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Address of King Gyanendra on occasion of 54th National Democracy Day

On February 18, 2004, King Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev addressed the country on the occasion of the 54th National Democracy Day. Presented below is the full text of the message:

Beloved countrymen,

As we celebrate the 54th National Democracy Day today (Thursday), we pay homage to our august grandfather His late Majesty King Tribhuvan, the architect of democracy in Nepal, and all the brave martyrs who laid down their lives for the cause of democracy.

It is well known that, for some time now, the national aspiration for an accelerated pace in the country's development process, making the people happy through a prudent exercise of multiparty democracy as well as a corruption-free and pro-people form of governance, has been seriously obstructed.

There is a broad consensus in the country that the democratic process can function smoothly only with the restoration of peace and security, bringing to an end the menace of terrorism that the nation has had to face. Peace and security are, therefore, our national priority and the Nepalese people's prime desire. We believe that multiparty democracy can be consolidated only if a value system that has the highest regard for the people and is guided by their aspirations.

It is now time for all those who have faith in democracy and consider terrorism enemy of peace, democracy and humanity to unite in realising the national goal of making multiparty democracy meaningful through politics that is inspired by the people, dedicated to people and dependant on the people.

May this historic day inspire all to work towards the creation of an environment wherein, with the maintenance of peace and security, the governance of the country can be handed over to elected representatives by holding general elections at the earliest in accordance with the people's wishes.

May Lord Pashupatinath bless us all!!

Jaya Nepal!

(This is an unofficial translation by Rastriya Samachar Samiti; Source: February 19, 2004)





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