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Incidents and Statements involving KLO: 2017



Nature of incident

January 2


Three militant outfits of North East, KLO, NLFT and PDCK had set March 31 as 'deadline' for 'Hindi speakers' and Bengalis to 'quit Kamatapur, Karbi-Longri and Tripura' in an statement. The statement was signed by KLO 'chairman' Jiban Singh Koch, NLFT 'organising secretary' Seng-phul Borok and PDCK 'chairman' JK Lijang. The statement also condemned the killing of suspected NDFB-IKS, Ratna Narzary of Khunguri village of Chirang District on December 29 by SFs. According to the report, all these three militant groups are mentored by the NSCN-K and ULFA-I.

January 17 NS

PDCK, a Karbi militant formation, repeated its earlier 'final ultimatum' to the Hindi and Bengali speaking inhabitants of Karbi Anglong Autonomous District to leave the District before March 31, 2017. This has led to a panic situation among the two communities. PDCK along with two other groups - KLO and NLFT on January 2 had asked the two communities to quit 'Kamatapur', Tripura and 'Karbi Longri' within March 31. The outfits have further warned that after the dateline both the communities would have to face 'the gravest of the grave' situation.

January 23


Four militant groups, including NDFB-IKS, KLO, PDCK and NLFT, in a joint statement, called 24 hours 'total shut down' on the Republic Day of India (26th January) in the entire North East India. They asked the people of 'WESEA' to 'boycott' the Republic Day celebration in their statement.

March 30

Diphu/ Karbi Anglong District

The Karbi Anglong District administration held discussions with the leaders of various social organisations and senior citizens at Diphu Circuit House on militant organizations' 'quit ultimatum' served on Bengali and Hindi-speaking communities and how to defy it. Three militant outfits, KLO, NLFT and PDCK had on January 2, 2017 issued 'quit notice' against the Bengali and Hindi-speaking communities to leave Kamatapur, Karbi Anglong and Tripura by March 31, 2017. SP Dr GV Siva Prasad assured the oganisations of maintaining law and order in the District. He revealed that Police personnel need to be deployed at some interior hamlets. Meanwhile, he said that required number of armed forces will arrive within 24 hours. He sought the cooperation from all sections of people to prevent untoward incidents.

May 24

Raishyabari area / Dhalai District/ Tripura

Three suspected militants of KLO were arrested by jawans (troopers) of the 12th Battalion of TSR from Raishyabari area in Dhalai District. Tripura Police informed that the suspected militants were trying to infiltrate the Indian soil from neighbouring Bangladesh after weaponry training in Bangladesh for the last 16 months. Police also recovered arms, Bangladeshi currency and other incriminating documents from the militants.

August 10


Seven armed militant formations called a 12 hour shut down strike on August 15, in the entire North East India, which they term as WESEA to ban celebration of Indian Independence Day. The total ban on the celebration of Indian Independence Day was made in a joint statement signed by 'publicity secretary', HNLC, Ksh Laba Meitei, 'president', KCP, Jiban Singh Koch, 'chairman', KLO, N.Oken, 'chairman', KYKL, B..R Ferengga, 'general secretary', NDFB-S, Sengphui Borok, 'organizing secretary', NLFT and J K Lijang, 'chairman', PDCK.



Note:Compiled from news reports and are provisional.






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