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Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA), a New Delhi-based think tank on strategic affairs, conducts research on problems of national security and the impact of defence measures on the economic, security and social life of India. Its quarterly Strategic Analysis is also available online and carries articles on terrorism and security affairs.

The Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies focussing on South Asian Security Issues, analyses, informs and nurtures debates on crucial strategic choices affecting South Asia.

Institute for Regional Studies (IRS) in Pakistan provides views on strategic thinking on crucial issues relating to the region, and often questions the Indian position. The Institute covers a wide spectrum of research in foreign and internal affairs, economy and industry, science and technology, socio-cultural and security-related issues.

The Observer Research Foundation, a New Delhi-based public policy think-tank, provides informed and viable inputs for the policy and decision-makers in the Government and to the political and business leadership of the country.

The Centre for Development and Peace Studies (CDPS) is a Guwahati (Assam)-based independent research centre engaged in research and writings on issues in the fields of development and peace in India’s Northeast.

The Regional Centre for Strategic Studies in Colombo, is an independent, non-profit and non-governmental organisation for collaborative research, networking and interaction on strategic and international issues pertaining to South Asia. Unabridged versions of independent research reports prepared under its aegis are posted on the site.

The International Centre for Ethnic Studies (ICES) is a non-profit, non-governmental Sri Lankan organisation conducting empirical and theoretical research on ethnicity and related social and political processes.

Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies (BIISS), a statutory institution set up by the Bangladesh Ministry of Foreign Affairs, undertakes and promotes research and deliberation on security issues and international affairs. The full text of the Quarterly BFPS (Bangladesh Foreign Policy Survey) and the index of the BISS Journal, two publications of the Institute, are availble on the site.

LacNet is a non-profit, organization run by volunteers from Sri Lanka's academic community and professionals spread all around the world. Several useful links to sites that carry news and information on Sri Lanka are provided. A wide range of primary documents and articles of relevance to the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka are also available.

The Dhaka-based Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies (BIPSS) is a non-party, non-profit organization and independent think tank devoted to studying peace and security issues related South and Southeast Asia. It seeks to bridge the gap between academic research and policy analysis within the context of Bangladesh and other countries of South and Southeast Asia.

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Most media sites listed below do not have any standardised time of the day by which they update their site. In most cases, daily updates are erratic.


Daily Star published from Dacca puts its complete edition on-line.

The Independent is another Bangladeshi daily on the net.

New Age published from Dhaka, provides a comprehensive news coverage of Bangladesh.

The New Nation is another Bangladeshi news source.


The Kuensel published by the Kuensel Corporation is a government newspaper that was delinked from direct government control, but is still controlled by the government.


The Daily Excelsior provides detailed coverage on terrorist related violence in Jammu and Kashmir. The site is updated daily on a regular basis.

The Kashmir Times while covering terrorist related violence in Jammu and Kashmir, also reports on local versions of such incidents particularly those versions that conflict with official positions.

For a wide range of coverage on India's Northeast visit
North East Tribune.

Assam maintains the Assam portal and provides many useful links to sites of relevance for a browser interested in India's North-east region. Also maintains a newspaper online. Is erratic when it comes to updating daily.

The Assam Tribune provides a fairly comprehensive coverage of news on the North-east.

At Kangla Online one can access news updates and other feature articles on India's Northeast. The site also has links to various newspapers that provide information on the Northeastern States.

The Sentinel is another newspaper that provides a focused coverage of news and analysis from the Northeast.

The Deccan Chronicle, a Hyderabad based paper, provides coverage to the left-wing extremist activity in Andhra Pradesh. The New Indian Express, founded after a split in the Indian Express group, is another useful source of information on left-wing extremist activity in Andhra Pradesh. In Madhya Pradesh, Central Chronicle covers the left-wing extremist activity. For news on left-wing extremist acitvities in the State of Jharkhand read Ranchi Express.

Other Indian news sources include:


Nepal News, a news based web-site provides links to various Nepali sources of information.

The The Himalayan Times, published from Kathmandu, is among the youngest English language dailies of Nepal.

The Kathmandu Post posts its daily edition on-line and provides a fairly comprehensive coverage of daily news on Maoist activity in Nepal.

The Rising Nepal, another on-line newspaper covers news on the Maoist insurgents.

Radio Nepal provides two regular news bulletin in audio format, besides news highlights on its web site.


Dawn is Pakistan's most prominent English daily and is updated regularly.

The News is the English daily from Pakistan's largest newspaper group named after its Urdu flagship newspaper, Jang. The English daily, like its Urdu counter-part, is also the largest circulated Pakistani English newspaper.

Daily Times published from Lahore, provides a focused and comprehensive coverage of news on socio-political and economic affairs.

Other news sources for Pakistan include

Sri Lanka

Daily News is a government owned newspaper and carries the official version of violence in the country.

The Island is a private-owned newspaper and has pro-United National Party leanings.

Tamil Net, is a privately-owned pro-LTTE Website.

The Tamil Guardian is another privately-owned news site considered to be pro-LTTE.


The Counter-Terrorism page of the CENTRE FOR DEMOCRACY AND TECHNOLOGY focuses on analysing US government responses. Besides, it covers substantially issues related to information and the Internet.

The website of the INSTITUTE FOR COUNTER-TERRORISM, an Israeli research institute and think tank, hosts sections on international terrorism, terrorism and counter-terrorism in West Asia.

An official version of US is available from the counter-terrorism page of the Department of State.

The Stimson Centre, an independent, nonprofit, public policy institute committed to finding and promoting innovative solutions to the security challenges confronting the United States and other nations in the twenty-first century, has undertaken as one of its tasks a project on Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) in South Asia.

The Brookings Institution, a multifaceted organisation, functions as an independent analyst and critic and serves as a bridge between scholarship and public policy. The Institute has done considerable research work on the South Asian region.

The Center for Security Studies and Conflict Research (CSSCR) specializes in the field of national and international security studies and conflict analysis. Activities include research, teaching, and information services. The center has developed and maintains two electronic information services - the International Relations and Security Network (ISN) and the Information Management System for Mine Action (IMSMA). The CSSCR is a member of the Center for International Studies (CIS) Zurich.

The National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism, a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing terrorism or mitigating its effects.

The provides useful links to other sites.

The Guide on Tolerance Education is a Website created by the Centre for European Studies in co-operation with the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and its main aim is the promotion of tolerance, dialogue, respect and mutual understanding through the Internet. It is made in three languages, Polish, English and Russian, and it contains examples of good practice of 350 organisations around the world.

The International Association of Counterterrorism & Security Professionals is concerned with all aspects of counterterrorism and will serve its members as a focal point for information and activities, and as a network interacting with other professionals in the field. Its purpose is to provide education and information to the public, and to promote international cooperation in counterterrorism policy.

TTSRL focuses on a broad range of terrorism-related subjects, including radicalization, societal order, relations with the media, theoretical background and academic discourse as well as practical case studies. It is the official website of the Trans-European research project Transnational Terrorism, Security and the Rule of Law, which aims to bridge the gap between a scientific approach to terrorism and the practicality of various response options.

The DUDLEY KNOX LIBRARY, of the Naval Postgraduate School, California has an exclusive section carrying several US government reports on terrorism, profiles of terrorist groups and chronologies of terrorist actions worldwide.

Globalterrorism.Com has a large archives of interviews on terrorism related matters. These are accessible only to paid subscribers. provides a Canadian focus with several independent analysis and government agency reports.

The Website of the Center for Contemporary Conflict (CCC), a research institute of the National Security Affairs Department at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, features full-text original analysis of contemporary international security issues, conference reports, and M.A. theses by officers and officials completing advanced degrees at the Naval Postgraduate School. is the homepage of the research project "A History of Counterterrorism 1945-2005," a project funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research and the Research Institute of History and Culture of Utrecht University. The aim of the project is to investigate the effectiveness of past counterterrorism campaigns and to derive some constant features from their analysis in order to empirically inform policy makers.

CrimeStart terrorism links is a directory of links to Websites, documents, articles and audio and video material offering information about terrorism and related subjects.





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