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13-Point Demand

On April 6, 2013, Hefazat-e-Islam (HeI), put forward the 13-point demand. The demand includes:

1. Reinstate the phrase "Absolute trust and faith in the Almighty Allah" in the constitution as one of the fundamental principles of state policy

2. Pass a law providing for capital punishment for maligning Allah, Islam and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and smear campaigns against Muslims

3. Stop all propaganda and "derogatory comments" about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) by the "atheist leaders" of the Shahbagh movement, bloggers and other anti-Islamists; arrest them and ensure stern punishment to them

4. Stop attacking, shooting, killing and persecuting the Prophet-loving Islamic scholars, madrasa students and people united by belief in Allah

5. Release all the arrested Islamic scholars and madrasa students

6. Lift restrictions on mosques and remove obstacles to holding religious programmes

7. Declare "Qadianis" non-Muslim and stop their publicity and conspiracies

8. Stop foreign cultural intrusions including free-mixing of men and women and candlelit vigils, and put an end to adultery, injustice, shamelessness, etc in the name of freedom of expression and individual

9. Stop turning Dhaka, the city of mosques, into a city of idols, and stop setting up sculptures at intersections, colleges and universities

10. Scrap anti-Islam women policy and education policy and make Islamic education mandatory from primary to higher secondary levels

11. Stop threatening and intimidating teachers and students of Qawmi madrasas, Islamic scholars, imams and khatibs

12. Stop creating hatred among young generations against the Muslims by misrepresentation of Islamic culture in the media

13. Stop anti-Islam activities by NGOs, evil attempts by Qadianis and conversion by Christian missionaries at Chittagong Hill Tracts and elsewhere in the country

Source: Daily Star





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