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Scheme for Surrender of Militants

A Government of India programme for the surrender-cum- rehabilitation of terrorists in the Northeast who have surrendered after 01.04.1998 as released by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The surrender militant are covered under the Scheme for Surrender-cum-Rehabilitation of militants in the North east. The salient features of this scheme are as follows:

The scheme will be applicable to those militants who have surrendered/surrender after 01.04.98, surrender with at least one arm (listed under the scheme and not having availed benefit of any earlier scheme for surrender). However, in exceptional and deserving cases, militants who surrender without arms, may also be considered for rehabilitation under the scheme.

Monetary incentive will be available for the surrendered weapons. Details of incentives for weapons are annexed herewith;

Surrenderee will be initially lodged in a Rehabilitation Camp where they will be imparted training in a trade/vocation;

Surrenderee shall be paid a monthly stipend for a period of 12 months. Stipend shall not exceed Rs.2000/- p.m.;

Surrender shall not imply amnesty from the crimes which will be subject to due process of laws;

The Government of India shall provide 100% reimbursement for expenditure incurred on the rehabilitation of surrenderees.

The Central Government has so far spent Rs.1.50 crore under this scheme. 437 surrendered militants have been trained/ under going training under this scheme. The scheme envisages only assistance for self-employment training and the surrendered militants are to apply for self - employment schemes as per normal rules applicable. The eligible surrendered militants are also encouraged for apply for job in the State Police /Central Para Military Forces.

Incentives for Weapons :

The following incentives have been built into the Scheme for the surrendered weapons/ammunitions:

  1. Rocket Launchers/UMG/GPMG/PIMCA/ Sniper Rifle Rs.25,000 per weapon

  2. ii) AK 47/56/74 Rifle Rs.15,000 per weapon

  3. iii) 303 Rifles/Pistol/Revolver and other service weapon.





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