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Islamic State (IS) in India
(Updated till December 31, 2017)

Total IS sympathizers/recruits = 261 [Arrested 113 (6 – 2014, 19 – 2015, 54 – 2016, 34 – 2017),   Detained 60 (9 – 2014, 31 – 2015, 8 – 2016, 12 - 2017), and those who have travelled to Syria and Iraq, 88 [Out of 88 who have travelled, 25 have been killed]. (Data till December 31, 2017)

Arrests/Detention in India


[Total Arrests – 6 persons (4 arrested from Maharashtra, 1 each from Karnataka and Hyderabad), Total Detained – 9 persons (4 from West Bengal, 3 from Tamil Nadu, 2 from Jharkhand)]

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August 3: Police detained two youth, M Abdul Rahman and Rilvan from Thondi in Ramanathapuram District of Tamil Nadu after a photo of a group of youth wearing the t-shirts printed with slogans supporting IS surfaced on a social networking site.

August 6: Police detained a man, identified as S Faizur Rahman from Tiruppur District of Tamil Nadu on charges of ordering and procuring t-shirts printed with slogans supporting IS.

August 13: Two unidentified youths were arrested by Mumbai (Maharashtra) Anti-terrorism Squad (ATS). They were suspected to have fought for IS in Syria

September 4: Four Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) youths, all engineering students in their early 20s, were detained in West Bengal allegedly in the process of leaving India to join the IS.

October 18: The ATS of the Mumbai Police arrested a terror suspect, identified as Anis Ansari (24), a software engineer who was allegedly planning to blow up American organizations including the American School at BKC in Mumbai. Officials of the ATS said that the accused, who had allegedly opened fictitious accounts on a social networking site, had allegedly mentioned about 'carrying out a blast on American organizations in Mumbai' in chats with some Shakeel Ahmed. Anis Ansari was an IS sympathiser. The Police have also found that Ansari used to listen to speeches of international terrorists on YouTube.

October 28: A former Google employee, Munawad Salman, hailing from Tamil Nadu who was allegedly plotting to join the IS ranks in Iraq, has been arrested by Hyderabad Police.

November 5: Two persons, Shakir Rashid and Mohammed Javed Rashid, were detained for questioning after their T-shirts had inscription of terror outfit IS in Dhanbad District of Jharkhand.

November 28: Areeb Majeed, the Kalyan (Thane District, Maharashtra)) youth who joined IS was arrested while returning to India and will be produced in a local court on November 29. "I went to Iraq to serve a larger cause," Aarif Majeed, stated.

December 13: Police arrested Mehdi Masroor Biswas, an engineer by training and an executive in an Indian multinational company, accused of being the key voice of the IS on Twitter from his residence in Jalahalli in north Bengaluru in Karnataka. A Bengali-speaker from Kolkata, Biswas owned @ShamiWitness, a Twitter account that propagated the violent ideology of the IS. Police described him as a radical ideologue of the jihadi cause, who reportedly told interrogators, "India does not have real Muslims capable of jihad". A senior Police officer who interrogated him said Biswas supported IS because he felt they were fighting "the real war".


[Total Arrests – 19 persons (6 arrested from Maharashtra, 5 from Madhya Pradesh, 5 from Rajasthan, 2 from Hyderabad, 1 from Delhi), Total Detained – 31 persons (14 from Hyderabad, 9 from Karnataka, 6 from Kerala, 2 from Maharashtra)]

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January 16: The Hyderabad Police arrested a 32-year-old US-returned engineering graduate, identified as Salman Moinuddin at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (Hyderabad) while he was allegedly on his way to Syria to join IS along with his girlfriend, who is based in Dubai. Police said that Salman Moinuddin, the would-be militant, is also an active recruiter for IS. Counter-Intelligence wing of the Telangana State Intelligence said they had been tracking Moinuddin through his online activities and nabbed him no sooner did he land at the airport. It were the central intelligence agencies that had tipped off the state officials about Moinuddin, they added. According to Police, Moinuddin had planned to join his girlfriend Ayesha in Dubai from where they were to proceed to Syria via Turkey and establish links with IS militants.

January 31: Nine persons from Bengaluru, who arrived in Istanbul (Turkey) on December 24, 2014, have been deported by Turkish authorities after they were allegedly caught trying to cross over to Syria to join the IS. The group is being questioned by Bengaluru Police and central agencies after they arrived at the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA). According to Police, they went to Istanbul from Bengaluru on tourist visas on December 24, 2014, and were sent back by the Turkish authorities on January 30, 2015. Among those sent back from Turkey are engineers Ibrahim Nowfal, 24, from Hassan and Javeed Baba, 24, from Khammam District in Telangana. The remaining seven belonged to a family from Chennai (Tamil Nadu) - Muhammed Abdul Ahad, 46, his wife and their five children. Police said Ahad has done masters in computer science from Kennedy-Western University, California, US, and worked in the US for more than ten years.

April 15: Five persons from Madhya Pradesh, identified as Imran Khan Muhammad Sharif, Wasim Khan, Mohammad Rizwan, Anwar and Mazhar arrested from the town of Ratlam (Ratlam District) were part of an IS-linked jihad cell planning strikes in India. Imran Khan Muhammad Sharif, the leader of the five accused is alleged to have been recruited online by an Indian jihadist he knew as “Yusuf” — code, investigators say, for Karnataka-born Muhammad Shafi Armar, a fugitive IM operative now leading group of Indians fighting with the IS.

May 5: Fourteen students, who were en route to Syria and Iraq to join IS, were stopped at Hyderabad airport. The state as well as central intelligence agencies started verification of students with suspicious links after an engineering student, Mohammed Atif Waseem from Hyderabad, who joined IS, died fighting in Syria. The Intelligence Bureau has launched 'Operation Chakravyuh' to counsel the youth who try to get recruited in the terror group IS.

September 1: Two youth from Kerala have been deported by the UAE after they posted pro-IS comments on Facebook. Sources said that the Facebook posts indicated that they had been "radicalized." The two men are reportedly part of a group of 10 Indians being monitored closely in the UAE for sharing terror group Islamic State's propaganda on social media. The UAE has sent the two men back to India, but has not registered cases against them. It has also not revealed their names citing security reasons.

September 10: Intelligence agencies in Hyderabad arrested an Indian woman, identified as Afsa Jabeen alias Nicky Joseph soon after she was deported from UAE for being allegedly involved in recruiting online for the IS. Afsha Jabeen has been posing as a British national while trying to lure young men and women through the social media into joining IS, sources said. Afsha, who hails from Hyderabad, was taken into custody at the airport after being deported along with husband and children. The arrest followed nine months of intense surveillance mounted on her in India, UAE and Britain.

September 14: Four youth of Kerala origin, reportedly sympathizers of IS have been deported from the UAE. While two youth were sent to Thiruvananthapuram the other two were detained at Kozhikode. This is the second incident of sympathizers of the IS being deported in two weeks.

September 25-November 1: On the day of Bakr-id, September 25, one Abdul Malik (20), an unemployed youth from Pusad village in Yavatmal District (Maharashtra), repeatedly stabbed a constable after offering namaz at a local mosque. The constable was on duty, posted outside the mosque. He survived the attack. Malik allegedly also attacked two more constables who tried to intervene. Malik was immediately arrested by the local Police. Two days after his arrest, suspecting a larger angle of radicalisation at play, the state’s counter terrorism agency stepped in and took his custody. On October 22, Shoeb Ahmed Khan alias Pusad Shoeb alias Tariq Bhai (24) was arrested from Hingoli in Hingoli District of Maharashtra in the case.  On November 1, Maharashtra ATS of Nanded and Akola, in a joint operation, arrested a young religious preacher (Maulana), identified as  Hafiz Mujibar Rehman alias Salim Malik for allegedly involved in indoctrinating youths to join the jihad or holy war through social media and sermons from Mendhiya masjid of Pusad in Yavatmal District. Sources from the intelligence wing said Maulana Rehman's name had cropped up in the interrogation of Abdul Malik alias Abdul Razzaq. These three arrested persons were reportedly part of a six youths module, based in Yavatmal District, had been brainwashed to join the IS."The group planned to first send Khan to IS. He would go and evaluate the situation and if things were fine, he would request his commanders to arrange for the smuggling out of more youths," said an unnamed officer. Khan has told the Police that in case of failure to join the IS, the group had kept the option of joining the Taliban in Afghanistan open.

December 10: One Mohammad Sirajuddin was arrested by Rajasthan ATS on charges of “working for the Islamic State”, publicizing its ideology online and via social media, and “instigating youth to join IS”. Mohammad, posted as a marketing manager at Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) in Jaipur, according to ATS sources had been propagating “IS ideology” via his Facebook page, which had about 1,00,000 followers and was blocked following his arrest. “He was in touch with some youths from Maharashtra and a girl from Hyderabad. We tracked him after we got information about suspicious activities on his computer’s IP address,” sources said.

December 11: The 23-year-old software engineer from Tamil Nadu who was detained and later deported from Sudan for trying to join IS had worked for eight months in an IT company in Chennai. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) arrested Mohammed Nasir soon after he landed at Delhi airport. He hails from Tirunelveli District (Tamil Nadu) but had worked in Chennai and Dubai. He was living with his parents in Dubai when he tried to join the terror outfit. A Police officer said, "Investigation with his relatives showed that he had spent time in Chennai working before moving to UAE. His expertise was in managing database."

December 12: Police arrested at least four men for allegedly shouting pro-IS slogans during a rally in the Tonk District of Rajasthan. The four accused have been identified as Firoz, Wasim, Wasim Akram and Mohammad Fahid, all of whom are reportedly aged 25-32 years. The arrested were reportedly shouting the pro-IS slogans along with several others in the Malpura town on December 11. "The accused shouted slogans at a rally on Friday. They were identified on the basis of video footage and were named in an FIR. Some other accused are unidentified and the matter is being investigated," according to investigating officer.

December 17: A 16-year-old girl from Pune (Maharashtra) who was apparently radicalized by her IS contacts abroad and brainwashed to go to Syria, has been questioned by ATS and sent to a de-radicalisation programme, an ATS officer said. “The girl was interrogated by the ATS last week after monitoring her movements for many days on getting information about her. It confirmed her initiation by the IS…The interrogation of the girl revealed that she was ready to go to any extent to carry out the IS directive,” Pune ATS officer Bhanupratap Barge stated. The girl is now undergoing a de-radicalisation programme with the help of her family members and community religious leaders, who are fully cooperating with us, he said.

December 24: Noor Mohammed, part of the trio suspected to have left home at Malwani near Malad (Mumbai) on December 15 to join the IS, returned home and was picked up for questioning. Mohsin Sayyed, who's still missing, has been tracked to the outskirts of Maharashtra and an ATS team is out to intercept him, said sources. The third youth, Wajid Shaikh, was detained by the ATS in Pune and returned home on December 23. The ATS has said Shaikh did not seem to have been in touch with IS but was in contact with persons who were trying to indoctrinate him. The security agencies are now worried about Ayaz Sultan, another youth who slipped away from his Malwani home on October 30, 2015, and went to Afghanistan. Shaikh has told the ATS Sultan used to show them documents and videos of IS.

December 26: Three ‘aspiring’ jihadists, Abdul Wasim, Umar Hasan Farooqui and Majh Hasan Farooque from Hyderabad, all final year students, were arrested on their way to join IS in Afghanistan in an early-dawn operation jointly conducted by the Telangana Police and Maharashtra ATS at Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar international airport in Nagpur (Maharashtra). Its learnt that operatives, in their 20s, were supposed to board an Indigo flight to Srinagar from Nagpur airport after arriving here from Hyderabad a day before by road. Out of three, two were intercepted earlier also on their way to Afghanistan by the intelligence agencies.


[Total Arrests – 54 persons (11 from Telangana, 7 from Maharashtra, 6 each from Kerala, Karnataka and Delhi, 5 from Tami Nadu, 4 each from West Bengal and Uttarakhand, 2 from UP, 1 each from Madhya Pradesh, Assam and Himachal Pradesh), Total Detained – 8 persons (7 from Telangana and 1 from Maharashtra) ]

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January 19: Acting on a tip off that terrorists are planning to target the ongoing Ardh Kumbh Mela in Haridwar (Uttarakhand), the Special Cell of Delhi Police in a joint operation with a central intelligence agency arrested four suspected terrorists for their suspected links with IS from different areas in Uttarakhand. While one person, identified as Akhlaq ur-Rehman, who is said to be associated with an international terror group, was arrested from Roorkee (Uttarakhand), the remaining three, Mohammed Osama, Mohammed Azim Shah and Mehroz were arrested from Mangalaur area near Dehradun (Uttarkhnad).

January 21: A person who was in constant touch with the four suspects who were arrested for planning a terror attack in Haridwar and Delhi, has been arrested by the Special Cell of Delhi Police.

January 22-23: In a major crackdown by the NIA and state Police forces ahead of Republic Day (January 26), 14 men who were allegedly “radicalised online” were detained for interrogation, in Mumbai (Maharashtra), Hyderabad (Telangana), Bangalore, Tumkur Mangalore (Karnataka), and Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh). They had formed Janood-ul-Khalifa-e-Hind, a terror group with similar ideology that of IS. Those arrested included three from Mumbai; four each from Hyderabad and Bangalore; and one each from Manglore, Tumkur and Lucknow.

January 26: Two people with suspected links with IS have been detained in two separate incidents from Hyderabad and Maharashtra. The two, whose names have been withheld, were being questioned by a joint team of intelligence agencies. NIA claimed that the accused were regularly in touch with active members of IS in Syria through Internet chatting via ‘Skype’, ‘Signal’ and ‘Trillion’ and were also using the social networking sites to motivate young men to join the feared terror outfit which has captured vast swathes in Syria and Iraq.

January 29: The NIA arrested three suspected IS propagandists and recruiters, who were deported from the UAE on January 28, in New Delhi. The arrested men have been identified as Sheikh Azhar al Islam Abdul Sattar Sheikh (hails from Jammu and Kashmir), Mohd Farhan Rafiq Shaikh (hails from Maharashtra) and Adnan Hussain (hails from Karnataka). The three are wanted for conspiracy to identify, motivate, recruit and train Indians, both in India and abroad, for terror attacks. They were arrested by NIA after questioning. They were working with IS’s Abu Dhabi module.

February 1: The NIA arrested a 24-year-old terror suspect, identified as Azhar Iqbal from Putli Ghar area of Bhopal as part of the agency’s crackdown on alleged sympathisers of IS. A resident of Barkheda in Madhya Pradesh’s Raisen District, Iqbal was said to be hiding in the residence of one Laik Ahmed before NIA sleuths apprehended him, sources said.

February 4: The Delhi Police Special Cell arrested a 28-year-old man from Mumbai, identified as Mohsin Ibrahim Sayyed with suspected IS links from ISBT at Kashmere Gate in Delhi. Some cash, purportedly channelised through Hawala route, was recovered from his possession. Mohsin had received money from Muttabir Mustaq Sheikh who belongs to Thane and is the self-proclaimed Indian ‘amir (Chief)’ of Ansar-ul-Tawhid (AuT) that has pledged allegiance to the IS group in India, said an unnamed senior Police officer. He is accused of providing financial help to the four Roorkee youths arrested by the Cell in January 2016, the Police said. The youths, also accused of having links with IS, were allegedly planning to carry out a terror attack during Ardh Kumbh in Haridwar.

February 5: The NIA arrested one person, identified as Abdus Sami Qasmi, a resident of Seelampur in Delhi, from Hardoi in Hardoi District of Uttar Pradesh, for allegedly instigating and motivating youth across the country to form a terror outfit inspired by IS for carrying out jihadi attacks across the country.

February 6: A suspected IS operative, identified as Suman Aziz Laskar was arrested at Silchar Medical College (SMC) in Cachar District of Assam.

February 23: NIA arrested one person, identified as 19 year old Asif Ahmad alias Raju Das, from Durgapur in Bardhaman District of West Bengal on suspicions of having links with the IS. It is believed the youth was part of a network that helped plan terror strikes across India and ran an online training module. Acknowledging the youth’s detention, NIA’s IG Sanjeev Singh said agency and state Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officials, acting on a tip-off, reached Durgapur on February 23 and detained Asif. “He is presently under questioning. He is suspected of having links with IS. He used to stay in a rented accommodation in Durgapur under an alias,” Singh said. Officials added that Asif’s father Ishaq was also detained and the two are being questioned at the agency’s office in Kolkata.

June 29: The NIA detained 11 people with suspected links to IS from Hyderabad. Explosives and ammunition has been recovered in the raids. The action was taken based on inputs from the IB. Five were arrested and six others were detained by NIA which claimed to have neutralised IS terror module after conducting searches at different locations in the old city in Hyderabad. "We have arrested five accused persons so far. Questioning and verification of the role of remaining six suspects are going on," an NIA statement said. The NIA officials also recovered weapons, ammunition, urea, acid, some chemicals, electronic gadgets and other incriminating material besides INR 15,00,000 in cash from their possession, officials of NIA and Hyderabad Police said, adding the youths were working at the behest of IS handlers

July 5: Mosiruddin alias Mosi alias Majnu was arrested by NIA from Viswabharati Fast Passenger train at Burdwan in West Bengal. Based on his statement that his family was running provision stores in Tirupur in Tamil Nadu for the last six years, the sleuths visited the stores and their residence, Police said.

July 6: Two IS operatives, identified as Saddam Hossain alias Kallu, and Mohammed Abbasuddin alias Amin were arrested from Labhpur in Birbhum District. The two were allegedly recruited by Mosiruddin, another IS operative arrested a day earlier.

July 12: The NIA officials arrested two more youths, identified as Ataullah Rehman and Yasser Naimathullah, on the charge of aiding and abetting the five suspects arrested earlier (on June 29 ) in connection with IS’s module from Quba colony of Bandlaguda and Darogh Lane of Moghalpura in Hyderabad City. They were presented before the Special Court for NIA cases in Nampally in Hyderabad and remanded in judicial custody.

July 21: Kerala Police arrested 45-year-old Arshid Qureshi, a public relation manager with controversial preacher Dr Zakir Naik’s Islamic Research Foundation (IRF), from Navi Mumbai for allegedly radicalising youth and recruiting them to IS.

July 22: A team of Kerala Police and the Maharashtra ATS arrested a man, identified as Rizwan Khan from Kalyan in Thane District for being part of a group that allegedly radicalised and recruited youth to undertake terrorist activities in the name of IS.

August 2: A radicalised Kerala schoolteacher, Yasmin Ahamd (29) who was arrested at Delhi airport before she could board a flight to Kabul has revealed that IS is now running "terror classes" in the country.

August 7: The Maharashtra ATS arrested Iqbal Ahmed Kabir Ahmed (28) in its ongoing crackdown against alleged IS)recruits, in Parbhani District. Iqbal is alleged to be a part of the “Parbhani module” that, as sources had claimed, were planning to carry out an attack on the Aurangabad (Maharashtra) ATS unit.

October 2: The NIA neutralised an IS inspired module from Kerala and Tamil Nadu as it arrested six youngsters who were reportedly planning to carry out terror attacks in the country. The arrest was made during the agency’s ongoing investigation into the disappearance of 21 people from Kerala who were suspected to have joined the IS. Those arrested have been identified as Manseed alias Omar Al Hindi, Abu Basheer alias Rashid, Swalih Mohammed T alias Yousuf, Safwan P, Jasim NK and Ramshad Nageelan Kandiyil alias Aaamu from Kozhikode and Kannur Districts of Kerala. Five of them were arrested when they were allegedly conducting a meeting at Kanakamala hilltop in Kannur District OF Kerala. During subsequent searches, another person was detained from Kuttiyadi in Kozhikode District and later arrested.

October 3: The NIA detained a person from Tamil Nadu in its probe into IS modules in south India.

October 5: The NIA has arrested a Tamil Nadu based man who had joined IS, fought alongside the so called caliphate for several months in Iraq and Syria and returned to India to carry out attacks in India. The suspect, Subhani Haji Moideen alias Abu Meer (31), who hails from Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu, sources say, stayed in Syria and Iraq for almost four to five months, met senior leadership there and fought with the allied forces and rebels. Official sources say Meer also came in touch with latest IS module led by Majeed alias Omar al-Hindi and is being questioned about his links.

October 12: Following NIA inquiry, at least three people suspected to have links with the IS have been picked up in Coimbatore. According to reports, the three suspects have been taken to Kerala, where already six other suspected IS were arrested. This new development has come after an NIA search operation for the suspected IS people. The inquiry was on for the past 11 days where search was on for 15 youngsters. And now, out of those 15, three have been picked up by the Police. As per reports, some alleged IS recruitment cells are running as sleeper cells in the country where investigation agencies are always in constant hunt to nab such people, in order to eliminate their anti-national activities.

December 14: Mahrashtra ATS is finding out bank account details of Tabrez Tambe, a suspected member of IS held in Libya, and his close relatives to find out the nature of transactions, if any. Meanwhile, the agency has confirmed that Tabrez's friend Ali who had indoctrinated him, is a Saudi national. Tabrez, a resident of Mumbra in neighbouring Thane District, was caught last week in Libya, where he had joined IS with Ali. According to ATS officials, the agency has written to Central government seeking more information about Tabrez and his activities in the oil-rich country and the exact role he might have played for the terror group.

December 17: A team of the NIA arrested a 23-year-old youth Abid Khan from a church in Banjar town in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh for allegedly being an IS sympathizer. Sources said that Khan a resident of Bengaluru (Karnataka) was living in a church for the last six months. He was staying here under a fake identity of Paul and was working as a helper. A mobile phone and a laptop were recovered from his possession. Kullu Superintendent of Police Padam Chand, confirming Khan’s arrest said that it was a joint operation of NIA with Kullu Police. “Khan was planning to reach Syria via Indonesia and had recently visited Sri Lanka. We have registered against him.’’


[Total Arrests - 34 (6 from {UP & Madhya Pradesh}, 6 from Kerala, 5 from Delhi, 4 each from UP and Gujarat, 2 each from Goa, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, 1 each from Punjab, Telangana and Tamil Nadu), Total Detained - 12 persons (5 from Tamil Nadu, 3 from Telangana and 2 each from J&K and Madhya Pradesh]

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January 2: Two persons hailing from Kerala's Kasaragod District were arrested near Panaji, while canvassing for a convention of Salafi Muslims scheduled to be held in Karnataka's Mangalore later this month, and distributing Kannada language pamphlets which had IS symbol and a message titled, “IS Shaitan”. The arrested persons have been identified as Ilyas and Abdul Nazir. According to Police sources, the pamphlet is being analysed by top Police officials as the content of the pamphlet canvasses for a convention of Salafi Muslims scheduled to be held in Mangalore from January 9-16. Police is also checking the mobile number mentioned on these pamphlets.

February 26: ATS arrested two suspected ISI operatives from Rajkot and Bhavnagar (Gujarat), who had conspired to carry out terror activities in the country and was planning to collect chemical explosives from cracker manufacturers in Gujarat. Two brothers, Wasim and Nathin, were arrested from Rajkot and Bhavnagar respectively, in an operation launched by the state ATS.

March 8: After 12 hours of intensive firing and the use of tear gas and smoke bombs, one IS suspect was killed by ATS in Thakurganj area in outskirts of Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh, and the operation ended at around 3am on March 8. At least six persons were reportedly arrested in an anti-terror sweep and combing operation that was launched to flush out one suspect holed up in a house hours after a low intensity blast in Bhopal-Ujjain passenger train. The body the suspect holed up in the house was identified as Mohammed Saifurullah alias Ali, a resident of Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh).

March 14: A 26-year-old man, identified as A Shaikh, was detained in Khargone District of Madhya Pradesh by the Maharashtra ATS in connection with a case related to IS. He is being brought to Mumbai for questioning, a senior Police official said here. According to Police, Shaikh, who has completed his M.Tech, was allegedly in constant touch with one of the accused in the case, who was earlier arrested for his alleged links with the banned terror group. “Shaikh has not been placed under arrest so far. We are examining his role in the case,” the official said without elaborating further.

In March, Mohammed Taha, a resident of Srinagar, was deported from Turkey and sent to India. He has been put in preventive custody, they said. Security agencies in India have viewed their alleged plans to join the IS with concern. They believe that some Kashmiri youths are getting radicalised by ‘jihadi’ propaganda material shared by the IS on the Internet. The agencies feel that if the growing influence of the IS is not checked, it can be detrimental to the situation in the Valley.

April 20: In a multi-state joint operation, the Police teams of Delhi, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh, arrested four suspected terrorists belonging to the IS and detained six others. The arrests were made during raids in Mumbra (Maharashtra), Jalandhar (Punjab), Narkatiaganj (Bihar), and Bijnor and Muzaffarnagar (both in Uttar Pradesh. Important documents relating to the IS were seized from them. According to Police, two persons, identified as Mufti Faizan and Tanveer, allegedly connected with the IS, were arrested from Bijnor District of Uttar Pradesh. Nazim Shamshad Ahmed (26), who hails from Bijnor, was nabbed from Mumbra township in Thane District adjoining Mumbai. Another suspect identified as Muzammil was arrested from Jalandhar District of Punjab. The accused had got in touch with each other over the.

May 17: Hyderabad Police summoned three men for questioning after a TV channel aired their interview allegedly showing their continuing links with IS. "Following the TV interview, we called them this evening... questioning is underway," DCP, Avinash Mohanty said. The three men include suspected IS sympathisers Salman Mohiuddin, a US-returned engineer, and Abdullah Basith.

Basith was among the three men who were arrested from Nagpur in December 2015 when they were allegedly on their way to join the IS. Mohiuddin was arrested in Hyderabad in 2015 when he was preparing to board a flight to Dubai, allegedly on the way to Syria to join IS. The third person being questioned had been earlier arrested by the Hyderabad police for alleged IS sympathies, and 'de-radicalised'.

May 29: A 21-year-old Kashmiri youth, who was allegedly trying to join the terror group IS, has been deported from Turkey to India after being picked up by Turkish authorities, official sources said in Srinagar. Srinagar resident Afshan Parvaiz was deported from the Turkish capital of Ankara on May 25 and whisked away to an undisclosed destination by security agencies in Delhi, the sources said. He was being assessed by various security agencies, they said.

June 23: Hyderabad Police arrested a suspected IS sympathiser, identified as Konakalla Subrahmanyam alias Omar (24) who was allegedly planning to carry out subversive activities in the country. Omar was arrested from his room in Hyderabad (Telangana) in the morning after a SIT received information about him. According to D Hari Kumar Yadav, ACP, SIT, Subrahmanyam embraced Islam in 2014, and changed his name to Omar.

July 4: Rajasthan ATS arrested a suspected IS handler, identified as Haroon (30) from Burma Bazaar area in Chennai in Tamil Nadu. The accused, Haroon, is suspected of collecting and sending funds to the terrorist organisation and was detained following information from two other accused, Mohammed Iqbal and Jamil Ahmed, who are already under the custody of Rajasthan ATS. Haroon reportedly runs a mobile phone shop in the area. The report states that Haroon has been taken to Jaipur (Rajasthan) for further questioning and investigation. There have been reports of several individuals joining the Islamic State in Syria from Tamil Nadu and Telangana. It is believed that nine people, including one from Telangana and eight from Tamil Nadu, had joined Islamic State in the year 2016.

July 11: A 32-year-old man, identified as Shahjahan Velluva Kandy with suspected IS links has been arrested by the Delhi Police’s Special Cell from IGI airport. Kandy, a resident of Kerala’s Kannur, was arrested after the Indian intelligence agencies received an input from CIA on June 30. Kandy was deported by Turkey police for travelling with a fake passport. Sources said he was planning to enter Syria through Turkey.

July 25: The NIA arrested two suspects from Chakeri area in Kanpur District allegedly for planning terrorist activities. The arrested suspects, 26-year-old Asif Iqbal and 27-years old Mohammad Atif, believed to be members of the IS-related module active in Kanpur, stayed at Jajmau locality under the jurisdiction of Chakeri Police Station in Kanpur and were known to each other. According to reports, Asif Iqbal is the cousin of Saifullah, the alleged IS-inspired terror operative who was gunned down in Kakori area of Lucknow in UP on March 7, 2017, soon after the blast in Bhopal-Ujjain passenger train on the same day.

August 3: Three persons have been taken into custody by the NIA on the charge that they were affiliated with the Islamic State (IS). The NIA arrested one person from Alappuzha in Kerala and two from Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. They were detained after raids at their residence following inputs that they were in contact with suspected IS recruits from South India. Data storage devices, mobile phones and other materials were seized. The raids were conducted after obtaining orders from the NIA court in Kochi. Alok Mittal, Inspector-General, NIA, confirmed the detention and said no arrest had been recorded.

September 18: The NIA arrested one person, identified as Shakul Hameed, who had planned to travel to Syria to join the Islamic State (IS/IS) as well as carry out attacks in Tami Nadu, from Chennai. NIA said that Hameed had hatched a conspiracy along with eight others in 2013, to further activities of IS in India. The agency had filed a case against this module from Tamil Nadu in January this year (2017). "Hameed and associates, with the intention of furthering the activities of the proscribed terrorist organisation Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (IS)/Daesh, had hatched a criminal conspiracy from 2013 onward and formed a terrorist gang which had raised and received funds, organised meetings, recruited and facilitated the travel of some persons to Syria to join the IS/ Daesh," said NIA in a statement.

October 25: Gujarat ATS arrested two suspected IS terrorists, identified as Mohammad Kasim Stimberwala and Ubed Ahmed Mirza from Surat in Surat District who were planning terror attack in the State during the upcoming Gujarat assembly elections. The duo was in touch with IS through social media.  They even conducted recce at some religious places in the state. They have been inspired by terrorist Abdul al-Fazal and were planning to flee the country after executing their plan.

October 25: Three youths from Kerala, identified as Midilaj K.C (26), Rashid M.P (23), and Abdul Razakh K (24) who joined the IS and left the country to undergo training in Syria were arrested by the Police in Kannur District of Kerala after four months of Police surveillance The youths were arrested by the Valapattanam Police in Kannur District after they were questioned by Police officers led by the Kannur DSP P.P. Sadanandan. They had been under surveillance after they returned to the country four months ago from Turkey.

October 26: Kerala Police arrested two more persons in connection with the Islamic State’s recruitment case. U K Hamsa alias Taliban Hamsa (57), suspected to be the kingpin of Islamic State’s recruitment in the state along with a recruit Manaf Rahman (42) were arrested in Kannur District.

November 4: The UP ATS arrested one suspected Islamic State (IS) terrorist, identified as Abu Zaid (37) from the Mumbai Airport, soon after deboarding a flight from Riyadh. "Abu Zaid, suspected IS terrorist was arrested by the ATS team from Mumbai Airport on November 4 after he came from Saudi Arabia," ADG - Law and order, Anand Kumar said. He said Zaid was residing in Riyadh and formed a social media group to allegedly radicalise youths and lure them to IS.

November 6: Gujarat ATS picked up one person, identified as Uruzkhan Pathan of Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh) for questioning in connection with the firearms which were to be supplied to alleged Islamic State (IS) operatives, Ubaid Mirza and Kasim Stimberwala who were arrested by Gujarat ATS on October 25.

November 6: One Uroz Khan, arrested in Madhya Pradesh on November 6, had reportedly told police that he promised to supply arms and explosives to two suspected ISIS operatives for allegedly carrying out "lone wolf" attacks on a Jewish synagogue and during election rallies in Gujarat, the official said.

November 9: A NIA official’s team questioned two persons in Chennai for their alleged links with the Islamic State (IS). NIA sources said the two men, identified as Mohammed Jaffer of Kondithope and Sahib of Mannadi, were questioned by a team of officials from Delhi in a secluded place in Chennai city. They were summoned to appear before them to inquire after IS sympathiser Shajahan VK had spilled the beans about them during questioning.

Indians believed to have joined IS in Afghanistan/Syria/Iraq

Number of Indians known to have joined IS – 88 persons (Kerala – 53, Karnataka – 9, Maharashtra – 7, Tamil Nadu – 6, Telangana – 5, Uttar Pradesh – 4, Andhra Pradesh – 2, Jharkhand – 1, Jammu and Kashmir – 1)

Kerala - 53

June/July, 2016: 21 youths who have gone missing from Kerala suspected to have joined Islamic State (IS).

Abdul Rashid Abdulla (30), his wife Ayisha, formerly Sonia Sebastian, their daughter Sarah, Ijas Rahman, his wife Rifaila, their two-year- old son Hayan, Ijas’ brother Shiyas, his wife Ajmala, their cousin brother Ashfaq, his wife Shamsiya, their 18-month-old daughter Ayisha.  Mohammad Murshid (26), and Mohammad Sajid (24), TK Hafeesuddin (23), Marvan Ismail, Muhammad Mansad and Feroze Khan, Bexson (later Isa) and his wife Nimisha (now Fatima); his brother Bestin Vincent (now Yahiya) and his wife Merin Jacob (now Mariam) (22).

One man, identified as is Sajeer Mangalachari Abdullah, (Kozhikode District, Kerala) a key Islamic State (IS/IS) recruiter in Afghanistan.

Intelligence sources said two youths, identified as Ayub and Shoaib from Kannur and Shuhaib from Parappangadi, wanted in terror-linked cases, may have joined the IS using new names and identities.

Riyab-ul-Rehman, a youth from Payyanakkal in Kozhikode District missing from Ras-al-Khaimah in UAE suspected to join IS.

Mohammad Rishal (Kannur), Mohammad Irfan Iqbal (Kannur), Huda Raheem (Kozhikode).

Sibi from Kanjikkode in Palakkad District

Najeeb (24), an MTech student of Malappuram, Kerala, suspected to have joined the IS.

Kerala Police also identified Abdul Manaf P P (30), resident of Valapattanam in Kannur District and Shabeer Muhammed Shafi (33), resident of Mooppanpara in Valapattanam in Kannur District, his relative Suhail and his wife Rizwana and Abdul Khayyoom (25), resident of Chekikulam near Kuttiattoor in Kannur District as IS fighters still in Syria.

Three persons from Kerala, one person hailing from Chalad in Kannur District, Mansoor from Vadakara in Kozhikode District and Mansoor from Kondotty in Malappuram District, were also believed to have joined IS and later killed in Syria. All these people are branded as 'Bahrain group' in the Police circles.

Muhammad Shajil (30) of Pallikkal House at Kamalpeedika in Kannur District along with his wife and two young children are reportedly joined IS in Syria.

Five Kerala youths, Shahanad (25) of Chalad in Kannur District, Rishal (30) of Valapattanam in Kannur District, Shameer (45) of Pappinissery in Kannur District and his son Safwan (20), Shajil (30) of Koodali (all from Kannur District) were among those who were reportedly joined IS and later killed in Syria and Afghanistan

Shybu Nihar from Thamarassery in Kozhikode District and Fajid from Koyilandi in Kozhikode District

Ashraf Moulavi and Muhadhis from Vaniyambalam in Malappuram District

Safeer from Perumbavoor in Ernakulam District

K O P Thasleem, a native of Pappinissery in Kannur District, has been in Sharjah for the last six months and now suspected to have moved to Syria.

Karnataka - 9

Shafi Armar alias Yusuf al-Hindi, a native of Bhatkal in Karnataka is currently operating in the IS-occupied regions of Syria. While Armar’s brother Sultan Abdul Kadir Armar (39) was reportedly killed in Syria.

Three youths from Karnataka, Faiz Masood of Cooke Town, Umar Subhan of Shivaji Nagar (both in Bengaluru) and Abdul Khuddus Turki of Vijayapura in north Karnataka - All three died during coalition strikes against the IS, the report stated.

Anwar Husain, a one-time minivan driver from Bhatkal, was killed in 2014, fighting alongside jihadists near Kandahar in Afghanistan.

Abdul Qudus Turki (Bijapur), Mohammad Riyaz (Bhatkal), Shameel Yakub (Kodagu)

Maharashtra - 7

Four Kalyan youths, Areeb Majeed, Fahad Tanveer Shaikh, Aman Naeem Tandel and Saleem Tanki

A Malvani youth, Ayaz Sultan, has reached Syria to fight for the Islamic State (IS).

Tabrez Tambe (28) from Mumbra, who had left to work in Egypt this January (2017) and allegedly joined the banned outfit IS, have found that he is in a Libyan jail.

The Thane ATS suspects that a 23-year-old youth from Kalyan, identified as Yusuf Akhtar Shaikh, who went missing in May 2016, may have joined the Islamic State (IS). “We suspect Shaikh has joined the IS, but we have no leads. We will talk to his mother once we get his call data records,” said an officer from the Thane ATS.

Tamil Nadu - 6

A Tamil Nadu based man, Subhani Haji Moideen alias Abu Meer (31), who hails from Tirunelveli fought alongside the so called caliphate for several months in Iraq and Syria and returned to India to carry out attacks in India.

Mohammad Thayyib Shaik (Vellore), Mohammad Syed Abu Tahir (Karur), Shakul Hameed (Chennai).

Haja Fakkurudeen Usman Ali, a Tamil Nadu-born Singapore resident who left for Turkey along with his family on January 22, 2014, had disappeared across the Syrian border and is believed to have joined the IS.

A resident of Thanjavur (Thanjavur District), Mohammed Naser is believed to have joined the IS

However, according to a report, eight from Tamil Nadu were believed to have joined the Islamic State in 2016.

Telangana - 5

The two men, both from Telangana, left the country to fight alongside IS in Syria have been identified as Arshad Ali and Kadir.

An engineering student, identified Haneef Waseem (25), from Mancherial in Adilabad District of Telangana who had gone to join the Islamic State (IS), has died in the fighting in Syria on March 15, 2015.

Zeba Farheen (Hyderabad), Atif Ahmed khan (Hyderabad).

Uttar Pradesh - 4

Two former Indian Mujahideen (IM) operatives, Abu Rashid Ahmad and Mohammad 'Bada' Sajid from Azamgarh, joined IS.

A 28-year-old youth from Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh, was recruited by IS and sent to Syria via Turkey by a Dubai-based operative of the militant outfit.

Shahnawaz Ahmad, a Unani doctor and the son of a local Samajwadi Party politician in Uttar Pradesh’s Azamgarh suspected to have joined IS.

Andhra Pradesh - 2

May 23, 2016: Recently, the intelligence authorities received information that an engineer from Guntur District (Andhra Pradesh) had joined Islamic State (IS).- Talmeezur Rahaman (Guntur)

Originally from Andhra Pradesh, a 25-year-old Indian studying computer engineering in a college in Dallas, US joined IS. The engineering student assumed the name Abu Salman al-Hindi.

Jharkhand - 1

A youth from the Jakirnagar locality named Arshiyan Ali to have joined the IS.

Jammu and Kashmir - 1

Adil Fayaz, who hails from Kashmir, is believed to have joined the IS after completing his MBA from Australia’s Queensland University.

Indians reportedly killed fighting for IS in Afghanistan/Syria/Iraq

[Total number of killed – 25 (15 from Kerala, 5 from Karnataka, 3 from Maharashtra, 1 each from Telangana and Uttar Pradesh)]

2013 or 2014 (date not specified): Mohammed Umar Subhan from Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru in Karnataka was reportedly killed at an unspecified place while fighting for IS.

2013 or 2014 (date not specified): Faiz Masood from Bengaluru in Karnataka was reportedly killed at an unspecified place while fighting for IS.

2014 (date not specified): Abdul Khuddus Turki from Vijayapura in Bijapur District of Karnataka was reportedly killed at an unspecified place while fighting for IS.

2014 (date not specified): Anwar Husain from Bhatkal in Uttara Kannada District was reportedly killed while fighting for IS near Kandahar in Afghanistan.

January, 2015 (date not specified): Saheem Farooque Tanki from Thane District of Maharashtra was reportedly killed during a “suicide bombing” in al-Hasakah city in Syria. 

March, 2015 (date not specified): Maulana Abdul Kabir Sultan Armar alias Abu Abdullah al Hindi from Bhatkal in Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka was reportedly killed during fighting at Kobane, on the Syria-Turkey border.

April, 2015 (date not specified): Athif Vaseem Mohammed from Adilabad District of Telangana was reportedly killed while fighting for the IS at an unspecified location.

July, 2015 (date not specified): Mohammed Sajid alias Bada Sajid from Azamgarh District of Uttar Pradesh was reportedly killed while fighting with IS forces in Syria.

April, 2016 (date not specified): Mohammed Shafi Armar alias Yousuf al Hindi from Bhatkal in Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka was reportedly killed in a US drone strike in Syria. [The US State Department on June 15, 2017, added Armar as a key IS operative to its Specially Designated Global Terrorists (SDGT) list. The State Department termed Armar "a leader and head recruiter in India" for the IS. "He has cultivated a group of dozens of IS sympathisers who are involved in terrorist activities across India, such as plotting attacks, procuring weapons, and identifying locations for terrorist training camps," the State Department statement said.] However, IS released a message on August 21, 2017, saying that he was killed during a battle with Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in Raqqa.

November, 2016 (date not specified): Aman Naeem Tandel from Thane District of Maharashtra was reportedly killed in an airstrike in an unspecified location in Iraq.

February, 2017 (date not specified): Muhadis, hailing from Vandoor in Malappuram District of Kerala was reportedly killed in US military operations in Aleppo in Syria. Sources said that his brother Manaf, who was working in Bahrain, broke the news of Muhadis' death to family members in Kerala.

February 25, 2017: Hafeesudheen T K from Kasaragod District of Kerala was reportedly killed in a US drone strike in the Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan.

April, 2017 (date not specified): Murshid Muhammed from Kasaragod District of Kerala was reportedly killed in Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan.

April 29, 2017: Bestin Vincent alias Yahya from Palakkad District of Kerala was reportedly killed in US strikes in the Nangarhar Province in Afghanistan.

June 19, 2017: Sajeer Mangalachari Abdullah from Kozhikode District of Kerala was reportedly killed in US strikes in Afghanistan. The news about the death of Sajeer and a picture of his body was received on the mobile of a man, whose relative is among the 21 Keralites who left their homes here to join the IS, said the official of the Kerala Police's intelligence unit. However, there was no information about time and cause of Abdullah's death.

June 2017 (date not specified): Sibi from Kanjikkode in Palakkad District of Kerala was reportedly killed in Syria. One of his relatives in Palakkad district had received the news of his death. Sibi was working in Bahrain before joining the Islamic State in Syria. "Further details could not be known," the official said.

June 2017 (date not specified): Three persons from Kerala, Shahanad (25) of Chalad in Kannur District, Mansoor from Vadakara in Kozhikode District and another Mansoor from Kondotty in Malappuram District, were also believed to have been killed in Syria. All these people are branded as 'Bahrain group' in the Police circles.

July 2017 (date not specified): Marwan Ismail of Thrikkaripur in Kasaragod District of Kerala who was suspected to have joined Islamic State (IS) in 2016, was reportedly killed in an air strike in Afghanistan. His father had received a message through Telegram app informing him about his death in an undisclosed location in Afghanistan.

October 2017 (date not specified): One of the four-member cell of students from Maharashtra’s Thane who became the first Indians to join the Islamic State (IS), identified as Fahad Tanvir Sheikh, was killed fighting near Raqqa in Syria last week, his family was told by an anonymous caller. Sheikh was the last surviving member of the cell, following the arrest of Areeb Majeed, and the killing of Sahim Tanki, and Aman Naim Tandel. “Late Tuesday [October 24], my wife received a call from a foreign number from someone who told us our son had been killed,” said Dr Tanvir Sheikh, Fahad Sheikh’s father.

October 2017 (date not specified): During the interrogation of the arrested IS suspects on October 25, 2017 from Kannur District of Kerala, it was revealed that five Kerala youths, Shahanad (25) of Chalad, Rishal (30) of Valapattanam, Shameer (45) of Pappinissery and his son Safwan (20), Shajil (30) of Koodali (all from Kannur District) were among those who were reportedly killed in Syria and Afghanistan.

Source: Figures are compiled from news reports and are provisional.





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