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Seven charges against Kamruzzaman

1. On June 29, 1971, under the leadership of Kamaruzzaman, a group of Al Badr members abducted Badiuzzaman, the son of M Fazlul Haque, of Ramnagar village under Jhenaigati upazila of Sherpur district. He was tortured at Ahamed Nagar army camp all night long and shot to death the following day. His body was dumped into river

2. The second charge is about Sayed Abdul Hannan, the Principal of Sherpur college who was forced to walk naked while tortured with hunter.

3. In the early morning of July 25, 1971, Kamaruzzaman advised members of Al-Badr and Razakar (another auxiliary force) to commit a large scale massacre, in association with Pakistani troops, in Sohagpur village of Nalitabari upazila, Sherpur. His collaborators murdered 164 unarmed civilians, 44 of whom are named, and raped women.

4. On August 23, 1971, on Kamaruzzaman's instruction, collaborators took Golam Mostafa, son of late Asir Uddin of village Gridda Narayanpur in Sherpur, to an Al-Badr camp.The Jamaat leader and his accomplices brought Mostafa and one Abul Kasem to Serih Bridge and gunned them down. Kasem survived as he jumped into the river but suffered injuries in his fingers. Mostafa died on the spot.

5. In mid-Ramadan in 1971, Kamaruzzaman and his followers picked up Liakat Ali and Mujibur Rahman Janu from their houses and brought them to a Razakar camp at Raghunathpur Bazar where they were tortured. Afterwards, the duo was kept detained for four days at a police station. the two along with 11 other civilians were shifted to Jhenaigati Ahamed Nagar camp. Afterwards, eight of them were shot to death. At the time, the accused and his aide Kamran were present.

6. In November 1971, under the instruction of Kamaruzzaman, some members of Al-Badr abducted Tunu and one Jahangir from Golki Bari and took them to the District Council Dak Banglow in Mymensingh. Tunu was tortured to death. Jahangir was detained but freed later on.

7. On Ramadan 27, one Tepa Mia and his elder son Zahurul Islam Dara were abducted by Kamaruzzaman, who was accompanied by 15-20 armed Al-Badr members from Golapjan Road, Mymensingh. They were taken to the Al-Badr camp at District Council Dak Bungalow. The next morning, along with five others, the father and son were lined up on the bank of river Brahmaputra. When Tepa Mia was about to be charged with a bayonet,he jumped into the river. As the collaborators fired at him, he received injuries in the leg but managed to escape. The remaining six got killed.

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