister T Phungzathang, hailing from Churachandpur, along with a sum of Rs. 2.6 lakhs, to a ‘captain’ of the ZRA without the knowledge of the organisation.

  • February 16: ZRA cadres shot at and wounded a person, namely Thangkhanlian Paite, in the New Lamka area. Reports claimed it was in retaliation to extortion of money from the public in the name of the outfit.

  • January 5: Boder Security Force personnel arrest two ZRA terrorists from Churachandpur district. One 9 mm pistol, six live rounds of cartridges and one magazine are recovered from their possession.


  • December 17: ZRO and Kuki Liberation Organisation (KLO) sign a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ for providing full co-operation between these two groups in all spheres with the objective of strengthening the blood ties and as a step towards unification and confederation of all Kuki-Chin-Mizo-Zomi group of people in South Asia.

  • September 7: A ZRA cadre, hailing from Lalhenkha village of Jiribam sub-division of Imphal East district, surrenders to the Border Security Force (BSF) at Kwakta in the Bishnupur district of Manipur.

  • June 1: ZRA terrorists kill six People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) cadres during a shootout at Kaimunnon village in the Churachandpur district.

  • March 13: Four ZRA terrorists are killed in an encounter with the Assam Rifles personnel at Thanlon village in the Churachandpur district.


  • August 27: Three terrorists were killed in an encounter between two rival groups at Tokvum village in the Churachandpur district. One group suspected to be the ZRA attempted to intercept another consisting of Kuki National Front (KNF) and United National Liberation Front (UNLF). While the first two are reported to belong to ZRA, the third deceased was a member of the KNF.






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